Monday, July 14, 2008

Posting Policies

Since the goal of GDNNOP is to have a fair and balanced discussion of Jon and Kate plus 8, we would like to remind everyone of a few things necessary for comments to be posted and perspectives to be shared. Lately there have been comments which were not allowed on the site due to many of the issues listed.

* Please pick one screen name and stick to it, as this helps posters know to whom their comments and reflections should be addressed. Having a registered ID may be required in the future for posting, and will give your posts more credibility. Be aware than comments written by those with offensive screen names will not be posted.

* If you choose to present new information as fact, please ensure there are credible sources which you can use to back up claims. Speculation and opinion are welcome, as long as you make sure to make note that it is your opinion being shared. If you have any question of whether or not your information is fact or speculation feel free to email a moderator and they will look into it.

* While some posters will choose to bring their personal lives or thoughts to help others understand their perspectives or knowledge base, please do not use this information to later defame or bash them. We are all real people with real lives- this is a positive aspect of discussions and should not be used as a springboard for accusations.

* As adults, we need to treat each other with respect. Naturally, this means not lying about posters when on other sites, as well as allowing people the freedom to think as they will while also attempting to find out why they have certain views. If comments are not respectful or are accusatory, they will not be posted.

* If you ever have questions or comments about the site or comments that did or did not go through, please email Nina Bell or one of the other moderators. We would be more than happy to explain why something did not go through.

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