Monday, September 8, 2008


Q. What is the mission of this blog?

A. There isn’t one. The word “mission” suggests a higher calling or a goal we wish to achieve. The intention of this blog is to allow balanced discussion of the show “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” and to discuss issues surrounding the show. Whether you are pro-Gosselin or anti-Gosselin, or somewhere in between, we want to give you a chance to be heard.

Q. The posts here don’t seem to be “balanced” - there seem to be more pro-Gosselin and anti-GWoP posters here. Why is that?

A. The content on this blog is largely driven by the people who submit blog entries and the people who post comments in response to blog entries. The vast majority of comments that are submitted are published. Therefore, the “slant” of this blog is simply a result of the people who choose to visit and post here. If the posters who object to the supposed bias would submit opposing viewpoints instead of complaining about the lack of opposing viewpoints, there would likely be more balance.

Q. Why do you spend so much time talking about GWoP? Doesn’t that make you filled with hate against them in the same way you claim that GWoP is filled with hate against the Gosselins?

A. We talk about GWoP because they are one of the biggest driving forces around the J & K controversy. It is next to impossible to have a discussion about the controversy without talking about the ones pointing the finger at the family.

Additionally, many of us disagree strongly with the apparent contradiction between advocating for children and running a gossip blog.

Again, the content here is driven by the posters who participate. Visitors are encouraged to submit blog entries discussing other aspects of the show that interest them.

Q. Is GDNNOP a pro-Gosselin site?

A. Every point of view on the Gosselins and their show is welcome here. If there is a dominant point of view regarding Jon and Kate, it is probably that they are both flawed and not always likeable, but are far from being the monsters they are portrayed as being by the anti-Gosselin contingent. The majority of regular posters here could probably not be characterized as either Gosselin cheerleaders or Gosselin haters, but fall somewhere in between these two extremes.

Q. Isn’t your blog just a rip-off of GWoP?

A. GWoP borrowed its name, and to some degree, its policy on posting and moderating comments from TWoP (Television without Pity). There is nothing new under the sun, and obviously, some aspects of this blog were inspired by GWoP. It is not intended, however, as a “rip-off”, but rather a counterpoint.

Q. Do you worship or idolize the Gosselins?

A. While there have been a few (very few) enthusiastic pro-Gosselin posts on this blog since its inception, most regular contributors, again, fall in the middle of the spectrum, neither adoring nor abhorring Jon and Kate Gosselin. While passionate pro-Gosselin posts (as well as passionate anti-Gosselin posts) will certainly be published assuming they don’t violate any posting rules, they do not represent the view of the blog owner nor do they necessarily reflect the view of the typical poster.

Q. Don’t you agree that what the Gosselins are doing to their children exploitative?

A. There is no one opinion here on that issue. It’s definitely one that is worthy of discussion and debate.

Q. Since you don’t agree with what is written at GWoP, does that mean that you are not in favor of advocating for the Gosselin children?

A. On the contrary, we are in favor of the Gosselin children being afforded the safeguards that all children should be afforded (whether they are in the industry or not). What we are “against” is the name-calling, diagnosing, and general putting down of said children from people who are not professionals. We are against people invading the privacy of these children and their family. We strongly believe that one’s status as a celebrity does not give the general public the right to stalk and harass.

A. There’s really no difference between GWoP and GDNNOP.

Q. First of all, that’s not a question. But actually, there is a difference. For one, this blog is dedicated to publishing all comments, regardless of point of view, as long as they do not violate posting policies. The same cannot be said of GWoP; the experience of many posters is that most comments that did not conform to the conventional wisdom at GWoP were not posted, no matter how politely they were written. Furthermore, this blog does not claim a mission or advocacy on behalf of anyone. The only purpose here is discussion, and while posters are of course free to pursue advocacy of whatever causes they wish to, no one is encouraged or expected to do so.


anya said...

Thanks to the moderators for these well written and clear guidelines.

I am sure a lot of work went into this. I think it will be a lot of help to newbies who stumble onto the site. It will also hopefully quiet the anonymous posters who come here, play clueless and ask the same questions over and over to try and provoke a response.

Great job!

Anonymous said...

GWoP's Mission Statement:

Aside from all of the different child advocacy items - "We want the public to have the entire, truthful version of Jon and Kate's current situation so that, if they choose to donate, they are doing so under full disclosure."

I don't think GWoP has one single "mission". I don't think everyone that posts there with "the statement" or agrees to everything that is posted.

For one, this blog is dedicated to publishing all comments, regardless of point of view, as long as they do not violate posting policies.

I posted a comment yesterday about how it is difficult to judge a person by a few sentences, that comments are not annotated - it was not posted, as far I know, it did not "violate" any rules.

The posts here don’t seem to be “balanced”

I always post about what it is the readers here think the Gosselins will be "ruined" or what "taking them down" means. That is what GWoPPers get accused of doing - so what does it mean exactly.

- Still have yet to have anyone respond.

There is a comment under the "Topix" chain about "what is the appeal" - no rational, reasonable thought provoking answer.

I have noticed that there are some posters here who just like jumping in to the middle of discussions. They never really seem to have a convincing opinion of their own - they are just backing up one of their pals. and then Congratulate each other - there is nothing admirable about mob mentality.


Nina Bell said...


I moderated yesterday and there was not one comment that was rejected. All comments were posted and have been for quite some time.

Nina Bell said...

Anon- although I get the feeling that this is Fiona.

Ruin - action of destruction. Self explanatory. Take a look at where you normally post. You will see plenty of this action there. And while we are at it, you are trying to do the same thing here by saying we didn't post a comment. The seed has been planted even though I make the statement that I have posted everything. The seed is still there. So people can see that statement and run with it to another site. I see that all the time on GWoP. Half truths or non truths.

anya said...

Nina Bell:

Everyone who posts here regularly knows you are a person of integrity and if you say you posted everything yesterday, I know this is a fact.

And why would you let today's post through -- where she accuses you of not letting her post through yesterday and repeats all her points -- if you really did not adhere to your promise to publish everything that doesn't violate posting policies??? It doesn't make sense!

Like Guinevere has said in the past, "the truth is a moving target" for the most rabid of the Gosselin haters.

Baby Mama said...

My name is Baby Mama. I am a(uhh hopefully not the ONLY one) super enthusiastic pro-gosselin blogger. I sometimes jump into conversation but only when I feel passionate about a post. Its not meant to convince anyone of changing their opinion to mine, rather to give another side of the view. Thank you, I will sit down now.

Anonymous said...

Anon- although I get the feeling that this is Fiona.

I am not Fiona - however "out there" her comments may be, she always owns up to them.

For me, the worst that could happen (and I not talking about the stalking) if certain things were exposed to be true, and the show would end and or speaking engagements cease is that Jon and Kate would need to work. What is so wrong about that?

PepP said...

just curious why you said your comment was rejected and the blog owner says none were.

Anonymous said...


I moderated yesterday and there was not one comment that was rejected. All comments were posted and have been for quite some time.

From what it appeared, NoMore was moderating at the time, the discussion was in relation to the "medical" issue posts. She was answering comments herself, it may have been a mistake, but I see that my comment is not posted.

nomoredrama said...

I wasn't moderating yesterday. I did post here and there but that doesn't mean I was "on the schedule." I can't recall a single post that I've rejected since I've become a moderator. If you thought your post was rejected and you were uncertain as to why, you are always free to email. Once or twice someone has thought their post was rejected. They would resend and it would be posted. So, please, by all means resend the comment.

MommyZinger said...

Thank you for this post. I found it very informative for a newcomer like me.

I was pretty happy when I found this site. I'm pretty "middle of the road" regarding the Gosselins and I found this site to be objective.I also enjoy discussing topics without getting too argumentative and personal. I find this site does a good job in remaining civil.

I submitted a comment regarding PennMommy's blog that never got published so I was a bit disappointed but I am learning that such is the nature of blogs.

Anyway, thanks for all your work.

Nina Bell said...

Welcome mommyzinger,

We really have been posting every comment. There was one today that I rejected because it was specifically targeted another poster and was unnecessary. The blogs have what is called a dashboard and we can publish comments through that or through our email. I always look at the dashboard from time to time to make sure that something did not get missed. We rarely ever do not publish a comment. So please re- submit it. Sometimes people will e-mail me and ask why their comment has not been posted. I save all of the comments so I will look and it will not be there. So I guess they get lost sometimes after hitting the submit button. I do no recall seeing the name mommyzinger come through in the last several days. Please accept our apology if it was our mistake.

AgainAnonymous said...

Guinevere & other Admins,

Thanks for the explanation of the basic premise here. I guess I shouldn't be surprised it needed to be explained. Some blogs definately take a stance on the Gosselins one way or the other and rarely cross party lines.

I will stand up as one of the "Independents". Neither a super-fan nor an avid detractor. While I can see clearly the Gosselins' faults, it does not stop me from appreciating the human aspect of what we're viewing, which is what I think attracts so many viewers...whether they're looking to critique or to say, "Yeah, sometimes I feel that way."

I have little to say about the Gosselins' family members or (former) friends who are addressing the public via the blogosphere. They don't impress me much.

I'm remaining anonymous in an effort to discourage what I've seen some posters do, following each other from blog to blog to keep an argument going, or just engage in out-and-out harrassment.

I've even had a poster with an opposing view use another display name of mine to post on another site with an obvious differing point of view. I've only posted a handfull of times using my Google Blogger profile (absolutely no info to see) and it's been viewed a number of times. If bloggers get this much scrutiny, I feel for what the Gosselins are enduring.

Anyway, glad to see posters who can approach what they see on this show with an open mind.

Guinevere said...

I've even had a poster with an opposing view use another display name of mine to post on another site with an obvious differing point of view. I've only posted a handfull of times using my Google Blogger profile (absolutely no info to see) and it's been viewed a number of times. If bloggers get this much scrutiny, I feel for what the Gosselins are enduring.

I think I mentioned in another post that this happened to me once too. I really don't understand the thinking - I understand arguing passionately about these issues (and some people can't even understand that - "it's just a TV show", etc.), but I don't understand being sneaky or manipulative or playing games to try to hurt your "opponents". I wonder how these women justify this behavior to themselves?

I may not seem it, but I'm pretty middle of the road on the Gosselins as well. I think I've been pushed a bit to the pro-Gosselin side just because of the viciousness of some of the anti-Gosselin folks. I mean, I wouldn't have to defend Kate so much if people didn't attack her so much. I don't mind admitting that she isn't perfect, but at a certain point even posting that feels like you're just adding to the pile-on.

AgainAnonymous said...


Yes, I think I've read that comment about the poster using your name, but maybe not *here*? Someone had to bring it to my attention that it was being done to me, because I was only on one blog at the time. It just made clear to me the kinds of people that are attracted to "extreme" blogging.

I agree about not wanting to add to the pile-on.

Making a positive argument on some blogs is just is one more excuse to hear the so-often repeated littany of Kate Gosselin's faults, so I have many times refrained from saying anything. I mean, we heard you the first time, okay? Saying it for the 100th time isn't going to make me have a sudden epiphany.

Even if there were reason to agree with a more negatively slanted view, I've hesitated to join in because they focus on the one thing you agreed with and ignore the other points you make that might be positive.

I basically don't like the all-or-nothing approach to looking at this show. I don't like how easy it's been for some people to characterize the Gosselins as evil, and leave no room for humanity or for the fact that they can't know everything there is to know about these people, no matter who crawls out of the woodwork or how much "research" they do.

anya said...

Welcome AgainAnonymous!

I am looking forward to seeing more of your posts!

"While I can see clearly the Gosselins' faults, it does not stop me from appreciating the human aspect of what we're viewing."

Very well said.

AgainAnonymous said...

Thanks, Anya!

Nice to be here.

GLO said...

Kudos on writing clear and concise FAQs. Just one quick question, though, where are the posting policies located? Thanks!

Daisy said...

again, very well written. I completely agree with your opinion.

Thank you and welcome.

Guinevere said...

You know, there were some posting policies in the works, but I ended up posting the FAQs first. I'll check with the other mods on where we are on them. Unofficially, right now, I think everything is getting posted unless it is directly and obviously insulting to another poster, or obviously trolling. I think the only time I've rejected a comment in the few weeks I've been moderating has been on one occasion where it looked like someone had hit post accidently; what was posted was incomplete and didn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really a Kate hater, but definitely not a supporter either, nad I have never had one of my comments denied here. I will say though, that I did have a problem with one of my comments going through, and when I didn't see it post I asked the moderators if there was something offensive that I wrote. Nina was nice enough to write me back to say they never received my comment - I'm sure it was just some sort of glitch - and if I rewrote it she would make sure it got posted.

Linda said...

By the way ... great job Guinevere!

Nina Bell said...

The posting policies are now linked on the right hand side. Thank you nomoredrama for writing those for us.

sade said...

Thanks for allowing such balance opinionsor thoughts to be displayed.

I just read recently the interview with kevin and jodi and have to say that whatever avenue this two took to tell their story does not matter at least not to me. Kate began her media rounds talking about this situation. Not once did she say that she loved Jon...Nor he her.

I cant watch this show and know that for many months know we were stooped into believing that that marriage was still in good shape.
I noticed or along time haw more distant these two had become on the couch interview. Why can't most people believe that Kate has chosen fame,fortune,and noteriety over her marriage. These two have built a deck of cards of lies. We
have the right to know the truth not just how kate perceives it to be...Lets face it, she'd fight harder to maintain her relationship with her bodyguard then with her family and friends.

If you tell your viewers that this is reality, then don't lie and think we are that gullible....

I know many will still continue to believe whatever their told is the truth all in defense of Kate,but I for once will say enough is enough. The end has come for me.
Their marriage is over with or without the show. The only innocent bystanders are the children...Kate loves the fame and fortune.

Well thanks to all who have allowed me to state my opinion for what it's worth. Let the show go.
It's run its course. That is the only way for the children to begin to heal. Let these two go their seperate ways because when their is no trust or respect in a marriage there is nothing left.