Sunday, September 14, 2008

NEW EPISODE - Sight and Sound

The Gosselins take a trip to the Sight and Sound Theatre in Strasburg, Pa., to see an interactive play depicting the story of Adam and Eve.


anya said...

Well, I for one am intrigued! Although we all know that their faith is a big part of who they are, we have seen very little of it on the show (except for the t-shirts and the notes taped up in the kitchen).

Curiosity got the best of me and I went on the "Sight and Sound" website. To me (and I truly mean no offense), the production seems a bit cheesy, but it will probably be perfect for the little kids.

I couldn't resist adding up how much it would cost for a family of 10 to go (because you know this will be brought up) and the cost for a weekday performance was $222! That's before gas and snacks! Wow-sa.

Here's a description of the performance:

"Now playing at Millennium Theatre in Pennsylvania.
In a spectacular staging of the biblical account of creation, Sight & Sound opens the original production, In the Beginning. Be there as the Garden of Eden appears before you - the waters, vegetation, and animals of the newly created world enveloping the Millennium Theatre! Experience God's pleasure at his most awesome creation, Adam and Eve, and the complete beauty of their unbroken relationship with God.

With special effects that surpass all you've previously seen on Sight & Sound stages, In the Beginning promises an experience beyond your imagination. Enhanced by magnificent staging, stirring musical compositions, and captivating live and animatronic animals, the stage will spring to life with the phenomenal story of creation!"

I saw somewhere on the site that the performance was 2 1/2 hours. (When I went back to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me I couldn't find it, however). Hmm. That is going to be interesting - six 4-year-olds sitting still for that amount of time? I know they are generally well-behaved, but that's asking a lot!

Well, I am looking forward to discussing with others later on....

Daisy said...

Thanks Anya. That's helpful to know before watching the the show.

Things like this help bring Bible stories to life for kids. I hope it was meaningful for the entire family.

Mom said...

Well, I can't even believe that I missed the show - I'm recording the replay later tonight. I caught the last 10 minutes. I swore K would NEVER EVER want a dog. A standard poodle. Good thing I didn't make a bet on that one, I would have lost big time.

I think Alexis and the aldergators are the cutest thing. And Leah with all the black/white animals. Kids are so funny. We just took my son to the zoo for the first time and got him those little plastic animals. Every day he has the same two (leopard and hippo) talk/growl at each other. It's so funny!

How long until the puppy comes? Nina, this would be a good little contest, don't you think?

I'll watch the whole thing in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness- I have been to Sight and Sound many times and I have never seen a show that wasn't simply amazing. I am so glad they went.

This was an such a great show...I enjoyed the children as well as Jon and Kate.

Baby Mama said...

The Sight and Sound episode was great. As usual nobody has anything to complain about other than Jon & Kate getting in free and getting free toys for the kids. Its really apparent that its the only thing to complain about lately. That and damage control. But if that is it, then keep it coming. Because I thought the show looking amazing and I want to go to it.

Also funny how everything thought they were talking about Hawaii. But Kate was just happy Jon asked if she needed any help!

anya said...

Hi all. I am on the West Coast so I won't be watching for another 20 minutes, but your good reviews have me excited.

Ok, I am trying to figure out the dog/puppy comments...Geez, it's only 20 minutes, I guess I can hold out!

Kelley said...

I was super thrilled to see Kate so excited about her hubby at the end. My husband said to me, "We have a lot of good days!" I said, "We don't have eight kids, we don't have one kid!" he laughed.

Guinevere said...

Ack! I am traveling for work and won't be home to see the episode until Thursday, and now I understand it featured Alexis and her aldergators?! I can't wait to see it!

Guinevere said...

Okay, I know it offends some when "the other site" is brought up - so you people can skip this post.

Before shutting off the computer for the night, I decided to drop over and see what the opinion of this episode (which as I said above, I haven't seen, but by all accounts it was a good episode with very little to criticize). There were about 75 comments, and I could only read about a dozen before I had to start scrolling because who needs that kind of negativity at almost midnight? I'll probably have nightmares.

Anyway, as one could guess, I saw the phrase "damage control" used approximately 2,387 times. The GWoPpers are convinced that their every thought is being monitored by Figure 8 and the Gosselins are changing their lives to suit the GWoPpers' whims.

Also, the Gosselins are con artists, and Kate is apparently a bitch because she praised a picture Mady made for her, but she did it the wrong way. Or something.

What came to mind what that (still breathtakingly nervy, IMO) blog entry over there about "wishes for J&K" - all the ways that the Gosselins (total strangers, mind you) should change their lives to be Better People, just like the people at GWoP apparently all are. So we have an episode where J&K act better, are more respectful of each other, less stressed, more positive, whatever - and over there, they are every bit is angry as they were over "Cupcakegate" or any of the other numerous "-gates" they've gotten outraged over.

I mean, WTF? How do these women justify this crap?

I'm sorry, I had to get that off my chest before I could sleep, and as we all know, I couldn't have gotten even the most mild and nicely rewritten version posted over at GWoP.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly Guinevere. The Gs will never do right by some people.
I enjoyed this episode. I've been to Sight and Sound and can vouch for its quality productions. Wonderful shows for kids of any age- even us 'old' kids! Things noticed: Crowd control-They apparently had a large area of seats blocked off for the Gs. Also after the show the kids were shown on the stage and in the gift store areas with no other people around. So the Gs were given special consideration here. I'm sure they arent the first group or wont be the last that gets these perks but I hope they somehow teach these kids why it is sometimes that way and it wont always be that way. Loves Leah's choice of stuffed animal. I always picked the black & white ones too!

MommyZinger said...

Um, to be honest I felt the last half of this episode was damage control. Jon and Kate being loving, them talking about how much they appreciate everyone and how the kids benefit from all the trips. But if people would just let them be regular humans who are allowed to make mistakes and accept free trips and if Julie didn't have her blog then they wouldn't have any damage to control. Plus maybe its not even them doing the "controlling". Maybe the show just left out all the fighting and bickering and just in the good stuff.

If I were four I would be in awe of that show...or I might be scared of the animals.

Anonymous said...

As for the episode - it wasn't damage control and the GWoP is taking too much credit. If anything it was a "Filler" episode - one that only need a day to do plus the interview segments.

I wonder if they will do a whole episode on picking a poodle!

...then another episode with a dog trainer to train the poodle so it doesn't piddle and poop in the house :)

"Poddles without Pitty" anyone? :)
Oh we got to call the ASPCA - The poor dog is on camara too much and Kate yells at it!

MCB said...

The thing about the "freebies" is that they're not just for the benefit Jon and Kate and the kids. They're not giving away this stuff because they like the Gosselins. The free advertisement pays back tenfold. Last night, Sight and Sound Theatre got a 22 minute infomercial starring a bunch of cute kids. See all the animals, and the nice people, and the elaborate stage presentation, and the stuffed animals at the gift shop? Cha-CHING. So, all this bullspit whining at the "other site" about the freebies is just plain ridiculous. One hand washes the other and these companies and theme parks and theatres are laughing all the way to the bank every time an episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 is broadcast with their product in it. The Gosselins know this, too, so why shouldn't they take full advantage of it? I would. Damn skippy I would. Bring it on.

This episode was adorable. From Alexis and her aldergators and Leah and her black and white toy menagerie to Jon coveting a pot bellied pig (right. Like Kate would EVER let one of those in her house). Oh, and the boys gleefully tormenting the girls by licking their stuffed animals. That's what brothers do.

Unfortunately, any episode that does not feature Kate acting like a shrew (this giving the haters something substantial to whine about) will always be "damage control." It's predictable and tiresome. They need a new act. Maybe they should focus their attention on the vacant, programmed Duggar females and how they're not educated and simply brought forth to marry, multiply and obey. Oh, and raise their younger siblings while their mom spits out another. The fact that they complain about Jon and Kate while giving a control freak like Jim Bob Duggar a free pass just makes what little credibility GWoP has left, even slimmer.

MommyZinger said...

mcb said: :"Damn skippy I would. Bring it on."

LOL! I don't know why I think that phrase is so hilarious. I'm going to start using it.

And I agree. I would be all over the free stuff. It is a symbiotic relationship of sorts.

Nancy said...

"Oh, and the boys gleefully tormenting the girls by licking their stuffed animals. That's what brothers do."
Yes that is true, and poor Colin got sent to the corner for it after Hannah had a tantrum. But I bet he does it again, too, LOL!

mcb, I think the Duggars are a great family and look forward to their new handful of shows. I like them better than the Go$$elins, but to each his own.

Anonymous said...

GWOP has a new blog about duggars.
Apparently they seem to like Duggars more than Gossellins, which is really sad, as this always freaks me out to watch peolpe making little zombies out of kids in the name of religion.

anya said...

Personally, I think I could very happily live the rest of my life without ever hearing the phrase "damage control" again.

That said, is it possible that TLC/Figure 8 have noted and are responding to some of the feedback they have received from viewers? If xx% of the mail they receive from viewers (which I think they probably give a lot more credence to then internet blogs) says "we would like to see J&K show more gratitude" or "we would like to see Kate lighten up a bit", wouldn't they be stupid to ignore these comments?

Or perhaps there is an even more innocuous explanation. Maybe J&K have seen some of the episodes and want to address some of the behavior they saw in themselves that they didn't like. I am sure if someone had cameras on me for any amount of time and filmed my interactions with my daughter, friends, family, co-workers, etc. I would find many things I would want to improve. (Not that I don't know already know where my shortcomings lie. It's just there is nothing like seeing it on a t.v. screen to really hit the point home).

So obviously my post is conjecture, but so are the posts of people claiming that Figure 8 is monitoring every word typed by GWoP. None of us know for sure. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between -- ?

MCB said...

The one thing I give the Duggars credit for is that their kids are very respectful towards each other and outsiders, and keep themselves and their belongings clean. I don't like the fact that the kids aren't exposed to the outside world, will never go to college and the girls are treated like brood mares. And as far as freebies, if Duggars Without Pity wants to not be considered hypocritical in comparison to their sister site, Gosselins Without Pity, then they must acknowledge the fact that the huge, beautiful home that the Duggars started themselves, was finished and completely furnished by TLC. They got a HUGE freebie right there. The home is gorgeous and was professionally decorated on TLC's dime. I'd say if you add up the price of that home and put it up against all the trips the Gosselins have gotten, the Duggars come out ahead. If the DWoPPERS can't acknowledge that, then they need to STFU about what the Gosselins get. You can't have it both ways. You can't complain about Gosselin freebies and give the Duggars a pass. It just makes no sense.

Oh, and yeah. Despite jim Bob and Michelle skeeving me out a bit, I'll be watching their new show, too. The kids are cute.

Anonymous said...

This snarky, poorly written poem is on GWoP. I posted that I thought it looked like a 6th grader wrote it, but of course it didn't get through. They are calling it "haunting" and a tear-jerker. Please.

Just one more child . . .
And then there were eight.
Love should have grown,
but there’s too little, too late.

Just one more child . . .
No safe place to go.
“The show is our life.
Our life is the show.”

Perform for the camera.
Just one more take.
“Just do what you’re told!
There are memories to make!”

Just one more episode . . .
“Pick up the pace!”
Childhood vanishes
without a trace.

Just one more season . . .
Just one more year . . .
Just one more child . . .
Just one more tear . . .

Apparently by a middle schooler named Marina.

Kuromi said...

Anon 5:55,

That reminds me of Lisa Simpson: "I had a cat name Snowball/She Died!ShHe Died!/ My mom said she was sleeping/She Lied! She Lied!? Oh why oh why is my cat dead/Couldn't that Chrysler hit ME instead?"

Only Lisa's was better.

jdmac said...

This was a really cute show. I don't think damage control is the phrase I would use, but it's nice to see a nicer Kate. Just think though, you get a tv show, and you film all of these hours, and then you later see your self in all your glory and horror moments. I think watching myself yell at my husband on national tv would probably curb my desire to yell when cameras are around anymore. My point is that any changes we might be seeing in Kate could actually be natural, and have nothing to do with "damage control". Maybe she didn't like what she saw and she's making genuine efforts to be a different person. Anyway, I thought her excitement towards Jon was really funny and cute.

Guinevere said...

So obviously my post is conjecture, but so are the posts of people claiming that Figure 8 is monitoring every word typed by GWoP. None of us know for sure. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between -- ?

The truth is, J&K are taking all of their instructions from me. I send them through my microwave. When I pop popcorn, it's a signal for Kate to hit Jon less. When I defrost ground beef, it tells Jon he's been being too passive-aggressive with Kate and that he needs to tone down the eye-rolling. We have a whole system worked out.


anya said...

Kuromi said...
That reminds me of Lisa Simpson: "I had a cat name Snowball/She Died!ShHe Died!/ My mom said she was sleeping/She Lied! She Lied!? Oh why oh why is my cat dead/Couldn't that Chrysler hit ME instead?"

Only Lisa's was better.

Damm straight Lisa's was better! For one, nobody was sent into a diabetic shock just by reading it.

Nothing like "The Simpsons" to bring truth and levity to any situation.....

MCB said...

Oh, good god. Could that poem BE anymore melodramatic? [/Chandler Bing]

Another thing about "damage control." How do we know that this is Jon and Kate's doing? Perhaps in the footage left on the cutting room floor, there have been plenty of nice moments between Jon and Kate, but nice moments are "boring," while conflict gets attention (unfortunately). Perhaps Figure 8 realized that they have shown them in the worst possible light and maybe they're the ones that are doing "damage control," not the family.

The thing is we DON'T really know. Unfortunately, other sites make a habit of assuming, and you know what they say about people that "ASSume."

Anonymous said...

Will you publish this as a post???

How about trying to write without using the constant phrase "DAMAGE CONTROL"

So you think you are talented enough writers' to manage this???

Ban the phrase DAMAGE CONTROL for one week PLEASE????