Thursday, September 25, 2008

OFF TOPIC- All time favorite movies.

What are your all time favorite movies?


Nina Bell said...

My favorite is The Shawshank Redemption. I also really enjoyed The Long Riders and Sweetheart Dance.

Nina Bell said...

Also The American President

Mom said...

Hmmmmmm, there are quite a few for me:

Godfather (1 and 2)
When Harry Met Sally
Jaws (I know I'm a big dork for that one!)
Uptown Girls

indianprincess said...

I would have to say:
Dances with Wolves
Sound of Music
and last Transformers!
So many I like so hard to choose.

merryway said...

You're all right, there's too many. Besides classics like the Godfather and Gone with The Wind. Mine are Fiddler on The Roof, Tombstone and Halloween (but I only watch it once a year).
Mom, I like Jaws also. I have the poster in my bathroom with the Psycho house.

dina said...

Forrest Gump
Steele Magnolias
A Christmas Story (watch that one like 50x during the holidays)
I know I have more than that too.. but I cant think...

Mom said...

I forgot:

It's a Wonderful Life
Fargo (I know, that's a bit twisted)

Merry - Halloween is on my list too. Every year beginning on the first of October, my H and I get out all the classic "scaries" - Halloween, Psycho, Carrie, Exorcist, The Fog, The Thing, The Shining, etc.

dina said...

Wanted to add, I also like

aap said...

This is probably the first of many posts, because I can never remember them all at one.

10 things I hate about you

Thomas Crown affair

Princess Bride

MrsRef said...

Gone with the Wind

Wedding Crashers (we visit the area where it was filmed and have sailed on the "Woodwind")

National Lampoon's Vacation & Christmas Vacation (because we are like the Griswolds)

A Christmas Story

Home for the Holidays

Starsky and Hutch (because Paul Michael Glaser makes a cameo and he is still hot in my book)

Nina Bell said...

Mrs. Ref,

Christmas Vacation, great movie! And I forgot about Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

merryway said...

MrsRef, Just had to tell you a perk for me in Fiddler on The Roof is getting to see Paul Michael Glaser (I've always had a crush on him since Starsky). I sometimes put it in to listen to in the background while I'm cleaning.

anya said...

Hi MrsRef...

-Wedding Crashers

-Starsky and Hutch

Two great movies. Of course, I am a huge Owen Wilson fan!

A Christmas Story - one of the bestest movies of we all time. On this one point I think we all can agree... :-)

Fanny said...

My favorite of all time is The Breakfast Club("does Barry Manilow know you raided his wardrobe?")

Also, Steel Magnolias and You've got Mail.

lurkeyhere said...

I love Jaws, too. I worked at a movie theater when it came out, and it was crazy busy. It was fun to stand in the back of the theater just before Ben Gardner's severed head rolled into view and watch 900+ people scream and jump in their seats.

And at Christmas, I always have to watch A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation and The Desk Set ( Tracy and Hepburn).

Mom said...

How could I forget "A Christmas Story?" Ewwwwww Scott Farkus! He he

GLO said...

How can I pick just one?

The Princess Bride
The Usual Suspects
Pulp Fiction
Pretty Woman

delurkerloo said...

Dark comedy:
Pulp Fiction
Kill Bill 2 (yes, I thought it was kind of funny, and I hated Kill Bill 1 for being too violent)

Frat boy comedy:
Grandma's Boy
Tommy Boy
Office Space
Team America World Police

Oldies but goodies:
All About Eve
Dark Victory (the only movie that can make me cry repeatedly)
The Little Princess Shirley Temple style

Cruel Intentions (Reese and Ryan fell in love IRL, so cute!)

Also, anything and everything by Kevin Smith. The most unpopular movie I love is probably Butterfly Effect. And last but not least, Donnie Darko. It's not just for emos, it's fun for the whole family. Trust me on that.

dotsicle said...

Gone With the Wind. No doubt.

I have liked others...
Demolition Man
The Greatest Show on Earth
Two Weeks With Love
White Christmas
Where the Sidewalk Ends
Dead of Winter
Dirty Dancing
Saturday Night Fever
Strangers On a Train
Red Dragon
Bandit of Sherwood Forest
The Blue Veil

MommyZinger said...

I love The Breakfast Club too, Fanny.

I also like:

Dazed and Confused
The Big Lebowski

Anonymous said...

Pretty Woman
The Notebook
Uptown Girls
Now and Then
Dirty Dancing
Gone with the Wind
August Rush

There is probably more but that is all I can think of right now...

Fanny said...

Awww, I forgot Dirty Dancing. I can pretty much classify my favorites as ones that I have or would watch over and over. I can't count the number of times I've seen this one. I just love Patrick Swayze, when I found out he was sick I was so sad.

Linda said...

My favorite movie of all time ... I think I've seen it about 20 times ... Shawshank Redemption

My two favorite quotes from the movie:

"these walls are funny. First you hate 'em, then you get used to 'em. Enough time passes, it gets so you depend on 'em. That's 'institutionalized'...They send you here for life and that's exactly what they take, the part that counts anyway."


"Andy Dufresne, who crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side."

Loved that movie

delurkerloo said...

I forgot all about The Notebook. That was another one where the actors fell in love IRL while making the movie. I find romances a lot more romantic knowing that.

MCB said...

Hmmmmmm, there are quite a few for me:

Godfather (1 and 2)
When Harry Met Sally
Jaws (I know I'm a big dork for that one!)

You and I are sharing a brain, Mom! These five are also on my list. I notice you also share the opinion that Godfather 3 was not worthy of consideration. Not good. Andy Garcia barechested in a silk robe, holding a gun? ALL kinds of HOT. Sofia Coppola dying on the stairs? Unintentionally bad comedy gold.

My picks:

Godfather 2
When Harry Met Sally
Under the Tuscan Sun
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Sixteen Candles
Walk the Line
Sweet Dreams
Saturday Night Fever
Bull Durham
The Big Chill
Urban Cowboy
Major League (I was in the stadium crowd shots of this movie and Rudy, as well)

and I love the Harry Potter films.

Mom said...

Oh geez, how can I forget:

The usual suspects (I catch myself watching it every time it pops on the tube no matter where in the story)

The Big Lebowski - hilarious! "I'm the dude"

And Walk the Line is a terrific movie.

anya said...

• The Third Man
• The Royal Tenenbaums
• Rushmore
• Jules and Jim
• The Battle of Algiers
• Fog of War
• Hotel Rwanda
• Crash
• Austin Powers!
• Stupid Will Ferrell movies
• Austin Powers!

Also, I am not a "chick-flick" type of gal, but I couldn't help but love "The Notebook"....Such a dork, I was really really happy when I heard Ryan and Rachel got back together!

Nina Bell said...

Crash Thanks Anya I forgot about that one too.

Daisy said...

I'm an old musical fan.

The Sound of Music
Any other Rogers and Hammerstein musical
The Quiet Man
Miracle on 34th Street
Christmas Vacation
The Searchers with John Wayne
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
A Christmas Story

Mom said...

OOooooooh Crash. Good one! I'm going to have to join Netflix now and catch up on some movies I've missed.

Thanks Nina for a fun topic. It's nice to know no matter what side of the J&K fence we sit on, we are all still human! :-)

Guinevere said...

Just a few of many:

The Royal Tenenbaums
Flirting with Disaster
Office Space
Dr. Zhivago
Drugstore Cowboy
A River Runs Through It
Lost in Translation
Shoot the Piano Player

I'll probably think of more as soon as I post...