Sunday, September 28, 2008

Open House

A place to discuss what is going on in "Blog World" and welcome our visiting posters.

If you can play nice, your comments will be posted. If not, don't expect to see them here.


nomoredrama said...

I'm quaking in fear about being "next."

Anonymous said...

WHat happened over at GWOP?

Holly said...

IMHO, I don't think this blog will come under fire as the others have. I firmly believe that GWoP (and maybe PMs blog) are being reviewed because of all the CPS allegations. GWoP has been around for awhile now and it wasn't until this issue came up and was openly discussed (pulled apart) that it was closed down.

I've posted on both GWoP and PMs blog; I guess I fall somewhere in the middle. Certain things about the Gosselins irritate me, but I don't believe they deserve ALL the vitriol they receive. I certainly think the CPS issue pushed it way too far and unproven allegations like that absolutely go against the Terms of Service. It's a shame too because I do enjoy seeing everyones different points of view, even the nasty ones, but apparently they pushed it too far.

nomoredrama said...

Who knows? For some reason they are under investigation for violation of TOS. Not sure how or why...

Nina Bell said...

We know nothing and it could be just a tech error. I am sure they will be back up in one form or another.

Anonymous said...

Well Pennmommy said before she closed the blog that it was too much for her family right now because of her son, so her blog wasn't taken down because of all the CPS stuff that went on last night. And the GWOP blog wasn't taken down, it's still opened to the authors/moderators.

nomoredrama said...

I think GWoP will be back up in plenty of time. Either that or they'll find a new home.

SoccerMomof3 said...

I found another site that said one of the admin's made some changes that triggered the TOS to come up. Can that happen?

It sounds a little fishy to me because I have a blog of my own and it seems hard to trigger it as an admin unless you put something up there that violates the TOS.

Holly said...

Right, the GWoP blog is open to the moderators but it is under review. When I tried to log in under my Blogger name, it said it was under review for possibly breaking the TOS. Unless someone at Blogger has been keeping an eye on it (which I find hard to imagine simply because there are SO many blogs out there), someone had to have reported it.

I only made the assumption about the CPS issue because GWoP has been around for quite some time, lots of hate has been spread around and only now has it come under review, ya know?

MCB said...

Blogger could have issued them a "warning" and now they're back in a limited capacity.

If there has been action taken by Blogger, perhaps the fact that the things GWoP and PM say about the Gosselins pinged their lawyer's radar? They personally attack them and could be considered a security threat. Maybe they finally had enough ammunition to go after them, so they approached Blogger about it simultaneously.

As far as us being "next," like I said in the Penn Mommy thread, I don't think this site threatens anyone's livelihood or their security and is actually GOOD PR for the Gosselins.

And I think our mods are smart enough to realize a set up. When the displaced loons attempt to slam this site in a transparent plot to get it shut down, I have confidence they'll be carefully scrutinized.

jax said...

I just read on the Katie is a shrew website that GWoP is experiencing tech difficulties. According to a poster named Pamela, one of the admins was making a change and it triggered a problem. Also said they have contacted support and are working on a resolution. She also asked for people to not flood Serena's inbox.

Guess time will tell what's really up.

Anonymous said...

There are a whole lot of other places that have Jon and Kate Plus 8 threads, none of which have been closed by the Gosselins.

Nina Bell said...

I am confident that it is just a tech error

Holly said...

Ahhh, I guess it does sound like a tech error..just odd timing I guess heh!

I hope that I'll be allowed to still post here even though I do post at GWoP. I've never been disrespectful & don't agree with the majority of the opinions posted. Like I said before, I fall in the middle and there isn't a real middle blog yet LOL.

Anonymous said...

have very rarely ever posted on any of these blogs but I had to today! GWoP was taken off the air!!! Yay!! And PennMommy should have never mentioned CPS. In fact I could have sworn she said on more than one occassion that the things she saw never warrented a call to CPS. I KNOW she said the G's love the kids. You don't call CPS on people that really Love their kids.
Also, I didn't realize she admited to being the one to call, did I some how miss that. Isn't that illegal?
And Julie always hinted around to Kate being worse off camera (in regards to the kids) but when PennMommy said it wasn't a CPS issuue, Julie agreed , at least once. IMO, Julie flip flopped alot.
I always respected PM, until the CPS comment, which IMO was totally off base, but someone (nomoredrama, I believe) mentioned that PM lied twice in one day. What did she lie about? Like I said, I thought she did well up until the last day, maybe I missed something. I'm not able to read was just too much.
This is a great day for Jon and Kate...I'm So Happy For Them! Maybe this will remove some of the stress they've been under. I can't wait till they can move too, that should help alot! (Sorry if this is a duplicate post, I tried to post it under my blogger account but it didn't appear to be working, so I'm going anonymously)

Nina Bell said...

Holly you are welcome to post here.

indianprincess said...

I was typing my answer and my 17 month old son decided he wanted to share his thought on the subject also and I lost my last comment so round two. I don't go on Gwop because it's a waste of time and it's only one sided opinions. Feel sorry some of them invested way to much time obsessed for a family they only see on a reality show. Now they don't have a sound board I'm sure they will creep over hear because they have no where to go. The admins for this blog: I wish you the best in keeping these crazy people off your site. I understand having a discussion with different views but then their are people who comment just to be abusive Good luck!

Holly said...

Thank you Nina, I appreciate it. There are things I agree with on all sides, things I disagree with on all sides; but for me, I don't like being associated with any one group. As I said previously, I enjoy reading peoples points of view, but I dislike it when I say "I post on GWoP" somewhere and I'm immediately shunned. Yes, some posters there deserve that treatment, I just prefer to prove myself before I'm lumped into a certain group.

I'm just a bored Army Wife, my children enjoy watching J&K + 8 and I enjoy reading peoples opinions lol. It's too bad more people can't meet in the middle, but this blog is certainly more "in the middle" than others I've seen and I respect that.

Anonymous said...

GWOP wasn't taken down, they are having technical issues. I received an email from a moderator just this past hour. So to the poster above who is thrilled about it, I think that is sad. People have a right to free speech, as do you. There are plenty of people who love this show, and now there are plenty of people who hate it.

There will come a day when the show will end, run it's course, whatever, and that will make the ones over there happy, and most of you here sad. But to be happy over someone's blog being shut down (which didn't happen) isn't going to make the bad press and bad allegations go away. There are plenty of people coming out against them, plenty of negative sites out there against Jon and Kate. You can't stop them all and I think Jon and Kate know that, that is why they are in damage control mode now.

Also regarding the CPS issue, I do believe people witnessed certain things, that is why they felt the need to call CPS. We all do not know what goes on behind the cameras. We can assume, we can hope and pray no harm is done to those kids, but we don't know.

Obviously people close to the family saw or witnessed something to make a call, and I don't think anyone would make a call like that out of vengeance or hate or take it lightly. I would think people close to that family would really think about making a phone call like that before making it.

Whatever it is, I think we all can agree on one thing - the safety and wellbeing of those kids should always come first. I can't imagine the pressures and stresses J&K feel on a daily basis, just to keep a family of 10 functioning, and on top of the TV show and all the other b.s. that is out there for them to defend themselves over, the enormity of their situation has to be huge, and it really can't be all that good in times like this.

Anonymous said...

On the Kate is a Shrew blog:

Sunday, September 28, 2008
Gosselins Without Pity
Gosselins Without Pity is undergoing technical difficulties. One of the admins made a change and it apparently triggered a blogger problem. The support group has been contacted. I'll provide updates as I get them.

The blog is still there I'm told. It's just inaccessible. Please do not flood Serena's inbox. They're working on it.

Anonymous said...

Do you suppose that the moderator(s) that PennMommy added to her blog turned around and deleted her blog? Perhaps, they were not her "friends" after all. She mentioned meeting with a couple of people local to USC for coffee. In a previous post she mentioned needing moderators to deal with the comments. In the same post she said she had found a moderator. Less than 24 hours later she is off the air, so to speak. Coincidence?

Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty hilarious to see the "panic" about the end of BLOGS (and mean-spirited ones at that). It's a lovely Sunday afternoon in most of the country.All the good, judgmental GWOP parents really need to take advantage of the time to actually see their OWN children. I've never in my life seen so many so called "advocates" glued to the internet in my life. It's frightening.

Anonymous said...

This is in response to annon 12:59
Yes, your right people are allowed freedom of speech, but alot of the speech going on at GWoP was causing J&K alot of stress. You mention at the end of your post that you (in your words) "can't imagine the pressures and stresses J&K feel on a daily basis, just to keep a family of 10 functioning, and on top of the TV show and all the other b.s. that is out there for them to defend themselves over, the enormity of their situation has to be huge, and it really can't be all that good in times like this." I'm the one that was thrilled GWoP was taken down, and this is why! Too much crap for one family to deal with, IMO!
The CPS issue...It's been covered much better than I could cover it so I'll leave that one alone other than to say I respectfully disagree with your fourth paragraph in that, I beleive there are people, possibly in their family or at least in their town, that would call CPS out of vengeance. I mean the anger in some of the posts I read (and I didn't read many at all!) just screamed "retaliation"!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:45pm

GWOP wasn't taken down, it's a technical error. It will be back on.

And if you feel that way about GWOP there are plenty of other hate sites out there. Would you like them all shut down? Impossible. And no one outside person shut down GWOP or PennMommy's blog. I believe PennMommy's blog is just not online now (by her choice) and GWOP is off because of a technical error. Not because someone else or outside force had it taken down.

Unfortunately there is no internet police. People can post whatever they feel they like.

You just have to choose not to read the 'other side' and stick with the 'safe side' I guess.

Anonymous said...

Yes, your right people are allowed freedom of speech, but alot of the speech going on at GWoP was causing J&K alot of stress.

J&K are in the public eye. This criticism comes with the territory. They are no different than any other public person in the spotlight, right? If the stresses are too much for them and they are going to let a little blog and people who don't like them ruin their daily functioning as human beings, they should hang it up. Oh and for the record, I think they're managing just fine without letting GWOP or any other anti-Gosselins sites ruin their day. They seem like they don't let too much criticism get in their way of what they want out of this whole thing.

Nina Bell said...

Anon 2:01 pm,

You are right, I don't think they are letting any of this bother them. We are all just a small blip on their radar, including GWoP. If they were going to try and shut down blogs, they would have done it along time ago.

anya said...

The person I am concerned about is....Julie.

Where will she post her accusations against Kate now? We know she is still so upset over Beth being invited to the spa instead of Jodi. The woman needs to vent - but where can she go?!?

Poor Julie.


P.S. Oh yeah, I forgot - she has her own blog. She just doesn't spend much time there.

Nina Bell said...

Just a note. I am not going to post all of these new sites you are creating and sending through the comment section. You can do that somewhere else. I am not a big fan of GWoP. Why would I want to promote a temporary site. People will find it - trust me.

MCB said...

So to the poster above who is thrilled about it, I think that is sad. People have a right to free speech, as do you.

That's right, they do, just as we have a right to be happy when the "advocates" of hate are delayed, inconvenienced, or even stopped, no matter how temporary. Our satisfaction is small compared to the outright glee and celebrating that would go on if the Gosselins canceled the show out of safety concerns for their children, or if CPS showed up and took their kids from them. So please. Spare us the righteous indignation and the lecture. It sounds a bit fake.

nomoredrama said...

LOL! I personally could care less if the show went off the air. Don't get me wrong, I like the family and the show but I'm probably drawn more to the controversy than the show itself. Thanks, GWoP for keeping my interest alive. I probably would have stopped watching a long time ago out of boredom. Now I DVR the episodes every week to see what the latest complaint will be.

So, actually, GWoP is awesome PR for the show.

Anonymous said...

Boy lots of speculation in blog land today. I've posted on both spots and imho there are rude, disrespectful posters on both sites. Guess it just depends on what side of the fence that you are on.

I beleive that the kids' best interests should be the most important topic at hand. I don't care about material items, trips, hair, body parts or lack there of, and I've never posted about such things.

I have posted concerns re Kate's mental healthiness many times, and will continue to do so. Kate's level of anxiety make it very difficult for her to function effectively in this world. That's why she always overreacts and verbal assualts others. She displays few adult coping mechanisms needed for healthy adult function, interaction and interpersonal relationships. Jon takes the road of least resistance and placates Kate, therefore reinforcing the dysfunction. I think these 2 reasons make the show the only way that they can, at this time, support this family. However, the show causes increased anxiety which causes more placating and further dysfunction.

In order of priority: Get treatment and counseling. Reconnect with family and friends. Obtain real (adult) jobs (Kate is not employable as a nurse at this point. She needs to learn how to interact with people without being a bully and overreating...she wouldn't last through probation in my nursing unit). Lastly, end the show. The kids have the right to live their lives free of the public eye and scrutiny. They did not ask to be born in groups; they did not lust for the notoriety. If one parent wants to remain a stay -at-home, it should be Jon. He has the better temperament and has more kid oriented priorities. I really feel sorry for these kids. Add them to the list of kids who were short- changed in the parent department. And, no, I do not watch this show..I'm 1 month free.

Nina Bell said...

I agree with nomoredrama's post from 3:26 pm .

My interest in this is more about the "mob mentality" going on then the show itself.

GWoP truly is the best PR this show can get.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:57 - You have interesting opinions, but you have stated your opinions as fact. In reading over your post you make it seem as if you have had personal contact with Jon and Kate. The only way to really know about another person's coping mechanisms is to be a part of their life. Are you one of the former volunteers? I have to disagree with your assertion that Jon has the better temperment. From the edited verson of Jon I've seen on the show he can be a hot head and have a sharp tongue that can be hurtful. That's just my opinion based on what little I know about him.

Linda said...

A long time ago, Serena mentioned that she had bought a domain in case blogger ever made them take the site down.

To be honest, if they are gone -- it is only temporarily and they will reincarnate themselves into something else.

GwoP wants the show off the air and that is within their rights to express that opinion. I want GwoP off the blogosphere and that is within my right to express that opinion.

Anonymous said...

Imho, if you're comparing Jon's temperament to let's say Mother Theresa's, yes Jon is more sharp-tongued and harsh. Compared to Kate, Jon is easy going (if what has been repeatedly shown on TV is an accurate indication). As an example, If you went to your job each week and were continually/ intentionally made to, "look" bad would you speak up, or better yet modify your behavior? Most of us would devise and implement a plan in an appropriate, mature fashion. Unfortunately, those with some illnesses are just unable to easily navigate through life and negotiate interactions in a mature, functional manner. They need additional help and support, and that's ok. Help is there, it just needs to be accepted.

I think the hardest concept for me to grasp, is how a person does not know THEMSELF and their personality, quirks, limitations well enough to gage just what they can and can not handle. How did neither J nor K realize that they did not possess the skills and temperament necessary to birth, nurture and support such a large family? Were was/is their self awareness?

JenMD said...

I think it would be nice, since we are all adults, if we could coexist on any of the blogs. I do appreciate this blog because it allows all sides (as long as they are not vicious) to post comments. I have tried to have comments posted on GWOP and they have always been denied (and, I am not hateful or out of line). It has always been when I questioned something or when I had an opinion that didn't "jive" with their opinion. Like many others that have posted before me, I am neither pro-Gosselin or anti-Gosselin. I tend to ride in the middle of the road. That is why (after discovering this blog) that I have enjoyed reading the posts here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 1:12 p.m. said... All the good, judgmental GWOP parents really need to take advantage of the time to actually see their OWN children.


Uh, why are you on the internet posting and not with your OWN children? Pot meet kettle.

anya said...

Welcome, JenMD.

The middle of the road is often the most sensible place to be (not just in things Gosselin related).

Hope you will post more!

Linda said...

My take on GwoP is this ...

If GwoP went off-line because of a technical difficulty why did the front page say that it was due to a violation of TOS?

I've participated in blogs that are open to invited readers only and they do not say anything about violating TOS.

If GwoP went off-line because they actually did violate TOS then they are not going to tell anyone about it.

If they tell anyone about it then it would weaken their position.

That being said it is noteworthy that "watchoverthem" is no longer listed as a moderator.

Renee said...

GWoP is really pissing me off. I was not a fan of all the horrible decisions J+K make but anytime I try to post something even remotely not hateful they never publish it. Those assholes are totally ass backwards!

Maggie said...

Linda, as a moderator on GWOP I can tell you that it was a technical error. I am sure people have reported the site numerous times, but it was a technical error. The fact that the back-up site is on the same site should be the clue.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah well try posting something here that is anti-KON. You'll never make it through here either.

Linda said...

BS maggie, watchoeverthem admits that she got a stroke of conscience or panic after she disclosed that she was a Dupage County CASA.

She deleted her google account and that started the technical difficulties.

Come on. Your little "circle of trust" is imploding.

Are you going to go after watchoverthem like you did Fiona or that other poster who revealed the secret message board.


And by the way, your crap of "as a moderator of GWOP" means about as much to me as a someone saying ...

"As a ringleader of a bunch of vandals"

You've presided over a lynching. Paul Peterson has more class in his pinky ring than all of your blog.

Maggie said...

Linda, watchoverthem had no sudden attack of anything. She hadn't moderated on the board in months and decided to remove herself.

It can be a very time consuming job.

Your lovely language leaves no doubt as to your class.

Linda said...

My language maggie?


This must be why you folks from GWOP have such strict moderating guidelines. You really can't get into a discussion about your conduct.

As another poster asked?

Really --- how does permitting posts that call these kids names amount to advocating?

How does it help these kids when you like their mother to a donkey?

Seriously, explain your strategy to us.