Saturday, December 13, 2008

What Were You Searching For?

Submitted for post by Merryway.
What were you searching for when you found GDNNOP?

What brought you to the internet to do a search on Jon & Kate + 8? Are you a frequent blogger who wanted a place to write? Were you looking for insider info, background details, infertility options? Did you think those cute little faces were adorable and wanted to know more about them? How did you happen on GDNNOP and for what type of information were you seeking?


Kikibee said...

Oh,me first!

I didn't find this place by searching. I'm pretty sure I saw it mentioned on the TWoP thread before it got shut down for good.
That's where I learned about GWoP.
I seem to recall it was in a
"There's even a Gosselins Do Not Need Our Pity, ha ha" kind of way.
I thought that sounded more to my liking. I like some snark, but I don't like ganging up on people.

Lizabeth said...

I actually first got into these blogs after starting to watch the show this past spring/summer. My sister in law is a huge fan, and honestly when I first watched I couldn't stand Kate!! I recoiled at the first episode I caught a part of, then decided after some time to give it a second chance. I'm glad I did, since I really have grown to love seeing the kids as they get older and more adorable.

After that I found GWoP first and read through the archives (wasn't too much to see then) and was pretty surprised at the things some posters said. I found Julie's blog and did the same thing there, as with Penn Mommy's blog which I caught from the beginning. That is how I found GDNNOP-- after seeing all the negative and hateful posts this was a breath of fresh air!! I am so thankful to have found a truly balanced place where people are not all Kate lovers, but see her and Jon as humans who have issues but still love their kids.

I was also glad to have found this site when the Penn Mommy info broke and at that point decided I should start posting (since I had not said a word on any site up to that point). I do not want to have my name on a site I do not support, so while I may still read GWoP and other sites at times I have not (and I daresay will not)chosen to post anywhere but here.

Saint said...

Why, Penn Mommy link to your blog! Thanks, Penn Mommy, I owe you one. :)

FIONA said...

I found this blog while I was a regular poster at GWoP.

At first I thought it was just petty, because I had the blood of GWoP flowing thru me.

I posted a couple of times, anon of course and said some very typical GWoP type things.

The rest is history which most of you are aware of.

I just emailed Nina a few days ago, thanking her for providing a fair minded blog with interesting topics to discuss. I also thanked her for welcoming me.

I guess for me, I needed less meaness.

MonicaW42 said...

I started out watching the show for the fertility aspect. I then joined Cafe Mom but it became very anti-Gosselin and I searched for other sites that were not rabid on them. Luckily I found this site and couldn't be happier as we are able to discuss pro or against G's without attacks.

indianprincess said...

I found this blog through searching other Gosselin blogs all from a Facebook fanpage of Jon and Kate plus 8. I started reading the whole Jodi/Julie story and then decided I wanted to find more information so I started doing more searches of the Gosselin's. I found GWOP first and read some comments and realized I didn't care much for the site. I was a lurker in the beginning reading comments and then the whole Pennmommy drama came out and I posted a few times on her site and got ridiculed from a few posters who are regulars of GWOP. I found this site when someone left the link from Facebook and I found this site more fair in discussions but I was still a lurker in the beginning after the not so nice comments I got back after posting on Pennmommy's blog. I do believe most posters are more level headed on this blog compared to others and lets just say it is refreshing.

Rufus said...

I started watching the show from day one - really just curious and interested to see how a large family makes things work. Maybe I could get some tips.

I'm not sure what made me start looking around for info on the web... I think something just didn't sit right with me and I started searching for more. I found GWOP and hung out there for a long while... but things didn't seem to be quite as mean back then.

I ventured over here a few times, but nothing more than that. Then when the whole PennMommy chaos went down I started reading here more often and there less often. Things got crazy and bitter over there and things seemed to be a lot more normal and reasonable over here.

Frankly, I'm happy to have made the switch.

merryway said...

I had seen Kate and wanted to know who could act like that on tv if they weren't on the Springer show. How could she act that way knowing it was going to be viewed by the public? I had been w/o cable for 5 years until last Feb. All we did the first month was watch tv. I also got high speed wireless instead of dial-up which makes me indescribably happy. I have never been interested in any net public discussions, so I was behind in the blogging world. I found the reg stuff, Kate's sis, etc. I hit PM's and only skimmed it, I thought she was gossipy church lady because she really didn't have anything revealing and went on and on. Julie's slanted blog was the kind of juicy gossip I was looking for, total National Enquirer stuff. I hit GWOP in there somewhere and read for awhile before I posted. I was disgusted with TLC because they tried to pass this show off as a documentary. A documentary would have filmed it's influences along the way. It would have addressed why people are no longer shown. I had always been intrigued by the Loud family in the 70's. Like a lot of posters here, I got icked out by the hatred over there and came over here. Initially I couldn't understand why this board talked so much about GWOP, etc. I like all the discussion here on the Kate hate and other affects of the show. I also think the show is historical in tv, I know there are others, but this one stands out.

rain88 said...

I've been reading Television Without Pity for a few years following the forums that cover the tv shows I watch. When they pulled the plug on J&K's thread I found the show less interesting when I couldn't read what others had to say. I found GWOP first,just about the time of Julie and Penn Mommy. Somewhere I found a link to this site. Even though I rarely post I read this site daily. I still read GWOP now and then but I enjoy the mixture of posts this blog offers more.

nomoredrama said...

I didn't find GDNNOP, GDNNOP found me, LOL!

I got introduced to the Gosselin blogging world through an AOL article in July. It was called "The Taping of the Shrew" and it was about Kate. I realized that there was a whole world of Kate hate. I googled and found GWoP. I had chatted in my teen years but had never, ever blogged before. I read and analyzed the info there and realized pretty early on that something was off. I started asking questions, critiquing things that were written at GWoP. I was shocked to find that my comments weren't approved.

I got so annoyed 1. Because I was confused and wanted to know what was true and what wasn't. 2. I thought GWoP was pretty cruel so I started my own blog. I posted a comment on GWoP which lead some posters to click on my name and find my blog.

Linda was one of the posters that found my blog. Someone also commented anonymously on my blog that I should come over here. I did, I liked it...and the rest is history. I think my blog lasted 2 weeks before I shut it down. I never looked back, LOL!

Mom said...

I think I could probably thank Pamela over at Kate is a Shrew for this site as GDNNOP was being ridiculed over there some time back. After my numerous posts weren't posted at GWOP, I became really bothered. I emailed Nina Bell about my thoughts related to many of the things I had written to GWOP about and - low and behold - Nina actually replied to my email and posted my remarks at this blog - LOL!

I think it's really interesting that "bullying" seems to be the common thread on many of the other sites. I mean, God forbid if your opinion differs from others.

The PM thing really irritated me to the point of actually "looking into" the who, what and whys that weren't adding up with watch she was saying.

Guin and I (and I remember Indian Princess and Anya) were completely slammed by some very regular posters on the other blogs. All because we didn't have the same opinion as them.

And they refer to US as SHEEPLE? LMAO - baaa baaah! Go figure!

At any rate, the gang here seems to be a bit more rational. The other mods here are exceptional women who are very accomplished in their lives and quite a hoot too! I have made some friends who I feel I'll have for a long time. Thanks Nina, NMD, Guin, Anya, Saint and all!

CincyMom said...

I can't remember what site I found when, but it was over the summer. I think during August, I googled the Gosselins out of curiosity and found GWoP. Read a lot on there for a long time. Don't know when I found out about GDNNOP, but I believe through a posting there.

I was really disenchanted after the whole PM thing and annoyed it was not appropriately addressed. Reeks of dishonesty. Funny how them complain that Kate not discussing things reeks of lies, but they did the same thing.

Anyway, I think this forum is more considerate (not in a sheeple way, but without the nastiness).

The mods are great and the topics are good and all are welcome. Even me, a fence sitter.

Denise said...

I found you from a very pro-Kate (and very empty site) that links to you.

It seems a little more fair here. I am souring on Kate but don't like meaness.

Nina Bell said...

I found this blog.....

Oh :(

Guess I will have to sit this one out.

I would like to say I am glad you all found this blog. The people that comment here are what keeps it interesting. Thank you also for contributing great posts. We couldn't do it without you.

MoreCowbell said...

Why, Penn Mommy link to your blog! Thanks, Penn Mommy, I owe you one. :)

And I owe the GWoPpers one! I found this place when they started bitching about some new blog that had the "audacity" to question them and challenge their opinions! THANKS GWOP!

Bridget said...

I found this blog after I got sick of the c%^p on GWoP. The discussions on this blog are intelligent and I don't have to be a Jon/Kate hater or vice versa to participate.

Anya said...

I have to thank my sister who directed me to this site. I was the one who suggested (demanded?) that she start watching J&K in the first place so I guess we are even now? :-)

I was lucky enough to be here from the early days. I was used to being a lurker on message boards. This is probably the first board that I have participated on as much as I have read. In the beginning, I think I felt more of an obligation to participate because the group was kind of small. Remember, the lonely little blog?

Anyway, I am really happy because it's turned out to be a great experience for me. I have exchanged opionions with people from all different walks of life and the conversation is intelligent, civil and interesting.

I don't mean this as a direct attack on any one site, but I have never understood the appeal of a site where the main focus is just to rip a show or people apart. It seems like that happens a lot on TWoP, for example. I don't get it and I don't think I have the constitution for it. That said, I like to think I have a slightly cynical side and I don't like taking things on face value, so I do really appreciate hearing what others have to say - as long as there is not over-the-top nastiness just for nastiness sake. That just doesn't happen here and it's not because Nina is rejecting posts left and right. I think there is something about the posters here that "just get it."

Anyway, thanks TO ALL (even those who disagree w/me!) It's been an interesting 'ride' and we will see where it takes us....

Guinevere said...

I started watching J&K+8 in the spring (I think it was the end of April or some time in May), and I went onto the thread at TWoP (I'd been at TWoP on and off for a long time, though I didn't post there much). I was aware (I think from the Bitter But Brilliant site) that Kate was hated by the TWoPpers (as a group, TWoPpers tend to have weird obsessive hates for various women on TV, like Rachel Ray and Katherine Heigl. I've never understood it, to be honest).

I posted on TWoP as SunitaBonita, and I kind of think I contributed to the thread being shut down. I remember in the early days that the GWoPpers used to INSIST that it was the pro-Gosselin people who were responsible for the J&K thread being permanently closed at TWoP. In a way, they were right. The thread at TWoP was about 90% haters. As a "basement thread" (what they call threads for non-recapped shows there), I don't think the mods care much about what people are posting, as long as they aren't arguing. So if it had been 100% Kate-hate, they could have said anything they wanted, no matter how bad, and the thread would have been fine. But the 90% couldn't stand any dissent, and that caused arguments, the thread being locked, and eventually, closed forever. Sniff.

So I was kicking around, wondering what to do with my weird need to argue about the lives of the Gosselins with strangers. I even considered starting my own blog. But I'm not much of a leader, constitutionally. One day, I was on the site of a fairly inveterate Kate hater; her blog included a log that showed where recent visitors had come from. Lo and behold, I saw that someone had come from a site called Gosselins Do Not Need Our Pity. Oh happy day! I clicked on the link, and the rest is history!

I really appreciate the community we have here. It's hard to explain why I care about the Gosselins and their show, or why I feel the need to defend them. I'm always joking with my sister about how I might explain to people that I spend a small chunk of every day on this website: "well, you see, there's this cable tv show..."

Honestly, I don't feel that great a need to defend my interest. People have weirder hobbies! I would feel bad if my interest was solely devoted to negativity and tearing down strangers (ahem), but as it is, I'm happy to have found GDNNOP, and grateful for the great conversations I've had here.

A BIG thanks to Nina for getting the ball rolling, and for all her hard work since then!

Saint said...

I have told how I got involved in Gosselin drama a few times before: looking for the Aunt Jodi info. Penn Mommy kept me reading, and kindly linked to this site. I read and commented on another anti-Julie blog once, but it was only there for a few weeks.

Here's why I stay: it isn't the Gosselins entirely. It's become a hobby. I think the various "mysteries" that have popped up have been fascinating. I followed the PM stuff at the atheist blogs during Oct/Nov. too. I have researched various screen names and their comments, especially the posters who were here early on. I try to figure out where everyone stands with respect to the various issues: Kate hate, greediness accusations, bare bottoms on TV, love offerings. I looked into GWoP more thoroughly recently (and am so much more anti-GWoP as a result!) I wonder who people voted for in November, what religious background everyone has, what job you might have, how many children, married or single. Some of us tell, others never mention it. In other words, the posters here are just as fascinating to me as the Gosselin family.

On the whole, the diversity of opinion here is far more interesting than the litany of anti-Kate crap I read at GWoP. Posters actually seem to have individual personalities because there is nuance allowed in our posts. I have a great family/work friends/support system offline. But I like this group, too, and would be sorry to see it go.

I also applaud the justice this site brings to the Gosselin drama. It's so nice to know there is a home for opinions that vary, where the level of discourse is polite, and certain social norms are respected. And, just as important, "insiders" are screened, both pro- and anti-Gosselin ones. Consequently, "insiders" (liars)don't really make it over here. I can trust this site more than other Gosselin blogs.

Saint said...

I hope more posters write in with their stories. I love this thread! Thanks, Merryway.

kristin said...

I stumbled across this site because I saw an item on realityblurred about Jon and Kate drama... I never knew there was so much going on. I had been watching the show with my husband religiously, then I started reading everything from GWoP to PM to GDNNOP. Honestly, I wish I hadn't only because I feel like I don't enjoy the show as much now (either because of all of this, or because the show is changing - still not sure which). I enjoy reading what all of you have to say, and I am addicted to checking the site multiple times daily, but sometimes I wonder if I would have been better off not reading anything. Anyone feel the same?

Linda said...

I googled the Gosselins because I'm a twin and also from a family of eight children. I first found GWOP
and was intrigued by their desire to advocate regarding the changes in laws, but then I found the repeated digs at the kids to be disgusting.

Of course, none of my posts went through except for 2 which were immediately pounced upon. Eventually I found GDNNOP.

Gumby1 said...

I also googled Jon and Kate out of curiosity. I found Kate so strange, and blunt. And not too aware of others (toys r us).

I found GWOP right in the beginning, which led to reading the entire PM drama and Julie drama.

I remember thinking I can't believe GDNNOP is being so mean to PM! Ahh, hindsight is always 20/20 You mods were awesome in exposing her, eh, him, eh...them!

I never posted anywhere, but read everywhere. That light bulb just went on the other day that it's time I start commenting, and it will only be here.

I am a little bit Switzerland when it comes to the show. Kate still floors me at times. Her personality is unique, and a lot different than mine, so I'm appalled and intrigued at the same time.

I'm very non-confrontational. Maybe that's why I stood back and just read everything before now. I like the show, I have some problems with the show, but snark really isn't my thing. Do I love Kate's hair? Well, no, but would I ever create a witty comment about it so I can receive praise and be proud as a peacock, no!

That's why I choose here. The other blog contains posters just trying to get that praise for being sooo witty. Let's just say I don't like "farming". Especially times 3!

Your blog wins, hands down, and thanks for all the work it must take to keep it this way.

Rufus said...

Obama, Jewish, SAHM, 2, Married

Just so you can stop wondering.

Lizabeth said...

Saint, the mystery is definitely what keeps me reading these blogs. I have scaled *way* back on the negative ones, since I'm too busy to allow that kind of darkness into my brain, but I also can't help but see what people say they think.

Kristin, I have felt the same way-- kinda like analyzing things too much makes them less magical. I guess there is no turning back (especially since at times the drama on these blogs has been like watching a train wreck-- you can't help but stare, even though you feel dirty afterwards).

Gumby1, would you like farming times four? LOL! :)

Saint said...

LOL Rufus! Thanks!

FIONA said...

Obama, (first time voting for a Democratic)
Not a great Christian
Medical Professional
Mom of 1
2 dogs
No sheep

SamanthaNC said...

I started watching JOn and Kate during the second season and was hooked. I dont actually remember how i found gdnnop but I followed pm and julie's blogs closely- gwop was too hateful and anti-gosselin for me. I was one of the poor saps who believed pm and coincidentally I found gddnop the day and almost the moment the whole pm info was first posted. I've been here ever since!

Nina Bell said...


Can you repost using a screen name please. We do not accept anon comments.

Thanks said...

Initially I was curious about something I had heard while waiting in line at the grocery store of all places. The ladies in front of me were talking about aunt Jodi being excluded because of someone named Irene not wanting her to get paid. I did not make a connection until the younger gal said something about sextuplets. As soon as I got home I put the stuff that need refrigerated away and literally spent the rest of the evening with my laptop :o) I was pleased to find a place with a balanced view.

Heather said...

I am an avid internet researcher, and love to read spoilers and such about the shows that I watch, Jon and Kate Plus 8 being one of my favorites. I love some juicy gossip!

I came across GWOP first and saw this one mentioned in someone's comments so I googled it.

I still read GWOP every day because I think its hilarious. I would love to be able to meet one of those people one day...I can't believe the stuff they come up with! I am also very irritated by it at the same time, but can't stop reading!, because they are so over the top.

I was also an avid follower of the PM and Julie saga. So wish Kate would do an interview and address the rumors, but like most celebrities, I don't think she will.

Thanks for the blog...loving reading it every day!

Florida Mom said...

My sister told me about this reality show with a crazy mom that spent every free minute cleaning something. I ran across it a few months later. I thought the kids were so cute. I didn't like the way Kate treated Jon, but in some subsequent episodes, he was pretty rude to her.

One day I googled the show and ran across the GWOP site and read a few posts--none of them too mean. Anyway, it had a link to Jodi's sister. I wanted to read that, because I felt (without knowing any inside info), that Jodi was kind of taken advantage of(leaving sick kids for the hair transplant,etc.). I have dealt with people like Kate(or what the show presents as Kate's personality), and I was curious about their take.

Then I found this site during the Penn Mommy saga (which as previously stated I fell for hook, line, and sinker). Initially, I had the wrong impression about this site. I felt like it spent too much time talking about GWOP. But the more I read posts from Nina Bell and Guin, I decided to read more posts at GWOP. I had to agree that there were some serious wackos there, that went beyond being irritated by personality traits, and bordered on malicious. (Actually, that border has been crossed frequently.)

I've come to see Kate in a more balanced way. I still don't like the way she constantly corrects Jon, but I think she is doing what she thinks is best for her family.

This is the first site I've ever participated in, and it has been fun. Anything that makes you think is a good thing. Thank you to the moderators for all the work it takes to keep it going.

Saint said...

FIONA said...
Obama, (first time voting for a Democratic)
Not a great Christian
Medical Professional
Mom of 1
2 dogs
No sheep

Thanks, Fiona! You must realize that after coming here from Penn Mommy (and occasionally reading at Moon,) yours is one of the more intriguing screen names. You have already graciously answered some of my initial questions back in Oct/Nov. I love reading your comments and look forward to what you have to say.:)

erin said...

I found TWoP like 8 years ago and had been reading around various threads for about that long. I started watching Jon and Kate when the writer's strike happened and kind of started following the TWoP thread. I was on the thread when the post came through (and then was deleted) about GWoP. I immediately started arguing there, because I think they have a gang mentatility there. I cooled off after a spar with Watchoverthem which prompted about 2 posts which were a direct result of what they perceived to be my ignorance.

At some point I checked back and was linked to Penn Mommy who linked to GDNNOP. Came here, you ladies were welcoming and don't jump on differing opionions. I still occassionally read at GWoP but mostly to marvel at the craziness and vitriol.

Mom said...

-Roman Catholic
-Twice married, 2nd time for keeps (first time too short to count, lol!)
-Mom of one cute little dude who will soon be 2
-2 awesome labradors, one black, one yellow
-I'm the only girl in the house - even the pups are both boys!
-I'm a magazine editor, writer and author (shopping for a literary agent!)
-Am involved in charitable work. Animals, HIV/AIDS and leukemia.

Mom said...

Oh, and like Fiona said, no sheep! He he. I like that one!

Lizabeth said...

-Christian (the Baptist kind, but my boyfriend is Lutheran)
-Unmarried, been dating my guy for over a year now.
-Second of five, with four brothers-- two are married, both with kids (including my beloved nephew Cameron!)
-Currently 1/3 of the way through my grad school studies in Business.
-Living back with my parents while I save for a house (my apartment lease was up and I am looking to move out again into my own house by next spring)
-Work full time (i.e. 45 + hours/week) for a small management company as HR manager (for lack of a better title). I get to work from home since all the work I do is online and on the phone :).

Hope that clarifies some things-- it'd be great to do a whole thread where people put things like this so we can all check back and recall who does what!!

indianprincess said...

-christian faith
-married for 6 years
-have 2 children
-born and raised in Canada
-have 2 cats
-have a sheep but it's my daughters stuffed baa!
I use indianprincess because I'm of native american indian heritage and of course princess because isn't everyone!!!!

Nina Bell said...

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Penn Mommy (never thought I would say that) because without her we would not have some of the great people that frequent this blog.

Also, Guin, I am sure your post on this thread must have caused that "secret message board" to have quite a time today.

Saint said...

I am laughing at how bad I am at guessing what I "know" about people! Nevermind that I am still amazed at Fiona describing herself as a "ski bum" a few threads ago (I was picturing someone more conservative.) I thought Indianprincess was single and Lizabeth married!

Guinevere, at least you wear a suit everyday, right? Please tell me I'm right?

Mom, have I confessed that I am afraid of policemen?

CincyMom said...

Nina and Guin,
It seems like you guys probably know more (or remember things more) than I do. I don't really know much about TWoP and this is the only blog I read (otherwise I check bad! and email and that's it).

One question I have had. I don't really understand the whole name thing. I mean I get it has it's origins in TWoP, then went to GWoP and then some others made this one, GDNNOP.

But I don't get the "Pity" part. Why do they say "television does not need our pity?". Totally don't understand the web site name.

Then, I get they formed GWoP to have continuity. But that says "Gosselins Without Pity." So there's no pity, right?

And then doesn't GDNNOP mean the same thing? I just don't get the site titles.

Anyone can help?
For anyone who posts on the personal background--would like to know what part of the world you are from.
McCain (hoped he wouldn't die, cause not a fan of Palin's deep expertise).
Catholic who tries hard
Mom of 2
No animals, but wish I did (allergic).
Cincinnati (but would love to be somewhere warmer)
It's nice to get to know everyone a little bit.

Lizabeth said...

Saint you are hilarious! I could have been married by now, but am very thankful to have been 'saved' from a bad relationship in my past. I am FAR more stronger and more determined (as well as more happy with who I am) now than I would have been if my past relationship had 'succeeded' in that way.

Wow... not sure where that came from... haha! Anyway it is really great to get to know everyone on here more. We are all adults who respect each other, so having things in common personally makes that even more pleasant.

Lizabeth said...

Oh, and I am in Michigan (Grand Rapids area, hence my attendance at Kate's book signing) and my user name is just a version of my real name (Elizabeth). I usually go by lizziemae7 (a family nickname and my favorite number) but had my google account linked to my blog already, so Lizabeth it was!

scarfoot said...

I think I may have come here via GWoP, but I honestly am not sure. I got sucked into reading all the crap on TWoP and then got to the end to find that it had been closed. I came here and it was much more enjoyable. I don't necessarily like Kate, but I don't wish her ill, either. As for me:

-Christian - Non Denominational
-No Kids
-Teacher to 27 (homeroom kids)
-Trying to decide if I should brave online dating!! ACK! Stresses me out.
-I just finished grad school with my masters and am trying to ignore the fact that I will have to go back for a third degree soon.

indianprincess said...

Saint: I like being

Guinevere said...

Also, Guin, I am sure your post on this thread must have caused that "secret message board" to have quite a time today.

I guess so! I had no idea I was "confessing" some deep, dark secret. Ooh, on another message board, at some time that did not overlap at all with my presence on this message board, I had a different username. The horror! Won't someone please think about the children?!

I guess in bizarro world, the way to do it is to have *multiple* usernames at the same time that you post under so you can agree with yourself about how much of a bitch Kate is and how unsanitary brushing hair in the kitchen is.

People are SO weird.

Jenn said...

a little about me

*Obama - first vote ever 4 me
*married, 2 kids (boy & girl)
*i work for social services and families who apply for financial & medical assistance.
*3 dogs and 2 cats

i haven't been around much lately. i am working a 2nd job for until the end of Dec. i've never worked mall retail before. my feet are killing me!

Anya said...

Jenn said...
I haven't been around much lately. i am working a 2nd job for until the end of Dec. i've never worked mall retail before. my feet are killing me!

Jenn, oh you poor thing! I hope it's not too crazy and exhausting. I always feel for those who work retail during the holidays. They have their own shopping to do and I know not all the customers are very nice. Hang in there! :-)

merryway said...

This was a fun read. A lot of posters have mentioned how much they like the site and why they stay, but I was wondering how everyone ended up here.
3 kids – 2 boys who are grown and a little girl age 5, I'm 45
I have a technical background in a cut-throat company
Way past corporate burn out - switched when the boys were grown – Now I work from home.
I had a change in my standard of living due to an expensive divorce. After all the dust settled, it's been interesting learning what life is like for the people where I now live.
Not married, I am so done and can't afford anymore.
I am content with my life, couldn't ask for more.
My tea gets cold when I am reading this blog.

SamanthaNC said...

On a personal note:

* Christian- non-denominational
* McCain
* Freelance writer
* Marred 6 years
* 1 daughter (PCOS related feritlity issues, will try fertility treatments one day if neccessary)
* 4, um I mean 3 goldfish
* Was once chased by a billy goat
* Originally from the Blue Ridge Mtns of NC
* Living on the NC coast for six years- I only rarely miss the snow!

Saint said...

I love the diversity!
Mysteries solved just raise new mysteries...

I am wondering about even more now.

Should I even be sorry I never read TWoP before the Gosselin thread was shut down?

Saint said...

For anyone who posts on the personal background--would like to know what part of the world you are from.

I live in Pennsylvania, "Gosselin Country," as we like to say around here! :)

Gumby1 said...

I live in Pittsburgh, and I'm a huge Steelers fan!
I'm 39 and holding
Married 15 years
No children, but 1 great Cocker Spaniel who is also 15
Marketing Consultant, some travel, mostly work from home
And I have collected Gumby stuff since I was 8, hence the name!

Saint said...

Regarding who we voted for...
When I waited in the looooong lines to vote, I chatted with other ladies who were still undecided "because they didn't like either of the choices." I've heard that complaint every election. My problem was I liked them both!

cwats said...

I googled the Gosselins to find their webpage at that time I found TWOP just before it closed down. Like probably the same week, which is when I foound GWOP. I was getting into all the info they had and was kind of questioning some things about the show, but I still loved to watch it. Then Julie/PM happened and I was like ok things don't make sense, I believed some of it but not all of it. I don't remember how I came about this site but I know I clicked a link somewhere (maybe PM's blog) and I really enjoyed reading.

I read every day here and a few other places, but really enjoyed this one the most. So now I check her many times a day but rarely post...I think this is maybe the 3rd time, but I hope to join in more often.

I can't read too many comments on other sites anymore cause it makes me ill to think that people can say those things about people they don't know.

I am single
no kids
do home child care
live in Illinois (land of corrupt politicans)
voted for McCain

CincyMom said...

What did you think of the call that was reversed bringing your Steelers to the playoffs??

I'm in the Christmas spirit because my hands smell like icing from all gingerbread homes we just made this morning in my son's 2nd grade class.

Hope the show tonight is a good one. Does anyone know if there are shows scheduled through the rest of the year?

jace said...

I found this place via another blog during the Penn Mommy saga. I am so glad because I really enjoy the intelligent discussions here. The other blog I mentioned quickly descended into bickering and Kate hate.

-Former teacher/current home school mom
-Married 18 years
-2 kids
-Living the country life in Iowa
-Assorted pets

erin said...

Aw, I missed all the "who we are posts." They are fun, it is nice to know who is on here.

28 and single with no kids
Catholic (a little bit lapsed)
Criminal Defense Attorney/Juvenile Attorney/Guardian ad Litem (who is currently avoiding working on a case which goes to trial in a week)
I voted for Obama, and have never voted Republican.
I'm in West Central Ohio.
I am not a sheep, but I did once date a sheep farmer. Truly sheep smell--so I never got very close.

GLO said...

I began watching J&K+8 last winter while I was pregnant with my first. I was surprised while watching Jon's 30th birthday episode to find out that he is just a few weeks older than me.
I decided to find out some more information about J&K, and Googled them. I found GWOP first and was introduced to the Julie/Jodi controversy, and I was immediately fascinated.
I never posted at GWOP, but I read, and I was always bothered by the amount of negativity on that site and lack of differing view points.
Someone mentioned GDDNOP in a comment and the rest is history. I began reading here, although it took me a little while to begin posting.
I don't post often, but I do read frequently. I like the attitude at this site, and the atmosphere is quite welcoming!
(BTW, I quit reading GWOP months ago. I keep up on the craziness over there by reading here and at Princess Marie.)

*No religion
*Language Arts/Speech Teacher
*Mom of 1
*1 dog, 2 goldfish
*Born and raised in Iowa

Jen said...

I heard about GWOP from another board and looked it up on google and this site came up as well.

FIONA said...

I would like to add-

*I was bitten by an ostrich at the St. Louis Zoo when I was six
*Liked McCain as well, but couldn't stand Sarah...glad she is back home so she can see Russia outside her window!

Anya said...

Lizabeth said... Work full time (i.e. 45 + hours/week) for a small management company as HR manager for lack of a better title). I get to work from home since all the work I do is online and on the phone :).

I am jealous! I work in HR too, but have to work from an office that has EMPLOYEES (shudder)that want to bother me with pesky questions when I am trying to get caught up on our site!

As if we didn't have our hands full with Gosselin acronyms (GDNNOP, J&K, PM, etc), HR is fun to try and keep up with, isn't it? FMLA, ADA, COBRA, HIPAA, etc etc!

SamanthaNC said...

Here's one that strikes fear: OSHA

Stacey said...


I'm confused. What's the secret blog?

indianprincess said...

Do they still have the secret blog? I guess we need to give them something to talk about :)

Nina Bell said...


It is secret, so it will remain so. I should have never brought it up. Stacey, just wondering, have you posted here before?

Anya said...

SamanthaNC said: here's one that strikes fear: OSHA

Oh, how could I forget that one!?

Lizabeth said...

Anya, we work with independent contractors so I don't have to deal as much with the acronyms-- just with the people!! I do all the hiring/firing/scheduling changes/organization stuff for our small company. I actually get mistaken for the receptionist pretty often (most of the guys we work with have been around for years, and I just got this job end of October!) but through time they are realizing I do far more than transfer calls :).

I love working from home-- its great to have more freedom (like lighting candles, playing with my nephew when he's around, etc) as well as get a chance to catch up on homework when its slow. Or, you know, get my GDNNOP fix!! Anya, you could have a "Do Not Disturb" sign for your cube or office so that your coworkers are not pestering you when there are posts to read :).

Kristi said...

CincyMom said...

totally off topic, but my hubby says that since Santonio was vertical with and behind the end zone, it was indeed a fair catch.


Go Gosselins! Can't wait for tongiht's epi. We've donated to St. Jude's and Children's Hospital here in Pgh. God bless those children.

Stacey said...

Nina-I found my way a few months ago after googling Gosselin. When I realized how much of mean spiritedness and hate is on the gwop page directed at one woman (who I happen to think is cool), I came over here. I think it's way more balanced and I like that we all have different opinons and great conversations without the bullying. And because of the fairness, I started posting. I really like it here.

Nina Bell said...


Welcome, I was just being funny about the secret message board. It is somewhat of a touchy subject with members that belong to it but you can go here where we discussed it before. Or email me if you would like.

Mom said...

Saint -

If we're ever in PA, I'll have my H come knocking on your door in full uniform! LOL!

Fiona -

Did you live in STL? I have family there and have been to that zoo lots of times. Ostriches can be mean! I was attacked by a goat when I was about 3 at a farm where you feed them bottles of milk. We took are son there (18 mos at time) and he, too, was terrified as one of the goats started sucking/chewing on his little pinky finger!!!! They even had tshirts in their gift shop stating "I survived the goats!" LOL!

Jenn said...

Anya said...
Jenn, oh you poor thing! I hope it's not too crazy and exhausting. I always feel for those who work retail during the holidays. They have their own shopping to do and I know not all the customers are very nice. Hang in there! :-)

Thanks Anya! It's been okay so far. I'm working at a hickory farms so people are usually excited to see us. :) My feet, however, don't like me right now. haha. I'm about 50% done shopping at this point. I'm hoping to be done by this weekend.
Oh, I live in Colorado. (we got 4 inches of snow yesterday!)

Rufus said...

I already gave my personal stats, but now there's the new question of where we all are.

I'm in a lovely suburb of Baltimore. No really, they exist. We live in a country setting, but we're only 10 minutes from shopping and every fast food joint you can think of (yay?). It's quiet with no traffic and great neighbors.

Nancy said...

SAINT said: " I try to figure out where everyone stands with respect to the various issues: Kate hate, greediness accusations, bare bottoms on TV, love offerings. I looked into GWoP more thoroughly recently (and am so much more anti-GWoP as a result!) I wonder who people voted for in November, what religious background everyone has, what job you might have, how many children, married or single. Some of us tell, others never mention it."

I don't like Kate much, but certainly don't "hate" her. I don't agree with bare bottoms on tv nor love offerings to people who are not needy, and I do agree that there is a degree of greed in the Gosselin way of thinking.

I'm Christian


financially challenged (lost job, DH got hours cut in half)

married mom of 3, stepmom of 1, all grown; 13 grandkids ages 5 to 28

Saint said...

Mom said...
Saint -

If we're ever in PA, I'll have my H come knocking on your door in full uniform! LOL!

I almost wet my pants when I read that! LOL

Anya said...

Rufus said...
I already gave my personal stats, but now there's the new question of where we all are.

I'm in a lovely suburb of Baltimore. No really, they exist. We live in a country setting, but we're only 10 minutes from shopping

Interesting. My dad had family in Pikesville, MD. I think that is a suburb of Baltimore too? I have never been there, and don't really stay in contact with that side of the family, but I always wondered what it was like. I am sure being in Maryland offers all sorts of interesting siteseeing opportunities. I'd love to go one day.

merryway said...

Indianprincess, it's on another thread, but Happy Birthday, also to the others who just celebrated Dec. birthdays.

I like your name, my great gramma was Cherokee from TN, my great grandfather was Irish. There's prob more because the rest of me is Appalachian mutt.

Saint, I keep wondering why you're afraid of police. Please don't feel any obligation to answer. It's like you said, I am wondering about even more now.

kristin said...

This is fun!

Me -
Obama fever
married, no kids YET, two dogs
from NC (Hello to Samantha and NC resident)
Christian (my mother calls me a CME girl - Christmas, Mother's Day, and Easter)
Work as Office Mgr, Pediatric Surgery

As for my opinion on different aspects of the show:

Never thought about the kids in bathtubs and pedophiles until GWoP brought it up, but noticed the same stuff on America's Funniest Videos (should we boycott? LOL), Kate grates my nerves, but also reminds me a bit of myself, think that they should scale back the show to updates, enjoy knowing that after recieving help (before the show) that they are paying it forward - whether forced or not.

Rufus said...

Anya said...
Interesting. My dad had family in Pikesville, MD. I think that is a suburb of Baltimore too?

I am sure being in Maryland offers all sorts of interesting siteseeing opportunities. I'd love to go one day.

Yes, Pikesville is west of the city and it's nice. Not near me, but close enough that I'm familiar with it.

As far as siteseeing... you can't even imagine. I've lived here all my life and there's still PLENTY I haven't seen or done. Plus, being able to hop on the Metro (it's clean!) and visit any or all of the Smithsonian museums (they're FREE!) is a true luxury.

Baby Mama said...

Denise, just because I deleted your not-so-nice post does that mean you have to call me pro-gosselin site empty? I beg to differ and will try not to take that too personally (lol)

I found this site after reading about it on GWOP as well. It was so nice to see cool sites like this come up at the same time people were angry and frustrated with not being able to post at GWOP. You can thank Google for me finding you guys! So happy I did!

amyf said...

Regardless of everyone's various opinions on J&K+8 (I dislike Kate more each time I see her, but then, she gives us so much ammunition!) :-) -- I'm a compulsive proofreader/ copy editor, and people here are SOOOOO much more literate than those anywhere else I read. Never mind the content, that in itself is a refreshing change!

Saint said...

Saint, I keep wondering why you're afraid of police. Please don't feel any obligation to answer. It's like you said, I am wondering about even more now.

I wish I knew...maybe something in a past life? LOL

I am also afraid of clowns (???) and dentists (PAIN!)

Really, I am usually pretty laid back IRL, but my heart beats so fast when I see a policeman in a car or uniform. I'm pathetic. I was NUTS about it when teaching my son to drive. "OMG!!! THERE'S A COP!!! SLOOOOOWWWW DOOOWWNNNN!!!" He wasn't even speeding. He wasn't happy about his mother's lunacy, as I recall.

merryway said...

saint, you are so funny. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity.

bigsis88 said...

I don't watch the show anymore, but I started watching it in the summer because I have HOM siblings and come from a large family. I went from TWoP, to GWoP, to GDNNOP, though I rarely post anywhere. Other info:
-Obama (1st time voting)
-Chicago native
-20 yrs old
-Psych/Spanish double major at Notre Dame
-Single, no kids (of course)

My thoughts on the show: I definitely don't hate Kate. I think she and Jon can be very tacky, though I think people who criticize her should criticize John to the same extent because he seems like a bum to me. (Lol, when people talk about the Gosselin conspiracy to have 6 babies and get rich I always think, wouldn't you think Jon was the mastermind, ya know, since he seems to have no marketable skills.) I think the show should be reduced to yearly updates, but since I don't watch it now, I doubt I'd watch that either. I don't think I care about/get invested in the show as much as other posters because I don't have any kids, have never been married, etc.; thus, my life is so different than J&K's that I don't care what they do, really. I just like reading different opinions on the show, from a psychological standpoint.