Saturday, February 21, 2009

Arrest Imminent in Chandra Levy Case

CNN is reporting that police are close to making an arrest in the Chandra Levy murder case, one of Washington's most infamous cold cases. Levy, a California native, went missing on April 30, 2001. Her remains were found May 22, 2002, by a man walking his dog in a remote area of a Washington city park. Click here to read more about this story.


nomoredrama said...

What I find the most disturbing about this development/imminent arrest is that this person was interviewed by the police and was the last person to see this woman alive.

The psychology of criminals...actually talking to police when (in all likelihood) this man was the murderer. I don't know, it's mind boggling and creepy (for lack of a better word).

Part of me wants to delve into the criminal mind...maybe study forensic psychology but when i get too far in, I just want to run away. How does a human being come to the point of total disregard for the life of another?

I'll tell you that some of the children I see based on the trauma they've experienced could be in this boat some day. These are good, decent children who have been let down and screwed over by every adult in their lives.

Then there is the question: Are some people just born sociopaths?

I don't know...maybe this line of thinking is too much for a Saturday afternoon. LOL!

Virginia said...

We live quite near the scene of Chandra's murder and my sister actually lives right by Rock Creek Park, where Chandra was found. This murder was very upsetting to those of us living in this area because Rock Creek is a beautiful park and lots of people jog and picnic and just enjoy the beauty of the river. This young woman had everything ahead of her and so much to live for and to contribute. That someone took her life as if it were nothing makes me wonder if an eye for an eye justice should not be brought back in all murder cases.

R.I.P. Chandra said...


I agree with you that it is just creepy to think about the mind of a sociopath. Does something happen to the mind of these people, or do they come into the world already that way?

Chandra just was in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Anya said...

I'll be interested to find out more and to see what has caused the police to feel confident enough to make an arrest.

I hope this brings some comfort to her family and I wish them strength to deal with what lies ahead...

merryway said...

I'll be interested to find out more and to see what has caused the police to feel confident enough to make an arrest.

Me too, I happen to be very suspicious in these political ties murders. But, DC is a very violent place. I just missed being mugged there one myself, I was so happy to see a cab. No one ever told me that the place is virtually deserted on Sundays, the trains even stop early that day. What kind of city is that? I had no idea.

To all who delve and wonder about the mind of a sociopath, ditto that here. I guess it is the lack of understanding it that has always made me so curious. I've studied it enough to have my fill, but I still find myself reading here and there. I also recommend Ann Rule for well written true-life cases. Much more about the offender's history than the gore of the crime.

I also hope this brings a tad of peace to the Levy family.

Nina Bell said...

I feel for this family and hope the arrest will bring some type of closure if you can ever really obtain that after a tragedy like this. Chandra's mother stated "We have a life warrant, of sadness and loneliness."

My thoughts also went to Gary Condit.

Former Rep. Gary Condit stated "an insatiable appetite for sensationalism" interfered in the investigation into Levy's disappearance and death. Although he was never named a suspect, the media attention caused him his political career.

The suspect, Ingmar A. Guandique, a 27-year-old illegal immigrant from El Salvador is now in federal prison in Victorville, CA for attacking two other women in Washington's Rock Creek park.

Four families have been tragically impacted by this sociopath. At least four that we know of.

Quiltart said...

I, too, live near Rock Creek Park in DC and often pass the spot where they found Chandra's body and the infamous apartment building where Gary Condit lived at the time.

This case had been put on a back burner until The Washington Post ran a several day series on it several months ago. I might add that our current Police Chief, Kathy Lanier, was not chief when the Chandra's murder occurred, but seems to be determined to bring this to a close... Let us hope that is the case and that her family can soon have closure.

Eileen said...

I feel bad because when I first heard about Chandra I was suspecting Gary Condit right away. I did him more than a disservice by judging him so harshly. Then I had read that he was cooperating fully with the authorities and they had ruled him out completely.
I know I read stories in the beginning that Chandra's family suspected him too (especially one aunt or cousin). I wonder if they felt that way all these years.
It's so sad what some people have to bear in life.

Saint said...

Add my own wishes for peace to this family.

Merryway, it's been awhile since I've read Ann Rule. She's very good, but reading her books keeps me up at night.