Saturday, February 14, 2009

Public Relations Group Ends Representation Due To Death Threats

The public relations group that has represented octuplets mother Nadya Suleman is stepping down because of death threats. The mother now has an agent. You can read more of this story here.


Nina Bell said...

Thanks Spanglish for sending that in

Paula said...

This is really sad. The octuplets are here, she can't send them back. She is going to need help but is receiving death threats. I understand that she made bad decisions, but threatening someones life is unthinkable. What is that going to solve? I guess I don't understand how some minds work.

Anonymous said...

Paula, I couldn't have said it better. It's one thing to dislike a person and think they did something wrong; quite another to wish them dead.


Saint said...

Is there some way to tone down the vitriol coming from the Internet? Someone should invent that.

Kinley said...

I don't agree with what this woman has done and I think she is mentally ill, but never would wish death on her or anyone else.
I do think she needs to keep a low profile right now,instead of having her nails done or out shopping. I think the death threats are probably just some crazy trying to get attention.

Guinevere said...

This is what worries me about people who feel so righteous in judging her - they have the right to feel what they feel but I think they are whipping up people who are less than sane. The level of outrage is just not appropriate IMO.

Lizabeth said...

I agree-- I actually found this article earlier and was not surprised that the PR firm pulled out. Killeen looked uncomfortable on Dr. Phil when he confronted her on some of the things Nadya had done. She admitted she had no psychological training (and that was something Dr. Phil could give which she had no idea about) but that now that the babies are here they need to be taken care of.

There are lots of crazies in the world I suppose...

Nina Bell said...

There certainly is a lot of bat shit crazy in this world.

themrs said...

how sad. i completely disagree with this woman's choices but i fear that these innocent children will suffer this wrath. they don't deserve that. i agree with the OP who said she needs to keep a low profile. seeing her out and about (child-less) getting her nails done and what not is not helping public opinion. say what you will about kate but i'm guessing there were no manicures while the tups were in the NICU.

Saint said...

Great point themrs. I keep asking everyone this: have you read Multiple Blessings? I really enjoyed the book. It's a fascinating trial to read about. Some of Kate's personality traits that annoy me on the show (bossiness, obsessiveness over a small point, a matter-of-fact manner about getting through some of the child care) really served her well when she had to carry sextuplets to 30 weeks. I imagine those traits serve her as well in the daily grind of raising six four-year olds. I also give her some credit for helping her doctors understand how or what it takes to accomplish a successful HOM pregnancy, so that other women can do it too. No, there were no spa days or pedicures during that first year.

MoreCowbell said...

The doctor who implanted her SHOULD lose his license. There's a link on Drudge saying that he's got ANOTHER mom expecting multiples and that he also implanted AT LEAST SEVEN EMBRYOS into this woman. Oh, and she has NO insurance and is now on bedrest in a hospital with at least quadruplets.

This guy is a quack.

Nina Bell said...

This woman is in her late 40's. I hope she will physically be able to handle the pregnancy.

MonicaW42 said...

I am finally 12th out of 129 people on wait list at my library. I am guessing the book is doing well.

I totally am against what this woman did, however death threats are extreme and sad in our society. I would never email her and tell her my opinions. Again, I feel sad for all the children involved. I just read the People magazine article on her today and she has been trying to get pregnant since high school. I wasn't even sure which college I wanted to go to yet in high school.

all I can think of are flying monkeys after seeing yours and Guin's avatars.

marci said...

Monica, LOL.


I don't think it's bat shit...more like monkey shit....and I think they use this security system.

spanglish said...

I don't doubt she's received messages that could be interpreted as threatening, but I'm skeptical about death threats. Why would she go into hiding with her 6 kids in fear of death threats, and then risk her life going out in public for a manicure, or browsing at a video store? If you truly beleive your life is in danger, why take that risk when you're the only parent available for 14 children, and your babies are still in the hospital? She must know that the negative public response is due in part to her dependence on welfare and workman's comp while continuing fertility treatements, but apparently doesn't understand that being photographed having a manicure and browsing a video store will only prompt more negativity about possible misuse of the donations coming into her web site and whether the money is actually being spent on the children. It doesn't make sense to me.

marci said...


Lizabeth said...

I completely agree with all thats been said. Though I have to admit that Marci's avatar frightens me... no FM's need to be sent to my doorstep, mmmkay?? :)

marci said...


I'll check with my sources that got me the troll spray and see if they can dig up some FM spray.

Saint said...

It doesn't make sense. As soon as the publicist quits, she's out getting her nails done? Does she need a publicist to tell her not to do that?

14 very fragile lives

Nina Bell said...

Well actually the article was about the PR firm receiving death threats more so than the mom of the octuplets. I guess they really just did not want to have to deal with the hassle.

Lizabeth said...

Thank you so much Marci! I don't know what I'd do without your sources ;).

The sad thing is that all this drama surrounding Nadya is taking the attention away from those sweet babies who just need to be taken care of however possible. The doctor does need to be checked out for fraud and Nadya does need to have the emotional and psychological (as well as financial) help she needs, but above all those kids need to be cared for.

marci said...

So appropriate....

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Step out of that noodly cerebrum
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Don’t matta’ no more
When that gray matter’s right out the door.
Let go of your sense, let go of your thoughts, let go of your head
March up to the void and bid it

marci said...

Gotta go, ladies...

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day with you and yours!!!!

spanglish said...

"Well actually the article was about the PR firm receiving death threats more so than the mom of the octuplets."

But the alleged death threats were also directed at Suleman, as reported in this article:

"Police Lt. John Romero said officers were meeting with Suleman's publicist Mike Furtney about the flood of angry phone calls and e-mail messages against Suleman, her children and Furtney."

Nina Bell said...

Well it said that police are investigating the threats and I would really like to see something come of that investigation. I do not think what this mother did was right, but death threats are unbelievable. She must not be taking the death threats seriously if she is out getting her nails done.

Saint said...

I doubt she took the threats seriously, either, with her shopping and manicure trips. I do think the police should look into it though. Death threats are illegal, and should be.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Ours has been lovely.

indianprincess said...

I may not agree with Nadya's choices but getting death threats is just crazy.
I guess the church Nadya said was supporting her doesn't really know her. So sad for her babies. I'm not dogging the grandmother for accepting money for her story because most likely that money is helping her grandchildren. Nadya doesn't seem to be contributing anything at the moment but hand outs off her blog and fame for being stupid.

Nina Bell said...

Thanks for that link, Indian Princess.

So this church doesn't even know her.

Does anyone have the link to her site where she is requesting donations?

Anya said...

indianprincess said...

I guess the church Nadya said was supporting her doesn't really know her. So sad for her babies.

I am sorry to hear that. I know the Gosselins really relied on their church during that first year. I wonder how many responsible adults there are in Nadya's life that will be able to help out?

No easy answers here. I agree she needs to lay low for a while. I also wish the media would be a bit more responsible about this story. I know that's a pipe dream unless something juicier comes along...

Saint said...

I just looked at the Nadya Suleman website, and I was a little surprised. It's professionally done, and I know it's only been a short while, but there are only 2 pages to click onto after the homepage: the donation page or a comment page. Why is the comment page still up if they have been receiving death threats? The temptation to say something mean is no doubt a strong one for a lot of visitors to the site. They'd be wise to just remove the opportunity for threats.

Saint said...

Saint said...

I also wish the media would be a bit more responsible about this story.

Agreed, Anya.

indianprincess said...
Here's the link to Nadya's website. I said blog but I meant website. Here's where the money came from to pay for her lovely manicured fingers. If I was getting death threats from crazy people and I had 8 premies in the NICU. I wouldn't be going out to get my nails done. Somethings not right with this women.

Saint said...

If I keep posting this way, you'll have a dozen pink roses from my avatar for Valentine's Day.

The octuplets are cute, of course. On the website the pix of the babies show little blinders with sunglasses on them. They're so little and adorable, but I am sad about this whole story.

Anya said...

Saint said...
If I keep posting this way, you'll have a dozen pink roses from my avatar for Valentine's Day.

What a nice sentiment! :-)

And no thorns like in real life!

indianprincess said...

Saint: The little sunglasses are cute. My little boy had to wear them when he was born and they are tiny. I kept his. The babies are aborable. At least with this whole mess those children will be watched with an eagle eye from the whole world. I believe they will be taken care in some way.

Saint said...

My little boy had to wear them when he was born and they are tiny.

Awww! I know that it's not desirable to have those on your baby, but you must have some cute baby pix! I had big babies, all over 9 lbs. They were cute, too, of course, but they outgrew their 3 mos. outfits pretty quick.

I hope you're right, Indianprincess, about the kids being OK in the end. It has left me very sad.

indianprincess said...

I'm so torn over those babies. It's a sad world when little innocent babies are born with a job of filling a need for their mother. It should be the other way around.

Saint: my son was 2 days premie but healthy. Both kids were under 7lbs. The memories:)

spanglish said...

I doubt she took the threats seriously, either, with her shopping and manicure trips."

"If I was getting death threats from crazy people and I had 8 premies in the NICU. I wouldn't be going out to get my nails done. Somethings not right with this women."

I agree. This behavior isn't consistent with someone who's in hiding and fears for her life.

"Why is the comment page still up if they have been receiving death threats? The temptation to say something mean is no doubt a strong one for a lot of visitors to the site. They'd be wise to just remove the opportunity for threats."

Exactly. If the majority of comments have been negative or threatening in tone, leaving the comments page up will only allow more of the same. What's the point.

MonicaW42 said...

I forgot which little boy in the People article it was, but he had such blonde hair. Poor little things.

Kikibee said...

I totally called the P.R. firm leaving in the last octomom thread.
Not the death threats part, though.
It probably just sounds better than "She's crazy and making us look bad".

I think she and that doctor are in cahoots on this. (That sounds a little Gwoppish doesn't it?)
They've been showing a little clip of her during one of her past pregnancies, at the doctor's office, saying how easily she got pregnant. This was from, I think,a local news report on the doctor and Nadya was shown as an example of the doc's expertise.
One of the news/magazine shows had a brief interview with the reporter who did the story, and she said she was very surprised that they brought in a woman who had 3-4 little kids with her. She was expecting someone who hadn't been able to become pregnant before.

She's his prize patient. They probably implanted "six" embryos
(or eight, I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't really two sets of identical twins) each time hoping for this outcome. No other dr. has said there is any reason for so many to be implanted. And he probably didn't charge her, which is how she could afford the plastic surgery (which was a big mistake on her part, cost her a lot of sympathy).

Okay, my conspiracy theory sounds pretty crazy, but so is this whole story. And now there are 14 beautiful little children whose lives are probably not going to be what they deserve.

nomoredrama said...

Death threats is taking it to the next level of crazy. This woman is nuts but threats against her life...ridiculous.

Saint said...

Your conspiracy theory makes sense to me! I hadn't even considered that the doctor would do it for free...that explains how she could "afford" it, and why her own health doesn't even seem to have mattered.

I hope you're not right, because that's even worse than I imagined. The trouble is, it explains a lot of the crazy in this story.

She should sue the doctor and the medical facility for malpractice and child support. That would curb excessive implantations.

MommyZinger said...

I agree with everyone. It's just sad.

I don't think she should have had so many kids but lots of unfit people have kids. Who am I to tell anyone how many kids they can have.

Anyway, you can't change it now. Those babies are here. I hope they won't get forgotten due to the spotlight being on their mother.

I felt so bad for those kids, I contemplated leaving a comment on her website and a donation. I didn't because I wanted to be sure the money would go to the babies. If I could send diapers or formula directly to them, I would.

Kikibee said...

Thanks Saint. Good to know I'm not the only crazy one!

If anyone deserves death threats
(which no one does, of course)
it is that doctor. He just wants results. If it's true that he
transferred 7 embryos into that 49 year old woman who is pg with quads, he should have his license
taken away. They said on the news that she was using donor eggs from a twenty-something woman and that no more than 2-3 should be implanted because they are much more viable than her own would be.
She's at a higher risk for complications as it is because of her age. If all of them had taken
she might have been a true "fertility disaster". I just hope she does okay with four of them.

I don't think Nadya's kids should be taken away just because she's a loony liar. People a lot worse than she is have kids, and abuse them, but they fly under the radar.
And it wouldn't be fair to the kids to separate them, from each other and from her. I just think she needs to have someone "guiding" her decisions.

I wonder what the cost effectiveness of her keeping them,
with donations and some gov't assistance, vs. farming them out to foster families would be. It might be cheaper to help her keep them.

spanglish said...

"Okay, my conspiracy theory sounds pretty crazy, but so is this whole story."

Maybe not so crazy. There was a story in yesterday's LA Times that Suleman's fertility doctor advertised on radio, TV, and the Internet about his unconventional methods that would increse the chances the embryos would take. But according to statistics collected by the federal government, his success rate was actually among the lowest in the country: in the last 5 years only 30 of 355 IVF procedures he performed resulted in live births, but at the same time he was using more embryos per try than the majority of clinics nationwide. Experts said the numbers suggested problems with his laboratory.

Yes, Suleman was his star patient and great advertising for his clinic. No wonder he chose her as the patient to appear in the story for the local news show about his clinic a couple of years ago, when she was having twins.

I don't know anything about it, but I would imagine someone considering a fertility clinic would want to know their success rate. Since Dr. K's track record wasn't as good as other facilities, I wouldn't be surprised if he and his star patient were complicit in the procedures she received, in pursuit of a HOM birth to bring credibility to his practice.

Jenn said...

I'm glad you guys keep up to date of this stuff because I had no idea that this happened.

How is threatening to kill someone going to solve anything in this matter? I think the mom *may* have severly underestimated the amount of attention she was going to endure.

A Mom-ynous said...

It is unfortunate that public dissent is aimed at the woman and her ability to care for the children.

Until she proves unfit otherwise, there is little to be done and I am glad for it.

This is what disgusts me about woman's rights. Woman's rights are fine if you are trying to do what was fought for--but when you go against the grain, then how dare a woman do something that is opposite the intent.

I cite Roe V Wade. It applies. She wanted more babies, she did it via implantation, she opted to not selectively reduce.

Well within her rights. Any law to the contrary, would be unconstitutional to her God given right to have a choice about her body.

Now, then: the ethics. This is ALL on that physician who allowed this circus. He is at fault. Do no harm--totally applies. He endangered this woman's life and the life of each of those babies he entrusted to her womb. It was stupid and unconscionable (sp?).

Women are not dogs or cats. We are not meant to carry "litters". I despise that term, but from a biological perspective--our wombs are not meant to serve the purpose of volume pregancies.

Implantations should be limited under that code of ethics. Not so much that they interfere with Roe V Wade and its application, though. In other words--the number of children I happen to have should have no impact on whether or not I can have an embryo implanted.

The only thing they should care about is the health of my body to not be harmed by such action.

Also--I cannot believe I am using her as an example...

But--CINDY ANTHONY. Holy heck--this woman has done nothing but stuck by her lying, cheating, and horrible daughter Casey who sits in jail on murder charges with evidence mounting that should prove she did this.

And what does Oct-mom's mother do? Holy heavens--she goes on national tv and says horrible things about what her daughter has done.

The time for her to express her opinion--was perhaps at the time her daughter was thinking to get pregnant, got implanted, or found out she had 8. It was up to them as a family to deal with this. What is up with going on National TV.

The whole thing is a circus--but the anger is misdirected at mom. She was within her rights to ask and accept what she got.

Regardless if taxpayer money is covering it. If folks don't want tax payer money to cover in vitro babies--then they would have to take it up with their state governments AND attempt to unconstitutionally reclassify their citizenship status.

See--the whole thing...would not be an issue--if the doctor and all other fertility specialists were held to higher standards of ethics and safety and good ol' fashioned common sense.

A Mom-ynous said...

" wouldn't be going out to get my nails done. Somethings not right with this women"

Oh, I agree--but what if...just what if...Dr. Fertility Quack is, recruiting women?

They had a pic of her side by side with Angelina Jolie and word on the street is that she is trying to emulate her.

Bizarre. But--still within her legal rights.

I too hate to get on the bandwagon and I won't, but I Will not be suprised if there is more to this than meets the eye.

I won't be stalking to find out though. That is just creepy.

A Mom-ynous said...

To clarify, I do not support what this woman did.

I am just stating I do not support this aftermath of hate and contempt.

We cannot have choice and then attempt to prohibit choice. That was my point and my logic of why I do not blame this woman. Our country gave her the right--and then they act as though they can take it away after her right was exercised.

I do believe she has a screw loose though.

Kikibee said...

In breaking Octo-news...

Octogranny has reconciled with her daughter. She says the babies are so cute they won her over.

And a psychiatrist who has never met Nadya has filed a complaint with Calif. CPS, saying it is obvious that she can't care for all of her children properly and the octuplets should be adopted out. She says that she felt somebody had to do it, plus she needed to get her name and face on tv. Please, don't let the GWoPs get ahold of her.

spanglish said...

It turns out Wes Yoder, who has the Christian-based talent agency, isn't representing Suleman:

"Also on Monday, Ambassador Agency Inc. president Wes Yoder released a statement contradicting remarks by a public relations firm that his Franklin, Tenn.,-based company was representing Nadya Suleman.
He said his company had provided pro bono advice on licensing Suleman family photographs and looked into the possibility of representing them, but decided against it.

"Ambassador has not executed a representation agreement, nor do we intend to do so," Yoder said."

From the same article:

"Killeen said Nadya Suleman told her Yoder signed on as Suleman's agent."