Monday, February 9, 2009

ShellieKZC Reports On Jon at PSU

ShellieKZC also attended Jon Gosselin's speaking engagement at PSU. She was kind enough to share her notes from the night, and wanted everyone else to know more about what happened as well. Feel free to ask any questions of her, as well-- thanks for all the info, Shellie!!.

First, let me say I am in the middle of the road when it comes to J&K, and I'm just reporting what I heard. Not biased one way or the other. It's just the information I heard from seeing him speak tonight.
Here are the highlights:

He was pretty funny. Very relaxed, he looked good. Striped shirt and cords. He said Kate was at home taking care of the kids. His hairplugs looked great.

He definitely played to the age group. He said "mad cool" a lot, and talked about skiing, and the times he had been in State College when he was younger, met JoePa when Kate was in the hospital, things like that. They loved that kind of stuff.

They have two puppies, German Shepherds, a brother and sister. The girl is named Nala, and the boy is named Shoka . He said the boy's name was the name of the bodyguard they had in Hawaii.

He said he and Kate are now producers on the show.

He kinda dogged on Kate, but in a jovial way. He said when she is home, she has a lot of "spa days". He also said that they film 3-4 days a week, but not in a row.

He said Kate has a book coming out on Mother's Day (we knew that, 8 Little Faces, and a cookbook as well. Someone asked if he had a book coming out and he said yes).

He said they have a Vietnamese babysitter and that they "went through 15 babysitters" but she wouldn't be on camera so you won't see her, and that she is working out very well. He made it sound like it was mostly her and him taking care of the kids most of the time.

He confirmed that Hannah has her own room because of migraines (after a $3K Dr.'s visit, so he said).

He said he is a stay-at-home Dad. Kate is busy doing stuff for the show and the book, and travels a lot. He gave his schedule, gets up at 6 a.m., gets the kids to school, works out at the gym for 2 hours, gets the kids, etc. He didn't mention Kate at all during this time. He said that he snowboards on Tue. and Thu. with Cara. He said that Cara has a friend that is a boy, and that they have had play dates.

He said Alexis is the trouble maker, and that Collin is hard to deal with, and that Joel is very laid back. He made a crack about the boys playing with purses, and that Joel could "have his own TV show" but it was all made in jest, like he didn't really mean it, just as a joke. He said Cara is very much into sports, but stopped short of calling her a tomboy. He said Mady is very musically talented "like her mother".

Someone asked if they would be going to Korea, and he basically said "yes" and to "keep watching". He said that they have signed on for season 5, and that the next "two seasons" are "up in the air". (wild applause)

He also said they haven't had time to enjoy their new house because they have been so busy. He said they don't go out much because of all the attention and they have to bring a bodyguard along.

Someone asked why they didn't move South, and he said they wanted to stay near family (just reporting what I heard). He said his Mom lives in the area and that he talks to his brothers everyday. He said Kate went to his grandmother to learn how to cook Korean food, and that it is included in the cookbook. He said that he has reconnected with a lot of old friends.

He talked about how he proposed to Kate, and other general things. There was a trivia "contest" and winners got some J&K stuff when they answered questions right. He was very accommodating. I tried to go down and get a better picture of him after it was over, but he was mobbed. A girl next to me had her book signed.

He said Kate was flying to LA next week to tape a Dr. Phil show.

He also said that they have been doing a lot of charity work. That he had VIP seats to the Super Bowl, but didn't go so he could do a fundraiser at church (building a well in Africa). He mentioned that he and Kate might be back for Thon at PSU, a huge fundraiser for kids with cancer. The students freaked out about that as well!

It was fun, and I'm glad I went! Lots of people. It seated about 750, and there were 250 outside that didn't get in. I got there at 5:30 (it started at 7:00 p.m.) and got a seat. There were college kids with signs (Will babysit for free!) and some with t-shirts they had done themselves.


Saint said...

I am so glad to read about the charity work, and I hope they get to Thon! (It's been awhile since I sponsored anyone...but we just got hit up by some fraternity boys after church.)

It sounds like things are going well for the Gosselins. Many blog they do outside activities, do they see family, can the kids have outside friends...were answered in a positive way. I am starting to think that we see very little of their lives on Jon and kate Plus Eight and that they have much more privacy than I imagined.

Sorry to hear about Hannah's migaines, though.

Mom said...

Thanks for this post. Very interesting. Can't wait to see the pups!

Anya said...

Shellie, a huge THANK YOU for writing this all up. :-)

Glad to see Jon got this opportunity. I think of the two of them, he probably enjoys this interaction with the fans more.

Season Five. Very interesting.

There are a few things said that I could see the critics pouncing on. We will see.

I think it's great that Jon and Cara have bonded over sports. It's nice she gets this individual attention. I am sure she needs it (they all do, of course).

Alexis' a troublemaker - don't believe it...LOL.

SamanthaNC said...

I dont know if I would be willing to give up super bowl tickets to build a well- I hope I would, hope being the operative word!

I have a cousin who has suffered from migraines since she was a child- hopefully Hannah's won't last long.

bigsis88 said...

Question: Does PSU = Penn State?


Bridget said...

Thanks for sharing, Shellie! It sounds like Jon does great with public speaking, good for him! I'm glad you had a good time.

Nina Bell said...



ShellieKZC said...

You're welcome everyone! I hope I can get the video set up and everyone can make up their own minds about what he said. The audio might not be the best, but hopefully it will be okay!

One of my 8 year old twins got her first migraine a few months ago, it was just awful. They are horrible.

Guinevere said...

Thanks for the report. Interesting stuff. I wonder why Kate does the speaking stuff more often; Jon seems to enjoy it more and seems better suited to it, maybe?

ShellieKZC said...


Jon did open his speech saying he was a SAHD. For whatever reasons that work for them, IMO, is what works for them! I mean, there is nothing wrong with him being the primary care-giver, and that's what he made it sound like. It just sounded like Kate took more responsibility when it came to the business side of things.

That's what I took from it anyway. :)

tintin said...

This is really good information! A first-hand account instead of the hear-says and malicious gossip that is often out there about them.

Thanks Shellie. I look forward to the clips of whatever you have. It sounds like life is hectic for them right now and I hope they have plenty of quality time together as a couple.

MonicaW42 said...

Thanks for the report Shellie.

BTW, how have you been? I used to talk to you when I was on Cafe Mom but left the group when I couldn't say one thing positive on the Gosselin's. I think you and I were one of the few who said anything positive.

Guinevere said...

Jon did open his speech saying he was a SAHD. For whatever reasons that work for them, IMO, is what works for them! I mean, there is nothing wrong with him being the primary care-giver, and that's what he made it sound like. It just sounded like Kate took more responsibility when it came to the business side of things.

Oh, I totally agree that there's nothing wrong with being a SAHD. And I could see Kate in general being better at the business side of things. I'm just thinking specifically about the public speaking. Jon has said he's a extrovert and enjoys meeting people. I think Kate sees it as a job and at times a chore (I would, too).

Ultimately, they should do whatever works for them.

ShellieKZC said...

Hey Monica! I'm doing very well. I hear some things on the Cafe Mom site, but nothing too bad so far. I still really like it there. I was glad I got to go see Jon speak, and report what I heard. I'm glad that I can back it up with video as well!

How are things with you? If you are on Cafe Mom at all anymore, PM me and we can catch up.

ShellieKZC said...


I do want to add, that when he talked about the kids, he really did just sound like a Dad talking about his kids. I don't know how to explain it. He wasn't grandstanding or acting "holier than thou" and no mention of donations came up at any time. He didn't mention that they were broke, he did say when they were born they were broke, but that was in passing and the only thing he said about it.

I agree with you, I think that him staying at home, and her "working" seems to work for them.

Theresa said...

Shellie KZC--thanks for the report. I have never been able to go to a Jon or Kate appearance, so this was great to read. It's nice verification that J&K are indeed a normal family living life.

I am very happy for them.


Sharpie said...

Did you say that Jon and Kate got 2 German Sheppard dogs...? Can't wait for season 5!!

Theresa said...

Tups & Pups...

CincyMom said...

I don't NEED to play more with my kids but know that I feel better when I do and I'm sure they enjoy it too!

I'll remember that the next time I'm reading a book on the bench at the park and they ask me to play tag.

MyNameisJill said...

It's so nice to read positive things about the Gosselins for a change.

I'm a fan of theirs, and no I"m not a "sheeple", as the haters like to accuse. I admit Kate annoys me at times and that I would do some things differently than they do. But that's life, right? We all do things differently and I'm glad to not have a camera on me all the time watching! In fact, the haters go on and on about how awful the parenting is on the show, and I just want to ask: who is watching YOUR kids while you seem to be obsessing over this family 24/7?!

I would like to hear them speak, especially Jon, as he seems to be a pretty fun and laid-back guy. I like his dry sense of humor, and the interaction between him and Kate. They seem real, not just trying to play nice for the camera.