Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Submitted by Anya

Mary Poppins" is a regular blogger on the website Momlogic.com. She is a professional nanny and babysitter who has written previously regarding her experience with children. She actually has some nice things to say about Jon & Kate's parenting in her latest blog entry. We thought we would put the link up and see what you all thought. Do you agree with the writer? Anything you specifically disagree with? Anything you would add?


merryway said...

I liked a couple of points she made and it was nice to read something realistic about parenting.

I agree where J&K might not discipline their children over everything the kids know what is acceptable and what is not. It reminds of the excuse “you never said not to.. (fill in blank w/ridiculous)”. I think all of the J&K's kids know when they pass the limits and then they get punished, it's such a normal thing. Just because they know, doesn't mean they're going to stop. They can be so stubborn. After a certain age, they know from other punishments and tests of limits that whatever they're trying to get away with is not acceptable.

I also agree that J&K recognize the differences in their children. I think they're exceptional in this area. Some parents are just not gifted in this area, some aren't interested. J&K seem to know their kids' personalities and needs very well.

Thanks for posting, it was a nice read.

Guinevere said...

Good piece. I agree about recognizing the differences and I'd go further and say that they are sometimes criticized for acknowledging their kids' foibles, but I see that acknowledgment as a sort of acceptance. I do think they are good and loving parents.

Quiltart said...

A very thoughtful article, IMHO... I have often noticed how much all the kids love each other.. despite the twins complaining at times, which is normal.. they are all very loving. It's interesting to me how well they play together...especially the boys!

I think Jon and Kate do a very good job of keeping order in what could be absolutely bedlam and the definitely know and treat each kid as an individual.

Saint said...

I agree they know their children as individuals, both Kate and Jon. They seem like a family that loves one another. They aren't perfect. There are definitely things that I could criticize them for. Regarding these points, though, I'd have to say I agree. I am surprised she didn't mention how well the children eat.

Dina said...

It was a great read, and I agree w/everything she said. :)

Susan said...

Finally a blog that makes sense. I agree that anyone in their place would do the same thing to make sure their family is financially secure. It is refreshing to read someone who is not jealous.

Guinevere said...

I agree that anyone in their place would do the same thing to make sure their family is financially secure.

Welcome, Susan! I'm a pretty big Gosselin defender, but my point has never been that anyone would do what the Gosselins did - I'm sure some people wouldn't. I simply feel that it's there decision and that I haven't seen anything that makes me think they don't believe that they are acting in their childrens' best interests.

Anya said...

Welcome Dina and Susan. Hope you guys will post more.

I found this article and thought it was a refreshing change from the negativity. I firmly agree with points #1, #2, #4 and #5. #3 I hesitate a bit on, only because I don't know that we see enough of their day to day lives to know for sure how engaged they are with the children on a regular basis. Obviously, Kate has been away a fair amount recently, but collectively, it is hard to tell if the hours add up to more than a full-time job would.

I do admire J&K's approach to discipline. Firm, but not completely rigid.

Above all, I think the ways we have seen the children give and receive love speaks a lot to how they are being raised. For example, I know there have been a couple of scenes where one sextuplet has been in the corner and another sextuplet will bring a comfort item. Very sweet and I think it illustrates they are being raised with love, compassion and empathy.

No, they are not perfect parents, but they are not the horrible monsters portrayed by some.

Nina Bell said...

I do remember when I first started watching this show, how impressed I was that the kids would go to time out and stay in timeout. I think I was conditioned by watching too much Super Nanny into thinking this could not be done without her help.

I think that Jon and Kate do a lot of things right. I am also aware that there is always room for improvement and I agree with Anya that they are not the monsters that some people would like us to believe.

The kids do love each other and it is obvious.

Liza Beth said...

Anya, I totally agree with you on how Jon and Kate are not the best parents in the world but they are not the evil monsters some make them out to be. As Nina mentioned, too, the kids love each other which shows a house where love is present.

I cannot imagine recognizing and encouraging the differences in children as Jon and Kate do. I am one of five kids (I have four brothers) and to be completely honest that is not really how my family was. We are all extremely different, but my parents as a unit did not support us each in the things we wanted to do. They are amazing parents and we all love each other more than we say, but to witness a family where the children are given the chance to do things that interest them instead of just what everyone else does is really encouraging.