Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Episode - Trip To The Vet

The Gosselin German Shepard puppies, Nala and Shooka, are growing rapidly. Though they hardly resemble puppies anymore, they're still as curious as can be! But too much curiosity causes an unexpected visit to the vet for one of them.


Anya said...

Sounds promising. I remember in one of the recent episodes Kate commented on how expensive dogs are and I have to agree - pets are expensive period.

We took one of our cat's to the vet recently because she had a cough that wasn't getting better. We spent $90 just for the office visit.

Anyway, I hope this is just a mellow episode that showcases their adaption to the dogs and the new house.

As far as Monday night t.v., I also really looking forward to "Dancing with the Stars" starting tomorrow. Did you guys see Melissa from "The Bachelor" signed on to replace Nancy O'Dell? I am happy for her and the way some of these folks have been dropping, maybe the lack of practice will work in her favor. I am still bummed that Jewel won't be in it. I have always liked her and her music and I thought it was going to be fun to see her compete against her husband.

Anyway, there's nobody I have picked as a favorite yet (I consider this cast kind of blah), so I will root for Melissa for the timebeing...!

Nina Bell said...

I remember having to take a beagle we had years ago to the vet because she was always so curious.

There was a smell in one spot in our back yard that was driving her nuts and she kept digging a hole in this certain area. I would get a shovel and fill it back in and scold her and the next day she would do it over again. Same spot all of the time.

One day I heard her cry out and I went outside and she had managed to dig a hole in that spot half way to China. She found what she was smelling, a bunch of fish bones. She also in the process had managed to get a very large barbed fish hook lodged in her mouth and I was not able to get it out.

merryway said...

Oh Nina that's awful. Beagles seem so stubborn. All my dogs would mind except for a beagle that would refuse to come in if he saw something. I would have to go and drag him in by the collar and he would still be baying to go after whatever. Other than that, he was such a good dog.

I hate the puppy chewing stage. My youngest dog is 3 so we beyond that, but she was the worst I had ever had and loved my little one's stuff. She also learned fast that little one was the one to follow for crumbs that were dropped. Both dogs will still chew up the cats' toys if they get the opportunity. I think it's for a fun and in a nyah nyah kind of way as they know they're not supposed to do that.

TLC has pics of the puppies on their site and they have gotten so big. It's ridiculous the amount of energy that went into spreading the rumor that they were gone. It doesn't take much to fan the flames.
I agree, pets are very expensive.

Anya, I know I say this a lot, but your avatar is so funny.

Jenn said...

Anya - that so explains my dogs behaviour. She's part beagle and part pug. she's so smart - too smart, in fact. she does the same thing when she goes outside. it will be 3 am and i will be outside yelling at her to come in. She drives me nuts but we love her.

Barbara said...

On another group that I read, someone (a hater) said this one is staged. We asked her if she meant they gave her the toy to choke on so they could have a new show idea, she refused to answer. How ridiculous is that?

Mom said...

Being "mom" to a VERY expensive "free" (ha ha ha) dog, I can already relate to this epi.

My Buddy has swallowed NUMEROUS things he shouldn't have. The most mysterious (and costly) was when he got into a cat litter box (yes, I know, disgusting). We were visiting a friend who had a cat. We had NO idea that he had even found the litter box. The "clumping" litter caused him to be blocked about two days later. Even the emergency clinic (after performing emergency surgery for an obstruction) had no idea what caused it.

It was only a few months later that I caught him "in the act" when visiting the same friend. Approx 24 hours later, he was blocked. This time we were able to clear him out the old-fashioned way - mineral oil. Ew, I know. Thank goodness one of my closest friends is a veterinarian and took him to work with her to keep an eye on him.

Those two episodes cost me over $3,000. Just this fall he had ACL surgery - another $2,000. He just turned 12!

As far as the rumor mill goes, I'm just NOT subscribing to it.

Liza Beth said...

I am really interested in how this show turns out... then again your comments make me not want to get a puppy as I have been planning! My brothers dog loves to rip through the garbage and eat tissues, etc... it is really gross to see my trash strewn about (especially after having oral surgery and throwing away some rather disgusting gauze). I know dogs and puppies chew things and I know getting a puppy is like having a baby with training and being up at night etc. Maybe I want to just borrow a puppy a few hours a day so I can enjoy the cuteness without dealing with the hassle :)! (I'm completely kidding of course)

Anya, I heard about Melissa being on Dancing with the Stars-- good for her! Seems like a great step for her, considering her background and natural likability.

Liza Beth said...

I caught the show between commercials of "Dancing with the stars" and really liked it-- I would have preferred the 'Bye, House' episode as the finale but this was cute as well.

Watching the kids play with the puppies was ADORABLE!! They love their pets and it was great to see the interaction.

Joel had some classic moments this episode: "The dogs don't like getting interviewed!!", "She had her tummy openeded!" When asked whose dog Nala's is, Joel said "... and Shoka is alone..."

I like their 'no more than one child in a bathroom at a time' rule-- the girls are old enough to need privacy from their siblings as well as the mess which has to ensue.

Hummus is such a great food for kids-- I have some that I plan to share with my nephew soon since its such a great source of protein and vitamins.

I really like it when Jon and Kate are joking around and laughing with each other. As we've seen in the past (pinecone box!!!) thats how they naturally are together, so at least for me its encouraging. Yes, I know shows are taped in advance, but this one was taped sometime in January so at from my view that is good.

Hannah getting defensive about the puppy eating her toy was really funny- she felt so guilty for leaving her toy out that I doubt this will happen again :). Leah giggling at the vet saying that Nala can't run around like a banshee was adorable, too. Same thing with Alexis telling Shooka that he cannot chase Nala.

I like how they are showing more of those cute kid moments as well as making the episodes more 'realistic' if you will. Kate doing laundry, Jon using the poop scooper, getting lunch for the kids are all things that people do and show me that Jon and Kate are not some high faluting couple who are too good for normal life. They just happen to have a job that allows them the chance to stay home with their kids more than those with full time jobs are able to.

Pretty Good said...

Oh good Lord. I read a comment "you know where" and someone said that they probably fed the dog the toy horse on purpose just to have an episode.

How long until this "comment" becomes fact (false of course) do ya think?

Anyway, I liked the show tonight. Liked how Jon was trying to make the kids act and be more respectful in public places. But it kinda sucked to hear them say the dogs were outdoor dogs. I was hoping that wouldn't happen.

merryway said...

What a cute show. All the kids were in it and adorable. I thought it was cute when they were at the vet and he asked where mom was. Maddy said “thank you for that Joel” when he said mom was in LA. She sounded so grown up. I felt for Jon managing all those kids and a dog in and out of the car, that's just hard. I could have done without the shots of the dog crap, but I totally identify with Jon. When you have kids and pets, sometimes it seems all you do is clean up or take care of crap.
Kate was pleasant on the couch, I don't recall any bickering at all. The mom in me says of course it was Kate who noticed that Nola was sick and needed to go to the vet. I thought it was a great family episode and loved all the kid moments. I noticed some of the house and it looked beautiful.

Anya said...

Lizabeth and Merryway, thanks for the recap for us west coasters. Sounds like the type of episode I was hoping it would be.

Merryway, I love love know what! :-)

Guinevere said...

I thought this was a super-cute episode. We didn't get by entirely without Kate chastising Jon; she did have her moments of needling him about picking up poop outside. (I think she could pick it up herself if she cares so much.) But all in all, they were relaxed and pleasant together.

Shoka and Nala are so cute together. I just love watching them interact and their interactiosn with the kids.

I think Alexis was the star of the episode - she had more cute moments than the other kids combined. She is such a little ham!

SamanthaNC said...

Alexis was so cute exclaiming that "Nala has to rest!" Wow, 8 kids and 2 dogs, 1 parent? I bet he was especially happy to see Kate come home! Somehow I dont think the vet interacts with children very much, banshee isn't a very kid friendly word, doesnt come up in their vocab very often :)

cwats76 said...

I really enjoyed this episode...specially I think it was when Shoka was jumping up on Joel and he said 'tell Shoka to sit'!

I laughed when Jon was walking into the vet and was like I am missing a kid....and Alexis was still in the van!!

If they got the dogs mid Dec and this was filmed 3 months later (which was stated on screen) then this was filmed sometime in Feb I am thinking, maybe when Kate was in LA for Dr. Phil?

So many enjoyable moments in this episode including the couch. Jon talked more and Kate seemed stress free and relaxed:)

Mom said...

I enjoyed this epi. Poor Nala. I felt bad for her and her little tummy.

When my younger lab was "almost" housebroken, we began letting him roam in the house for an hour or so without being in the kennel. One day I came home to a HUGE (8-10 inch) hole in our leather sofa with white batting/stuffing EVERYWHERE!

Puppies get into EVERYTHING!

The puppies greeting each other after Nala's return was very sweet. Almost made me want another puppy. LOL!

The kids were the best! They are maturing with each episode. The things they come up with really crack me up. Joel and Alexis were HILARIOUS!

And, for what it's worth - I enjoyed seeing a messy laundry room with stacks of baskets and clothes in the hall. There are only three of us and I cannot seem to keep up.

TxMom said...

I only got to see half this episode, I didn't get to see the vet visit.

It was a cute episode. Yes, Kate got on my nerves a few times (I don't like that she always threatens to take the dogs back. That just seems mean.) And Alexis (?) trying to clean up the dog accident with one paper towel and bare hands. Ugh. (Poor thing, she was trying her best. What a cutie!)

I would like to see Kate interact with the kids more. I mean, sitting on the floor playing, reading to them, etc. Of course, that may happen, and we just don't get to see it (we all know the show is going to exploit her more annoying moments. They've found the way to get people to watch and they're using it. It works, look at all the hate sites. What would they discuss if not how much they despise Kate, and watch every week to see her and analyze her every breathing moment?)

Anyway, the kids seem to get more and more cute every week!

nomoredrama said...

My cat ate a piece of one of my flip-flops last year (yes, I am aware of how bizarre that sounds).

Almost one year later and I'm still paying the surgery off (over 1000)This episode reminded me of that.

To me it seemed that Kate wasn't bitching because Kate didn't care. I wouldn't use the word pleasant to describe her demeanor...more withdrawn.

Of course, my lens is tainted. My family always rolls their eyes and accuses me of psychoanalyzing (even when I'm just talking). I guess from my view she didn't really seem engaged, at any point. I can't help but think that something is missing. I don't think it's love. I don't think Jon and Kate are evil villains.

I just's different now.

MoreCowbell said...

Oh, I could make a list of the things that my older dog, Molly, has eaten in the past 10 years. Starting with the hunk of metal that cost $460 at the doggy ER. Luckily, nothing that required surgery (knock on wood). All things came to pass, if you get my meaning.

Also, when I was in high school, my German Shep got a meat bone caught across the roof of her mouth. It was jammed so tightly between her teeth that none of us could get it out with our fingers (a process poor, sweet Gretchen endured, but didn't exactly enjoy). The vet had to knock her out and then cut it out. My father declared, "NO MORE BONES FOR THE DOG" after that one.

I watched DWTS on Monday, meaning to catch J&K+8 during its later showing, but I dozed off. I'll have to catch it on a rerun. I mean, Gosselins and dogs? Come on! My teevy will certainly combust from the sheer overload of cuteness.

Saint said...

I just saw the episode on You Tube (thanks to a link on the Princess board.) It was a great episode. The house is really beautiful. I wonder if the previous owner had a big family, too? I would love that kitchen with all its light!

The kids were really cute. I liked the vet explaining the xray to them. "Like a banshee" is a term I heard frequently growing up, maybe it's regional? I would have understood it (and probably giggled like Alexis.) Who said Alexis was the cutest on this episode? She WAS cute...all three girls looked beautiful in the pink outfits with their hair up. I suspect Jon didn't do their hair. It's possible, but I sense some TLC "helpers" behind the scenes!

I loved "You get what you get ....AND YOU DON'T GET UPSET!" Jon talked a lot. I disagree with you nomoredrama about Kate this episode. While I have seen her withdrawn, tired, disconnected, I thought she was relaxed, smiling, engaged on the interview couch.

This episode, my favorite was Joel. I love that he argued his point that his toy was still at the old house. And he told the camers guy, "The dogs don't like to interview."

Anya said...

MoreCowbell said...
I mean, Gosselins and dogs? Come on! My teevy will certainly combust from the sheer overload of cuteness

It was pretty darn cute. I think every one of the little ones had a cute moment:

Joel and his sweet anxiousness over leaving a toy behind at the old house. Collin saying that Nala needed a cast was cute. The way Leah scrunches up her face and puts her hands over her mouth when she is excited is adorable. Lexie was her usual lovable self. Jon called her "weak bladder" - I could have done without that comment, but she seemed to take it in stride.

The dogs were so affectionate with each other when they were reunited.

Guinevere said...

My cat ate a piece of one of my flip-flops last year (yes, I am aware of how bizarre that sounds).

Heh. Cats, luckily, are not as bad as dogs, in my experience, about eating things they shouldn't. Mostly mine just bring things in that I don't want! One of mine, in particular, was on quite a bringing worms in kick; it made me glad when the rainy season ended. She's also brought (small, dead) mice in a few times, which was gross. Mostly, she likes to carry in camellia blossoms from our camellia trees. It's bizarre. It's much more benign than dead and dying worms. for which I'm grateful, but I sometimes am annoyed to come home and find camellia blossoms scattered all over the kitchen floor.

And Alexis (?) trying to clean up the dog accident with one paper towel and bare hands. Ugh. (Poor thing, she was trying her best. What a cutie!)

Yeah, she was adorable, but I think probably all that was accomplished there was Alexis getting dog pee on her hands. She gets points for trying, anyway.

I mean, Gosselins and dogs? Come on! My teevy will certainly combust from the sheer overload of cuteness.

It really was an adorable episode. I know it's one I'm going to keep DVRed so I can watch some of the cuter moments when I'm feeling blue. The kids were all very cute and the dogs are just the cherry atop the adorable sundae. It was so sweet to see how excited Nala was to greet all of the kids after being at the vet!

It was a great episode. The house is really beautiful. I wonder if the previous owner had a big family, too? I would love that kitchen with all its light!

I know. I wasn't sure about the house because I hadn't really been that into the decor of the previous tenants (we saw pictures of that, right? I'm not imagining it?), but the Gosselins have the kitchen furnished really nice and even if I wouldn't relish cleaning all that space, it looks beautiful. I've always kind of wanted a kitchen that opens into a family room/seating area so people can hang out with me while I'm cooking.

The dogs were so affectionate with each other when they were reunited.

I know. I'm going through some serious dog envy right now.

nomoredrama said...

I disagree with you nomoredrama about Kate this episode.

It's cool :-)

Andrea said...

I can't help but remark on the pet expense comments. Last year my dog had his eyeball scratched by a cat (I think he sneaked up on the cat when it was sleeping and startled it...I wasn't there it was night time, I just heard the yelp after it happened) - anyway we took him to the ER vet since it was late and it cost us $395 to have his eye numbed, examined and get drops for it.

At first I was shocked at how much that cost and then I raalized....if that had happened to my SON, that ER trip would have cost probably $3950!!!! I told my husband if I ever got hurt to just take me to the Vet - ROFL. Suddenly vet trips didn't seem so expensive anymore!!!

I am glad Nala was Ok from her ordeal. I'm also glad my dog was out of the chewing stage before my son was born!!

jojow said...

I absolutely loved this episode. The dogs are adorable. Jon is great with the dogs and you can tell he really cares.

You can tell Kate appreciates her laundry room and is a great mother.

Guinevere said...

Wait. Isn't sarcasm supposed to be funny?