Tuesday, April 21, 2009


If you're anything like me, you spend a fair amount of time on the internet on any given day. I mean, I'm not at "attached to the chair while empty food containers pile up around me" levels, by any means, but along with reading and watching television, surfing the net is one of the things I do daily to relax and unwind.So naturally, I've acquired some favorite sites (besides this one!) - places I like to check in at least once every couple of days.

One is Dooce - if you've ever wondered what it's like to be an ex-Mormon SAHM living in the heart of Utah with a geeky-cute husband, an adorable but willful child and two crazy dogs, this is the blog for you. I enjoy Heather Armstrong's sense of humor (and sometimes her just-plain-sense) so much.

Another is Sporcle - someone got me hooked on this website when they linked to one of their games on a message board last year. I tell myself that the time I spend here is educational - by playing these games I was able to learn all the countries of the world and all the flags of the world. (I have a long way to go on world capitals, though. Spelling issues. For instance, I can never remember how to spell Rej-, Rey-, Rei-...oh, you know, it's the capital of Iceland.) The educational value of trying to name all 50 words used in Green Eggs and Ham is...debatable, but at least it was fun!

For celebrity gossip (and other stuff) that's a cut above the TMZs and Perez Hiltons of the interwebs, I go to Jezebel. It's dirt with a funny (and often feminist) slant.

I could go on (I haven't even gotten to shopping! Zappos, how I love you!), but I'd rather turn it over to you: what are your favorite websites? Any hidden gems? Which sites do you get twitchy over not checking for more than 24 hours?


Sara Bonds said...

Dooce is awesome. She is known as a Blogess in our little circle of Bloggin' Women.

SamanthaNC said...

I like snopes.com - all fact vs. fiction on common rumors, myths, and urban legends. Lots of interesting stuff!

I also love ivillage!

Dr. H said...

I know I've only posted a few times, but I love this question. (Plus I post at the princess boards, that gives me street cred, right?)

I love Shakesville, which is a feminist/progressive blog. www.shakespearessister.com

Pajiba, an awesome movie review site. www.pajiba.com

Go Fug Yourself, which is celebrity fashion crimes. www.gofugyourself.com

And Shapely Prose, a health at any size site that WILL make you feel good about yourself. www.kateharding.net

I have tons more, but I'll try to refrain.

Nina Bell said...

Dr H

Please share all. This is great.

MrsRef said...

This is going to sound really weird but my favorite site to go on is the Blackwater NWR site. They have webcams of both a bald eagle and osprey nest. I have watched firsthand as six little eaglets have hatched and grown on the camera. The osprey cam has not produced any viable chicks in the two years I have been watching. We have actually gone to the refuge which is really neat. I also like facebook because I am able to chat with family and friends.

Dr. H said...

Hey, you asked so here goes.

SparkPeople- They bill as a weight loss site, but I only use the fitness tracker. They track fitness, food, have message boards and TONS of info on health stuff.

Get Rich Slowly- A personal finance blog that has great resources for getting finances together, retirement and other money-related issues.

Just Jared- Your basic gossip site. Updates several times a day and only doesn't get mean or draw on pictures.

Celebrity Baby Blog- Celebrity parents and parting stuff. They feature interviews with celebrity parents and they do a lot with Melissa Joan Hart, who I adore.

Jennslyvania- website of Jen Lancaster, author of Bitter is the New Black (awesome read, about being out of work after a fab corporate job), Bright Lights, Big Ass (good, not great, about city life) and Such a Pretty Fat (Hilarious! Weight loss issues and SO FUNNY.). Her website got her the book deal.

Argh, my freakin' wireless mouse just died.

Eileen said...

Well, I come here each day. And then I go to a lot of family and friends blogs everyday, I also just search out through the profile page for people that I have things in common with, I've found some personal blogs that I go to each day and I've made some good friends through them. I have such an avid interest in people's lives and I love to read about the their daily routines! I also love photography (I don't know why because I'm so bad at it!), and I love Manhattan so I go each day to a few sites that have pictures of NYC, and then there are a few blogs about homes with lots of pictures and I love to visit them each day.
I used to go to tons of shopping sites, but now I'm trying to break myself of that habit, and since I've been going to personal blogs I haven't been tempted once to shop on-line!
Oh, and I hate traveling, but I love to travel by googling! I'll just type in a place of interest, and there I am!

Liza Beth said...

There are a lot of great links here that I will check out!

I am addicted to Facebook as well as my Gmail (I keep it open whenever I am home) and sorta fond of my Twitter. Beyond that there are a lot of sites on my Google Reader that I catch every day:

Great site associated with Consumer Reports which is full of great information and tips.

This site has practical and technologically related tips, links, and information.

I love Perez Hilton. I think reading his site is my guilty pleasure!

I also read various friends blogs as well as their flickr accounts. Honestly, the sites I would miss most are Gmail and Facebook-- those are two I actually check from my cell phone when away from the computer.

Eileen said...

My sister and a friend had me join Facebook, and it is a good way to keep in touch, but to tell you the truth, I only go on there when I get an email from Facebook that someone left me a message on my wall (or whatever it's called). It would be easier if they would just email me!
But I was amazed at how many of my friends and relatives are on Facebook!

Guinevere said...

Dooce is awesome. She is known as a Blogess in our little circle of Bloggin' Women.For the longest time, she was the only blog I read. She's still one of the few I read regularly. I've mused before about some of the similarities between her and the Gosselins - she's also been criticized for making money off of her family, talking about her child, etc. I just find her super-funny and the way she describes her family (especially the long-suffering Chuck and manic - and adorable - Coco) hilarious.

Sam, I need to check out ivillage - I've definitely heard of it but never visited the site.

Dr. H, I read Shakesville a lot during Hillary Clinton's presidential run. Very interesting reading, though it pissed me off!

Go Fug Yourself is a guilty pleasure of mine, though I don't check it out enough.

MrsRef, I know lots of people who follow webcams like you describe; I don't think it's weird at all. I tend to check these out when someone posts a new one (like a new polar bear born at a zoo, or something), but then I forget about them. I can imagine they can be addictive, if you're waiting to see a bird hatch or catch the polar bear doing something cute!

Idgy said...

Very handy site:


Anya said...

Dr. H, I like Celebrity Baby Blog too.

Samantha, thank goodness for Snopes.com. It makes it a little eaiser to sift through the internet crazy.

During the Presidential run, I spent a lot of time on Politco and Real Clear Politics, but I am on an extended hiatus from that drama for now!

I check out The Huffington Post, but don't read the opinion pieces. I like Alec Baldwin on '30 Rock' - not interested in his opinion on the financial crises.

Eileen, I too have come across some personal blogs that I like to revisit from time to time. There are some good writers out there who have interesting life stories.

My weirdest obsession? I visit Wikipedia's Recent Deaths section typically once a day to make sure no famous (a very relative term) death escapes my notice!

Anya said...

BTW, nice to see you posting, Sara. I don't think (?) I have seen post before. I'll have to check your writing now! :-)


nomoredrama said...

I dont really visit that many sites.

Google, Moviefone, Youtube, Facebook

Facebook is my addiction. I used to read celebrity gossip blogs but stopped doing so years ago.

The above and obviously Gosselin blogs are where I hang out on the internet. For the most part, though, I use the internet as a means of communication. Love email.

I'm a dork

tintin said...

Hehe, i love Celebrity Babies too Mrs. H and Anya. It's one I visit everyday. I also love Get rich slowly.

I visit blogline because there's a lot of blogs I visit and they're listed there if they have an update.

I also visit truu confessions.




when they're available, I watch House, Chuck and Bones online.

Oh and here's my latest obsession. Downloading romance novels from diesel books. I am on a romance novel kick. They don't have a lot of substance to them but I miss my husband so much they're kinda my outlet. :)

Jacelynn said...

I have never heard of Dooce but living in a community that is largely mormon when Im not makes me think this would be a funny blog to read. I'll have to check it out!

I don't have much time during the day but when the kids are napping/playing etc I like to visit:
- this site of course lol
- chapters.ca, I have made some amazing friends who are complete bookaholics like me!
- recently the princess blogs
- youtube, there are some people I've "met" on there that are truly wonderful.
- the weather for my are and the local news lol

I think thats about it!

CincyMom said...

I love tvgasm.com I just found it and it has hilarious recaps of lots of television shows. Sometimes they are a week behind. I can't wait to read the one for the Rock of Love finale. The names the recappers use for the characters for many of the shows are hilarious. Does anyone else read on there?

I also read blogs on bravotv.com

This is a great topic. I always wonder what other people do on their computers.

I have to watch my 7 yr old son. He knows our password and can be dangerous on websites. He LOVES searching on ebay and I'm scared he's going to buy $1,000 worth of stuff without me knowing. We have a rule he's not allowed on without us, but it still gives me the heeby jeebies a little.

Snopes has helped me many a time, too.

I like going to webcams that show places I've visited--like Ambergris Caye, Belize. It's fun to remember great times.

CincyMom said...

Sara Bonds: I went to dooce.com and it seems interesting but I am having trouble navigating it. Is there a daily thing to read or is it just a photo? It seems like just a few sentences each day?

indianprincess said...

I like Facebook, blogger, twitter and You Tube. Most the time I'm on Facebook reading the crazy.

Pam said...

I love Beth Moore's blog at Living Proof Ministries


Marybeth Chapman's ( wife of Steven Curtis Chapman ) blog at her hubby's website. The past year she has blogged about losing and missing her baby girl Maria, who was killed last May.

Both of these women as very inspirational and relatable.

Guinevere said...

Sara Bonds: I went to dooce.com and it seems interesting but I am having trouble navigating it. Is there a daily thing to read or is it just a photo? It seems like just a few sentences each day?She changed her blog a few months ago; it used to be that the daily photo, daily Chuck (of her dog, now dogs) and daily style were just links at the top, above the masthead. Now whatever is updated most recently is the first thing on the page, and she almost always does at least one photo update a day, but not always a blog update. You can click on the photo links to see the photo and whatever she's written with it; other than that, just scroll down the page and you can read the blog entries in their entirety (I'm not sure that I'm explaining this well).

Bella Donna said...

My Internet time consists of Sudoku, Youtube (but only for music videos), ESPN & MLB, with Gosselin blogs thrown in here & there.

I used to go on a few discussion boards, but ran into too many stalkers & weirdos.

I don't really have a ton of time online these days though.

Guinevere said...

Bella Donna, I was into Sudoku for a while. I tend to have one game that I play until I get sick of it and then I move onto something else. For the longest time recently I'd been playing a game called Alchemy, but it took a long time to get through a game and I stopped really getting better at it, so I made myself give it up.

Kuromi said...

The first blog I really got into was actor/writer Wil Wheaton's: http://wilwheaton.typepad.com/

This guy has been blogging since I think the late 1990s, long before it became the celebrity thing to do! He writes about geek culture (technology, sci-fi, comics/graphic novels) as much as he does about being an actor (mostly about his travails or being a fanboy, such that you really feel for the guy rather than see him as part of the Hollywood Machine).

Baby Mama said...

I absolutely LOVE the site pogo.com. Its a free game site that lets you play the coolest fun games imaginable. For $35.00 a year you can also have access to hundreds of other cool games.

dlisted.com is my fav. gossip site. It could be a bit raunchy sometimes, but in a playful fun positive way. I totally love it.

Angela said...

What are the Princess Boards?

I like sites like Perez Hilton, x17online and celebrity baby sites.

Anya said...

Angela said...
What are the Princess Boards?

Angela said...

Oh thanks Anya, another thing to read!

merryway said...

I have never heard of most of these. I used to go to to the truetv true crime library.

I absolutely LOVE the site pogo.com. Its a free game site that lets you play the coolest fun games imaginable. For $35.00 a year you can also have access to hundreds of other cool games. Thanks Baby Mama, a site that rewards me for playing freecell!!