Tuesday, April 7, 2009

To Do List

Submitted by SamanthaNC

So as it turns out the more vocal anti-Kate group has been right all along. Apparently women who don’t hate the very air that Kate breathes are all crazy cat ladies that want to be exactly like her! Check out the following to-do list that a true Kate Gosselin fan was kind enough to share with us.

To Do List:

Buy more hair gel (extra volume)

Pick up cat food @ Costco

Confirm appt. with fertility specialist

Interview nanny/helper for future sextuplets/HOM

Replace contents of fridge/pantry will only organic food

Shop around for organic chef (find out if Sara Snow is considering a career switch!)

Bully Sister-in-Law

Spray tan @ 2pm (demand extra orange)

Schedule Spa day

Make up words that annoy people

Implement "Lordy Be!" into everyday conversation

Make reservations @ Mr. Chow ASAP

Compose angry email to Juicy Fruit, Bazooka, & Double Bubble

Obviously the above list is not completely exhaustive. Whether you like Kate, don’t like Kate or are somewhere in the middle, we’d like to hear what you would add to our Kate fan’s to-do list. Gentle snarking, please.