Monday, July 21, 2008

Not a Fanatic-Not Even a Fan

I just finished watching the new Monday night episode of Jon and Kate plus 8 about Jon cooking a Korean dinner for the family. That in itself will tell you that I am not a huge fan of the show. It is not on the top of my list of shows to watch. On my list it would fall below The Closer, Law and Order (all of them), Rescue Me, Damages, Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiasm and the Dog Whisperer ( I have three very lovable dogs - but desperately in need of Cesar Milan's help) among others. However it is still on the list and I do enjoy the show. I just like it. The kids are adorable and I would have to say very well behaved.

So why start this blog? I am not a fanatic. Maybe not even a fan. The contributing writers are not either. I would have to say that we were just completely irritated at some of the message boards and other blogs out there that are hell bent on bringing this show down. To quote someone who posted today in the comment section "These people claim to care so much about the Gosselin kids, but they care far more about putting Kate in her place."I couldn't agree more. There were bloggers out there that were so giddy over the National Enquirer article that I wondered what they had been smoking.

Did this article put Kate in her place? I don't think so.There was no hard facts. Nothing new. It appeared to me that the writer had just copied information off the blogs that are out there. No quotes or inside information from anyone close to the situation. I wonder where they came up with the idea for that article???? It doesn't appear to be in line with many of their other articles. You know what I am talking about. Like "Lance Bass' Married Lover" or "90210: The Bitch is Back." It was almost as if someone had dumped that into their laps and it was a slow news day (if you could call it that).

And while we are at it, I would like to comment about that growing movement to put "Kate in her place." . It's a Mob mentality! It happens a lot when people get an idea in their head about someone or something and everyone jumps on the bandwagon to crucify them without any proof. Look at Richard Jewell at the Olympics or the Duke LaCrosse players - (even most of the professors thought they were guilty, without even a trial first) their lives are ruined forever totally because of the Mob mentality.

Let's give Jon and especially Kate a break. Let them live their lives with their family the way they feel is best for them, just like we all live our own lives. I know they thrust themselves into this life in a goldfish bowl, but I just don't get the resentment.


Give 'em a break said...

Very well said! I believe Kate is a human being with flaws like the rest of us. She could stand to improve but so could I. The fact that people are so hard on her really makes me want to stick up for her. This is their life and their kids so we should let them decide what is best for them. All this talk about child labor laws. These kids aren't working. They love the crew and they're going to all these fun places. What in the world is the big deal. I think the Kate Haters are the once that are causing the damage because now the mess their saying has left the internet and landed in the NE. What's going to hurt the kids is all the ugly talk about their family (their mom in particular).

Anya said...

First of all, I just want to say thank you for starting this blog. Reading some of the other blogs out there about J&K is enough to “make me lose my mind” (as Kate would say). Actually, it’s enough to turn my stomach. I actually find my pulse rising as I read the incredibly venomous things people are willing to put out in cyberspace about people they have never met and will never meet.

I think I am a bit more of a “fanatic” than you are. J&K is currently probably my favorite reality show. Yes, I do like other shows such as “Brothers & Sisters” and “Big Love” that are more substantial, but at the end of a long work day, I really look forward to sitting down and watching this show. It’s very real. The kids are beyond adorable and it’s a pleasure to watch them interact and grow.

The put “Kate in her place” movement has several components that really bother me. First off, many of these same people claim that the children are their first concern, but they take every opportunity to knock every single aspect of Kate’s appearance, manners, personality, etc, etc, ETC. They take glee when Jon tunes her out (“he’s so outta there”) or when distant pseudo-relatives come out of the woodwork to stir up trouble. News flash – Kate isn’t perfect and neither are you! There is a definite mob mentality and you can see that when you try and engage in a thoughtful discussion with these people. They aren’t interested and will continue with their “talking points” until you go away. Lastly, I also believe there is an element of sexism. I think many of these bloggers (who I hate to say are probably at least 95% women) really have a hard time with the fact that Kate is an assertive woman with a strong, take-charge personality. She can also be funny, self-deprecating, quite loving and thoughtful, but that’s usually lost on these folks.

Yes, it’s true J&K thrust themselves in a goldfish bowl and all that goes with it. What I think these bloggers don’t realize, however, is their reaction to J&K says a whole lot more about them than it does J&K. Live and let live people. Put all this time and energy you have into something productive....

tallulah said...

Jon and Kate is my favorite reality show, but not because of Kate. She irritates me, but I like watching the kids and I like Jon's relaxed attitude. I think it would be better for the kids to have the cameras in their faces a lot less, but I definitely would not say the kids are abused or suffering. Mady is not abused or suffering from low blood sugar, she is in need of discipline. I wish the family good luck in the future, after the cameras have gone they'll be just normal people again. Only with a lot more money than other normal people, LOL!