Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Truth Breeds Hatred

Submitted for publication by anonymous.

I find it very funny (or maybe sad) that Julie a.k.a Jodi’s sister uses this phrase as her mantra and the title of her blog. After all, she and her sister are the victims in all of this, aren’t they? And now poor Julie has to defend herself from the “hateful comments and harassing” she has endured as a result of her ‘coming out’ to the world and revealing “family secrets.”

In her blog, Julie explains her motives for disseminating the information she has. She states (about her blog) “I kept it private until very recently because I needed some time to see how things were going to work out. Considering the end result, I feel that I need to speak out, and at least try to get others to start asking questions. Look a little deeper than watching the show for pure entertainment”

This is where I begin to question. You wanted to see how what turned out? If Jodi was going to get money? If Kate was going to have a sudden, dramatic personality change?. If all of the so-called horrible, mean and cruel things that she accuses Kate of were going to be corrected?

All along, she and Jodi have supposedly been witness to these horrendous and heinous acts of poor parenting. Jodi, the “voice for the children” never once publicly complained about J & K’s parenting. She gladly helped, sat for the kids, went on free trips and allowed cameras into her home (even though Julie claims that she has limited access (which I don’t dispute) the fact is, the cameras were still there, in her living room, basement, even her daughter’s bedroom). Never a word of dissatisfaction. Even during “gumgate” you can tell that on the other end of the phone, Jodi is apologizing for giving the kids gum (though I agree that this whole situation was a bit absurd and Kate over-reacted). No, even with being treated badly she keeps quiet. Nothing at all comes out until money comes up. Then all of the sudden, we are supposed to believe that Kate is an evil, unloving, bitter monster who loathes her family and only cares about fame.

I’m sorry, but that is a bit hard to swallow. It’s also hard to swallow that Jodi hides behind her sister to post all of these negative things about the family on a website unofficially dedicated to taking J & K down. Then Julie wonders why people might call her “bitter or jealous.” Yes, Julie, you were waiting to see if your sister was going to get money. If she would have been given a contract, there would be no blog and you know it.

Then there is the excuse that she kept quiet because she wanted to save the relationship with the kids and that she still continues to talk through her sister for the same reason. If the conduct of the family had been different following alleged contract refusal, I might actually believe this. But given the amount of time Julie spends on GWoP attacking the Gosselins, she proves with every post that this is a lie. If she was so afraid of losing the relationship, she would never allow her sister to behave in such a catty, backstabbing manner. I do believe that Jodi valued the relationship, but she also, as it turns out, values money (and if you’ve seen the episodes that have featured her home, you will know that she is not exactly wanting financially).

So, Julie, I don’t think it’s so much the “truth” that breeds hatred as spite. And the “truth” that you are portraying is not setting anyone free. It’s just adding fuel to a dangerous fire while ensuring that the freedom of having a relationship with the children will never be enjoyed. If you are going to apply bible verses to yourself (maybe to further demonstrate the sainthood that Jodi enjoys) then apply this one “The love of money is the root of all evil.” Now that is truth.


Anonymous said...

What "family secrets' are you referring to that Juli spilled? I don't see her blog as spilling family secrets but more of an avenue to vent. If you had a sister that was being mistreated in front of millions of viewers wouldn't you do the same? None of us know the truth behind Kate's motives behind the whole money issue but to blame this whole thing on money is a reach. Sure, Jodi didn't react to gumgate during the show because she wasn't listening to Kate go ballistic on her end, she didn't hear Kate's condescending tone when she says "bless her heart, Jodi sure trys". These are some of the things, we as the viewers see and hear, we don't know how many times Kate has mistreated Jodi or if Jodi has mistreated Kate. The fact remains, Jodi is not on the show anymore, Jodi is not part of the children's lives anymore and Kate is the one responsible for it. Bottom line, Kate is controlling the situation through innocent children that deserve to have family members in their lives, especially ones that love them so.

Nina Bell said...


I did not write this article. The person who wrote it wishes to remain anon.

Nina Bell said...

But actually since you asked me, no I would have never done this and I do have a sister. She can speak for herself and if she chooses not to, then it should be left alone.

nomoredrama said...

What "family secrets' are you referring to that Juli spilled

I'm pretty sure family secrets is the phrase she used on her blog.

If you had a sister that was being mistreated in front of millions of viewers wouldn't you do the same?
Her sister didn't make this blog public after "gum gate." She made it public when Jodi was not offered a contract. She continues to post on GWoP and say things like "I've seen this and that."

to blame this whole thing on money is a reach.

Not so much, considering that none of this happened until after the money issue had happened.

These are some of the things, we as the viewers see and hear, we don't know how many times Kate has mistreated Jodi or if Jodi has mistreated Kate.
Very true, I agree with you here. But why is it ok to vilify Kate in all of this?

The fact remains, Jodi is not on the show anymore, Jodi is not part of the children's lives anymore and Kate is the one responsible for it.
Being on the show and being in the children's lives are 2 different things. Sure Kate may have pulled the plug on the show (for reasons we definitely don't have) but did she say Jodi couldn't be in their lives? Or did Jodi decide? Another think "we don't know"

Kate is controlling the situation through innocent children that deserve to have family members in their lives, especially ones that love them so.
This is an opinion for which the only evidence you have is the blog postings of an embittered family member.

anna said...

I wouldn't let Jodi see my kids either if I was Kate. If my sister in law was adding fuel to the fire by answering private questions about my family and posting them on the internet....hell no i wouldn't have anything to do with her. I would never run a public blog if someone was rude to my sister. My sister is a grown woman and if something was bothering her enough then she would handle it herself. My sister isn't scared to handle her own battles. I use to handle their battles when I was about 14, but some of us grow up! We're adults now. I think it is pathetic that they keeping accusing Kate of keeping the kids from if they really care about the kids. If Jodi and all these other people cared about the kids then they wouldn't be handling these matters over the internet. It should be handled in private. Julie is losing all credibility by posting to GWoP. She and Jodi just keep adding fuel to the fire. Kate has kept her mouth shut about everything, which is how the situation should be handled. Julie and Jodi are the two acting like children!

Anonymous said...

Anna said:
"Julie and Jodi are the two acting like children!"

How is Jodi acting like a child?

I just think it is ridiculous for anyone to believe that Kate's behavior on the show is appropriate for a grown woman and makes you wonder if she behaves like this on camera, how is she off camera? There will always be different opinions regarding the family, the show and TLC's portrayal of the family.

I don't know really know or care why the Gosselins have no friends or family to speak of but it is a sign that things are not right. Someone mentioned once, why is it that none of the Gosselin family or friends have not come to their defense? Where are they? Why are there only negative comments left from neighbors, former acquaintances and family members? You can't blame it on GWOP not posting it, there are plenty of other boards that would gladly post their comments. I can't believe that all these people are making things up, for what purpose?

nomoredrama said...

Actually, there are....

This was posted back in Nov by the REAL Beth...

Blog Fabulous

Yes, this was posted 9 months ago...I find it hard to believe that in less than a year Beth's opinion of Kate has shifted as drastically as the so called "BK" poster at GWoP.

And the "disgruntled family members"... Why is it that the place they are ALL drawn to is GWoP. Why did it take sooo long for even the National Enquirer to pick up the story and why, if there is so much validity to the story, have other more reputable magazines not picked it up and run with it?

I can't believe that all these people are making things up, for what purpose?
I wish I knew...I really do. If there was no hidden agenda then GWoP would let opposing view points through. They wouldn't allow misleading info that wrongly defames the Gosselins onto the website and they wouldn't reject posts with correct info to keep people in the dark....what purpose? The only one I can think of is malice...

Jenn said...

Anon 9:16
If anyone from the Gosselin's side did come forward and try to defend them, would you actually believe them?

MCB said...

Julie may have started out blogging to "stick up for her sister," but it has gone way beyond that now. I think the term "famewhore" applies to Julie now. She's getting attention and the GWoP posters have embraced her, encouraged her and even met her personally. She's seen as their "hero." They tried doing the same thing with Clairissa, Kate's youngest sister who blogged even before Julie did. Clairissa is the one child among Kate's siblings that still has anything to do with their parents, so the GWoPPERS thought they'd get good gossip out of her. They e-mailed her to gain her trust in the hopes that she'd spill good dirt on the Gosselins. But, alas, they kinda tired of her. She was way too religious and naive and they just didn't have the patience to deal with the crazy. They wanted the goods NOW. Along came Julie and they hit the motherload. Too bad girlfriend is enjoying her hero status too much to realize she's being used.

Personally, if I were Jon or Kate, I wouldn't let Jodi or Kevin near my kids until they were able to put a sock in Julie's mouth. Julie's "inside information" provides a security risk to those kids. She gives out personal information, plans and whereabouts. I always liked the episodes with Jodi and Kevin. They seemed like great people and were so good to the kids. However, if they can sit by and let Julie badmouth the family and put their nieces and nephews in danger? Then they're not the decent people I thought they were.

anna said...

Jodi is acting like a child because she is not talking to KATE about her problems. You see, that is the adult way to handle things. She is feeding info to her sister that may or may not be true. I personally could care less if it's true at this point. My mind is made up and I do not agreee with what they are trying to do to the Gosselins. Bad mouthing Jon and Kate is not helping any situation. If Jodi is so concerned about the cameras then why did she allow them in her house to film her children's bedroom as well?

Anonymous said...

Anna -
Kate does not strike me as the type of person you can "talk" to about their problems. But, what do I know?
All I can say is from what I see on the show, Kate needs to lighten up, I really don't fault them for trying to do the best they can with the cards they were dealt but what's wrong with being a little nice about it? Why always be such a crab? I can't say that I wouldn't grab all the opportunities that would enhance my lifestyle and especially if it included a better life for my children but show a little appreciation!!

anna said...

Well, Jodi didn't strike me as the type of person that would blast people on the internet. She has not said anything on the blogs, but she is feeding the info to her sister to blog about. I just think it is immature to do this. She should atleast try to talk to Kate about it. Sure Kate can be crabby at times. Who can't? I think she is grateful. It doesn't mean she is ungrateful just because she doesn't yell it from the highest roof top.

Anonymous said...

I read Julie's "wait and see" thing as wanting to see if Kate would in fact continue to allow Jodi to have a place in the children's lives. If so, she may not have wanted to disrupt that by venting what may have been legitimate gripes (I don't know personally, I have no knowledge of these people except the TV and blog stuff). My guess is that since there seems to have been more or less of a definite break, including the fact that Jodi will not be seeing the kids, then there is nothing to lose by venting.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to lose by venting? How about not hurting the kids, you know the people Jodi just adores so much. It just doesnt make sense for her to claim to love the kids and want to be in their lives and then give her sister permission to team up with the very people who stalk those same children.

Linda said...

Anon 7:51:

I remember reading in the GwoP comments that Jodi, Kevin and family had been to the tups 4 year old birthday party.

So I really don't know what to think.

On the one hand, supposedly Jodi is "okay" with getting all the dirt out, but wants to preserve her relationship with the kids.

How does continuing to send fuel to a blog and the National Enquirer preserve a relationship with the kids?

On the other hand, we've not heard from Jodi so I don't know if I believe that she is "okay" with it. Perhaps that is what Julie is telling herself.

Tyra said...

Thanks for a well-written post. I think it should be noted that 'Julie' has not posted on her 'Truth' blog since late July, but she's posted volumes of responses on GWoP as 'The Truth Will Set You Free'. Maybe Jodi is only aware of the blog, and doesn't realize how much feeding 'Julie' does at GWoP.

I think of 'Julie' in quotation marks, because she's either a complete fake: Her writing style is very similar to a couple of the GWoP founders, she provides 'confirmation' rather than new info, she claims she never watched the show, but knew all the catch phrases. OR she's just a phony about her motivations. As someone noted, she's enjoying the adulation at GWoP a bit too much to just be defending her sister.

nomoredrama said...

I read Julie's "wait and see" thing as wanting to see if Kate would in fact continue to allow Jodi to have a place in the children's lives.

Am I wrong are are the 2 main issues:

1. Not being compensated
2. Not being the caregiver for the children any longer.

In fact, Julie says

Although the refusal to allow Jodi to be compensated is ridiculous, the real reason members of the family are upset is the fact that Jodi is being replaced as the caregiver.

First, in all of this, the only people saying that Jodi was kicked out of the children's lives are the people at GWoP. Julie never reported that Kate said "Get out of our lives." I am involved in the life of my niece and nephew...heavily involved and, though I do provide some care, I'm not their nanny. You don't have to be the primary childcare provider to be involved in the lives of the children. Jon and Kate allegedly pulled the plug on her being the nanny....

Julie says A few days later, Jodi told Kate that she didn't care about the contract, and money had never been her motive. Kate twisted things around again. She said that she couldn't ALLOW Jodi to continue to be on the show because she wasn't going to get paid (because the network didn't care about her) and "Who would do that for free? Who would open their home, be filmed and not get paid?" Interesting, Kate--Jodi had been doing that for two years already, completely unaware that being paid was even an option.

To me, Kate's explanation does not seem "twisted" at all. She didn't want Jodi as an employee! (maybe she blamed the network as an out....maybe that part was made up) And if she had to have Jodi as an employee to have her on the show then she pulled the plug. Maybe she refused it two years ago for the same reason. Two years ago, Jodi was volunteering to care for the kids. Jodi ALLOWED the camera in her home and wanted to be a part of the show. She never wanted payment...just did it for love of the kids. I really believe that. Maybe it felt good to Kate that there was no motivation behind Jodi's involvement. Maybe she wanted to keep it that way. What family member gets paid for caring for their nieces and nephews?

I'm not saying I agree with Kate's actions. If I were in Kate's shoes, I think I may have made a different decision. However, when you are becoming "well-known" and have many people wanting to gets to be a guessing game, do they actually care or are they doing this for attention/or some other motive? Jodi's love of the kids was seemingly pure and she didn't want money then...why is it such a problem NOW that she wasn't paid?

Why would any of this matter (being featured on the show, money) to the point that you would go to such lengths to "shame" your own family?

****Ok, getting back to my actual job now, LOL!*****

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:16
If anyone from the Gosselin's side did come forward and try to defend them, would you actually believe them?

Will we ever have an opportunity to believe them or not? Where are they?

All I have to say is that there is not ONE person that is related to the Gosselins that has come forward. NOT ONE! All the Kate supporters are fans of the show, not one claims to know her personally as far as what I have read. Julie's motivation was to stand up for her sister, why doesn't Kate or Jon's sisters, brothers, parents, cousins, neighbors, friends, school friends, co-workers or anyone come to their defense. If Jon were my brother or Kate were my sister and I was reading all this crap about them, you bet I would be defending them as much as I could no matter the consequences unless there was nothing to defend! It doesn't add up.

As far as Beth's post goes, I have a feeling she regrets nominating Kate for mother of the year. Time will tell, the book is coming out soon and since they are both co-authors, there will be book signings and appearances they need to show up at together. Unless, Jon was added because Beth didn't want any part of sharing an audience with Kate.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:48, Beth didn't nominate Kate for Time's Mother of the Year, the author of the blog said she thought Kate should be nominiated.

When the show first started on the original Discovery Health forum there were a few people that said they were friend's of the Gosselin's. They had nice things to say about them. Since this was at the beginning before all the troll activity, I would tend to believe what they said was true.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:16 said:
All I have to say is that there is not ONE person that is related to the Gosselins that has come forward. NOT ONE!

Maybe those who know J&K are RESPECTING their privacy. Maybe they have asked everyone NOT to come forward. Consider it...

Linda said...

I agree with anon 3:20. Perhaps J&K have asked people to say nothing and their real support system is respecting their privacy and their personal boundaries.

Geez? Imagine that.

Also, I've got a question. It was written on one of these threads that the youngest Kreider sister is the only one who has contact with the parents. How do we know that? Is this information that people have gathered from reading the internet or is this something that J&K have addressed. For that matter, do we know if Kevin has contact with his parents?

Anonymous said...

How does anyone really know any of this? But I would really like to ask if it matters in the scheme of things? I understand knowing this could explain one way or the other, Kate's behavior towards her parents. But can you imagine how this family is feeling. To have their lives exposed like this. People can not point their fingers at Jon and Kate and say that they have opened themselves up to this. Because that only explains Jon and Kate taking the heat. Not the whole family.

nomoredrama said...

Anon 9:16...
You say Will we ever have an opportunity to believe them or not? Where are they? All I have to say is that there is not ONE person that is related to the Gosselins that has come forward.

Then a few paragraphs down you slip in As far as Beth's post goes, I have a feeling she regrets nominating Kate for mother of the year.

Sooo, hmmm, because Beth isn't family, her opinion doesn't count? Or are you just trying to make the qualification because earlier you were the same anonymous that said why is it that none of the Gosselin family or friends have not come to their defense?

Now that I've shown you a try to back track and say FAMILY hasn't come out. Then you try to throw in some junk about "Oh, Beth probably regrets saying that." It reminds me of a little kid who is losing game and when they take their turn and continue to lose, they try to change the rules or say "Oh, that didnt' count, that didn't count"

I think, like others have said, Kate has likely instructed friends not to speak out about this. She's probably following the advice of someone at TLC who doesn't want to see fans turned off by family members publicly warring with one another. She's letting these people show their true colors to the public....

The motives behind this attack are so transparent to anyone that doesn't have a vested interest in bringing the family down. If you want to live in the delusion that what Julie is doing is somehow honorable, then be my guest. But Denial is not a state that I want to live's already overcrowded.

scp said...

I don't care much for Kate (just from what I see of her on the show, not from the other gossip), but I think it's awful that Jodi would be OK with what her sister has posted on her blog and on GWOP.

She must be really angry with Jon and Kate and wants nothing more to do with them, because I would think that letting this happen has put the nail in the coffin of ever having a relationship with Jon and Kate and the kids again.

I wouldn't blame Jon and Kate for ending the relationship after what Julie has posted seemingly with Jodi's blessing.

FGF said...

It was written on one of these threads that the youngest Kreider sister is the only one who has contact with the parents. How do we know that?

Clarissa said so on her own blog and it was confirmed by Julie on her's. Papa Krieder is evidently a cruel control freak. According to Julie, Kevin will attempt being around them at holidays for his kid's sake, but it is very distant and strained. Kate will not even attempt it. Clairssa shares her parents very strict religious beliefs.

Linda said...

Thanks fgf for the information.

I've had my own issues with controlling family members. Sometimes it is best to strictly limit contact with them or to eliminate contact with them entirely which means that the children will not have an extended family that includes grandparents.

I think that nomoredrama has provided an interesting perspective by suggesting that Kate is probably (at the bottom of it all) a very anxious person. Being raised by a controlling parent could definitely make a person display anxious and controlling behavior.

Anonymous said...

I completely understand how at times it is in the best interest of both parties to limit visits from certain family members. If Kate's father is a control freak like someone mentioned, she has her reasons for eliminating him from her children's lives. She is a grown woman with a family of her own, it's her choice. Like the old saying goes "you can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family".
But, there is never any mention of any aunts, uncles, cousins or any other relatives. Granted, we only have a glimpse into their lives through their show but as I have stated in a prior post, something is not right. What about members of the community who are parents of multiples? What about his "mentor" that was on one of the episodes? Even if their comments were not published on GWoP, there are plenty of other sites to post, including this one.

Someone mentioned that perhaps they have asked their friends and family to stay quiet but you would think at least one person would have come to their defense. There is some awful stuff that is being said about this family, not just on GWOP but almost any reality tv board, parent board, private blogs and celebrity boards.

Also, it seems that Kate's parents were good enough to watch Mady and Cara when their mother was in the hospital on bed rest even though Jon was unemployed.

Anonymous said...

Why, according to some, is Kate evil for putting her family on camera for money, but Jodi completely innocent for wanting to do the same thing? Shouldn't the people who want JK&8 shut down be glad Jodi (and her children) aren't being followed by the cruel camera anymore?

Also, is it possible that Jodi just wanted more money than TLC was willing to offer? If what Julie reported is true, and the producers, etc. really wanted Jodi on the program, I think they'd be able to go above Jon and Kate's heads and basically insist that Julie be paid to be in the program.

Tyra said...

'Someone mentioned that perhaps they have asked their friends and family to stay quiet but you would think at least one person would have come to their defense.'

I did see one woman on the old TWoP board try to offer another side. Her daughter was a friend of Cara's. She was rewarded mostly with rudeness and disdain, and probably was eventually banned by TWoP for being 'off topic', the usual.

On her blog, Kate's sister Clairissa gave hints about the division in her family, but when the 'fans' discovered her blog, she stopped talking about the family's issues and refused to engage with GWoPpers who wanted her to join their army. That's a sign to me of some sense of loyalty toward her sister.

There are enough of the most prolific anti-Kate posters who are vociferous, relentless, and irrational. Family and friends would make no headway with them, and would get a lot of grief for their efforts. If they offer any hints of proof of who they are, they will be pursued and hounded by people who are willing to hunt down their identity, their addresses, etc. Who needs that? And for what? Think about some of the people they would be trying to 'convince'. There are people on the internet who have done things that reflect an 'end justifies the means' mentality, as in 'We're out to save the children, so it doesn't matter what we do to accomplish that', and don't respect any privacy boundaries. More than one poster at GWoP has bemoaned that they can't get their hands on the Gosselins' tax records, that they can't get into the bank records to see what's in the TAP funds of the kids.

Friends and family are smart to stay away, and offer their support where it matters. In the real world.

Linda said...

Anonymous 8:56 -

You make a great point. Why is it abusive and exploitive for J&K to be paid to have their lives filmed for monetary reimbursement, trips, etc, but when Aunt Jodi potentially can earn money for it she is not treated with the same disdain?

You'd think that the people from GwoP who have a problem with J&K supposedly exploiting their children who extend the same judgement to Aunt Jodi and in the very least say that she was "enabling" J&K.

scp said...

Tyra, I totally agree. If I knew the Gosselins and wanted to present a defense of them, after reading how some on GWoP track down private information about people, I would stay far away and wouldn't open myself up to them at all.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see this blog. What is going on re j/K plus 8 is like a mob mentality. It's snarky and nasty and seems to me to be a place to pick this family apart. Why? These people were approached to do this show. They said yes. I would say yes too with 8 kids and not much money to take care of them! And like EVERYONE who is in a series whether a documentary or fictional tale, they are compensated with payment. And about the trips people are complaining about...who would tune in if all we saw was the Gosselins in their house staring at each other day after day? Really folks. Get a life and turn off the TV if you don't enjoy the family. Nasty, nasty people out there sorry to say.

Anonymous said...


Papa Krieder is evidently a cruel control freak. According to Julie, Kevin will attempt being around them at holidays for his kid's sake, but it is very distant and strained.

Where has this been written????

Anonymous said...

I do believe Julie. However, it is very annoying that she "speaks" for Jodi.

FGF said...

Where has this been written????

Julie's comments, months ago, actually. She also said that Dad Krieder was given a horrible nickname by the family members. They call him "little Hitler."

Now, what's wrong with that picture? Not that they call the man that, because it must have a grain of truth to it because all five Krieder kids except for one have a distant relationship with him. No, what's really wrong with it is that Julie posts this kind of information where a bunch of people she doesn't even know, can read it. Unlike me, she has a personal connection and claims to love the family member who told her things like this, yet she betrays their trust by gleefully blabbing to gain hero status with a bunch of drama queens on the Internet. That's not sticking up for your sister. That's putting her in more hot water (and more on the outs with her husband's family) than she ever was before.

Many people (probably lurking GWoPPERS) ask "where are the people who are sticking up for Jon and Kate?" Well, there are other siblings in the family and they haven't said a word. Kendra and another sister (according to GWoP) don't talk a lot to Kate (one lives in another state), but they're not flapping their gums with strangers on the Internet, either. Oh, I'm sure the attempts are being made since they have Julie's inside information as to their identity and "super sleuths" spending 24 hours a day on the internet getting addresses and personal information on them all. But, unlike Julie, have managed to realize the dangers in the mob mentality and haven't jumped in to help make the Gosselins lives a living hell. Good for them.

There are families that just aren't close as some, and Kate's family strikes me as that kind. Jodi and Julie obviously find that strange, thus the need to find fault and gossip about it. It is all on how you were brought up, and it sounds like they weren't exactly brought up with nurturing parents. Control freaks are rarely nurturers (and yes, you can see where Kate got some of her control issues from) and four out of the five of the Krieder kids got out of dodge when they could. I also see Kate going in the extreme opposite direction as her parents by trying to make SURE her kids are close with all the "making memories" comments and experiences. It's like she's trying to give her kids what she didn't have herself growing up.

Of course, at GWoP, those are just reasons to criticize her for, ad nauseam.

bigsis88 said...

Has anyone else seen the video of Aunt Jodi on Julie's blog?

Anonymous said...

Yes, obviously the situations saddens her greatly.

anya said...

FGF said... "I also see Kate going in the extreme opposite direction as her parents by trying to make SURE her kids are close with all the "making memories" comments and experiences. It's like she's trying to give her kids what she didn't have herself growing up."

This has been my thinking for some time. It started with the film of J&K's honeymoon where she stated she had never been on a plane before. And some of the other stuff I have read (which I do take with a huge grain of salt, mind you), it appears to me the Kreiger household left some scars on the kids.

Kate - for all her faults - loves her kids and appears to have a real *need* to give them experiences she never had. This is why I can have sympathy for Kate even when she acts like an ass - there is a vulnerability under the surface.

I am going to stop psycho anaylzing now even though I could go on.... :)

FGF said...

See, the new Jodi/Julie video blog entry just seems to make matters worse. I mean, what was the purpose? I always believed Julie is who she says she is and never doubted her stories. I do, however, question her motives and her integrity. The video doesn't do anything to change that opinion, either. She's still telling family secrets to a bunch of strangers and made the entire situation worse for her sister. Does Jodi look happy? If you call trembling and on the verge of tears, happy, I guess. Julie sure looks proud! She thinks she's being validated in front of her new BFF's on the Internet (even if she has to exploit her sister's pain to do it). Yeah, nice job, sis.

GLO said...

"Bitter" Julie's smirk when she jumped into the camera frame just really grated me. WTF was that about?! If my sister, who I love dearly like "Bitter" Julie supposedly loves Jodi, was trembling and on the verge of tears, I wouldn't have a sh#@ eating grin on my face.

Barbara in VA said...

I know this probably isn't the place to post this, but I just walked in a room and saw the episode where J&K are reading e-mail sent them. Jon is saying everytime he does the shoulder twitching that Kate sometimes refers to he's giving a "shout out to his peeps". Now that's funny. No matter what else you have to say about Jon, he does have a really funny sense of humor about him.

GLO said...

Barbara in Va--I agree with you that Jon has a great sense of humor. It is so dry that I think some people don't get it, but I find him humorous.

Barbara in VA said...

Glo -- He mentioned that his dad was part Welsh and I'm wondering if some of his dry wit isn't from that Welsh UK connection because my relatives are also Welsh and English and have just the same type humor. That's probably why I get him. He'd be a riot to be around but, dare I say it, just him -- not Kate.

Guinevere said...

I actually think both Jon and Kate are funny. Kate's sense of humor is dry, too - and, while I'm not sure the haters get it, frequently self-deprecating. Whatever her faults, she has a lot more self-awareness about her "issues" than she is given credit for.

Anonymous said...

I get both sides....Jodi is more like myself peace keeper, loves children and wants to save everyone. Kate is more like my sil, drama, everyone owes her, jealous, materialistic, CRAZY. It was only a matter of time before Jodi had to set Kate straight. I had to tell my sil how I felt once. The issue that brought it to that point was over something so small. I just think Jodi has held in a lot of stuff and now it's an attack against herself. I'm glad to see someone has showed Kate she can be a witch. Jon is just like my bil spineless. I love Jon don't get me wrong. I feel sorry for him just like my bil.

JusRobin said...

Dude, I think this all is way out of control. We ALL are in an uproar about something that non of us really have a clue about. I feel like The Sister was wrong for possibly fighting a battle that wasn't hers to begin with, and I also feel like she has made the point that kate was trying to make. Jodi is timid, she couldn't speak for herself and hasn't spoken directly about the situation for herself,so I ultimately have no respect for her. Speaking of Jodi, why in the hell isn't anyone asking why didn't Kevin step in for his sister, and where is he in the midst of all of this. I think the show is great, I don't think the kids are being mistreated or ill informed of the world, and I think that we as viewers have to learn to seperate what's really reality tv and editing. That's all I have to say for now about this, until then, feel free to check out my blog!

Amy said...

The Truth Breeds Hatred blog has really gotten out of control. I think at this point they are trying to create a situation/ interest in Aunt Jodi so that someone offers her a book deal or something so she can tell "the real story of Jon and Kate plus 8".

Listen, I can imagine that being kates sister inlaw is no walk in the park. Its obvious kate has issues and is a control freak and is very very very condescending. I could imagine how HURT Jodi is especially if the story is true about Kate stopping her from getting paid...Lets face it...that would be the ultimate slap in the face...why wouldnt any decent person want to see their brothers family get money after all the help they've given them, right? So I can understand Jodi's annimosity. Even the people filming the show seem surprised at Kates antics sometimes. My personal biggest peeve about watching kate is in the chair intereviews when shes constantly correcting Jon for saying things wrong. Because he'll say something perfectly fine...just not the words she'd choose and she rips him a new one constantly. Honestly, lately when I watch these chair interviews I get the feeling that Jons look on his face when Kate is shutting him up or correcting him for the umpteenth time is saying "at what age do the kids have to be before I can get out of this marriage"

With that all that said...I think Jon and Kate are GREAT parents. We dont always set the best examples in behavior for our kids as we should - we all have problems and issues. They obviously want the best for their kids and Im sure they weigh the pros and cons of being on tv with their family. I would think the pros outweigh the cons. Look at all they have been able to do with their family...and Jon has been able to be home with them for so much of it. So freaking what if Kate gets a personal chef. And personal assistants and child care givers...I have a hard enough time taking care of 2 kids of different ages...I couldnt imagine 8 with 6 of them being the same young age. YIKES! The state I would be in I could never allow cameras into my home because it would be non stop yelling - it wouldnt be pretty.

So I can totally understand Jodi being very angry but you'd think you'd take these issues up privately and not on a blog that seems to be interested in stopping the whole show. There are so many benefits these kids get because of the show...even if you disagreed with the parents choice you wouldnt try to be the one to ruin it. If they were not doing the show...they may have more daily privacy but they are still well known...with the money they get from the show they can provide more security for the family, better education, a dad thats around more, tons of opportunities they would normally not have on the salary of some kind of computer guy.

Actually the more I think about it...Jodi must be very very very angry at Kate. And I would be too if what she says is true...and you could only imagine being the one of the recieving end of kates condescending tone. There must be much more to the story from Jodi's point of view.

But I guess my main point was to say that I can see clearly that they are GREAT parents who truely care about their kids and want the best for them.

Amy said...

jusrobin, WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I use to love Jon and Kate plus eight until this summer when it seemed like every episode the family was vacationing somewhere or going some place that to a typically family it might cost alot yet a family with eight kids has no problem having a very active life with 8 kids. I know the family get a lot of gifts but a family vacation for 2 weeks to the outer banks with a huge home. Trips to musicals, theme parks, nanny, it all adds up yet it appears Jon never works anymore has a personal trainer and they live the high life. The entire family was seen in Hawaii for jon and kate to renew their marriage who footed that costs? I recently just feel that Kate has this arrogance about her that she has 8 kids and is a great mother and has such a great life style..i must be nice to have everyone pay for your extravagant lifestyle.

Nicole K said...

First of all...I think a lot of people are wasting precious time on this matter that has nothing to do with them. But I will say...Jodi and her sister are bitter over the post says money is the root of all evil! If Jodi really loved the children she would have bit the bullet and just lived with the fact that she has no income from the show...which I don't think she should. Those kids are never going to understand why Jodi chose to abandon them and bad mouth their mother and father. Even if they get older and resent their parents for their lifestyle growing up they are never going to feel the same for Jodi because of her poor decision making...after all of this they are going to feel the same way about Jodi as they do their parents. If Jodi really loved those kids she would have never let her sister start that blog and she would have never done a video endorsing it. If Kate is a terrible person then Jodi is a terrible person...the worst of them all is Julie cause she had no involvement whatsoever yet still decided it was her place to make it her business.

So here are a few scriptures for Julie and Jodi:

A perverse man stirs up dissension, and a gossip separates close friends. Proverbs 16:28

Without wood a fire goes out; without gossip a quarrel dies down. Proverbs 26:20.

All of the blogs need to come down to end it...Julie and Jodi are staying mad because their lives revolve around the problem. If they spent as much time hatching a resolution as they do stoaking the fire this would have been done with months ago!

Nadia said...

Does anyone have the link to Kate's sister's blog? I've been trying to find it with no luck...

Lily said...

Who ever started this blog keeps saying that Julie started the blog not until after Jodi was rejected from getting a contract. The real reason, as Julie explains in her blog, and as you all should understand is that Julie posted the blog after Kevin confronted Kate who got upset and cut-off the kids from Jodi. Julie was upset about how Kate dealt with the whole thing. As I do too. That women needs help!

Haley said...

Finally!!! Another person with a blog that is for jon and kate! i hate all the negative stuff that people make up about them. it ticks me off so bad!!! i wish that people would mind thier own business, stay out of their lives, and enjoy the show.