Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Word of Caution

I would just like to extend a word of caution here. Please be very careful about the information you provide about yourself here. There are several ways to post comments. You can post comments by selecting Anonymous. You can select Name/URL and type in a name you would like to use each time you post. Or you can create an account with Google and when you post your Google/Blogger ID name will show every time automatically. This is free and no personal information needs to be provided. This is information that the majority of you already know.

I do not believe providing information about the area of the country where you live, your occupation or how many children you have is a problem. There are several reasons people posting here have had problems. One blogger who had created a “blogger name” on another site where she had been posting for a while used the same “blogger name” here. A person who had been blocked from stalking and harassing her on that site came across her “blogger name” on this site and attempted to do the same thing here. She has since changed her identity and this person has stopped.

We had another situation last week where someone gave out information on another site they enjoyed and had been a member of for sometime. She gave out her “ blogger name” for that site and invited people to join in on their conversation. Also her Google/Blogger ID name she was using here linked back to a personal blog which of course included some personal information. Needless to say, someone who didn’t like her opinions went on the other site and wreaked havoc posting under her identity. She even went on My Space and attempted to do the same thing. The person who was doing this had an ax to grind with me also and she had been bombarding me with abusive comments that I did not post. However I was able to determine her IP address and this information was shared with the other site. It was determined she was the same person and she was blocked from that site.

The above bloggers mentioned were not at fault. They were just two trusting women expressing their opinions. Both of them were able to experience a very small dose of what the Gosselins are on the receiving end right now.

Obviously my name is not Nina Bell (I have mentioned this before and I am sure someone has tried to google my now deceased grandmother after I posted that information to try to find out my identity) and I try not to give out any personal information. I do get e-mails and some I feel are from people trying to bait me so I answer very cautiously at first. The advertising that you have seen on this site is not paid advertising. I was just trying to help friends and family out that own small businesses. However some links have been taken down due to some minor harassment. Proud Papa Gifts decided to stay on even though they have received phone calls and e-mails trying to find out who I am.

I will do my best to try and protect people posting here. I feel it is necessary to moderate all comments because of what I have discussed today. There will be times that comments might take several hours before they appear because of this.
Please don't take this as an anti-GWoP message. These people come out of the woodwork and frequent all sites.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, this is all very good advise. I hope this service will be offered to all who need it in the future. When I had my problem with a cyberharasser on a J&K blog (and there were 2 of us being affected at the time) there was no help offered even though we asked for it. I had to go to the police for help. I believe it is the same site you mention on this post.

As I stated, I hope help will be offered for all who seek it and people will respect that others do have the right to a different opinion without being threatened.

Thank you.

MCB said...

Unbelievable. I am glad you were able to get an IP address and report the psycho. Truly pathetic. They even harassed the innocent people who's merchandise you displayed on your blog? Not only pathetic and twisted, but criminal.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your thoughtfulness in not only protecting posters but taking the time to explain your policy.

All this from a tv show. There are some truly scary people out there.

Anonymous said...

What is to be gained by doing that kind of thing, I want to know? Cyber-bully type of thing, I guess. That is a darn shame. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Isnt impersonation illegal? I think I would at least contact some local authorities to see if there is any recourse.

Betty said...

Thank you. I've encountered such people on my blog also. You're right they just seem to get a kick out of attacking and harrassing people. You have your deceased grandma (my sympathies) and I use my deceased MIL. Ironic isn't it?

Life is just much safer when not too much info is shared around. On a side note a woman I only know online had people call and email her parents and her pastor after she both let too much personal info out and posted a few too many harsh and very critical posts on a different TV show. Ouch.

Anonymous said...

I really, really like your bit in red at the end.

Do you know that there are people out there who love to come onto blogs and just rile people up? They find it entertaining.

Please don't assume that that person is a "troll or lurker from GWOP"... they may just be someone out to mess with your mind for a bit. If you take the bait, that's your fault.

Anonymous said...

Just like it will be J&Ks fault when some freak from the internet kidnaps one of the kids, right? Always blame the victim!

Please don't assume that that person is a "troll or lurker from GWOP"... they may just be someone out to mess with your mind for a bit. If you take the bait, that's your fault.

amy said...

i guess my post got lost in "cyberspace"....

i just wanted to take the time to thank you nina for bringing this topic to our is much needed!

cyberstalking, harrasing, threats, bullying shouldn't be tolerated. it goes above and beyond any realm of sanity! it is certainly irreverant to say the least.

i'm still scratching my head over someone contacting "Papa Gifts"??? what was this person trying to accomplish really?

and mady is the one in need of a "psychological intervention"???

MCB said...

Once thing I've noticed, is that the number of replies in the comment section have certainly gone up once this blog was "outed" over at GWoP. I'll bet when Ninabell checks the site meter, the number of actual hits has increased, as well.

Unfortunately, with that increase, comes the crazy and everyone needs to be careful of that. Just make up a name that has nothing to do with your actual name, e-mail address, myspace page or AIM screen name. Use it here, only. Ninabelle is not going to give out posting information to anyone. This way, you don't have to "blend in" with all the "Anonymous" postings. Making up an obscure screen name for use HERE ONLY should keep you perfectly safe from the crazy.

amy said...

well, i don't know where to post this...but since it has to do with certain ppl pertaining to this article i'm posting it here! i certainly don't want to be negative, but of course, i get peeved when i read such crap!

by now, we know of another J&K bashing site...big *SIGH* here. i refuse to put their link up and give them any sort of plug!

however, they have taken the gracious liberty of giving THIS, nina's, site more traffic by having a link to THIS site THERE...thank you, thank you!!! i'm sure nina seconds me in that applaud to the inadvertant marketing she has received!

to my point...they have this lovely article over there where "etown" and "manda" have commented on this site and nina herself. so, i left a comment in response to theirs and i KNOW it won't be i will leave it here where i also KNOW they WILL read it b/c of their twisted obsession with J&K and certain posters as well...

nina, don't feel bad posting this b/c some names were mentioned...they don't have a problem mentioning yours!

once again...this was a comment i left on ANOTHER site...


you have found a new home here...great!

first, you found GDNNOP site and made up an altercation that you had with have since left b/c the admin. called you out on not even living in the same state!

second, you now have found this site and want to wine once again. what i find so hilariously funny is that you've never heard of GWOP, but you have visited BOTH of these sites....RRIIIGGHHHHTT!

third, YES, i'm sure GWOP would be on you like white on rice b/c they LOVE ppl with made up stories!


you cloaked on the IMP blog and got caught, you have found a new home here as well. i am sooo sorry that sites like IMP blog and GDNNOP are a bit classier than ones that will allow ppl to stalk others (manda, yes you stalked me) or pretend to be living "another street" over from the G's (etown), when in fact you're in a whole 'nother state!

i'm glad to be a part of those OTHER blogs....good luck with this one. watch who you let post here :) "

Anonymous said...

I wrote a long response and then lost it so I will just add that at this point, after reading a couple boards of Kate haters, I will happily give J&K a love offering to go towards some body guards. I wish I didnt fear for this family so much and I wish I didnt know how many scary people there are in this world. Its simply not normal to outright make up lies and stalk people you do not like from television. The fact that these people can not see that their behavior is *at best* demented, is the most disturbing part.

you cloaked on the IMP blog and got caught, you have found a new home here as well. i am sooo sorry that sites like IMP blog and GDNNOP are a bit classier than ones that will allow ppl to stalk others (manda, yes you stalked me) or pretend to be living "another street" over from the G's (etown), when in fact you're in a whole 'nother state!

Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate but true, the Gosselins may soon need bodyguards. I can honestly say from what I have read on the internet, most of the comments are opposed to the way the Gosselins are allowing to have their children grow up on tv.
Honestly, if any of you were in their shoes at this point, would you continue with the show? Don't you think they have earned enough money to walk away? I really wonder what the final straw will be for Jon and Kate to realize that their first priority should be the safety of their family. I am only speaking for myself but if it were my family, I think I would find it difficult to walk away from the income and perks the show brings but ultimately I would hope I would choose to walk away. What would you do?

Nancy said...

I will happily give J&K a love offering to go towards some body guards.
Why on earth would you give a "love offering" to millionaires? Jon and Kate can afford to pay for bodyguards.
In the grand scheme of things, this show is small potatoes. It's not shown on a major network, and its appeal is limited rather than something "everyone" would watch. Jon and Kate are not as famous as they think they are, and I really don't believe they need bodyguards. Just as an example, nobody in my entire family (except DH and me) has ever seen the show nor are interested in seeing it. How many people do you think are really "out to get" them?

Guinevere said...

How many does it take? It's not the quantity; it only takes one of them feeling that she needs to rescue "her Joely" for something bad to happen.

I'm not saying it would. But the level of hatred and irrationality displayed by some of these women is disturbing.

anya said...

Nancy, you don't *really* believe the poster was serious do you? Me thinks she was being facetious.

Please do not operate under the assumption that we are stupid regarding the Gosselin's current financial position. I don't know if they are "millionaires". I haven't seen their completed W-2's (I am sure there are several haters working on that as we speak), but clearly they are doing well financially. Guess what - don't care!

As for whether the Gosselins should obtain bodyguards, I copied this from an active post on another Gosselin board regarding a possible move:

"Any sale of land is recorded at a registry of deeds. Most registries now have on-line viewing of records. You could try the gosselin name at the NC registries to see if anything pops up. Keep the search broad, if there are cash sales property transfers can get cute and not actually involve a deed (there can be transfers of ownership of a company that may own property in which case a new deed may not appear)."

I shudder to think what certain folks might do with this information when they obtain it. ...."Hang on, I'm coming to resuce you Joely."

anya said...

And we have more goodies from a certain Gosselin blog:

"Does anyone know what county in NC that the Gosselin's are moving to? I don't need specifics, just the county. Figure 8 is located in Carrboro, NC according to their website and that is in Orange County, but there is no property in that county under Gosselin, Figure 8, TLC, or The Learning Channel's name. I've searched all the nearby counties and have found nothing. County real estate and tax assessment records can be searched for free and many counties put them on line. I already found their house in PA through tax records so I was trying to do the same in NC so we can see acreage and land values and such." STALKING going on here....

amy said...

are you freakin' kidding me???

my word! and the Gosselin blog actually posted this absurd comment? just proving our point even more, thank you!

anya said...


You bet they did. I was only on the site about a minute before I found these two posts. I'm sure there are more.

You know they are all just DYING to be the first one to find the information and share it with everyone.

Yucky. Very yucky.

FGF said...

Unbelievable. So, they really don't see any kind of line being crossed with that behavior?

What was that phrase someone at GWoP made about "dying a little inside when a Gosselin defender doesn't 'get it'?"

Yeah, well, honey, THAT kind of behavior makes the 8 pound 10 ounce Baby Jesus cry. (thank you, Ricky Bobby)

Guinevere said...

Heh. It was with Talledega Nights that I had to finally embrace my Will Ferrell love. I like dumb humor; so sue me.

I'm not surprised that they are busily trying to track down info on the new Gosselin homestead (if it even exists). I'm curious what excuse they would give for the stalking, but from what I've seen so far, they GWoPpers are very disingenuous about their behavior: "Oh no, nothing weird here; we're just curious" or "Well, you all adore the Gosselins so much, I would think you'd be DELIGHTED to have the inside scoop." Nothing explains the avidity with which they track down and post these details, though.

Anonymous said...

Amy said:
"i am sooo sorry that sites like IMP blog and GDNNOP are a bit classier"

Amy, are you referring to the Imperfectparent blog? You say that blog is classy? I couldn't think of a tackier blog. I've been to that site and also to their community forum. They are nothing but a bunch of bullies who can't have a decent conversation without personal attacks and so many of them claim to be christians. Cracks me up! Especially some poster who claims to be a grandmother. What a joke! What kind of grandmother talks like her? At least on here, there are no personal attacks and no bullying but if you're talking about the imperfect parent blog, you are seriously mistaken by saying they are "classy". If you are referring to another site, I apologize and really would like to visit a "classy site" so can you post a link?

amy said...


i just read your comment...

the creator of IMP blog allows posters to state their opinion whether it's PRO or CON against kate or the show. the conversations tend to get heated and, yes, sometimes namecalling ensues.

i would challenge you to re-read what others have to say and see if you find any VALID attacks there. ppl state their opinion and when it differs from others, they whine and complain that they're being attacked, when all it is an opposing opinion!

i just recently brought this up on the blog, b/c it bugs the dickens out of me that someone can't tolerate an opposing opinion and therefore calls it an attack. really, what does an attack look like to you?

this is what an attack looks like to me:

"you are such an idiot, you are so wrong and stupid" yada yada yada...

but, just by someone disagreeing with someone else is NOT an attack.

as far as my classy comment, they do have moderators that assist with cloakers and namecalling.

what i meant by that, is that nina nor the mods or creator of IMP blog would allow a cloaker, such as the person i described above, to stalk someone. this stalker has found a new home, and she can stay there on a blog that allows NOTHING but trash.

does that help?

Anonymous said...

Thanks that sure helps, I took your advice and re-read some of the blogs and sure enough some woman named Grandma called someone a liar among other things. It sure looked like a personal attack to me just like what you're describing. Thanks for validating me thoughts.

amy said...

you're welcome, i bet a million dollars you post on IMP!

anywho-you missed my responded to my post regarding cloakers and stalkers right?

i'm simply saying that IMP blog does not allow that, nor does this blog...therefore, IMO, they have a bit of class!

as far as comments go, how annoying and pointless would it be if IMP and this one regulated so much as to only allow one sided comments...uugghhh!

i did concede that conversations do get heated on IMP. if everyone agreed and was HAPPY-HAPPY-JOY-JOY all the time, then what's the point?

Anonymous said...

Nope, you lose a million dollars (cashiers check,

But, I might take you up on it and start posting if people are nicer on there than they are on here. Thanks again.

amy said...

dang! i'll work on that check for ya ;)

come on and join us...let me know when you get on board. give me a shout out! i'm "ambull"...

btw, i LOVE this site (GDNNOP)!!!

nomoredrama said...

I cannot handle IMP. It gives me more of a headache than GWoP and its a BITCH to navigate. No thanks, I'll stay here....