Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Off Topic - How's your haiku?

Submitted by "Mom"

Remember those 5-7-5's of yesteryear? Feel free to show your creative side - be it J&K or not! Enjoy!

I'll start with a "mommy-ku"

Mealtime for baby
Eating every morsel, not!
Sneaking it to dog!


Anonymous said...

Grit your teeth and dig in -life's bill of fare-
is not all that bad!

Nina Bell said...

Haiku Poety

Meaningful thoughts

shrink-wrapped in

a few choice words.

Mom said...

Okay - so I went through a haiku phase. Here are a few more. I'm going to work on a J&K one tonight over oreos and milk!

[More Mommy Ku's]

Underneath my bed
Big monster, I'm sure of it Mommy, I can't sleep!

Night without the babe
Alone with spouse for dinner Nodding off to sleep

Sweats, robes and slippers
Chic flick playing on TV
Lab makes good headrest

[Eighties ku's]

The brat pack was hot
Emilio, Rob, Matt, C.,
Tom was sane back then

Headband, leg-warmers
Physical with Newton John
Thought I was so cool

Someone shot J.R.
Crystal and Alexis brawled
Michael had a nose

Mom said...

Clever Nina
Ku'ing in
"4-3-4" prose

Hey Nina - just think if everyone had to post their comments in haiku? LOL - it would probably make your job a little easier!

Anonymous said...

Not a haiku, but here's what's passing for poetry on another site.

(By someone named Marina, apparently a middle schooler playing with rhyming words)

Just one more child . . .
And then there were eight.
Love should have grown,
but there’s too little, too late.

Just one more child . . .
No safe place to go.
“The show is our life.
Our life is the show.”

Perform for the camera.
Just one more take.
“Just do what you’re told!
There are memories to make!”

Just one more episode . . .
“Pick up the pace!”
Childhood vanishes
without a trace.

Just one more season . . .
Just one more year . . .
Just one more child . . .
Just one more tear . . .

ilovehaiku said...

The wrecking ball may

demolish my old school, but

not my memories

Nina Bell said...

Rolling stones gather
no moss-but who wants to be
covered with green moss?

Mom said...

Debating the truth
Speculation at it's best
Could it all be lies?

Mom said...

Littlest girl's BFFs
too many to count

Anonymous said...

leads the way to

anya said...

Anonymous said...
Not a haiku, but here's what's passing for poetry on another site.

Do you know I saw that too and felt so sick to my stomach I almost went and lay down on the laundry room floor!

anya said...

Mom said...
Littlest girl's BFFs
too many to count

Awww, aldergators. Mom, that is so cute!

Guinevere said...

Saccharine poems make
Guinevere so very sad
Why Marina why?

Guinevere said...

Professor Aaden
Like a dragon in glasses
Except when they're lost.

Anonymous said...

I'm new here. I've read a little GWoP (hate the ugliness and nit picking) and I've read PennMommy. I'm still supporting the G's simply because they haven't told their side. PM claims the show and website are "their side" I totally disagree with that. I thought this website was just a fan site but I read Becky's post on PM's blog and she seems to be a "pro Gosselin" who actually knows them. I must say there are very few of them out there (I've not seen any...maybe bc I'm looking in the wrong places..GWoP & PM). Are there any posts here from people that actaully KNOW the G's or have had encounters with them. How refreshing it'll be to hear good stuff for a change.

Ilovethis said...

Mouse in my garage

don't tell me about your rights

your days are numbered

MCB said...

Marina has been
listening to Mommy whine
with kooks on the web

Gumgate, Cupcakegate,
Too many gates to keep up with.
Internet crazies.

MCB said...

Life in the Fish Bowl
Obsessed blogs going too far
Bodyguards Needed

Success breeds hatred.
Relative with axe to grind
Whining on a blog

Cute kiddies screeching.
Mom freaks out. She needs caffeine.
Oblivious Dad.

Kuromi said...

Mom, you are a brilliant haiku-writer! Especially loved the Brat Pack, Alexis, and Gosselin-speculation poems.

Anonymous said...

Wise old owl admits
nothing-answers questions with
questions-Who? Who? Who?

Anonymous said...

Haiku - the
original Japanese

Poet said...

Summer and winter
flaunt extreme temperatures
autumn wins my vote

Anonymous said...

Jon and Kate plus 8
causing gossip on the web
nothing else to do