Wednesday, October 22, 2008


What are you doing this year for Halloween?
What costumes are your kids or grandchildren going to dress up in?
Do you dress up or do anything special?
Any special memories of Halloween past?


Hembie said...

I have 9.5 month old twins.

I plan to dress my daughter up as a bee and my son as a monkey.

It's obviously their first Halloween and I'm very excited.

MonicaW42 said...

Well since my son is 20 years old and my second husband and I have been unable to have children, our cat it going to be a chicken and our dog is going to be mouse. And yes Im taking them to Petco for Halloween as I have the past 2 years. Yeah laugh. Its pretty sad.

As far as a special Halloween memory? That would be when I was 5 all the way to 10. My parents always took us to carnivals and I had so much fun. I miss the days of school actually having Halloween parties instead of Fall or Octoberfest parties. Im just old school I guess.

Congrats on your twins Hembie. You are gonna have a blast even though they are so young.

cali-mom said...

My 3 yr old is going to be a lady bug, my 8 yr old son is going to be a ninja, and my 10 almost 11 yr old daughter hasnt decided what she wants to be yet, but plans to make it herself. It will be intersting. Yes, I do like to dress up, but I havent in the last couple of years.
My senior year in HSchool, was a great memory, it was the last time I dressed up for school and all my friends had a big huge bon fire & party. Most of my Halloweens are fond memories.

Guinevere said...

monica, I don't think it's pathetic at all. I'd dress up my kitties, but one is hard to catch, the second would scratch my eyes out if I tried, and it just seems too mean to do it to the third one by herself.

mom 2 b said...

I know this might hit a cord but my boyfriend and I have a great sense of humor and think its pretty funny. he is going to be a monk and i am going to be a nun (a pregos nun LOL) i know i know we're going to hell LOL. his older son (9) is going to be a zombie doctor and his yonger one (8) is going to be an army ninja. my neice is gong to be a pretty witch my mom is makeing her costume. next year i'll have my bundle of joy and we plan on being Fred Wilma and Pebles Flinstone. LOL

MommyZinger said...

A cat as a chicken and a dog as a mouse! That's hilarious!

My 4 year old will be a monkey and my 10 month old will be an elephant. My 3 year old hasn't decided.

I've never been one of those gung ho halloweeners so I won't dress up as anything. My husband and I have too many kids to be going to any halloween parties.

Some people get so into it. My neighbors have had their house decorated for the past two weeks. I think it IS the most fun holiday, though.

SamanthaNC said...

Our 5 year old is going to be super girl! We will be attending her school's fall festival and our church's Trunk-or-Treat event, I can't believe it's already this time of year again!

Rufus said...

Yay Halloween! My 7 year old son is going to be Obie Wan Kenobi specificaly from Episode 3 (don't ask, cuz I don't even know) and my 2 1/2 year old son is going to be a pirate. Both are beyond excited although the little one keeps asking, "Why they wanna give me candy?". My youngest son's preschool doesn't celebrate the holiday, but my older son's school has an all school Halloween parade every year and all the classes have Halloween parties. It's loads of fun for them.

GLO said...

I bought the cutest Tigger costume for my 7-moth-old daughter. I can't wait. I will be taking her back to my hometown Halloween night to do trick-or-treating, since I have to be back on Saturday for a concert.

My favorite Halloween memory was my sophomore year of high school, when a bunch of us played hide-n-go seek in an old cemetery. It was very spooky and very fun.

Ancient of Days said...

I'll watch Young Frankenstein and keep the lights off and the windows shuttered. I want to avoid at all costs another round of "cereal killers." That shtick has gotten old!

Love the precious baby in the pumpkin suit!

Nina Bell said...

Halloween has always been my favorite time of the year. My kids are older but when they were young we would decorate the outside of the house and my husband would hook up speakers outside and we would play scary music. We also did the dry ice in water and placed it in the ivy in our front yard. All the kids would say we had one of the scariest houses.

Mom on the Run said...

5-year-old son will be Darth Vader. He does not know Stars Wars well as he has not seen the movies, but all his kindergarten friends play SW at recess.

10-year-old daughter will be a "Candy Corn Witch." She is at an age where the children's costumes are too babyish and the teen costumes are too revealing and quite honestly a little "skanky." The witch costume was a compromise.

12-year-old daughter thinks she will be a sailor, but does not have a costume. Wants to find things around the house. She is looking forward to trick-or-treating with a friend. She hates candy, so I get first dibs on all Snickers...yay me.

Mom on the Run said...

As I was driving one day last week, my 10-year-old asked what her costumes were for each year. We had such fun trying to figure out who was what and in what year. The kids thought it was funny that they all were Winnie the Pooh. My oldest was Winnie the Pooh two years in a row. It was a cute costume and I couldn't bear to see it not worn. My husband insisted I retire it!

Road2Madness said...

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year! :)

9 year old daughter will be Jedi from Star Wars.

5 year old daughter will be Hannah Montana (ugh....not too fond of that idea since it seems like every other little girl around here is dressing up either as Hannah Montana or Sharpay from High School Musical).

1 year old black pug will be a bat and will join the girls trick or treating. :) I have two other older pugs but they are not fond of costumes so why bother. :)

Mom said...

"C" is for cookie - that's good enough for me!

Yes, my little dude is going to be Cookie Monster this year (his second Halloween). We're going to bake cookies next week and deliver them (in costume) to our close neighbors, Grandparents and family. Cookie is one of his favorite words!

Halloween is my H's favorite time of year! We've been watching "scaries" (scary movies) all month long.

I have found now that I can't watch the ones where it involves children now that I have a toddler. I could only get so far with several of them this year and had to walk away. Funny how mommyhood can do that to you, isn't it?

Happy Halloween all!