Monday, October 6, 2008

In Support Of The Real Truth

A lot of people are wondering about our silence regarding the Penn Mommy situation. We have been asked why we haven't offered our condolences. Well, the truth is we suspect this Penn Mommy thing to be a complete and utter scam. We've been silent for a long time about our suspicions but, now, it has gone too far.

We're posting what we know, not because we need to be believed but because, at this point, holding back this information would be wrong.

In August, someone visited our blog stating she was a neighbor of the Gosselins. There was no one from PA on the sitemeter and that information was posted. This person stated she was visiting "her mom out of state". The following morning she returned and wanted to explain herself. Due to the low traffic on this blog, we were able to isolate this person's IP address to Bakersfield, CA. She consequently showed up on other boards for a short time. She then disappeared.

Penn Mommy started her blog in September. People who frequent this blog were skeptical. They posted on her site and had many questions. Shortly after this, someone who had only posted here for a few days emailed a mod at this blog. She was asking questions and attempting to find out what was known. In her email, she asked if we thought it could be Etown Mom and "didn't you guys have her located in CA?" That information had never been given out, not even to the other moderator at that time. Our antennas immediately went up. This person has never posted since.

Subsequently, Penn Mommy's son who was a student in Los Angeles became sick and she needed to rush to California.

We were suspicious and continued to monitor the sitemeter. Posters with the screen names of Karen and Becky Haas appeared on our site in support of Penn Mommy. They posted in the middle of the night which made it easy to identify their IP address. When they posted, they were the only people on the site. Becky Haas stated she was friends with both the Gosselins and Penn Mommy and had a child die early of meningitis. Their IP address was the same and belonged to Bakersfield, CA.

Bakersfield is 115 miles and approximately a 2 hour drive from Los Angeles.

Although we were suspicious of this IP address for many weeks, we did not have it confirmed as Penn Mommy until she posted here herself on September 26th – Comment # 6. Again, she posted late in the evening and it was very easy to trace who was posting. William Haas also posted on this site on 09/28/08. The sitemeter showed the same IP address on for a short period of time when his comment was posted.

To date this IP address has posted under the names PennMommy, Becky Haas, Karen, Jhawksgirl1 and anonymous.

JHawsgirl1 also posted on our site on 9/28 claiming that she had a comment that did not go through. As stated above, her IP was the same as Penn Mommy. A google search of her screen name yielded some interesting results.

We received a tip from one of our bloggers who had found this website: CLICK HERE. Which belongs to none other than jhawksgirl1.

This person also is the owner of this website: . Her writings are similar to the writer known as Penn Mommy.

She is also a member of TWoP.

Penn Mommy started this blog several days ago: There is a picture of her deceased son Jason on it.

Jhawksgirl/Possum Momma also has this picture of this young man on her public Picasa Web Album that appears to be recently added.

JHawksgirl/Possum Momma has several blogs on a variety of topics and posts on a number of message boards. One blog in particular solicits gifts with a link to a "wish list" on Amazaon for gifts for her children who have been ill and hospitalized in the past.

These children are all minors.

On this particular blog, the poster states that her five-year old daughter had recently been stricken with appendicitis. The name and age of the daughter are identical to that mentioned in an email from "William" that mentions the girl as a second cousin who is also ill with appendicitis.

JHawskgirl1 from Bakersfield, CA does indeed exist as she and her family have been featured in print media.

On one of her profiles, she is linked to some discussion blogs about bloggers who fake illnesses and even death.

The following excerpt is from the above-mentioned blog and was feature on September 18th: XXX discovered xx's post.

"To say he was pissed was putting it mildly. (Note: When will fundamentalist christians understand that screaming about a contrary review only proves that they have no grasp of the scientific method or logical discourse?) XXX starts spamming the blogsophere, crying foul! He even stoops to the level of sock puppeting his own opinion piece articles in a newspaper. Then, when xx will not be bullied or badgered...he goes to wikipedia (allegedly) and starts falsely manipulating and editing xx's wiki entry. When he's caught, because of the fact that he doesn't understand what "IP" is, he freaks. Now, forget the fact that, by now, he's completely screwed with someone who did nothing more than review his paper. Forget the fact that he has called xx a pedophile and all matter of horrible claims. This week, XXX has his attorney send a "cease and desist" letter to xx. Oh yeah! Despite the fact that XXX is completely responsible for his internet credibility at this point...he sics his lawyer on xx."

On September 20th, the following appeared on PennMommy's blog:

"Second, my husband called to give me the news that we got a certified letter on Friday. The letter was from an attorney who was asking us to "cease and desist" keeping this blog. It states, in part, that the "blog, while factual, is causing my client(s) harm". It does not state what sort of "harm". It goes on to say that this is not a "legal request" but a "request of courtesy". It begs the question, then, why it uses the term "cease and desist"."

Is this all one big coincidence? You decide.

Please note any comment that identifies the above-mentioned blogger will not be published.


cali-mom said...

I just got through posting on the Q&A post about being tired of hearing about Penn Mommy.
And then you all posted the 2 recent blog entries. All I can say is WOW! I literally gasped and my mouth was totally wide opened as I was reading both blog entries. I'm so new to the blogging world, I'm just speechless.

Thanks for posting the new information.

lulubae said...

Wow. Just. Wow.

I commend you ladies for keeping your cool and grace through it all. People forget that the internet is no way "real life". We cannot see anyone through keyboards or monitors. People could be whomever they want. You cannot take any at face value.

It seems to me like some people in California would be served better by refocusing all that energy and passion into strengthening relationships with those closest in proximity to them. If they did that, as opposed to fabricating stories or just perpetuating hate, this world would be a better place.

Holly said...

I really don't know what to say right way or the other. I am a bit stunned.

FYI, the blog created in memory of Jason is now gone.

Jenn said...

I feel like I'm in a soap opera!

I honestly don't know what to believe.

BTW, the picasa pic is gone.

HBIC8u said...

Yeah, I'll bet it is.

SamanthaNC said...

Hey guys-
It may be my fault the blog has been removed- I'm sorry. In anger I left a comment on

SamanthaNC said...
Are you aware that you've been identified as Penn Momy, by GDNNOP?

She commented 4:22 at
Possummomma said...
I wasn't aware until a few minutes ago that there's this accusation. I do know her. She's an extended family relative. Why?

And now the new PM blog is gone.It was there a few moments ago. I'm sorry guys. I felt betrayed, I wanted an answer. I guess I have it.

lulubae said...

Well, for being an extended family member, she sure was made aware pretty quickly. These posts have been up for what, half an hour?

Dara said...

I'm really pondering all this! It is definitely hard to know what to think now. We all know that Pennmommy said her son was named Jason Haas. Has anyone in the Elizabethtown, Pa area commented about Jason's passing online, such as on Topix forums or any other local discussion groups? It seems to me that something would be out there about his death, even if the obit was not published. I'm thinking about type sites and social networking sites. I wish that there was definite proof to show that Jason existed. Before it didn't matter because I wanted Pennmommy's family to have space and time to grieve! I am so sad to think that this was a hoax. Did Julie talk to Pennmommy or did she meet her? I know she was vouching for her.

HBIC8u said...

Yeah, where is Julie fact-checker?

Guinevere said...

We are not posting comments from the woman who calls herself Possummomma/Penn Mommy. Nor comments that quote her words on her other blog. We're not trying to stifle discussion, but we've decided that we do not want to give her a voice. All she has done so far is lie, and it's caused a lot of harm.

marci said...

Thanks for taking the time to sift through all this information. I have to admit, I suspected this was the case. Sad.

I wondered why the GWOP moderators, besides the initial posting of the link to PM's blog with the PM's first comment and the final memorial thread, never had anything else to say about nice, big "link to" button on the right to take you directly there like there is for Julie's blog...very little obvious support in "openly" posting over on PM's blog.

Could it be they had the same suspicions and didn't want to give their full support?

Anya said...

Hi SamanthaNC.

You have nothing to be sorry about. You were another victim of someone who enjoys playing with other's emotions.

Frankly, she has pretty much acted as expected after the "outing." Luckily, I know the moderators here thought everything out pretty well in advance.

You can be assured that if there is more information to share that has been verified, they will share it with you all. You deserve that much.

Anya said...

marci said..."Could it be they had the same suspicions and didn't want to give their full support?"
That has been my suspicion for the last several days as well.

Anonymous said...

Guinevere I don't know if there is a standard template on Blogger to follow, but I find it interesting that a blog you list (a fair and balanced discussion) and possums website look exactly alike. I also find it interesting that Possum mentions doing a favor for a close relative (singular) instead of referring to helping out a family.

Holly said...

I'm not sure I advocate this but I am going to suggest it and people can do with it as they wish. 99% of the time, when someone passes away, their will be an obituary put in the paper and that also normally appears in the online version of the newspaper. I know when we had a family friend pass away last year, I was able to find the obit online so we could find out where to send donations, flowers, etc.

As I said, I'm not sure I am advocating doing this but as someone who was VERY upset upon hearing about Jasons death, I really want to know the truth. This is truly, truly upsetting.

SamanthaNC said...

Thank you Anya, I just wish I hadn't tipped her off, she might not have known for a while longer at least. Clearly she is a sick person. I can't fathom taking so much time to screw with the emotions of so many people who grieved for her loss. People who prayed for her- I'm sure she really got a chuckle out of that bc according to her other blog she's an atheist. Disgusting.

tryingtofigureitout said...

I feel duped...
Although I was cautious about believing everything that pennmommy was writing about the gosselins - I truly believed that her son was sick and that he had died. I cried when I read her "sons" letter saying that they were letting Jason go.

I am not just saddened by what she has done - but sickened. What kind of person makes up a story like that... DISGUSTING.

I'm sick with the thought that I believed what she wrote and felt so badly for what she and her family were 'going through'.

marci said...

About Julie...

All she's ever said...and has since repeated in her latest blog that she's had "communication" with PM. I imagine it wasn't more than through email or she would have said so.

I wonder if she'll be doing anymore "In Support of PennMommy" entries.

Guinevere said...

Guinevere I don't know if there is a standard template on Blogger to follow, but I find it interesting that a blog you list (a fair and balanced discussion) and possums website look exactly alike. I also find it interesting that Possum mentions doing a favor for a close relative (singular) instead of referring to helping out a family.

making2cents, I'm not following?

I do think blogger has standard templates, though Nina would know for sure - she started this blog. But I've seen "themes" that look pretty much like this one, so I assume there are limited options to choose from.

Anonymous said...


I'm not sure I am explaining this correctly, but if you compare this website you link on your blog, with possum's website, they look identical.

This could be because blogger has a standard template of styles and colors. I noticed it because I was on the balanced view's website right before I went on the other one.

HBIC8u said...

This is a quote from julie's blog...

For anyone who may be questioning her credibility, let me assure you that she is who she says she is.

She'd never met this woman, she only spoke to her through emails. She duped Julie just like the rest of us.

Oh, and making2cents, Julie's blog has the same template as this one.

Is Ninabell Julie too?

Anonymous said...

I guess what I am wondering is if these 2 blogs are related somehow because they are so similar or if it's just a coincidence?

Holly said...


I completely agree with you. I certainly didn't believe EVERYTHING PM said, but I absolutely, 100% believed her son was ill and had passed away. All Gosselin issues aside, this is what is upsetting me the most.

Anonymous said...

Hbic8u -

I've said that I don't have much experience with blogs. It was just something I noticed and pointed out. that's all. No need to read anything more into it.

Nina Bell said...

They are not related. These are standard templates. There is another blog that uses the same one as we do that is anti-us and anti-gosselin.

Guinevere said...

making2cents, I have no idea, but the woman is everywhere. I don't know how she finds the time.

Holly, even if I have had issues with people on "the other side" of the Gosselin debate, it really upsets me that this woman grieved innocent people. I know she's sick, but it was such a vicious thing to do.

HBIC8u said...

Making2cents, I'm sorry, I just saw your clarification of the first comment. It came off to me like you were accusing this blog with being related to that one. My bad.

Holly said...


Exactly. I don't agree with everything posted here, I don't agree with everything posted on GWoP..I've stated more than once that I fall somewhere in the middle but that I enjoy the conversation & discussions. Over the past weekend, I was talking to my Husband about PM and we were trying to figure out where we could take money from to donate in memory of Jason. We're a poor military family, making ends meet the best we can and I KNOW there are more people out there who have contemplated the same thing and to think we were all makes me violently ill.

Mom on the Run said...

Last night I found the William/Jonas blog. I clicked on the "About the Author": it was PennMommy, which I found odd since it was William's blog.

There were two blogs listed under PennMommy: "Our Words" and "the realgamesgosselinsplay." I clicked on the realgames blog and found a message that it was for invited readers only. The authors of real games are "Lonnyswife ThreeFarmers Jules IMHO Barbara momof5 K.C. PennMommy Aire Zoe" All of these names have appeared as commenters on Gosselin blogs. Why would these people start a blog with PennMommy if PM is a fake? Do they know that PM is a fake?

After reading your two posts, I clicked on ThreeFarmers name. Her about the author NOW shows that the "realgames" blog is now called "Menopause Is Painful." The same authors are listed and the blog is for invited readers only. I have no idea what is going on, but thought someone should know.

On the William blog there was an error in the first sentence, it stated "Jason and I started this blog to keep everyone posted about my brother," but it should have said Jonas. Sloppiness.

Anonymous said...

Can you publish the screenshots?

I had it all open and my computer crashed. Were all those pictures the children of that poster?

Also can you publish the last few posts penn mommy posted on her wills jonah blog where she refuted things you said? I know she has no case but now I am dyingto know what she wrote!

FIONA said...


Thanks for being patient with me. I truly appreciate what you all have done.

So why do you suppose "they" decided to attack me?

Was it because I questioned her/them so much?

And how does Julie fit into this?

And Bohemian Moon, all I can say to you is "Sucker"....

To all of you who believed the awful things these frauds accused me of doing....I would like to say that I have learned a vital lesson.

No one can be trusted on the internet.

It is so easy to get caught up in gang mentality.

And probably the worst thing of all-I am so burned out by the nit-picking crap of every move that Jon and Kate make, that I barely care at all anymore.

Hey, the kids are fed, clean, warm....there basic needs are met and more. All the blogging in the world is not going to change the fact that the public loves them!

The "haters" make up about 10% of the viewers. Most people don't know anything about the things we have blogged about.

How many other people can say that the blogging has burnt them out.

I have gone thru so many phases with the Gosselin's to bring me to this point. Great job looking after the kids! NOT!

Nut jobs, over zealous posters, accusers, naysayers, LIARS, mean, MEAN people.

And to be scammed by someone who "knew" them, and to be turned on????

It is truly pathetic.

So, I am curious....those of you who said you met PM, had coffee with her...was that a lie? Or did someone actually show up?

For the record, and Nina, I appreciate you allowing me to post this here:


I am a passionate, and at times an agressive poster. But my heart has always been in the right place.

Thanks for listening.
Thanks GDNNP!

FIONA (with a captal F, thanks very much)

tryingtofigureitout said...

holly, glad to know that i am not the only one that believed that believed what PM was telling about her son... i feel sick to my stomach thinking about what kind of person could do such a thing.

to tell you the truth, i could really give a rats a#& about the gosselins... i think reading the blogs are fun though - a way to unwind at the end of the day. i often find it a bit funny that people get so ticked off about what they do and what they get, who they get it from and where they will be seen next. really, in the great big picture - how important are the gosselin's... really?

i admit though, I felt bad for Jodi after reading Julie's blog - no one deserves to be treated badly and on the show, Jodi seemed so nice and helpful - heck, I wish our family had a 'jodi'!

now... i don't even know if i want to read any of it anymore... what started as fun for me at the end of a crazy day - has really turned into a big 'bummer' ...

Nina Bell said...

Sent in via email by "Kuromi."

The "Megan Had It Coming" blog (written in the disdainful voice of a
classmate of Megan Meiers, the teen MySpace suicide victim of her
friend's mother) made me more skeptical of the Internet than I already

PennMommy's blog made me just as wary. For starters, you'd think she'd
remember the mundane fridge item she'd eaten that had caused her so
much trauma. For that reason, I never read a post or comment string on
that site in their entirety.

But the "smoking gun" for me was the brother-tribute site created by
PennMommy's son, William. It had said, "Jason and I started this
blog." But Jason was William's DEAD brother, not his surviving one!

I don't think PennMommy's motive was money. From not just these blogs
but the other ones, he/she seems like a true Internet troll: Trying to
create controversy as part of some social experiment, as well as
expose the ignorance of his/her readers. Look at how many supporters
PennMommy generated: The troll was successful.

nomoredrama said...

I love the comment GWoP let her post. I KNEW she would say she was staying with this person. How does she explain that she was posting here in AUGUST long before her son got sick? How does she explain the fact that there is NO RECORD of this? She says she "hosted" a picture for Penn Mommy? Why would anyone need to host a picture for someone? It doesn't have to come from a site to be published on blogger. You just have to have it on your hard drive. That picture was so grainy and so obviously fake. Ridiculous. What people will believe to push an agenda. Well, Penn Mommy, your slip is showing. You made a mistake when you posted here under your real screen name.

We are dealing with a sick, sick woman. Anyone who believes her now, after all of this proof is deliberately putting their head in the sand. Is your hatred of the a family you never met so deep that you would buy into this phony bullshit?

Why would possum momma be forced to delete her blogs? WHY? If she was telling the truth, she wouldn't need to do this. GWoP wouldn't admit to being wrong if their lives depended on it.

lulubae said...

That post "over there" is really confusing. At first glance I couldn't tell if "pennmommy" or the relative was writing it. Seems like it was written in haste. And trust me, I know about these things.

I do wonder, they post for her, but will they comment about what has been revealed?

marci said...

I was thinking the same thing, NMD.

Now she's a flight attendant...more desperate "cover."

GWoP is clinging to a sinking ship.

scarfoot said...

I also can't believe the post that the "other" website made about this. First of all, the comment isn't well written, and doesn't really do much explaining. Second of all, have they even bothered to read what you wrote over here? I find it very ironic that the "other" website is always screaming about people giving money to the Gosselins, when the Gosselins are trying to dupe us all. What exactly do they think they are doing by allowing people to donate to "PennMommy" after this comes to light?

Stick to your message, ladies.

Mom on the Run said...

The possummomma blog is listed for "invited readers only." It has not been deleted.

tryingtofigureitout said...

OMG!!! That is all that can be said about the post over at GWOP - OMG!!!

That woman is a JOKE! She know she has been figured out and she is STILL trying to cover.

AND - if i had just lost my son, there is NO WAY that I would be online trying to defend what I do for a living or where I hook up my computer - if I had just lost my son - there is no way that I would even give a S%&T!!!


SamanthaNC said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who was confused by the post on the other site, I couldnt tell who it was posted by at first and ironically it doesnt appear to be open to comments. She certaintly became feaful for her children quickly didnt she? What a pathetic attempt at saving face.

marci said... PM's given her "real" name in the post on "the other site".

Are you kidding?????

You're in the process of telling us how your "relative" is being hounded to the point of removing "her life" from the internet but you feel safe enough to give out your name and profession?

You are desperate, and your treatment of the people on both sides of the G discussion is deplorable.

It's a good thing you're an athiest. It must enable you to sleep at night. You better hope your beliefs are right.

Holly said...

Oops, my internet went crazy & sent through my comment several times. Sorry!!

Mom said...

A few more interesting finds. This is a "interesting person" associated with the Bakersfield person's Amazon profile.

I'm sure it will be deleted shortly, but be sure to look at the entire list, as it is very sick and revealing. And, I'm pretty certain if PM was indeed a real person, then why in the world would she associate with anyone who has this "imaginary person?"

What I find most interesting is:
The Concise Book of Lying
The Liar's Tale: A History of Falsehood
The Loss of Innocents: Child Killers and Their Victims

Confan said...

Thank you Nina and co. for all of your hard work. I feel better knowing the full truth.

I can also say that everything that Fiona has said is the truth.

I feel bad that this has happened to her and everyone else.

Thank you again

SamanthaNC said...


Wow. Could this anymore skeevy?

Mom said...

Oh, and I forgot the second page of the book list which includes:

How to survive the loss of a child
History's Greatest Liars
Patron Saint of Liars
The Liar's Club

HBIC8u said...

Gwop is more concerned with not having to eat crow than they ae about giving their readers the facts. They wouldn't post a link to this blog until she had time to comment there. They wanted her to get to them first.

I thought my impression of gwop couldn't get any worse, but the fact that they are letting this woman lie and continue to make good people grieve for her all in an attempt to save face? Pathetic.

lulubae said...

I was most taken with the bikini waxing kit! LOL. Sorry, couldn't help myself!

But seriously. If you have lost your child so tragically, what are you doing monitoring internet websites? Why are you not with your family, gathering strength and love from each other? Why would any of these things even matter to you? There are many excellent mental health service professionals in California, in fact the WHOLE country. Now would be a good time to seek one out. They can help you with any issue, no matter how small, you may be experiencing.

Ductape said...

Is your hatred of the a family you never met so deep that you would buy into this phony bullshit?

I can only speak for myself, but when "PennMommy" started to post about her "son" - the Gosselin "stuff" became secondary or not relevant at all.

After the posting of the "passing" which was vague at best, I had to ask myself if "debating" about a family on television was worth the bother.

For whatever reason, everyone has a "side". I don't think any amount of proof on either end will convince the other "side" otherwise.

I just know for those of us that were labelled "haters" - a lot of those "haters" got duped. A lot of us, myself included felt for this woman. What she posted was heart breaking.


nomoredrama said...

I agree with you. I think a lot of innocent people did get duped and have been hurt by this. What she did was despicable and selfish. She hurt a lot of people.

I really hope that people are done buying the lies she puts out. It's sick and pathetic that she is still trying to carry on this charade.

I am so certain of this evidence, I would testify in a court of law. She needs help and fast. I hope her family and friends see what is going on and get her treatment. I mean that, I'm not being sarcastic.

Mom said...

Regarding the post on GWP,

The IP address showed up here LONG before PM had a blog.

AND, how can she explain away that both blogs (PM's & PM's) have stories about "cease & desist" letters within a few days of one another.

That, my friends, cannot be a coincidence.

SamanthaNC said...

The more I think I about the more ticked off I am. The way she chided so many posters to her blog for comments/questions that she didn't like, scolding them like children, with what came off (even then) as an heir of superiority- all the time orchestrating this dispicable hoax. Gaining trust, concern, prayers, sympathy, and finally grief. I don't know how she sleeps at night. Corrine/Penn Mommy/ whoever you are- you really do need help, and I say that with all sincerity.

indianprincess said...

I've been a lurker on this blog for some time now and commented when I felt fit. I think I am in shock with all this PennMommy business. Wow, is all I can say with sadness. I don't understand why this Possummomma would have to go around the internet to delete all her stuff if she was telling the truth..unless she needed to hide up her lies. It just breaks my heart with this whole situation.

nomoredrama said...

Cue the attempts to talk around it. These people will believe anything.

"Etown mom" is posting on Kate is a Shrew. All of her supporters are grasping at straws.

Uh...she was, uh, er, dropping her son off at college in August. She uh, was, uh, staying with this relative of hers...thats, uh, why they have the same ip.

Her, uh, um, relative, er...hosted a picture for her. WHAT? Why wouldn't a mother have more than one picture of her 18 year old son who just graduated high school and entered college?

Yes, I'd love to see the lawsuit. Maybe she'll have her lawyer draft a "Cease and Desist" letter on bad letterhead.

Heather said...

This has really blown me away. I really can't believe that someone would say their child die like PM did. Just unreal. As I had stated before, I do read a lot of the blogs and entries but post very little. I really believe PM about her son. I was confused concerning the business with Fiona, etc. Shame on her. Thank you for your concise blog with proof.

HBIC8u said...

Pm said on her blog that when Jason was sick she was staying in a hotel.

There was mention by William of aunts flying in to be with them, no mention of them staying with a family member.

MonicaW42 said...

Uh...she was, uh, er, dropping her son off at college in August. She uh, was, uh, staying with this relative of hers...thats, uh, why they have the same ip.<<< :"""Quoting Etwon mom"""". Yeah and according to all the GDDNOP haters we were the 2nd gunman on the grassy knoll. If they stop posting her lies she can go on and invent the next sick child at another blog. If she were telling the truth she wouldn't need to close a blog or monitor what everyone is saying. You wouldn't give a rat's A**. Also with kids away at college now (mine included), I can keep up with my kid on his Myspace account. Facebook, Myspace....there are plenty of avenues to have pictures and contacts. Oh great, I probably have given the idea to her now. And as far as the website saying Possummom (playing dead---hmmm how appropiate is that screen name) should get an attorney and sue. Good luck with that one.

SoccerMomof3 said...

Hi...MakingCens2. I just logged on. I'm SoccerMomof3. I am in no way related to PennMommy or whoever she is...Please check my IP and let people know. I am on the east coast in Maryland. No I do not know the Gosselin's nor do I desire to meet them.

I am just as surprised as the rest of you to find all of this out and am trying to wrap my mind around this before I blog. Please do not think we are related. I would never stoop to that level. I just thought it was a good backdrop for a fair and balanced discussion.

Sorry about going on like this, but I don't want anyone to think that I am or will ever be in cohoots with that type of person. And I feel really stupid for reading her blog and actually believing her when she talked about her "dying" son. I feel like a fool and to be truthful, I am actually quite pissed with myself to even have blogged about her.

And now in her "greiving state" she is still posting. That shows how scared or ticked off she is about being found out.

I am sorry mods for this being so long, but I really wanted to clear my name and my blog.

nomoredrama said...

Exactly. She'll cover that up. She'll say she wanted to prevent her family from being identified by mean pro-gosselin people. She's so predictable.

Sheeple? The real sheeple are the people who are presented with facts and choose to ignore them.

merryway said...

It was hard to believe people believed it when the second son wrote he wasn't trying to be coy.
There was another blog created therealgamesgosselinsplay and then it was changed to something about menopause.
The crown princess marie board called it all along and was fun to read while you guys were being quiet.
Interesting detective work. How brave of you.. (sorry, I couldn't help it).
I think it's something how you found out the truth. Nice work.
Wonder what will happen next? Oh my.

Linda said...

PennMommy used the serious and supposed fatal illness of a child as a shield from criticism regarding what she was saying about the Gosselins.


Anonymous said...

Penn mommy had written that she was staying at a hotel and she had coffee with someone who visited her blog and she had a shower at her house because it was closer to the hospital than her hotel

Now she has a supposed relative she is staying with?

Can you please publish the screen shots you have? because with the deletion of her blogs it is getting very confusing for people. I think she mislead a lot of nice people

Kuromi said...

Yeah, guys, PENNMOMMY IS A TROLL! C'mon--these are pretty obvious hints, what with the Amazon interests in both children and lying:
The Concise Book of Lying
The Liar's Tale: A History of Falsehood
The Loss of Innocents: Child Killers and Their Victims
How to survive the loss of a child
History's Greatest Liars
Patron Saint of Liars
The Liar's Club

Combine the bogus, desparate "I'm a flight attendant staying with a distant relative" latest claims with the disturbing--yet blackly comedic--Amazon wish list (it certainly calls out both "child advocates" and "liars"). That equals troll. Everyone's been had.

The Megan Had It Coming blog ended with a last-ditch effort too, to pin itself on Lori Drew, the mother who's since been charged for her alleged role in using MySpace to bully a teen girl into killing herself.

And, hello, "PennMommy" and PossumMomma" are a little TOO similar in wording and alliteration.

OK, PennMommy, your true nature has been discovered. You likely aren't a parent, much less a bereaved mother. Just leave GWOP high and dry, quit while you're ahead, and your mission, whatever it is, will be complete.

Road2Madness said...

[quote]I am a gradute and a former employee of USC, I checked with a my former boss who is still there. Now USC is a very tight knit school despite its size.

She did not hear of any student dying and if this did happen there would be mention in the student newspaper The Daily Trojan.

There was a student shot to death off campus in the past week and there is a nasty stomach virus possibly caused by one of the campus cafeterias going around, but no mention of a student named Jason Haas passing away. [/quote]

merryway said...

There was another thing that bothered me that I think is interesting to note is William talked about his brother in the past tense before he passed away. It's always a "tell" in true-crime books.

Kikibee said...

In the interest of full disclosure I used to post as lurkeyhere. And I've never been to Bakersfield!

I pretty much believed PM was "real" because of Julie's endorsement. And we "know" Julie is real because of Jodi. So, are they going to tell us the truth? From all the details PM gave, surely they could determine if such a person ever volunteered for the Gs. Jodi was around during that time and if she didn't know everyone I'm sure she knows people who would.

lulubae said...

Flight attendant? Didn't her "son" mentioned that she was something to the effect of a stay at home mom who's life was church and her family? How'd that happen when she was flying all over the place?

FIONA said...

A couple of things...

As much as I hated being pulled into this horrible mess, I was just thinking that I would have rather PM been true, that all these people would never have given their heart to this person.

I had accepted what my fellow bloggers had done to me, but what this person so many...I am so sorry for you all. I am sorry that you trusted someone, and you let your feelings be toyed with. For the lady who donated money to a charity, the candles lit, the prayers...I am so sorry for you all.

Road2Madness said...

What happened to the "Interesting Snapshots" posted by mom?

Anonymous said...

Soccermom of 3 -

I don't not believe that you have anything to do with Penn Mommy - I don't think anyone else here does either. I was just asking the mods here a question because the look of yours and her blog are the same. However, Nina explained that Blogger supplies the template for the blogs so that is not so unusual. Sorry to have lumped you in with her!

Linda said...

IMHO, the whole PennMommy saga is proof (until they disavow PM) that GwoP has officially "Jumped the shark."

I wonder what Julie has to say now.

nomoredrama said...

The screen shots are coming. We are working on how to make them not consume the entire blog.

lulubae said...

You guys could post them on something like photobucket and put the link here. Maybe that would work?

Linda said...

You know what?

I am going to predict the next post by Julie.

Actually it is win - win for me. If she posts it - I win in that I predicted her response. If she does not post it - I win if my prediction somehow prevents Julie from posting this.

Julie's next post will be something like ...

"This changes nothing."

SoccerMomof3 said...


It's okay. I am sorry if my reaction came off strong. I do not want you to think that I am mad. I am not. But thanks for checking out my page.

I understand where you are coming from, I am new to this blogging this too.
Which reminds me, Nina, Mom, Gen, NMD, and other mods( sorry if I left your name out) how do you do check your site meter. That sounds kinda interesting.

Strannika said...

Wow. First, this will be my last post in this part (or rather, any part) of the blogosphere world. After this, I am absolutely done with Gozzlin'. I posted the last accepted comment under "Word from PM" on 9/28 - where people were upset about PM being questioned during her son's illness.

As I hoped to get across then without out-right stating it, she may have been telling the truth, she may not have been. Without knowing, I felt the questioning of her son's illness was getting out of line.

I am no fan of JK8. From what I can tell from t.v., I don't like their personalities or that their world is now the show. I don't like the fact that they have chosen to blur the lines of anonymity for their kids (they are the parents, they decide - not the kids). I no longer watch the show - however, lurking the blogs had become more interesting so here and there is where I found myself during free-time.

That being said, I am not an 'advocate' driven lurker or poster. Comments posted on other sites, particularly about Kate but also Jon, got downright disgusting and out of line (physical attributes, etc). Such comments drag down the purpose-driven message so people were simply relishing in the enjoyment human nature can derive from putting-down others and gossiping.
I'm of the opinion the show will run until it is no longer profitable and then and only then will it end. I have also been, as equally bemused if you will, at the types of comments posted here. Let's face it, the topic of Jon and Kate is a heated one and can get downright dirty!

I tip my hat to you moderators here for the extensive research you have done. This is very compelling evidence and sways me more than supposition. What sad scenarios the internet has allowed people to create for themselves and others. Really, I momentarily felt frustrated because despite any evidence to support or deny PM's claims, I reserved sympathy and empathy for her son.

Now though, I feel a sick sadness for this person who has to create other worlds and realities for herself to fill whatever it is she is lacking in her life.

Again, just to emphasize, I have been more in agreement with general opinion on the 'other' Gosselin site (save the dirt) than I have here but you moderators have clearly followed this through and outlined carefully and thoroughly your investigation on this particular matter. You deserve credit for how you have handled and conducted this!

nomoredrama said...

Could her defense be any less predictable? The blog owner of Kate is a shrew is claiming to know possum momma and know that PM is a relative of Possum M. She is also claiming that she was aware the whole time that PM was staying with Possum. She also claims (as I've ridiculed before in this thread) that PM's ip showed up here in August because she was moving her son into college.

Ok, I'll bite into the bull.

1. I thought Penn Mommy had never heard of the Gosselin blogs before August?

2. Did she move in with her son in college because she hasn't stopped coming here. There was a lot of time between her son moving into college and his "illness"

3. Why is there no record of this death on USC's campus? Why does no one know about it? No students have come forward to claim the validity of this. No tribute to an 18 year old by his friends? The only posters on his tribute blog are GWop regulars? No facebook page? No Myspace? Right!

4. Why did PM claim to be staying in a hotel when she was about 100 miles outside of LA. Who would make an hour and a half trip every day back and forth when their son was in critical condition?

5. Why didn't Possum Momma have a single mention of a death in the family. Especially of family members who were staying in her home? Not a peep until now.

These are just 5 of many. More to come.

FIONA said...


I completely agree...

Any truth that could have been shed is meaningless now.

Julie's support of PM, GWoP's support, has lost all sense of value for me.

HBIC8u said...

The kate is a shrew site has been posting on this for a while now.

Am I supposed to believe she forgot and that's why she didn't mention this before now? That's not exactly the type of info you withold when a friend is being "harrassed".

Why didn't pennmommy mention that this family member had a friend in the blogosphere that could verify her story?

Somethings not right here, kids.

marci said...

Yep...appears to be a lot of PM "fanatics" who are walking around with their fingers in their ears screaming "nananannanananananananananan".

Anonymous said...

Just curious - where is Penn Mommy's husband? He's computer literate because he was able to post on her blog about the the lawyer's letter. Where is he now? Why isn't he more vocal? Too many roles for her to play?

Karen said...

Not quite identical to the situation here, but similar psychology at work.

Linda said...

And yet, this changes everything.

Outing PM as a fraud and a hoax essentially proves the house of cards upon which GwoP was built.

If a blog sends out a battle cry of ...

"Tell us why the Gosselins are exploiting their children and why the Gosselins are bad human beings ..."

they will get just that.

They will get the PennMommys who will glean what they want.

Then they will understand what the blog values and what it takes to get the praise of the blog.

GwoP sent out the battle cry. PM responded. Julie supported and endorsed.

And for what? She was a fraud.

Daisy said...

Nina, NMD, Guin, & Mom,

Thank you for all your hard work and posting this for us to see the "real truth."

I'm so sorry for all the people grieving for this ficticious death.

What really gets me the most is that this person, whoever he/she is, thinks it's OK to do this.

I wonder what the Gosselins think of all this. They know they didn't fire a volunteer for eating something out of their refrigerator.

SamanthaNC said...

Julie is probably more of a victim in this than anyone (whether she knows it yet or not). I'm sure she felt like she had something in common with PM, not to mention all the times that she like so many (including myself) defended PM. I feel like an idiot and I imagine Julie will as well.

jax said...

Thank you Nina for answering my question about the gmail. I was going nuts not being able to post!

You ladies have done a great job keeping us all informed.

I actually felt guilty whenever I would start to doubt.

Creepy and disgusting doesn't begin to express what has gone on!

nomoredrama said...

The above video posted by Karen does have graphic language. If you are offended by that sort of thing, I don't recommend watching it.

nomoredrama said...

Oh how Pamela's defense of Penn Mommy keeps changing. Now the grainy, barely believable picture of Jason was taken by Possum mommy while he was visiting one weekend in college. When did he have time to do any visiting, he was sick for 90% of the semester. I'm sure at 17/18, his first thought was to go visit a distant relative.

And, they can't seem to get the story straight because Possum Mommy said she was asked to "host" a picture. Which is it? She took it or she was asked to host it?

Why is Pamela so invested in perpetuating this lie? And why are people still clinging to it for dear life?

Lorrah said...

I am stunned and frankly, disgusted. I truly do not know what to say. I prayed for this woman and her family. Cried as a mother for the loss of 'her' son. I resent having my emotions toyed with in this way. It is highly disturbing. I sure do not want to be around when karma comes calling.

Very sad...

merryway said...

Did Julie take her validation of PM off her blog? I can't seem to find it now.

Anya said...

First of all, thank you NoMoreDrama for her continuing updates. I think it's important that we continue to point out the enormous holes in this never-ending and ever changing "story."

And Karen - thanks for posting the You Tube video. I know today has been kind of stressful for many of us. I thought the video was hilarious and kind of put things into a larger perspective for me.

Samantha, I understand what you are saying about Julie and I think it's compassionate of you to think of her at this time. My opinion is somewhat different. I would have liked Julie to have more fully checked out PM's story before vouching for her. If she had done so, I think PM's "15 minutes" might have ended much sooner. Of course, hindsight is 20/20 and I am sure a lot of us will gain insight and experience from this episode....

SamanthaNC said...

My husbands aunt lost her son quite suddenly 3 years ago- the day after his 26 birthday. She lives in a deep depression, if you can call it living- her life stopped the day she lost him, which just adds to the tragedy. That anyone could create such a horrific story is still shocking to me- not to sound like a broken record. I can assure you Aunt Joann was not spending time online, keeping up with the blogosphere in the days after her son's death, she functioned but only bc thats the effect shock has sometimes. Thinking of all the REAL pain that she's been through just adds to my disdain with PM.

nomoredrama said...

The plot thickens! Someone just emailed in and made us aware of these posts....

Remember Possum Momma's byline? Athiest in a Mini Van? Well, our old friend Athiest is a GWoP poster from way back.

cali-mom said...

merryway, it looks like Julie did take down her blog about Pennmommy.

SamanthaNC said...

nomoredrama- for some reason that link isnt working.

I appreciate what you're saying and I thank you for disagreeing without attacking me as is so common on other sites. I'm very impressed with the ladies here and the manner this whole thing has been handled.

merryway said...

nomoredrama, I just got an error.

nomoredrama said...

Does this work?

SamanthaNC said...

It works now- that profile pic was posted on possum's blog i think, or maybe in a comment somewhere else . . . . ???

merryway said...

yes, that one works. This is a strange story. If I was new to this stuff, I would never catch up and never believe it if I did.

nomoredrama said...

that guy is pictured on her blog. Not that exact pic. I'm not up on who the atheists admire. Perhaps he is someone that is big in that community? Not sure who that is but he scares me.

MoreCowbell said...

What I posted in Guinevere's "Who is Penn Mommy" post applies here, as well.

From the beginning, I stayed away from PM's blog, but read the feedback posted from people who had been there. Something about it didn't ring true, so I stayed away. I guess my instincts were correct, but I thought it was just because I regarded PM as just another basher piling onto the GWoP driven Gosselin Hate Train. And sorry, but being "verified" by Julie, the bitter sister of a sister-in-law of the Gosselins, did nothing to assure me that PM was legitimate. In fact, being "approved of" by Julie, the Homecoming Queen of GWoP's Rumor and Innuendo Mean Girl clique, made me want to stay away even more.

Of course, when I questioned how someone with such an ill child could spend so much time on the Internet, the defenders came here to call me heartless and ask what I would do in the same situation. To which I replied that I'd spend my computer time Googling my family member's diagnosis, not bashing some TV family for hours. I had visions of a doctor walking into a waiting room to deliver an update on her son's condition, and some woman having GWoP on her computer, telling him to wait, that she had to post "just one more comment about the shape of Kate's ass."

However, never did it cross my mind that this could be a scam for money, which takes us to a whole new low. Thankfully, those of us here remained skeptical enough of her motives that I'm sure we didn't send her anything. The people on GWoP who bought into her line of crap and posted in response to "William's" medical update posts about how they'll pray for the family and "add you to our prayer chain" (yes, the same people who wouldn't piss on Kate Gosselin if she were on fire). As much as I think those people are hypocrites and how selective they are with their sympathy, I hope prayers are the only things they sent to this scam artist.

Thanks for all your hard work, mods, and thanks for not jumping the gun and making sure you were 100% sure before going public. I wish all bloggers were that conscientious before posting rumors as "fact."

Oh, and Mom, the titles on that Amazon wish list? CREEPY. Gave me the whillies.


Guinevere said...

Karen, that youtube video was hilarious. Thanks for the bit of levity.

Besides all of the hard work by Nina, NMD and Mom, I wanted to mention that Anya came through with some key bits of evidence. She was the one who found the photo of "Jason" on one of the photo hosting sites, among other contributions.

What's strange to me is that for the elaborateness of the charade, this person made some very sloppy mistakes. If she hadn't posted as jhawksgirl1 here, and Nina had suspected it was one of PM's aliases, proving our case might've been a lot harder. It was the jhawksgirl handle that led back to Possummomma. It's almost like she wanted to get caught.

marci said...

I think the excuses for the dual burst appendix stories are pathetic.

If possommom is a relative that's close enough to PM for her son to visit from college and for her to stay with in a time of need (despite the fact the woman claims to be in and out of the hospital herself), wouldn't the sudden advent of yet ANOTHER burst appendix within a week or so and in the same family be such an odd coicidence that one or BOTH women might have mentioned it in on their blogs? Especially since they were in such close proximity?

Keep on with the excuses PM supporters. You're either desperate or you're part of the sham.

And...yes...Julie pulled her "In Support of Pennmommy" blog pretty darned quick. She obviously has her doubts. Perhaps she finally asked the right questions.

lulubae said...

I was just coming over to comment that Jodi's sister pulled the post about PM, but you guys are faster and savvier!

I think that it is very telling. Usually those posts just stay there and she doesn't update for long periods of time while she tends to comment on other sites more. Suddenly that post disappears.

If one of Kate's kids was sick (heaven and God forbid) and she was updating the web page through that time, I imagine she would get such hate from others. This to me, makes it obvious that the true purpose of other groups is to just hate on J&K as people. Not necessarily pass judgement on their choices or advocate for the kids. If Kate's response was "I need a place to vent my emotions" they would have cried bull too. Why are they so quick to protect someone they don't even know and despise someone who, even though they may not know personally, at least puts her life out there for the world to see?

Nina Bell said...


And I want to thank Fanny for connecting the jhawkgirl to Bakersfield for me and the other investigative work she did. That was key. There were others who frequently post here that sent in info. Thank you all. Due to the hate that is being directed at us from another blog(I am not talking about GWoP), I am not sure you want your names mentioned.

Mom on the Run said...

Interesting reading...

Nina Bell said...

Mom on the Run,

I am not so sure I would call that interesting. I would call that being in denial.

HBIC8u said...

Oh that is such bs.

Ya know what, let her keep going. The proof is all here and the one's who are choosing to put their heads in the sand are hurting no one but themselves.

Go ahead sheeple, keep grieving for this fake. Oh, btw, when is Pennmommy going home? She hasn't posted one time from pa.

nomoredrama said...

Oh, all of the imaginary "harassing" calls. The pattern is, she gets called out on something and then BAM someone is harassing her. Started very early in her blog with supposed threats against her children. Then her children turned out to be men. People were calling the fictional hospital. Now people are calling the fictional Coroner. A family who lives in Pennsylvania supposedly had all of the funeral arrangements in CA, not allowing anyone in their PA family to pay tribute?

So transparent to anyone who is actually thinking. No obituary anywhere. The excuse is supposed pro-gosselin people showing up a funeral. Riiiight. Because there is no such thing as security, right? I'm sure none of the men in the family would volunteer to keep people who don't belong out.

All of the excuses are so see through. I am truly sorry to anyone who has been hurt by this. It is sick the way she played with people.

Lorrah said...

Have people seen this? I'm sorry if this is already posted or spoken of - I am still trying to wrap my head around all of this.

Mom said...

by Marc D. Feldman

Now here is something worth reading. Sound familiar?

MoreCowbell said...

Pro-Gosselin people showing up at the funeral? Puh-leeze. Who here would even do such a thing? Not to mention calling hospitals and coroners in California. Stalking behavior is the modus operandi of the people she's hanging out with, not us.

And it's funny how the tables have turned. Who are the "sheeple" now? Isn't that what they called US? I love karma, sometimes.

nomoredrama said...

OMG. I just read the blog entry Lorrah posted. You have to be kidding me. Now, she claims that she hasn't been blogging in 3 weeks.

She can't even keep up with her own lies. So, it was Will that posted about CPS? It was William that had been doing the main blog entries? William, a 20 year old college student who supposedly attends an ivy league school? I bet the demand of his class work really allowed for him to STAY UP ALL NIGHT blogging. All of the posts were central time which is 3 hours earlier than east coast time. So "William" was writing the blog entries about the sick brother claiming to be a son.

It was William sending around emails to everyone explaining why Penn Mommy was blogging? "I needed a distraction."

The lies couldn't get any more blatant than that, folks.

But yet, the scholars over on some of the other boards are still clinging to every word she writes, hoping and praying that none of this is true. I love the indignation because we dared to reveal the truth. I love it that we're the sick ones. Not the person who faked the death of her child? Not the person who started a blog about people she's likely never met?

Nope, it's us. Well, if telling the truth makes us sick, then I'll wear that label with pride along with anything else you throw out.

Lorrah said...

makingcents2 - funny you brought that up ... it was my exact thought when I read the blog.

I am truly sickened by this entire thing.

Lorrah said...

Hmmmm .. I went back to the Google Reader and clicked the title of the blog feed "Our Words" which leads to a blogspot account, (last posting was 16hrs ago.) which now reads.....

Blog has been removed
Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

Dara said...

This is definitely very sad. It's so scary to think that there is no way to really know who this person actually is and what he or she is capable of. It could definitely be a he as "William" took on a life of his own after "Pennmommy" took off her blog. What kind of person sits at a computer all day fabricating lies on blogs and playing with people's emotions for enjoyment? This person needs professional help. I found it odd that she took so much time to respond to people's comments throughout her blog. She truly seemed to enjoy disproving people and fighting for her side of the story, even when she claimed her son was getting sick and then near death. I also found a red flag when she mentioned Samantha Runnion in one of her postings. Samantha (RIP little one) lived in California where we now know this lady was blogging from. At the time I read it, I felt it was a very misplaced reference, period, and even more curious from someone who lives in the East. Out of all the examples she could have used, she picked that one and I wasn't sure why...

I know that people are feeling silly now, me included, but this is a good lesson for everyone about the nature of certain people and the Internet in general. You just never know online. Lots of people got taken in, even Julie. For those who are defending Pennmommy, I feel that the truth is too hard for some to accept right away. Give people time to come around. People were praying and lighting candles for her dying son after all. Realizing it was all fake takes time to get over. People should pray for this person as he/she needs serious help and will have to answer for what he/she has done in the future.

Strannika said...

It is amazing that even in the face of at the least, reasonable doubt, people refuse to even doubt or question. The moderators here have been put through the ringer but they stuck to their guns and could justifiably *shove it* in everyone's faces if they wanted to but they don't, instead displaying genuine concern. Kudos to you ladies.

I don't know if this "PennMommy" is indeed sick or if she orchestrates all of this from her 'in your face' beliefs about life, religion, and politics and likes to play puppetmaster with all the little people. I imagine it is a little of both - she's got some issues and she has an ego.

The blogoshperic principalities of Gosselin have not been the only one's she's scammed...

Daisy said...

Thanks for the article link mom. Very telling.

nomoredrama said...

Of course it's gone now. Because it was a blatant lie and she knew it. This is part of the pattern. Get caught in a lie, take blog down, claim harassment as the reason (oh and the death of a loved one).

FIONA said...

Julie is probably more of a victim in this than anyone (whether she knows it yet or not). I'm sure she felt like she had something in common with PM, not to mention all the times that she like so many (including myself) defended PM. I feel like an idiot and I imagine Julie will as well.

October 6, 2008 8:47 PM

I disagree....Julie put herself in a precarious position, coming out and telling JODI's story. Jodi is a grown woman, perfectly capable of telling her own story, if indeed it needed told.

Julie carelessly believed this person, and jumped on the hate bandwagon, thus setting her up for even more doubt, which perhaps more people should have had for her.

Julie is not a victim.

FIONA said...

Did Julie take her validation of PM off her blog? I can't seem to find it now.

October 6, 2008 9:35 PM


Last night I checked and it was gone.

SamanthaNC said...

Yes Jodi is a grown woman and quite capable, but I'm very close to my sister and might do the same thing. Jodi shouldnt have vouched for her but hindsight is 20/20, who of us (even the original skeptics) ever imagined in the beginning that PM would take things so very, very far and it would all turn out be a SHAM? It may be natural to be suspicious butIt's not natural to automatically suspect this level of insanity. I'm not a J&k hater, I'm also not a huge fan, I'm somewhere in the middle. I think 1005 of the blame lies at PM's feet, not Julie's. She has to be accountable and so do those of that believed her, it's not fair to say "well if Julie hadn't endorsed her I wouldnt have believed her, she wouldnt of had such a following" bc she would have, and I'm sorry to say that I believed her after her first few posts regardless of Julie's "vouching" for her. I couldnt fathom anyone creating an intricate blog that was such a lie, clearly I'm gullible, but I take responsibility for that, I don't put it on someonelse. Needless to say I've learned a huge lesson.

SamanthaNC said...

OOPS that was 100% not 1005.. . .

rain88 said...

I'm with you Sam. I've learned a huge lesson as well. Now, looking back at what she said there are some red flags but when I first read her she seemed credible to me. I didn't start questioning her until she brought up CPS near the end. That didn't make sense. I think GWOP should address this, it isn't helping their credibility to leave PM's post on the main page without questioning it.

Mary said...

This is my 3rd attempt to post. Shorter version:

I never believed PM was who she said she was. There was a tone to what she wrote that resonated with my LIAR radar. She was very acerbic with her responses to posters and snarky to anyone who questioned her. I didn't visit there much. Only when someone here made special mention of something going on there. Once the son in the hospital situation began, I knew in my bones that this was a lie. I never posted about it. I thought it would attract a lot of negative attention here and I don't post much anyway. I do visit this site daily though. I have said that before.

This hoax, or whatever you want to call it, alerts me to much more scary things than it probably should but I'll mention it anyway. The internet is an attraction to lots of people who are dishonest, delusional or really, really bad. It's the place they believe they can be anonymous and carry out their sick agendas or just be their really angry selves. When I posted here a few weeks ago about the stuff at gwop being ENOUGH and when would it BE enough-when someone got hurt-I meant it. As dramatic as someone might think that is, think again. The horrible truth is that there are people who are sick and evil or people who are just sick and enjoy seeing their ramblings posted. Then there are the sick ones who would go farther than just leaving nasty comments on a site. They perpetuate elaborate schemes like the one we are talking about here. Thankfully this one seems to be internet driven as far as the satisfaction level goes, but what about the others? What about the others who would further play themselves out in the real face to face world?

In my opinion sites like gwop are the perfect attractions for this kind of twisted individual to live out, to their own satisfaction, some sort of altered reality that may seem harmless to some but can turn really ugly in the long run. We have all remarked about the mob mentality and the rabid postings. This anonymous business only serves to encourage the garbage. They really think they can't be found out.

I hope the Gosselins move. I also hope they are more careful with information about their exact address, etc. While I know it will be impossible to hide with all those kids, maybe this is the one area in which I agree with all the naysayers. If some nutty woman took all of the time to create the blogs, postings, responses, etc. to do what PM did, what would someone who wanted to do harm to this family do? How far would they go? I enjoy the show and think that this family, warts and all, are just going along and doing what they think is right for them for whatever reasons any of us would like to attribute to them. But what we all saw play out here (and elsewhere) is twisted.

For the record, I am a person who deals with a chronic illness that goes in and out of remission. I resent anyone who fakes any kind of illness. It pisses me off! Those of us who deal with symptoms every day of our lives are demeaned by this kind of BS.

PM is sick. It represents everything that I have been saying about that gwop site. It's wrong and it has a hidden agenda that invites others with similar sicknesses to join in. Shame on all of them and especially the hosts of that site and others like it that are intentionally created to invite anger, hate and nasty remarks. it's dangerous and disgusting.
By the way: it's twinmom here.

Mary said...

I also agree that Julie is not a victim. I have also been saying that family members would never do what Julie has done. She put herself out there and this is one of the outcomes. My God, she must have emailed with this person! Who is putting these kids at more risk??!!
Who knows what information COULD have been exchanged in the future. Think about that Julie. Take down your blog. It's just wrong.

Baby Mama said...

All I can say is wow. Quoting my kids favorite show "the Wonder Pets are on the case!"

Thank you so much for taking the time to investigate this, to show people that just because it stems from being posted on a hate site, doesn't make it true. Even Julie removing all of it from her site should say something. Its sad that forums like Cafe Mom refuse to see the truth and block anyone from discussing it or its removed.

I did check out GWOP and noticed that there are no comments from a short statement regarding this. It doesn't make much sense. If you discussed that somewhere else Im sorry. How are they responding to this? And for the record, her story started to sink for me after she mentioned yogurt stealing....I mean REALLY?? (LOL)

MommyZinger said...

Whoa, didn't I just check in here yesterday? You ladies have been busy. But THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I was actually starting to feel a little guilty for not expressing some kind of condolence to PM but for some reason I never did. I wondered why I didn't care. Intuition, I guess.

Thank you again. And it did make me mad when people were bashing you guys. Must have been hard to just sit back and take it. I really admire how you handled this whole PM mess.

Terry said...

I believed PM and even cried for Jason. I became suspicious when Jason's tribute page was taken down and William was defending the situation. Shouldn't the family be in mourning and not care what is being said in the internet? I had thought when CPS was mentioned by PM, why is the Gosselin's show still going on? My opinion of Jon & Kate hasn't changed, and I still think the parents need to give their kids a normal as possible life privately. Anyway, this site sure did a good job exposing PM.

Trailing Clouds of Glory said...

I have to say I wasn't exactly surprised when I saw this, but I don't feel bad any more for questioning someone who supposedly had a dying child. Yesterday I came to catch up and found all this. I have to agree with people who think Julie is not a victim here. In her Support of PennMommy blog she specifically said that she had spoken to PennMommy and was sure she was who she claimed to be. She is not a victim; I don't think I can say that she knew it was a falsehood but I'm pretty suspicious now.

BeTruthful said...

Well, with all of the lies and half truths floating around, you can believe me or not. I am a poster from the "other board" and had doubting feelings from PennMommy's very first post, the one for getting fired for eating the "yohurt". Something just wasn't sitting right. I'm a little bit psychic, but I never use it. It all smelled from the get-go. Sometimes it's the tiniest of lies that screws up the liar. Not the big stuff. This is my take, and I apologize if this has already been mentioned. I think I have read it all. OK, there was a lot of inconsistancies, she didn't want to expose her identity because she feared harm to her children. Her children are grown and in college. But, OK, my kids are grown, and they will always be my little kids and I will always protect them. I gave her a pass on that. She lead us to believe she was a "home Mom", suddenly she's a stewardess. OK, maybe my mistake. Then she gets this letter from the attorney, then her son takes sick, she flies to California to be with her deathly ill son, but is still doing serious time on the blog, as is her son William. OK, grief treats people differently, maybe it was a great escape for her. Then the various details, the IP addresses matching, she's in a hotel, she's with friends. Maybe it all could have been true. Even all the things GDNOP posted, even though I doubted her, I really didn't want to misjudge her. Then no obit, nothing in the school paper, OK, he was a freshman. OK, all the blogs disapeared. I sure wouldn't be thinking about that at a time like that. But again, it could be possible. I don't have to go through all of this, you all know it as well as I do. But let me tell you what pushed me over the line to not believe her at all, that she is a total liar. Remember, I told you the small stuff will always kill a liar? Her and/or William said that Jason was on life support, on a respirator, he would never breath on his own, and the family would have to decide whether to pull the plug and let him go. Then she/William posts that they gave Jason a little applesauce which he swallowed, which gave them some short lived hope. YOU CANNOT TAKE ANY FOOD BY MOUTH, EVEN APPLESAUCE, WHEN YOU HAVE A RESPIRATOR DOWN YOUR THROAT. And since he couldn't breath on his own, they wouldn't/couldn't take it out. I double checked this with 3 people, my personal doctor, my cousin who is an RN, and a church associate who is a respatory therapist. This is an out and out lie, and the straw that broke the camels back for me. PennMommy is a total fraud, and should be ashamed of herself/himself. Feelings anyone?

Anya said...

Wow, Betruthful, that lie escaped me, but I agree, it's one of the more damaging ones. And, I am taking your word on it, because I have no medical knowledge, beyond what I glean from T.V., but are right - it makes no sense to even me as a layperson on reflection.

What's interesting is the *real person* behind PM clearly is well versed in all things medical. I think she is largely self-taught, but still, this is a pretty "green" mistake to make.

NoMoreDrama said something similar in another post, but I think the truth is she was conceited and didn't have much regard for the intelligence of her adoring and emotionally involved audience.

Another way to say it? The player got played!

Ginny303 said...

Forgive me if this has already been mentioned. But another one of PM"s lies is her calling it "CPS". In the State of Pennsylvania the agency responsible for investigating child abuse is CYS - Children and Youth Services.

Anya said...

Ginny303 said...
"Forgive me if this has already been mentioned. But another one of PM"s lies is her calling it "CPS". In the State of Pennsylvania the agency responsible for investigating child abuse is CYS - Children and Youth Services."

Interesting, Ginny. I didn't know. I guess PM didn't do a simple Google search.

I can see why she made the error, however. See, she's a Californian (as am I) and it's called CPS here.

The more we really pick apart her "work" the sloppier it looks.

moonbeem said...

I feel like a fool right now for posting my TRUE feelings for Penn Mommy! ( I cried and prayed...for the first time, in a long time for this family!? Does all of this change how I feel about J&K? Not in the slightest, but I think this Penn Mommy thing is beyond questionable!

nomoredrama said...

Well, I actually work pretty closely side by side with Children and Youth (CYS or OCY) but when talking about it here on a blog with people all over, I always refer to it as CPS. Only because it's pretty much universal and everyone knows what it is when I say CPS. Also, in Philly its not called Children and Youth (CYS) it's called DHS (Department of Human Services).

Doesn't changed the fact that she lied. She probably had no idea it was called Children and Youth Services in PA but I wanted to clear up why someone from PA (me) might use the acronym CPS instead of the proper one for the area.

LilFireFly said...

Seems PMommy was "scooby-doing it" with her facts.

*budda bum ching*

Robert said...

In the other post about PennMommy I gave my view on the situation and why it bothers me...

But - I've had some time to think about it.

What I've decided is that I can be pissed off about the whole thing, but really I think I should feel sad about it.

This person (I'll assume female, but who knows?) obviously has so little in their life that is worth spending time on that they have felt the need to stage this elaborate hoax.

Either this is one very lonely person, or one with some sort of mental illness. Regardless of which it is they are probably more deserving of pity than hate.

How sad is it that someone felt the need to go to this extreme just to get a little attention?

The Gosselins just happened to be the subject matter she chose for her outlet. This whole scenario could have been played out in any number of places I guess. I wouldn't doubt that this person has gone down this road before.

I would think it takes an amazing amount of time and energy to keep up such a charade. I can't for the life of me understand why it was necessary.

She could have simply stopped posting, closed her blog and faded away. I really doubt anybody could have cared less. Life would have gone on as it did before she showed up.

To choose the path she did though is a sign of a person that has some serious issues.

For a person to be so in need of attention that they feel the need to kill off someone (even virtually) is pathetic. How empty must this person's life be?

Mom said...

Robert -
It is really sad, isn't it? I appreciate your insight.

Nancy said...

'PennMommy's' bizarre post on the 'other' blog appears to have been removed. I wonder why that is? If they've finally realized this disturbed person was a fraud, it'd be nice (although unlikely) for them to admit they were wrong.

Mom said...

Thanks everyone for your input. As you can imagine, we'd like to get back to business and move forward.