Monday, October 6, 2008

Interesting Snapshots

These are snapshots showing "Jason" on the Bakersfield person's LiveJournal blog. His photo is rotating through along with her children's photos in a slideshow. They also show on her public Picasa Web Album. This picture appears to be the last one added. Click to enlarge.


FIONA said...

This is the most disturbing thing I have ever known.

I wonder who this young man really is? If he knows his picture has been stolen?

My God...and this relates to the Gosselin kids how?

MoreCowbell said...

Well, it does tell me that the Gosselins may need to seriously consider hiring security, if they haven't already. This is a person aligning themselves with the haters. Red flags all around!

LilFireFlyToo said...

I know I've follwed this since it started, but wow.

Good job, GDNNOP.

ThirtyWhat said...

I agree ... if there really are sick people like this in the world (and it looks like we have proof that there are), then Figure 8 should be hiring the Gosselins 24/7 security right now.