Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Episode on 11/03/08

Legos & Safaris

En route to Hawaii the Gosselins touch down in San Diego, California for a few days of exploration. Jon and Kate take the kids to Legoland, a huge theme park celebrating Legos, and embark on a safari at San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park.


SamanthaNC said...

Looks fun- I'm sure the kids will havea blast there (I probably would too)!

Karen said...

The Gosselins are in such a unique situtation that they are able to do so many wonderful things. I am sure the kids will look back on their childhood and say that it was great. I never got to go to Legoland or Hawaii.

Erin said...

ok- I am sorry...but, nobody else gets tired of seeing them go on free trips? Yes, I know, they get invited to promote it for the show. But, isn't it getting a bit much?

SamanthaNC said...

Some of the trip episodes are boring but why should any of us care if they are free?

nomoredrama said...

I'll admit, I am a bit tired of trips. I hope we see less of them with the kids in school. One over winter break is fine.

Thats just my opinion, though. They can do what they want.

Erin said...

Some of the trip episodes are boring but why should any of us care if they are free?

November 3, 2008 6:17 AM

I don't care if they are free. It is a giant perk of being in the public eye.
I just don't see why they have to have a new trip almost once a month. This is suppose to be a show about the challenges of raising 2 sets of multiples. Not getting free stuff because you are famous and have a show on tv.

kimberely said...

I love this show. I'm not tired of watching them go on trips, I like to see the kids having a good time and I'm looking forward to seeing it tonight.

For those who are tired of watching them go on trips ("free" doesn't make a difference, imo) there are other shows to watch at 9pm. There are other things to do at 9pm on a Monday night.

Rufus said...

How special are these amusement parks and such to the kids when they go ALL the time? And from a television/sales point of you, wouldn't one think the viewer is getting tired of it and doesn't find it special either? And how many times does the regular viewer need to see this family looking at/interacting with animals? After a while, it's just boring.

aap said...

Some of the trip episodes are boring but why should any of us care if they are free?

I'm not Erin, but I think the only reason that the trips are free is important is that if the trips weren't free, they wouldn't be going on so many.

ChihuahuaMom said...

I too am tired of seeing the trips, free or not. I liked it better when they showed the family just hanging around the house, being normal.

Also, I realize the season finale will be later this month (wedding episode). Does anyone know when they will start season 5? How long was the hiatus between previous seasons?

dotsicle said...

I'm tired of seeing the (free) trips too. How interesting is it to watch people pack suitcases? I had enough of the Roloffs and their soccer-fest last year, so I quit watching for a while. Now that the shows are not so soccer-oriented, I'm watching again. Come on, Gosselins, show us something that doesn't include packing and traveling! I wonder how much of this constant travel the sextuplets will remember when they are older?

aap said...

For those who are tired of watching them go on trips ("free" doesn't make a difference, imo) there are other shows to watch at 9pm.

Might I suggest Heroes on NBC??? I bring this up because I know several regular posters here watch the show, and apparently it's not doing so well in the ratings. It's a good show that deserves to stay on the air. I haven't seen 1 episode this season - I try to tape it because I feel it is too violent for my kids to watch (they prefer Jon and Kate anyway) but either forget or never get around to watching the DVD.

marci said...

I posted last week after the "packing" episode stating I was looking forward to tonight's trip to SD because I lived there and have been to the parks the G's went to.

I won't clog up this thread with a rehash of what I wrote, but if anyone is interested in a few bits of info about where they're going, it's on the thread for last week's show.

I actually have my own home videos from these places. If nothing else, it'll be fun to see them again and see how things have changed. I honestly think the Gosselin kids will go crazy for the Wild Animal Park.

I enjoy the trip episodes...when they actually get where they're vacationing. The packing and trip prep shows, I agree, are getting old and are obvious filler.

A Mom-ynous said...

If I had time, I'd watch the Travel channel all day long.

and while the Gosselins seem to go on lots of trips--I enjoy them as I love to travel vicariously through the POV of others.

And it is fascinating to watch them travel with the kids. So they aren't "struggling" changing 6 diapers--but it is cool (IMHO) to see how they travel with 8 kiddos.

But no--I don't think I could ever tire of it. Watching them travel is less invasive than having the cameras in the home on the time and seems an adequate compromise to the privacy dilemma.

HBIC8u said...

But no--I don't think I could ever tire of it. Watching them travel is less invasive than having the cameras in the home on the time and seems an adequate compromise to the privacy dilemma.

I agree. In fact, I think they should try to do more outside of the house. Not necessarily trips 24/7, but camping, or crafts, etc, that they could do outside even if if it's just in the backyard. The home should be the "safe place" and the less filming they do there the better for everyone.

Besides, seeing them out having fun beats watching them lounge around the house, imo.

Baby Mama said...

OK, so I am super excited about seeing them go to CA. Its been a dream of mine. My kids want to go to Lego Land now so bad! I gotta tell you, I know those "packing" episodes are boring, but doesn't it make you want to go with them just a little bit? I swear this show was my guide to the places I took my kids this past summer. Next year if we could save up I want to now go to CA! UGH I don't want to think about how bad I want to go to Hawaii!

thiswoman said...

"they invited us"
"we were invited"
"invited, invited, invited"

It just gets a little tired, frankly. Plus, I can't stand the "commercials" we have to endure about these places they are "invited" ---- they have to mention the places several times, it's just annoying. Reality, my foot!

scarfoot said...

I'm originally from San Diego, and was THRILLED to see it on tonight's show! San Diego is a fantastic place to visit with kids. There are so many things to do.

I am getting slightly tired of them going on trips, but I also feel like this may not "just" be about them going on free trips. I think that going on trips keeps the cameras out of their house and their daily life as much. I may be completely wrong. It may just be an added perk to going places. However, every time they are not at home, people can't concentrate on their house/who they talked to/where they went locally/who locally is involved in their life, etc.

I thought it was very telling that at the Wild Animal Park, the wildlife educator said something about the animal wanting privacy, and Kate pointedly looked at the camera and said yes, she would like more privacy (I may have the wording wrong). I just don't think it's all fun and games for this family. Right or wrong, I truly think they are seeing this as a way to get more money because they worry so much about it. Just my two cents.

Now, what I want to tell Jon and Kate is about all the other wonderful places they could have gone on this episode!

michelle said...

This is just my opinion, so please no negative reactions to my comment. ( :
I'm getting very tired of their show, it's getting boring just watching them go on trips. Though of course the kids are always adorable.

I thought the "older" episodes that were called, "the day in the life" were much more interesting because you actually were able to see how the mom and dad were raising(sp) a family of multiples on a budget. Seeing how Kate managed the home with the cooking, cleaning, shopping, and being a stay at home mom (while Jon was at away at work) and taking care of the kids. Then seeing Jon come home from a long day at work and then seeing how the routine would change when he was home and the evening routines.

I did not even get through the whole episode. It just lost me. I'm personally over it and am in search of another show to watch. I still enjoy the show, "little people, big world".

IMO, I bet the kids would not mind having the cameras gone for good. When they start school, they may wonder why their classmates don't have cameras on them too. They may discover this is not the "norm". I just remember when I was in school, you wanted to not feel "different" and wanted to be like how your fellow classmates/friends are.

Remember, Just my own opinion.

Laura said...

I love the trips! I would never go to Lego land (and other places they visit) so it is fun to get a little taste of what it is like!

Laura said...

rufus said[...]And how many times does the regular viewer need to see this family looking at/interacting with animals? After a while, it's just boring.

Speak for yourself Rufus! Seeing their precious reactions as they see the animals will NEVER get boring to me! :D

Daisy said...

My daughter and I thought this episode was awesome. Legoland/Wild Animal Park are part of her childhood. The new fish exhibit at Legoland looks great. They all really enjoyed it, eels and all.

My daughter went on a 2nd Grade science field trip to Leogoland and I went as chaperone. It made me a little teary eyed that my kids are growing up and too old for Legoland.

merryway said...

It looks like everyone had a great time. Kate must have been reliving the moments, she seemed to have the hots for Jon tonight. They were cute.

In spite of Kate being the type that I usually don't care for, I have to come to admire several of her traits. One is her determination to take care of her family. Time will tell, but her and Jon seem to have done well for their family. She's taken care of their security and so far the experiences they are having are awesome for them. Although, I find some of them so boring to watch. I liked tonight's a lot though. They were all having such a good time.

I don't think she could have foreseen all this happening, but I think they've decided on the type of life they want. They seem to be doing a good job of it. All of the above IMHO

Guinevere said...

I've come to the conclusion that I don't necessarily favor trip episodes or non-trip episodes - it's not a big factor either way in my enjoyment of a particular episode. I like an episode mostly based on how many funny moments there are, how many cute kid moments, and how little or how much ammunition Kate gives the haters (the latter tends to stress me out). Based on those criteria, my grade for tonight would be about a B - cute moments, cute kid stuff, a few hairy moments with Kate, but over all, a good episode.

I have said this about a million times now, but it's almost always in response to the opposite POV, so I feel okay with saying it again: if you are disenchanted with the show because you think it's "supposed to" be about something else, and it's no longer fulfilling your requirements (i.e. being what you want it to be), why don't you stop watching it? Why watch it week after week and post the same complaints week after week? I just really, really don't see the point of that.

I don't watch it for relatability and so I don't find myself let down by its lack thereof. I also don't find myself resentful over the freebies, or even the product placement. I'm certainly eminently capable of pettiness and resentment. I've come to the conclusion that I really like the Gosselins, all of them, enough that I am happy for them when they have nice things happen to them. I'm happy they have a nice new house and they get to go on fun trips and stay in beautiful places and get opportunities that not everyone gets. I like them and so I'm happy for them.

I don't care whether they deserve it or they've earned it. The middle-class American construct of working for everything and getting ahead by one's own hard work is one that applies to so few people in the world, anyway. Do the billions of poor people in the world "deserve" to be born into wretched poverty from which they have no hope of escape? Do those who inherit wealth or marry it or win the lottery or earn it by exploiting others - do they deserve what they have? I don't know how many people in this world truly deserve what they are given, good and bad. So I can only be happy to see what I think is essentially a lovely family be given some special and pretty awesome opportunities. Of course, I hope they are grateful for them; I don't think it would serve the greater good for any of them to be spoiled by their good fortune. But there is something liberating about being able to be genuinely happy for people rather than resentful.

Mom said...

Cute show. I could totally relate to what K repeatedly said "I could sit here and watch them all day" when it came to the fish, sharks and seahorses. I remember as a kid when I "won" a goldfish at a carnival and kept it alive for months in the bowl. My mom and dad bought be an aquarium for xmas that year. Man, I would sit in a chair for hours watching.

Poor Collin with the "noggin knocker." He's a tough cookie.

I thought the kids were really well-behaved at the resort, legoland, the beach, the animal place, etc. They are really maturing. I even think Alexis said "Alligator" versus "Aldergator."

J&K were flirty and cute on the couch. I liked it.

nomoredrama said...

After watching the episode, I did like it too. I thought there were some "oops, you're going to get picked apart" moments but overall I thought it was adorable.

I really want to legoland. The advertising worked, LOL!

Lizabeth said...

I really enjoyed this episode-- as much as the trips can be crazy to watch, I appreciated how Kate was more gentle and the kids were so excited. And seriously-- that aquarium was phenomenal!

As an interesting side note, Carla and her kids are mentioned in a deleted scene on They talk about how Carla brought a chrysalis over for the kids to watch as it hatches into a butterfly. Just thought it was worth noting since so many are talking about certain Missing Persons in the Gosselin's lives. I'd say this is proof that just because someone is not on camera does not mean they are not involved anymore!

(I am lizziemae7 but was too lazy to look up my OpenID password, so I chose to just post under my google ID :).)

cincymom said...

My son loves Lego kits and this was the only J&K show he sat to watch. We live in Ohio and have never flown and only gone on two trips to the beach in his 7 years (stayed with family to save $$). He wants to know when we can go to Legoland and I'll tell you, I want to move mountains to make that happen for him.

mkb77 said...

I too, am tired of the same comments made week after week after week from those who don't like Kate or Jon.

I personally think she is a bit of a shrew, but you know what? I have not walked a mile in her shoes. I have not had the opportunity to raise 8 very small children at the same time. I am a mom of two, and I had to be organized to some extent, but not like she has to be. So if yelling or being over the top helps her accomplish what she needs to accomplish, who am I to judge? (Even though I just did, lol).

There are some episodes that I enjoy more than others. The same can be said about Gray's Anatomy, another favorite of mine. Some weeks the shows are better than others. It's the nature of the beast.

So I say, if you don't like Jon and Kate and how they are "exploiting" their children, then stop feeding into it by putting their personal life out there for public view (example: publishing their new house, ugh!).

I have attempted to post at the other site on many occasions and they will not put any of my comments there unless they are less than stellar.

So..I'll just have my piece here at a board that is loaded with way more stable posters.

monica said...


This isn't a "negative" reaction, just a statement. When I get tired of a show, I stop watching it. I may tune in for a moment or two now and then, but if it doesn't hold my interest, I change the channel and forget about it, even if there were prior episodes I really liked. I hold on to what I liked about the old episodes, but if the new episodes aren't entertaining, I don't watch any more. The biggest example I can give is with the show ER. Since the season premiere I've tried to watch, but I just can't anymore. I watch a couple of minutes and then I'm done. That doesn't mean I don't remember the old episodes that I liked, but the new ones just aren't that good, imo.

About this episode. I loved it. I think it's one of the best episodes ever. The tours they took were great, it was interesting to watch, I didn't think there was one boring moment in the whole episode. The kids seemed to have a great time and I really admire J&K for following through and leaving Mady behind with Jenny since Mady wasn't behaving well, so that she wouldn't ruin it for the other kids. That was wise parenting, imo.

mommykcjw said...

Does anyone know the song that was playing during the commercial for the wedding episodes? It sounded like a great song.

floridamom said...

I enjoyed this episode more than the last few. The family really seemed to enjoy themselves. I'm happy for them.
I wish Kate would have told Collin that there are consequences for not listening, rather than God is punishing you, but we all have wierd parenting moments.
I am usually really irritated by Kate, but she seemed really appreciative this time, and kind to the people that were their hosts. I think editors throw in the goofy "who's going to lead the way through the airport" nonsense to keep the drama going.
The kids were their usual cute selves.
All in all, I enjoyed it.

MonicaW42 said...

Gotta love Alexis and her alligators..... I was surprised at Collin on the plane though. That is the first time I saw him act out really bad. I'm so glad he didn't get a big lump or bruise after hitting his head. That sound brought back memories of my son falling. OUCH.... of course I cried louder than my son.
Overall good show. The kids appeared to have a blast.

marci said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode.

The resort they were staying at seemed ideal for families with small kids and gave them a good "home base."

Legoland was great. The new aquarium looks amazing and I'm sure will draw in new visitors and bring back people who've already gone.

The Wild Animal Park portion, however, I thought didn't play up how unique that park is. They were obviously shown in the back way to do the safari, which means they didn't get to see half the park. The other half is a more typical zoo-like experience, but it's very much like a jungle. Very neat.

I get that they were invited as VIP guests...and with how beastly hot it can be out there, saving the kids from standing in long lines was a help...but they didn't show the WAP in the best light possible if promotion was the goal and I think the G's missed out on a great experience. Of course, they may have seen more than we saw on the episode.

I'm glad for the Gosselins to have these experiences and travel. There is never anything wrong with expanding your kids' horizons and having fun together as a family.

Nina Bell said...

Anonymous comments are not being posted.

I will not be posting comments that continually start out or state : You guys are so this or How can you guys think that or What is wrong with you guys.
If you want to post here, state your opinion without attacking someone else or this board as a whole.

CeeCee said...

I thought it was a great episode and I enjoyed watching it.

I thought Alexis and the "aldergator" was the cutest part.

I enjoyed seeing San Diego again. It's a wonderful place.

I'm glad Mady got to feed the ducks by herself.

The aquarium was absolutely great.

I wish we had seen more of the zoo, which is a really nice one, but presumably they got to see more of it than was shown.

As to what I didn't like, that would be Kate's behavior in the airport. I don't think she deals with the stress of traveling with that many children very well (not many of us would).

As for the comment about Jon being the leader of the family, I realize that fits with their beliefs but her stronger personality probably doesn't find it easy to actually let him lead.

MrsRef said...

Lizbeth: Re the mention of Carla, on the actual episode, Cara talks about how mommy sent them up to get milkweeds and the caterpillers. I read on someone else's blog how they gathered them for the Gosselins. I didn't think this was something Kate would actually allow the kids to do with all her germ issues.

Anya said...

Lizabeth said..."As an interesting side note, Carla and her kids are mentioned in a deleted scene on They talk about how Carla brought a chrysalis over for the kids to watch as it hatches into a butterfly. Just thought it was worth noting since so many are talking about certain Missing Persons in the Gosselin's lives. I'd say this is proof that just because someone is not on camera does not mean they are not involved anymore!"

Thanks for sharing! Very timely in light of the "Missing Persons" post on the other site. I think "Joan" (Nana Joan?) was also quoted in the People article.

Bottom line, we don't really know who is out of their lives and who chooses to not be on the show. It's just speculation. Which is fine, but it's a bit annoying when it's used as a club to paint the Gosselins (really Kate) as terrible people who can't get along with ANYONE or sustain any relationships.

merryway said...

I also thought it was cure when J&K were deciding who got to go on the boat with Jon for the first ride. I had trouble keeping up to which child they were referring when they were spelling their names or using letters. It seemed second nature to them and I liked their parent code.

Lizabeth said...

Mrsref-- this was actually regarding butterflies this year. Kate mentions from the video that they were gone so much that they didn't have a chance to go collect them. She said that Carla had some extra chrysallis' and gave them one, so they let Leah (whose butterfly last year never flew) set it free. I think what you mentioned with Cara was something they had on last years show, since none of this was in this years episodes.

Anya, I agree! Nana Joan and Janet are both mentioned frequently in their book (which I read and liked-- I did a 'review' on the Multiple Blessings thread). Its a perspective check-- granted I don't think Kate is the absolute complete picture of the Best Mom Ever, but she's human.

Honestly, I was thinking the other day about the Missing Persons post and felt guilty. If you take the past 10 years of my life (from when I graduated from high school through undergrad work, various jobs, and now in grad school) then there are definitely people who are 'missing' that were integral in the past. Even family members who I was once close to have moved away or become more busy, so time with them is far less frequent. As sad as that is, thats life!

I can't fault Kate for growing apart from some friends for various reasons when its something I do too. This is natural as we grow and change, which is probably why that post of GWoP rubbed me the wrong way. I'm all for humor but thats just below the belt to consider the 7th child Kate carried as 'missing' was just not cool.

Maybe their bigger issue is that it seems like all these people are not in Kate's life because "she doesn't 'do' relationships" or "they are unhappy with how they were treated." I don't know about the rest of you, but I have people I was once close to that just randomly stopped calling and emailing me back. Trying to talk about it yielded no results, so you chalk it up to a lesson learned and hope you can walk away as a better person for knowing them for a short time. Kate seems grateful (especially in her book) for those who have been in her life, and since none of us know her personally or have any way of deciphering details of the fading of a friendship its probably best to just stay out of it.

Anya said...

Of course, I loved Alexis and her alligators. A little sad that she did appear to say it without the "d" sound.

I loved the spelling that J&K did regarding who could go with who on the paddle boat. "If you think "A" is dangerous, bring a b-o-y." Very clever. It was nice to see Kate get in the paddle boats and enjoy herself. I can relate to her. I think we share a distrust of nature and anything "athletic" seeming, so I cheered for her letting go and experiencing the fun the others were.

HowYouLikeThemApples said...

Is there a particular reason you are not posting any of my comments??

Nina Bell said...

Anonymous comments are not being posted.

I will not be posting comments that continually start out or state : You guys are so this or How can you guys think that or What is wrong with you guys.
If you want to post here, state your opinion without attacking someone else or this board as a whole.

November 4, 2008 8:06 AM

erin said...

I actually liked this episode what I saw of it. I have the flu so I went to bed early. When they were in the airport leaving and Kate wanted Jon to "lead the way" you could hear the panic in her voice, for a minute she sounded like she was going to cry. I felt really bad for her in that moment, because I have such high anxiety and I would be the same way. I was a little angry at Jon for not hearing that panic in her voice and just leading the way.

HowYouLikeThemApples said...

I asked a SPECIFIC question.

How does everyone feel about Kate's comment last night when Collin bumped his head.

She said something to the effect of, "God dishes out punishments."

I'm confused why that was not posted. Jeez

mkb77 said...

How do I feel about what she said? I disagree with what she said, but I don't feel like I need to make a huge issue out of it like they are over at the GWOP board.

She said it. She probably believes it. Who cares??

indianprincess said...

I really enjoyed this episode all around. I really thought it was funny with the sound and camera guy in the paddle boat. Alexis and her alligator was adorable as always. Looking forward to next week.

erin said...

Honestly, on the "God builds in punishment" thing, in the episode at least she didn't say that to Collin (she may have off camera but when he fell she just got scared, held him, and asked if he was ok that we saw). And it isn't the first time I've heard it, my brother has said it before. I think its just a statement.

The more disturbing part of that was that Jenny didn't even flinch.

CeeCee said...

Responding to the question about the "punishment from God" comment by Kate, my feeling is that God is far too busy to consider punishing Collin for running away from Jenny and tripping.

Guinevere said...

I'm not religious, so I wouldn't have put it the way that Kate did, but I don't have a problem with her making the equivalency between misbehaving and bad results. Collin fell because he was running when he shouldn't have been. If he had just fallen while not misbehaving,I don't think Kate would have characterized it as a punishment from God. So I don't really see the issue.

FIONA said...

Gotta love Monday nite TV! LPBW, JK8 and the awesome Duggar's!

I think the new promo of Jon and Kate smiling at each other on the hill m i g h t just be at the new house. Just a thought.

Kate seems like she is trying so much harder to chill.

Jenny seems awfully boring, and sorry, but if she were my nanny, I would suggest some more appropriate shorts....just saying.

Kids were cute!

Guin, I agree, I watch the show and know every little thing the haters will jump on. It is like a game for me now! :)

Monica said...

I think what happened to Collin was more about life teaching him a lesson, very quickly, for misbehaving and running from Jenny. If Kate wants to say that this was "God" teaching him a lesson...that's her take on it. I hope Collin remembers what happened and learned a lesson from that experience, and I'm very glad he wasn't badly hurt.

violet said...

Regarding the God's punishment comment, I think it was their Christian way of thinking that is equivalent to "what goes around, comes around". Kate didn't say that until later on in an interview on their couch (and after hearing what he did to Jenny). Clearly well after the incident, and knowing he didn't get hurt. In the moment, Kate was very concerned. She was merely stating in a nutshell, Colin hit, then Colin got hit!

voice of reason said...

I say something similar to Kate when my kids get hurt doing something they shouldn't have. I usually say, see - that's what happens when you don't listen/obey etc. I don't say God taught them a lesson, but plenty of people who use 'religious speak' do. I think it's part of a natural consequence parenting approach.

I liked this episode. Everyone seemed to have a good time. The travel stress didn't even seem too bad. I shudder to imagine the feedback I'd get when I travel with my kids. For long flights, I bring lots of candy. Whenever anyone gets crabby (including an adult), I throw a piece of candy at them and tell them they need sweetening. :) Usually it shocks them into behaving.

I do think its a little odd that the helper doesn't have a separate room.

cincymom said...

I do find it weird for Jenny that she doesn't "rate" her own room. I would frickin' demand it! And if it is inconvenient, perhaps they needed another "helper" friend???

Also, as a parent, NOT saying anything about Jenny, but that last comment made me realize isn't it a little weird to have your kids sleeping with someone in such an isolated way? Seriously, not the case here, just "looks" weird. And after all, they are on a show where all we do is look, so such things might want to be considered on their part.

monica said...

I do find it weird for Jenny that she doesn't "rate" her own room. I would frickin' demand it! And if it is inconvenient, perhaps they needed another "helper" friend???


I don't and it doesn't look like Jenny minded, she shared with Alexis on the other trip they went on. They were on vacation (except for Jenny, who was on the clock) and everyone had to double up - all the boys and girls slept in the same room when they usually have boys in one room and girls in another.

If I were Jenny or an adult on that trip, I probably wouldn't have gotten any sleep worrying about if one of the kids got up in the middle of the night and went to the beach or the pool

MonicaW42 said...

LMAO @ Fiona re: Jenny seems awfully boring, and sorry, but if she were my nanny, I would suggest some more appropriate shorts....just saying.

Yeah, those shorts would need be longer in my household. Capri style even.

Bridget said...

In tems of Jenny sharing a room with Mady and Cara, when I was a "mother's helper" and went on vacation with the family, I often shared a room with the kids. I was so excited to just go on vacation. I'm not sure if Jenny is officially a "nanny" or a "mother's helper".

floridamom said...

I feel sorry for Jenny if people are going to start piling on criticizing her. She seems nice and laid back, which would be a nice balance to Kate. I think she is not showcased by design. I don't think she should be talked about anymore than you would the cameraman. IMO :)

monica said...

Speaking of cameramen, I like Scott a lot. He seems really sweet and the kids seem to love him. I don't know how many times I've heard the kids say hi to him, but I love it.

Jenny dresses just fine. Her clothes aren't revealing but because her shape is more full people might notice the clothes she wears and the way they look on her. I think she dresses like a typical young woman who dresses for comfort but doesn't feel the need to hide her body.

monica said...

I also like how mellow Jenny is. She's got the perfect personality to work with kids. She remains calm and she pays attention to what they say, she really seems to listen to the kids, and I think she's a calming influence. I'm glad she's there.

Guinevere said...

I like Jenny; I think she's cute and she does seem mellow and sweet. I've noticed her penchant for short-shorts but she looks good in them, and I think when she's been wearing them it's been hot. I see nothing wrong with that.

Lizabeth said...

RE: the 'punishment' comment Kate made... As far as all that goes, I remember Kate mentioning at times that Collin is stubborn. I have four brothers, one of which is the classic strong willed, stubborn child. I have a little of that, too, but my brother takes the cake. Growing up in a Christian household, my parents did make comments about punishment from God because we believe that sin makes you stupid. Its about personal responsibility-- as others have said, I am also glad Kate didn't say that to Collin right after he fell, but later on as an afterthought that "Maybe this will help him break that stubborn spirit a bit..."
Just my opinion-- some kids have to learn the hard way, and it seems like Collin may be one of them, bless his sweet heart :).

FIONA said...

I still read the other blog...and usually end up thinking how can people literally hate someone so much, that they don't even know.

One thing I would like to comment on, is now the snarky and picking on Jenny's physical attributes has started.

Going along with GWoP's sound reasoning, is Jenny not also involved in exploiting the kids? She is making money off the show. She sees how the show affects the kids, etc...yet some posters are saying, "leave Jenny alone". She just needed to earn some money.

Isn't that what Jon and Kate did. They needed to provide for their family.

If Jon and Kate are guilty, and TLC, the production crew etc....all of whom are making a living by filming/producing the show-why should the paid nanny get a pass?

I say her ass and hair are fair game for all GWoPpers. There reasoning astounds me.

For the record, I could care less about Jenny. Except for the fact, if she were my nanny, I would ask for her to dress a tad more conservative in my home, around my kids etc. I am not talking Mary Poppins attire, but some longer shorts while traveling would be a good start.

GLO said...

This is slightly off-topic, but since Jenny's attire has come up...I work with high school students, and I can honestly say that what Jenny wears is considered normal for most girls in that age group--at least in public school.

FIONA said...


It may be considered normal attire...but Jenny is working. Therefore I think a little better judgement in picking out shorts etc...especially as she will be most likely bending over, sitting on the floor etc...playing with kids.

Bermudas are very cute, and more suited for running with the kids! JMO!

real_mom said...

And Kate wondered why Jon was lagging behind at the airport.....he was enjoying the view of Jenny!

Lizabeth said...

As someone who has been a nanny and worked with kids in summer (as a camp counselor) I know for a fact how frustrating it is to be scrutinized for what I wear. You get long tank tops just in case there is a gap between your shirt tail and pants, you buy longer shorts, you wear a one piece... and still get criticized. There really is no winning. I feel bad for Jenny in that respect-- yes she chose to work with the Gosselins (and I am sure enjoys the free vacations!) but she doesn't deserve to have such harsh critique (not just here of course-- 'over there' they are pretty brutal too!) For what its worth, as someone who has been in her place and worked closely with families, you really just have to be modest and comfortable, which I think she's done a great job of.

If Kate had a problem with it, she didn't say a word about it to the camera, and should just mention it to Jenny in private. I would think a bigger concern for advocates would be the example being set for Cara and Mady than the fashion aspect....

(Let me qualify that a minute and say again I don't think Jenny did anything wrong!!)

calebsmom said...


I agree with you about Jenny's attire. She wears clothing that most girls in her age group wear. I most also say that I have seen girls with shorter shorts and you can see part of their butt. I like Jenny. I think that she is good for the kids to have around.

By the way, I think your dog is very cute!

floridamom said...

I'm not sure I follow your logic. When I was talking about it not being fair to criticize Jenny, I was talking about this thread--not GWoP. I don't read their posts very often, because they are over the top. I don't think it's right to make fun of Kate's hair or clothes.
You were talking about how snarky they are, but you were saying Jenny is boring. I don't know how you come to that conclusion when she is rarely interviewed. I would hope that everyone is too busy looking after the kids to be looking at her shorts. Just my opinion.
I don't think she is fair game. It is not Jenny the nanny show. I doubt she has any say in the show's production.
Again, I don't think the comments that are made about Kate are appropriate, but she is the star of the show and unfortunately that comes with the territory.

Ruffie said...

I wondered if Collin's Crocs caused his accident. I really don't like these shoes for children - although I have three pairs. :) I was surprised that Kate didn't get upset about everyone going through security barefoot. I won't do that. I wear two pairs of socks and remove the outer layer after passing through security. I don't want to put on my shoes until I get the dirty socks off. (Move over, germaphobe Kate.) It's a good use of old socks because you can just toss them in the trash. If I want to wear sandals at my destination, I'll stick them in my carryon.

Did I see this right? Alexis had her dress up on the airplane and her hand over her private parts? Like she really had to go to the bathroom?

GLO said...

Thanks for the comment about my dog. He is a sweetie!

Old School nurse said...

Let me first say, I think the kids are absolutely adorable. When I watched the episode when they go to San Diego, and Collin hits his head as he goes to run off the plane,(and by the way it he was running away because the "paid" baby sitter didn't take control of the situation) and his mother makes the statement that "sometimes God gives the punishment" I wanted to VOMIT. What a cruel woman. She didn't even treat him as a loving caring parent when it happened. She carried him like an old sack of potatoes. What is wrong with this woman? Just because the object he hit was hollow, and it made a heck of a noise, doesn't mean he didn't have a concussion. I'm a pediatric nurse, and mother of 2. She's a nurse, and she should know better, even if she was a OB/GYN nurse. Now I truly feel that all she does is exploit those beautiful children for money. What she can get out of it. Where can she get a free trip to, a multi-million dollar house, and stuff. Stuff, Stuff and Stuff. I truly feel sorry for those children.
By the way, that if according to Kate, if God hands out the punishment, she better look out. God only knows what she'll be getting for her behavior.

kimber said...

But he DIDN'T have a concussion. He was fine. She was merely talking about cause and effect. He disobeyed and boom, he was taught a lesson, by God, or karma or whatever you want to call it, right away. What's wrong with Kate calling it like she sees it?

What's wrong with YOU, old school nurse? Maybe you should change your name to old judgmental nurse.

The children are fine and will continue to be fine, even as you sit in judgment of their parents.

Pam said...

I thought Kate acted quite concerned after Collin fell. She cradled him in her arms and carried him off the plane. As far as bringing God into it, I think that is a family/religious thing- if that is the way they see it, then who are we to judge. I often find myself wondering how some of the more critical posters on these blogs would react to so much scrutiny and judgement of their own parenting skills and methods. Not very well, would be my guess. But it sure seems to be easy to judge and nitpick over the Gosselins.

merryway said...

I don't see how anyone who saw Kate's face when she was holding Collin could think that she wasn't anything but concerned and frightened. IMO she was scared he was really hurt.

vipersue said...

I found Kate's comment that God was punishing Collin for disobeying Jenny a little odd but what really bothered me was Jon laughing so hard when Kate was telling the story. I rewound it a couple of times to see if I missed something but I don't think I did. For some reason he seemed to think it was hysterically funny that is son hit his head in the airplane.

Lizabeth said...

As far as the comments about the way Kate picked up and held Collin, I don't know about you, but 4 year olds who are around 30 pounds are heavy. Really heavy. Thats when the child is holding on and kinda helping you carry them with their body positioning. The situation as I saw it was Kate scooping up her son to get him out of the way of people between the airplane and the concourse. Who cares that she wasn't gently cradling him in a manner which was comfortable?? She was carrying bags (if I recall correctly), had 7 other kids she was keeping an eye on, and trying to protect her son. You do what you have to do in those situations-- I think the way she handled it was great, and by talking to Jenny later on she was able to fill in the blanks on what really happened.

merryway said...

I'm not surprised they were laughing at Collin after the fact. Getting hurt like that is just part of the package of childhood and you laugh about it later when it's all over.

chick said...

Oh yay, another trip. Because that's part of "ordinary regular life" for us all, isn't it?

Boring. And kind of alienating as well, frankly.

Hopefully the show will be history in less than a year. Then J&K can figure out how to live off the money they've made for the next 14+ years, and the kids can have a shot at a truly "normal" life.