Sunday, January 11, 2009

TV TALK - Week of 1/11/09

We are going to try something new this week. Every week we will place a fresh post up on Sunday for you to discuss your favorite TV shows during the week. There will still be a separate post for Jon & Kate Plus 8.

So sit back, relax and enjoy talking about your favorite shows.


JerseyGirl said...

Im not a big TV watcher. ABC canceled the only network show I watched,Dirty Sexy Money, a couple months ago. I think Im a curse because every show I like gets canceled, Veronica Mars was awesome! I still miss it. I do mostly watch HGTV -- Househunters and Designed to Sell. I can't stand that show My House Is Worth What? and HGTV seems to put that horrible show on all time. My guilty pleasure is Real Housewives of OC. The Bravo message boards are so hateful and full of illiterate people so Id love to have someone here to dish about it with.

nomoredrama said...

I am so excited about this thread :-) Where do I begin? 24 starting tonight? Heroes (I know, I think I'm the only person who watches it)...there are so many (thank God I have a DVR, LOL)

House? I really want House and Cuddy to hook up (I know, I know...soap opera esc).

Someone help me to focus my attention, LOL!

scarfoot said...

My two favorite shows (besides the obvious!) are "LOST" and "The Office."

"LOST" - where do I even start? Last year for Lent, I gave up TV but still watched my one episode of "LOST!" Ouch. I might have a problem! I love trying to figure out what it all means, and I love the surprises and the romance. I also get a big kick out of Sawyer and his sense of humor. Not to mention those dimples! I read that this season is going to focus more on Sawyer's story than it ever has. It's almost too good to be true! I highly recommend this show, however, you must watch it in order or you will be lost forever. ABC is really good about posting their shows online to watch for free. You can see all seasons of LOST online at this time.

I just started watching "The Office" last year. I got caught up on DVD (I actually did that with LOST as well). It is hilarious. Before I watched the show regularly, I saw an episode or two and thought it was stupid. I now realize that there is more of a story than I initially thought, and that watching it in order makes it easier (skip season 1, it stinks and you'll be fine without it). As I stated in another thread, I have to remind myself that Jim is not real and I cannot be in love with him! I am the only person in America without a DVR, and I will be gone during "The Office" this week, so don't tell me what happens!

scarfoot said...

Oh I LOVE The Real Housewives of OC, Jersey Girl! I didn't get to see it this week, what happened?? They are so unbelievably selfish and weird. I just don't understand how people have such issues with a family show, but then seem to be OK with these crazy rich ladies?

Nomoredrama, people keep trying to get me to watch Heroes. I feel like I don't need any more TV shows, but I might watch it. I used to watch 24, but got tired of it. It really was great, though!

Lizabeth said...

Scarfoot, I am a HUGE "The Office" fan and was so bummed that my classes are on Thursday nights. Then I realized that both and have the show online the next morning, so its no longer a problem :).

Besides that, I recently got hooked on "Chuck" and will start watching that when it starts up again.

I also love reality TV, so when I get a chance I catch the trashy VH1 shows like Rock of Love Bus as well as slightly less trashy stuff like The Bachelor. Usually I watch stuff like this online, though-- I work from home and if its not busy with my phone calls and paperwork I can pretty much do whatever I want. Around New Years we were so dead that I watched all the episodes till now of Season 2 of "Chuck" on in two days!!

Baby Mama said...

OK I am a huge Reality TV junkie.... All the I LOVE Money, Rock of Love Charm Schools, yes all the trashy ones. I love all The Real Housewives Shows (Atlanta was hysterical) and I'm super excited for American Idol to come back on. But my favorite show period is Dancing With The Stars. Last season stunk, so hopefully they will get better people this time! ;)

nomoredrama said...

I heard by a few accounts that this season of 24 was going to be much better than last. Even the cast members acknowledged that last season was kinda lame. I saw the tv movie prequel. I LOVE Keifer Sutherland...I should say, I LOVE Jack Bauer and want to have Jack Bauer babies (LOL!!!)

nomoredrama said...

There is a Reality show on Tru TV (ex court tv) that I am kind of curious about. It's called "The Principals Office." I'm not sure if it is a reality show or not so I think I'm going to watch to see what it is all about.

Other favorite reality shows:
Judge Judy
Obviously I watch J&K
Inside American Jail (or, as it is sometimes called "Jail")
Supernanny (I know, I'm a dork)
Cops (sometimes)
Forensic Files
I used to watch American Idol but it has gotten old.
What not to Wear
I used to be a big trading spaces fan but haven't watched in forever.

I like the office too but I need to DVR it. There are other shows my friends tell me I need to watch like "It's always Sunny in Philadelphia"

More drama shows I watch:
Law and Order, SVU
CSI (though not that much lately)
Without a Trace (again, not that much lately)

So, in conclusion, I'm a loser

nomoredrama said...

Oh, and I can't forget my "news" shows...Nancy Grace and "On the Record" with Greta Van Sustern.

I do watch a lot of CNN. I'll be watching even more (DVR) if the Casey Anthony trial is televised.

Wow...Im a little to excited about this thread.

Saint said...

The Office and 30 Rock; it's must-see-TV.
I love "It's Me or the Dog."
I've watched some seasons of American Idol with the kids, though we think some are lame. We used to watch 24 (put in 4 seasons) but it got old. We could give it a try again.

rain88 said...

I'm a Reality Show junkie. I watch Survivor, Amazing Race, Supernanny and others. My favourite reality shows are those discussing true crime like 48 hours, Dateline, the first 48 etc. I also love "Mayday" it's a show that recreates the events surrounding various plane crashes around the world. It might be a Canadian tv show, I'm not sure.

Anya said...

JerseyGirl said...
"My guilty pleasure is Real Housewives of OC. The Bravo message boards are so hateful and full of illiterate people so Id love to have someone here to dish about it with."

Hey JerseyGirl! Just curious who do you "like" on the "Real Housewives of OC"? Even though I watch way too much Bravo, I have only seen 4 or 5 episodes of OC.

I did catch about 20 minutes of an episode from last season where Laurie was shown in counseling with her teenager drug addict son. (And people complain J&K show too many private moments of the children!)

Then there was a marathon on Thanksgiving night and I think between that and sometimes catching it on its regular time, I have probably seen 4-5 episodes of this season. I have to say, I don't think there is anyone to like. Am I wrong?

So far, I think I can stand Gretchen and the new mom with the two teenage girls doesn't seem that bad, but the rest of them are just awful IMO.

The visit to the Arizona resort town on 4th of July had to be the worst. 40-year-old woman trying to add like they are 20. Sad.

That said, I have come back to watch it a few times so something is drawing me in (LOL), so I guess I am curious if there is more to it in your opinion?

The Atlanta version seems like a hoot. I haven't seen that season, but based on catching a few minutes of the reunion special, I am kind of hoping for a marathon of that one!

Rufus said...

Well... I watch a lot. A lot of tv. It's basically the best way for my husband and I to wind down from our days together. We can still talk during commercials, hang out on the laptops, but also veg out during the shows.

That said, where to begin? I love all the reality shows. Everything from the garbage - Anything on VH1, Dog The Bounty Hunter - to the high end (is that possible?) - Project Runway, Top Chef. And when I get into a show, I get into it. There's no turning back for me.

I also watch Big Love, The Biggest Loser, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy (which is REALLY sucking as of late) and probably other shows, but I can't think of them.

And Lost. I love me some Lost. I never have any clue as to what the hell is going on, but that doesn't matter. Unfortunately, the majority of last season aired during a lenghthy hospitalization for me so I'm completely out of the loop. I'm going to rent the last season and try to catch up while I DVR the upcoming season. I'm hoping to catch up as quickly as possible.

Rufus said...

Anya said...
The Atlanta version seems like a hoot. I haven't seen that season, but based on catching a few minutes of the reunion special, I am kind of hoping for a marathon of that one!

You must! You can not miss this train wreck.

Anya said...

Ok, I confess that I watch many of the same shows you all do. NMD and I have already bonded over our love of Judge Judy!

Just to stay somewhat on topic, I'll stick with shows that are on this week (otherwise my list would be so long it would look kinda...sad!). Some of these I obviously have to DVR (so I have time for J&K blogging!)

*Desperates Housewives: (half watching while doing others things. Or watching when Susan ISN'T on screen. LOL.
*Brothers & Sisters: can't miss

*There's this show about a high strung mom of 8 on TLC. Not sure if you have ever heard of it.
*True Beauty. I watched it last week and it wasn't half bad. Probably will go for a second viewing.

Maybe a book? I tried to watch some of The Biggest Loser last week. Not really feeling it. I did watch the first season. I don't like the host or the woman trainer and I find the harping of "our biggest woman ever" a tad overblown and insensitive. Of course, these folks signed up for it!

*Top Chef New York

*The Office and 30 Rock. Maybe a little ER.

*Friday Night Lights returns!!!

And depending on what else is going on, I may or may not watch Wife Swap (talk about scripted reality TV and laying your family's warts out for all to see!) and Supernanny (which I do like if for no other reason than I adore Jo).


Depending on how tired I am, I try and sneak in some Daily Show and Colbert Report too....

MoreCowbell said...

I'm a Grey's Anatomy girl. I also like its spin off, Private Practice (although I want to punch something every time that obnoxious new guy calls Addison "Monty." He needs to go. NOW.) I also loved Dirty, Sexy, Money, but they canceled it. As a result, this season has not had the quality of last season's strike shortened one. I have the DVD of Season One, but I don't know if I'll bother with Season Two. I also like Brothers and Sisters, but sometimes have to tune out as the Sally Field character gets under my skin with her constant harping.

My reality fix is the TLC line-up, of course. J&K, LPBW, Duggars, What Not to Wear. I also love Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Channel. I try to catch General Hospital on Soap Net once in awhile to stay current,

And then there's my guilty pleasure, as I mentioned in the other thread. Nothing is quite so low as VH-1's idea of "reality," Skank of Love with Bret Michaels. Yep. I watch it. And then say 10 Hail Mary's and wash my brain with bleach. I also discovered a new one today, which is called Tool Academy. Good lord, what a bunch of losers. But, I think I may have to watch this trainwreck for a good laugh.

Theresa said...

I always DVR my favorite shows because most often I'm either sleeping or working. Here's what I DVER...

NCIS (still love Mark Harmon) and Law & Order SVU on Tuesday nights.

Wednesday, I DVR Damages on FX.

Thursday, I DVR Grey's Anatomy.

Sometime between Friday mid-morning and Saturday night, I watch them. Sometimes, I don't get to it and in fact, I am a few weeks behind on NCIS and Damages.

MoreCowbell said...

I'm currently watching VH-1's Confessions of a Teen Idol. Not bad, although I want whatever that female ficus group was smoking, I thought Christopher Atkins looked the worst out of all the guys and had changed the most. He's been installing pools as a job for years and his skin shows that. It's a bit leathery from being out in the sun. He needs a good moisturizer.

desben said...

My shows are:
The Bachelor
Top Chef
Real Housewives OC
Dancing with the Stars
I used to be into Survivor but that's more of my husband's show. On the Real Housewives of OC, Laurie was my favorite until she left. Vicky cracks me up because she is so crazy. Top Chef, I LOVE. This is a show both my husband and I love. We like cooking together so it's enjoyable to watch. Dancing with the Stars is still one of my favorites even though this season wasn't that good. HGTV and Food network is also on the list of favorite programming.

Mom said...

My latest is "confessions of a teen idol" on VH1! Some baywatch guys, Adrian Zmed, Christopher Atkins, a dude from 9010, another from real world and Billy Husfey (sp?) from FAME! Whoo hoo.

I thought I'd be into the Brett Michaels show again, but this bus thing looks stupid.

I'm an ID addict - all of those investigative shows - love them all. I will watch the new celebrity rehab show called Sober Living too.

I've been catching up on movies. Finally watched "The Queen" last night. Very interesting.

themrs said...

ladies if i told you all the shows i love we would be here all day (not to mention you would think i am a huge loser with no life:) but my top faves are grey's anatomy, private practice, lipstick jungle, the bachelor, real housewives and heroes. and i'm embarrassed to admit i still watch the real world on mtv. i think because i was in high school when it started so i still love it. i never tell any of my friends IRL that i watch it LOL except my BFF who is also a closet watcher!

merryway said...

Heroes (behind still and need to catch up)
30 Rock
The Office
Robot Chicken
The Soup
Ace of Cakes
I usually watch at least part of SNL.
I love King of the Hill (last season this year)
Am a huge Simpson's /Matt Groening fan. Same with South Park.

I try to catch Nancy Grace

I still try to catch the beginning of Wife Swap to see if I might like it.

Used to love CSI but I dropped off this year, same with Law & Order SVU.

I did follow Survivor for a long time, but lost interest a couple of season ago.

It'll be fun to talk about Heroes, I plan to get caught up soon.

Jamie said...

First I would like to say GREAT TOPIC Nina.

I am a total tv junkie. I love all different types of shows.(I have DVR so that makes it much easier to watch all these shows, The fast forward button is my friend.) So lets see here...

The Simpsons
King of the Hill
Family Guy
American Dad

Heroes - (nomoredrama, This is one of my faves. I've seen every episode.)
House - Also one of my faves.
J&K... obviously
The Duggars - when they are on
LPBW - sometimes if it looks like a good episode

The biggest loser
90210 - I know...Im sorry.
The Bad Girls Club - I LOVE this show. If you like trashy reality tv check this out. Oxygen 10pm.

Americas Next Top Model - New season starts next month I think.
Top Chef - My boyfriend looks like Jeff. I think he's HOT!

Kitchen Nightmares
Hells Kitchen

Ghost Whisperer
The Soup

Im trying to get into The Real World this season we will see where this goes.
Im going to give Rock of Love bus and any other trashy reality shows MTV and VH1 put out a try. Oh and I will also watch a few episodes of real housewives since a lot of you watch it too.

Linda said...

nomoredrama -

Long time no see! Good to have you around! I

My favorite shows are "The Office" and "Brothers and Sisters."

I also like HGTV.

And I do like J&K8

jace said...

Oh fun!

Amazing Race
Jon and Kate
America's Next Top Model--My guilty pleasure
Supernatural--what can I say

But Friday is my big night for TV;

Psych--my favorite :)
Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader
The Soup
Battlestar Galactica

Thank goodness cable runs their shows more than once.

Lizabeth said...

I forgot to mention that I love the food network-- I'm a big fan of Iron Chef as well as Giada, Ace of Cakes, and Good Eats.

Watched Confessions of a Teen Idol which was interesting-- David Chokachie is so hot :). I am also just reeling after watching another Rock of Love Bus episode. Those girls are total skanks-- Brittaney is a basket case, Brittanya is a ditz, and most of the others are just plastic surgery gone bad. The only ones I actually think may be decent in general for Bret (not that I care, but in the spirit of discussion its worth mentioning) are Kelsey, Beverly and Taya.

American Idol starts on Tuesday! Woot!

Bridget said...

LOST, LOST, LOST. I'm all about Lost. I don't think I've been so attached to a show since, well, never. I do love almost all reality shows, but Lost is my favorite. I don't know what I'll do in two years when it's off the air!

indianprincess said...

I like Lost, Heroes, Greys, ER and House. Loved Stargate Atlantis...Joe Flanigan is my guilty pleasure.. Not much of a reality show fan besides Jon and Kate. Tivo is my friend!

Mary said...

This is a scary thread because it makes me realize just how much tv I watch. Does it count if I TIVO and then skip through the ads? To be honest I DO TIVO and usually watch late at night when I can't sleep. Like many of you I love to watch some of the reality show train wrecks. The trashiest for me is Real Housewives of Orange County. My God! The bling, the Ka-ching and the desire to be younger and have more, more, more freaks me out! Survivor is a fave as is Big Brother. I am watching CSI reruns because I never watched the show before and realized I enjoy it so it's a bonanza for me. Mostly we watch cable. Brotherhood, Dexter, Big Love. HGTV's House Hunters and Ruby on the Style Network. Sweet woman with lots of weight to lose. I'm rooting for her!

Wow. I swear to you I do read books. Lots of books. Looking at this list is scary. And I didn't mention news shows I watch and health shows (which usually end up scaring me).

As for RH of OC the only one I can like a little is Jeanna. For some reason she doesn't seem as bizarre as the rest. Then again I am comparing her to the rest of the "cast" so that isn't saying much. Gretchen with the older man who has leukemia? What is that all about? Sometimes I like her and other times I'm repulsed. Tamra and Vicky drive me nuts. But I have a soft spot for the kids.

I'll shut up now and get a book and read. I swear.

jace said...


My family and I also watched Atlantis and SG-1 while it was on the air.

merryway said...

Oh yeah, I always check out the animal planet to see if they have something good. I used to like Chimp Eden. Watching bears rip apart a dummy right now.

Nice idea and a fun topic.

Gumby1 said...

Bridget and Scarfoot,

I'm with you! I am consumed with Lost. The first thing I do the morning after a new episode is go to and read the recaps, but not spoilers. That way, I pick up on all the stuff I missed, and then feel satisfied that I'm ready for the next week! I also love me some Sawyer, and his one liners make me LOL!

I also love Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. A lot.

Cooking is my stress-reliever, so Top Chef, and a ton of Food Network works for me.

America's Next Top Model, Project Runway and the Girls Next Door are my guilty pleasures. YOU'RE EITHER IN....OR YOUR OUT!

Thanks for the fun topic! As Christian would say from Project Runway.....LOVES IT! FIERCE!

indianprincess said...

jace..loved SG-1. I have the whole dvd collection. Looking forward to SGU.

nomoredrama said...

If it wasn't for TIVO (or, I should say more specifically my cable DVR)
I'd be watching the 11 O'Clock news and that's about it.

I usually work ridiculous hours during the week.

Jamie!! Yes! That's awesome that someone else watches heroes. Mohinder...oh Lord...another man that I LOVE to watch :-) I usually go for Matt Parkman types in real life though.

I forgot one reality show that I must watch when it is on: Project Runway!!! Love it! All the girls in my department watch it too so we talk about it every week.

I agree with those of you who said that listing the shows makes ya feel like a loser. I definitely feel that way.

Oh...and have to throw in Football and Baseball (although I'll admit that I definitely don't watch every Phillies game on TV).

While we're on the subject, Go Eagles!!!! Trust me when I say no one in Philadelphia thought we'd make it this far this year. Now that we are here, we're taking it all this time!! (I hope, LOL)

SamanthaNC said...

NoMoreDrama- we appear to have the same tv taste :)

I really like the new show Confessions of Teen Idol on vh1- I had a huge crush on Jeremy Jackson growing up, so its funny to see him on the show.

The mrs: I'm also a closet Real world watcher- do those kids get trashier each year or what?

House Hunters
Operation Repo
Big Brother
Confessions of a Teen Idol
Ghost Whisperer
American Idol
What Not To Wear
The King of Queens
Inside American Jail

I also read a LOT.

PS I swear I have a life.

merryway said...

Samanthanc, I saw Operation Repo. I want to catch it again. How on earth could you describe that show? I loved it.

Jamie said...

Oh, were we listing all the shows we watch? :) I thought we were only going over the one's airing right now. LOL

The Mole - All time favorite show EVER.
Project Runway (Christian was my favorite EVER.)
So You Think You Dance
Shear Genius
The Apprentice
Various shows on Food network and HGTV.

and im betting I missed a few but I swear I fast forward through the Ads and boring parts. Damn...I watch a lot of tv. :(

Anya said...

SamanthaNC - I miss "King of Queens". It was one of those under-appreciated shows. Of course, I think Kevin James is quite funny and endearing (and he even a little bit cute!)

nomoredrama said...

Samantha, I suppose you are out of the closet now :-)

I'm not so much into the real world...cuz I can't stand the bitching and back biting of shows like that.

I used to be involved in theatre so I had all of the bitching and back biting to last me a maybe that's where my screen name comes from :-) Then again, we all know my screen name is a farce. I still go to the the theatre and I'm still "full of drama" as my 'friends' from the nether regions have implied.

Guinevere said...

There are a LOT of good shows returning in the next week or so:

LOST (so excited!; I've had moments over the seasons of feeling fed up, but the second half of last season kicked ass)

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (I love this show so much. Though I still need to finish up the season two DVDs)

BATTLESTAR GALATICA (I resisted for a long time; I am as far as you can get from a sci-fi nerd. But a friend wore me down, "It's so good! It's really more about the human conflict than the sci-fi stuff!", and she was right. It's the last season, so I have high hopes/expectations)

BIG LOVE (Another one of my favorite shows - I'm super-excited at its return)

And there are many shows that are back on after short holiday breaks, either starting last week or this week: that one on Monday Anya mentioned, there are a bunch of kids, I can't think of the name....; I'm also giving True Beauty a try; Top Chef, The Office, 30 Rock, The Soup - it's great to have good TV on!

I also gave The Biggest Loser (which I'd been watching in early seasons but had gotte out of) a shot last week. I was sort of disgusted by it. They have some dangerously overweight folks there, and even without being a medical professional I feel like I can say with some confidence that some of the exercise routines they show appear too strenuous. At one point, Jillian was telling of the women that she may "throw up, or pass out" but she won't die. I was like, really? Because I think she could. I mean, it's not LIKELY, but it's more likely with someone who is 300 pounds than it is with someone at a healthy weight. The strenuous cardio workouts all appear to be in service of losing weight and "winning" - okay, I get that this is the premise of the show, but it still seems irresponsible. Even if they overemphasize the strenuousness of the exercise for the cameras, and the participants themselves are not really engaging in unhealthy and potentially dangerous exercise, I still feel that you're giving the audience the wrong impression. Someone with more knowledge on the subject is free to correct me, but I would think that someone who is morbidly obese and unused to exercise needs to start slowly, with more gentle exercises, to build up their stamina. Also, I would think that there would be an issue with the strain that such exercise would place on the joints, etc. of a person whose weight is probably already placing an unusual amount of stress on their body.

Yikes. Sorry to rant about that show. It just really bothered me, I guess. At least with Skank of Love, I don't think anyone is really looking to it for life lessons (I hope not!).

SamanthaNC said...


I have a secret Kevin James crush, no one else gets it lol

JerseyGirl said...

Anya - you are right, there is nobody to like on RHOC! LOL Gretchen comes off as such a gold digger to me. Her fiance was in the hospital dying, she is off getting drunk and her father (yes FATHER) sticks a balloon between her legs that made her look like she had a penis. I thought it was creepy. Plus there is a rumor going around that her relationship with Jeff wasnt as portrayed on TV and she actually has a boyfriend who is a car dealer. Who knows if its true. Tamra and Vicky are such nasty women and yet I like them best on the show. Lynne - the new one.UGH!! She might be the worst mother on reality TV! The Kate haters should get a look at Lynne! I have an almost 15 yr old daughter so I really really disliked seeing her tell her daughters to not eat if they wanted to wear a certain outfit. The 15 yr old is quite skinny but she mentioned that Lynne rides her about what she eats, plus she let that daughter wear a dress that made her look like a prostitute. I won't even get into her awful 18 yr old! Jeana bores me. I think she is passive aggressive and should get herself a backbone but her daughter amuses me. I never watched the Atlanta version but the NYC version is coming back next month. Whoohoo!!

Gumby1 said...


LOVE your Eagle's Avatar! If my beloved Steelers lose to the Ravens next week, then I'll be rooting for the Eagles all the way.

Either way, I'm hoping it will be an Eagles/Steelers Superbowl, keep in all in the state, you know?

Good luck to your team, and to stay on topic - Football is my number 1 TV event. I get blue when the season is over. But I'll have Lost to look forward to!

The biggest loser irks me as well. That much exercise to start is very dangerous. Maybe the lovely puke comments make good TV, and the term reality is stretching it.

Nina Bell said...


This is a TV thread so I don't want to start anything off topic, but big time Packer fan here. I even sat through the Packer-Giant's game a year ago when the wind chill was 30 below and it was Favre's last game as a Packer. Maybe we will do an off topic sports post down the road.

JerseyGirl said...

Count me in on the Kevin James crush! I find him to be really cute. King Of Queens is my husbands favorite show so we still watch it every night. We have a date to see Mall Cop this Friday. It might be the kind of movie that we go to and laugh our butts off and then look around to see nobody else is laughing. That happens to us a lot!

Saint said...

Best Kevin James moment for me: the "learn to dance" scene in Hitch. Will Smith played his part perfectly, Kevin James had me in stitches.

FIONA said...

Welcome back NoMo!

Can anyone say DENNY CRANE? Love Boston Legal, Law and Order....Elliot is so hot!

I stick to Discovery Health, TLC pretty much. The stranger the better.

And I also like Man vs Wild and Survivor Man.

Always watch American Idol as well.

Theresa said...

I forgot about House Hunters. Love that show.

Does anybody know what happened to Take Home Chef with the luscious Curtis Stone?? I love watching him cook.

Anya said...

I guess my Kevin James crush isn't as obscure as I thought it was! LOL.

Saint, I will have to put "Hitch" in my Netflix queue.

I saw a poster for "Mall Cop" last time I was at the movies and just the mental image made me laugh. I definitely want to see it.

Mom said...

Fiona -
I feel like I've seen every epi of Law & Order. I love all of them - old ones especially. When there is nothing good on TV, you can always find some channel running some version or L&O.

That Girl said...

I am a total tv addict. I work from home so it's really hard for me to not have the tv on even if it's just for background noise. Some of my favorites are Rock of Love Bus, Charm School, Real Chance at Love, Tool Academy.. I like all those bad reality tv shows on VH1. I can't help it. Law & Order SVU, Top Chef, Project Runway, No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain, Bizarre Foods, Ace of Cakes, Intervention, Nip/Tuck, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 30 Rock, Big Love, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Weeds, King of the Hill, Family Guy, Food Paradise, Next Food Network Star..

I watch too much tv.

MoreCowbell said...

High fiving Nina on the Packer love! WHOOO!

We sat at Soldier Field last year in below zero temps to watch the Packers lose to the freaking Bears. At least you got to freeze surrounded by your own kind of people. I had to sit and suffer surrounded by hostile BEARS FANS! Yuck.

Nina Bell said...

More Cow Bell

My husband is Bear fan so Sundays can be very interesting around our house.

SamanthaNC said...


My boyfriend (before I met my husband) looked a LOT like Brett Favre, only younger. He never grew tried of people telling him either lol

Nina Bell said...


Lucky you. Although I am a little upset with Favre right now. LOL

SamanthaNC said...

Well what he had in looks and charm he made up for with multiple heartbreaks and a penchant for breaking up with me in airports, so trust me there wa snothing lucky about it LOL. Thank God my husband came along and pointed out what an @$$ the favre look alike was!

VOR said...

I don't really watch that much TV. My favorite show is any show with Kevin McKidd. Yum!

MoreCowbell said...


My ex-husband was a Bears fan. His favorite two teams were the Bears and Cowboys, which meant that every Sunday in the fall and winter, he was not allowed to speak to me. In 1985, the year we met, he and his obnoxious Bear fan friends would play the Super Bowl Shuffle around me because they knew how much it pissed me off. By the time the Packers had Favre and were winning their own Super Bowl, we had split up, so I never really got my revenge. But, I knew that whatever rock he was living under at the time, it killed him that MY team was better than his. Plus, I was the one who got to brainwashed our son into also becoming a Packer fan. Heh. I win.

Now you know the real reason for divorce. Football.

Jamie said...

I loved Journeyman. *tear*

Anya said...

Samantha said..."and a penchant for breaking up with me in airports..."

Wow. One of those, huh? Always lots of drama?!

Sounds like you have moved on to a better man. Good for you.

Did anyone see "Desperate Housewives" last night? When Alex (Andrew's fiance) called Bree on the carpet for supposedly emasculating Orson, did anyone's mind flash to our favorite reality show couple? LOL.

Guinevere said...

I love Kevin McKidd, too. Loved him in both "Rome" and "Journeyman".

Is he on "Grey's Anatomy" now? I won't watch that show, even for him.

SamanthaNC said...

Much better!!!

Did anyone watch New Amsterdam last year? It was AMAZING! It premiered right after American Idol but the network kept changing the time slot, which I think is why it failed- I LOVED IT.

scarfoot said...


I miss "The Mole" with Anderson Cooper. It was so good. I think it never made it far because it required people to think, and people don't want to think much during a show.

I also have a crush on Anderson Cooper. I don't care if he's gay. I'm just sure that if he met me, he'd change his mind. And until he officially comes out, a girl can dream, can't she?!?

I watched "The Bachelor" last night and I wanted to poke my eyeballs out from watching such stupidity. But then again, I subjected myself, so I can't blame the show!

Guinevere said...

scarfoot, I loooove Anderson Cooper, too! I'm not usually attracted to gay men (nothing against them; I think it's just knowing they really, really aren't available). But Anderson is an exception. He is so adorable. He was great on "The Mole", too. I watched the last round of the show and the host was not nearly as good.

SamanthaNC said...

YAY AMERICAN IDOL! I'm watching the first episode now :)

Anya said...

scarfoot said...I also have a crush on Anderson Cooper. I don't care if he's gay. I'm just sure that if he met me, he'd change his mind. And until he officially comes out, a girl can dream, can't she?!?

I am rooting for you all the way, Scarfoot, but have you ever noticed the chemistry he has with Erica Hill (anchor at CNN). I am usually just half watching, but they have a couple of exchanges during his program (she comes on to talk about the upcoming news or something) and it's hot! You are *way* better for him than Erica, though.

On that note, I think I have a mini girl crush on Erica! She's so pretty and smart.

Samantha, give us a report AI tomorrow. We want to know about all the Paula crazy and how many times Randy says "dawg."

SamanthaNC said...

I did not know Anderson Cooper is gay. He is very cute- love when he co-hosts Regis and Kelly!

MoreCowbell said...

Is it me, or is American Idol losing its steam? I used to be so excited about it. Today, I barely remembered it was on. I was like, "Oh yeah. Idol starts tonight." I'm watching it out of boredom, but I'm not really as excited as I used to be about it.

I do miss DWTS and Survivor, though.

MoreCowbell said...

Ummm. Did Ryan Seacrest just hold up his hand and try to get a blind guy to high-five him?

Ryan....hello in there?

Lizabeth said...

Hahahahaha McB, yes he did!

I loved AI tonight-- there were a few that will go far (like the really punk rock, tattooed girl Emily). Always interesting when they get the yahoos in there though...

Theresa said...

Wow. If Anderson only knew he was such a chick magnet! Scarfoot, get him to switch teams!

What do the Idol people think of the new judge Kara? I'm glad she tells people the truth about their singing. But, there's something I don't like about her and I can't really pinpoint it...

SamanthaNC said...

I didnt think I would like the new AI judge at ALL (I resist change) but I really like her. Didnt care for bikin girl- she's talented she didnt the gimmick.

amyf said...

Oh, PLEASE - "Lost" people, can we form a subgroup to talk? I've just finished rewatching Seasons 1-3 on SciFi and I'm in the middle of last season - CAN'T WAIT for next week! The problem is I don't have anyone to talk about it with, and so far I've found no websites with anyone even remotely literate there. As a compulsive proofreader, I have to actually screech out loud when I see the way some people write! People here are (probably) :-) not perfect, but MILES better than anywhere else I've come across. Or if not a subgroup, would anyone want to personal email about LOST?

Same problem with "24" - no one to discuss with...

Gumby1 said...


I'm all in. I haven't missed a Lost eppy, well, ever. I re-watched all 3 hours last night to prep for next week.

I stated this upthread, but 1-2 days after each new eppy go to and find the recaps page. Usually 3-4 regulars post a nice, deep, recap. As involved as I am in watching for every little clue, I find out sooo much from reading them.

My favorite writer from there is Erica, but she takes forever to post her synopsis. I'm sure that site is buzzing right now, but be careful, don't get in to the spoiler section - it really spoils it!

I hope you check it out. It gets me through until the following week and it taught me how to find all the tiny clues they put in there just for the diehards!

CincyMom said...

Wow--what a fun post. I like the daily chronilogical (sp?) order:

Monday: THAT SHOW we all know. And The Hills if I happen to catch it. I just love the ridicilousness of it and like to think "what will Joel McHale make fun of?"

Tues: RHoOC, love the real housewives. Not really love them, but love watching the show. Sooooo bad.

Wed: Top Chef--to this day, still can't find a live person I know who has watched it! How weird!

Thurs: Survivor (when it's on)

Friday: Talk Soup (or is that Saturday).

We TIVO everything now since we got it last year. I don't feel so bad for watching so much crap (sorry) since I skip through commercials and don't put my life on hold to watch it at a certain time.

I can't wait for Lost, absolutely LOVED the last season, like Project Runway too so hoping the Bravo feud will work out with Lifetime or wherever it's supposed to move to.

Sundays: I really like Desperate Housewives but only watch taped versions Mon-Friday on Lifetime.

My husband doesn't like a single show I do, so I always have to watch later at night..........

Anya said...

CincyMom said... Top Chef--to this day, still can't find a live person I know who has watched it! How weird!

By "live", I assume you mean people you know away from the internet because I am live (just checked - still have a pulse) and I watch it.

I kind of thought Ariane got a raw deal last night. I think Leah should have been the one to go....

Oh and that reminds me, PP (product placement) is all over that show (cooking with Dr. Pepper?!). And you would think J&K was the only show on the planet guilty of that sin!

Anya said...

CincyMom said... Top Chef--to this day, still can't find a live person I know who has watched it! How weird!

By "live", I assume you mean people you know away from the internet because I am live (just checked - still have a pulse) and I watch it.

I kind of thought Ariane got a raw deal last night. I think Leah should have been the one to go....

Oh and that reminds me, PP (product placement) is all over that show (cooking with Dr. Pepper?!). And you would think J&K was the only show on the planet guilty of that sin!

CincyMom said...

Anya said:
By "live", I assume you mean people you know away from the internet because I am live (just checked - still have a pulse) and I watch it.
I'm glad you're alive! Ha. Yes, what I meant was whenever I'm at a neighbor's or a party or with other moms, whatever, and the topic comes up, I say "do you watch Top Chef?" and the answer is never yes.
Glad to know you watch. I, too, think Leah should've gone. Did you know Radhika is from Cincy, even though she lives in Chicago or whatever?
Do you read the blogs on Bravo? I love them!

Anya said...

CincyMom said...Did you know Radhika is from Cincy, even though she lives in Chicago or whatever?
Do you read the blogs on Bravo? I love them!

I didn't know Radhika was from Cincy, but she is one of the ones I like. Overall, I don't have strong feelings about this group. There are a couple of annoying ones, but nobody I can't stand. On the flip side, there is nobody I am ga-ga over. Maybe checking out the blogs (which I haven't yet) will help me decide. Of course, with my record of rooting for reality t.v. show contestants, I don't know anyone wants me in their corner! :-(

Jamie said...


Don't let Joel hear you call it "Talk Soup." He goes psycho. Its hilarious.

Bella Donna said...

Well, I am still recovering from how my football team saddened me with their "One and done" in the playoffs. So now, I have been watching:

Rock of Love Bus. I am all about the skanktastic trainwreck TV.

House. One of the few shows hubby will watch with me.

CSI, once in a while. But I hate CSI: Miami.

Cold Case. I love this show, but we don't have a DVR and the only times it seems to be on TNT is in the middle of the night.

I am anxiously awaiting baseball season and hoping that I can see my team play more than a dozen games this season.

indianprincess said...

I forgot I love to watch Army Wives(sp). I wasn't to pleased how they are going with the story line. Love this show and I can't wait until the summer when it comes back on.

Guinevere said...

Don't let Joel hear you call it "Talk Soup." He goes psycho. Its hilarious.

What's the local LA morning show where they keep referring to it as "Talk Soup"? It has that guy (Steve something?) that Joel makes fun of for being so cranky. I kind of love that guy.

amyf said...

Gumby1 - am I missing something? I went to the site you mentioned and it was mostly links to and sites for buying LOST DVDs. Is there supposed to be some kind of discussion or will that only happen when the new episodes come? (and do the people write relatively coherent English?) :-) Can we somehow connect by email?

Nina Bell said...

amyf and gumby 1

You can do that through my email, if you do not want to post your email address on the blog.

Gumby1 said...


thanks, I just emailed you.

AmyF - I'll email you the exact link, it's hard to find in the site.

Lizabeth said...

Who watched The Office last night??

I watched online this morning (stupid class on my favorite show's night) and was blown away. It has to be one of my favorite episodes ever-- though it can't top The Injury or Weight Loss (cause of the proposal!!)

Anya said...

Lizabeth. I watched! I have short-term memory issues (must be all my blogging!) and have to go the web to remember my favorite quotes. Luckily there are all there. Here is one:

Jim Halpert: Andy still doesn't know that Angela's having an affair with Dwight. And it's been seventeen days. I mean eventually, he'll figure it out. When their kids have giant heads and beet-stained teeth. But right now it's just... awkward.

Lizabeth said...

OMG Anya!! I loved that part. My fave part was when Dwight and Andy were planning out when they would duel, and after agreeing (to 4 pm in the parking lot) they high fived. CLASSIC! I also love Jim's facial expressions, especially after he tried to break their 'fight' up and we can hear them yelling in the background as Jim leans against the wall and just looks in the camera.

Such a great episode, in my opinion :).

Saint said...

I love The Office! We laughed so hard when Andy pinned Dwight up against the bushes. And Jim asked him if his legs were broken? No, but the right leg was starting to fall's nice watching with the teens.

Nina Bell said...

I have not seen the Office yet. Will be watching tonight.

SamanthaNC said...

I've never seen The Office- I'm wondering if I should try it :)

merryway said...

The Soup was extra funny tonight. Ryan Seacrest is on there doing the high five as mentioned above. My fav was the LeVar Burton bit.

I wish they'd go back to black bars for the topless shots, I could do without the mutant barbie look with the blurring.

themrs said...

i don't know if anyone is still reading this thread but did anyone watch grey's anatomy tonight? OH MY WORD i actually realized i was holding my breath through parts. and i have been waaiittting for them to do a combo show with PP. it's sad how excited i am :)