Monday, March 23, 2009

Nayda Suleman Fires Angels In Waiting

From an exclusive interview with Radar Online :

"In a startling development, Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman has decided to no longer use the services of Angels In Waiting, the non-profit charity organization that had offered to provide 24/7 care for her octuplets and six other children, at a cost."

Read more about this story here on KTLA.Com, a local California news stations as well as in the Orange County Register.

Apparently Angels in Waiting will appear on the Dr. Phil show tomorrow.


Anya said...

I think it's been clear for a long time that Nadya has issues. That said, I do believe she loves her children and *thinks* she is doing what is best for them. As there are no shortage of involved parties, I trust that she will not be allowed to do anything that will cause any harm to her children. The best case scenario I can hope for is what happened with Britney Spears. I think those around her "forced" her to get the help she needed on the grounds that she would not be able to continue to see her children otherwise. Nadya seems pretty stubborn and determined to do it her own way. Hopefully, somebody can step in and deliver the message that her behavior is erratic and concerning and there is going to be oversight of her actions until she can demonstrate she is of sound mind. Obviously, the children come first.

In the meantime, I fully expect the media circus will continue.

Eileen said...

I can't take it anymore.

In my calmer moments, I agree with everything Anya says. And I pray for Nadya and her family.

But right at this moment, I want to slap that girl silly.

Nina Bell said...


That is how I feel. I was just shaking my head when I heard about this.

Guinevere said...

Heh. I kind of agree with both of you. I feel for Nadya because I think she's clearly disturbed and can't help herself. But there is something about her calm refusal to acknowledge how irrational she is that is starting to make me a little batty. I am glad, in a perverse way, that her family is so much in the spotlight; for all of the downsides of that, I think (hope) it means that she'll get the help she needs, eventually, and that her kids will be okay.

Eileen said...

Nina - 'shaking my head and shaking my fist in the air!
This is one of my "Is it me or what?" rants!

nomoredrama said...

Well...I'll censor what I think because it isn't nice.

This is disgusting...outrageous. There is not a soul that can convince me that this women isn't after fame and attention.

I'm sure she loves her kids but she is disturbed. She doesn't know how to be a parent. I said this before, I think CPS needs to be watching very closely. I think she has her own best interest at heart, not those 8 babies.

Liza Beth said...

Seriously. Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth. I have no idea what to think except that Nadya is endangering all of her children-- not just the babies. It's just really sad.

merryway said...

I think this is a big mistake on her part that she might really come to regret. How on earth does she expect to care for her children? She seems to be living in a surreal world. I would think that w/the angel group there it would have kept children services at bay. I hope they are monitoring the circumstances of these children. If she doesn't get a grip she may soon just be visiting her children. The newborns need so much care and attn to their development and what about the needs of her other children? I sort of felt for her as I felt she was a victim of her doctor, but now I just wonder about those kids. She should be worried and stressed about providing for their needs and future and I just don't see it in any of the interviews I have watched.

Nina Bell said...

Here is a link to a 911 call that was made by a nanny working for Nayda Suleman on 03/17/09 asking for Gloria Allred to be removed from the home where Nayda is living.

Nina Bell said...

From what I can tell, Dr Phil will not address this until Wednesday's show.

I have nothing nice to say about this situation. The Department of Child and Family Services needs to step in and step in now. This woman is not well and she needs strong guidance from someone unrelated to any media persona.

Eileen said...

Agreeing 100%, Nina!

Kikibee said...

Those poor kids can't win. Nadya would never willingly give up her parental rights and she's not
"crazy" enough to have them taken away from her. And putting the kids into the foster care system wouldn't be fair to them.

Those clips of her bringing the first two home were scary. And she didn't seem too concerned for the safety of her delicate newborns. She was enjoying the attention. I didn't see the homecoming of the next two. I hope it went better.

I wonder if her sperm donor wasn't
someone out of a catalogue, and all her details about him are just from her imagination. ( I don't think it was the doctor, the kids are too cute.) Surely, someone would have found him by now.

Nina Bell said...


Here is a link to a video where she talks about the father. I have not watched it myself so I am not sure what she says.

Nina Bell said...


Here it is:

nomoredrama said...

That video is a demonstration of her mental state. She is practically seducing the camera guy/interviewer.

It's so inappropriate. Her son is in the room. Grrrr!

I agree with Nina whole heartedly. CPS needs to be involved heavily. She does not have these kids best interest at heart.

I don't think they have enough grounds for removal yet but they can be watching, court ordering psych eval & Treatment for mom, and making sure the needs of the kids are being met.

indianprincess said...

When I heard she let Angels in Waiting go I could only shake my head. I watched her go shopping at Toysrus and she bought toys instead of baby needs. Toys, what about diapers, baby stuff? This women is on another planet. I feel for her babies. One bag of small diapers isn't going to cut it. (shakes head)

CincyMom said...

Holy creepy majoles!!! Why would she keep using the word father when it should be sperm donor, supposedly?

I think he's married. Why else would she say he IS a good father? And her little, coy, "Ooops".

The only other thing I can think of is a really really disturbing thought. What if he IS actively being daddy or has plans too and they are just hiding it all?

I have Dr. Phil all Tivo'd for Wed.

Anya said...

Kikibee said...
Those poor kids can't win. Nadya would never willingly give up her parental rights and she's not
"crazy" enough to have them taken away from her. And putting the kids into the foster care system wouldn't be fair to them.

See, this is kind of how I see it too. Although, if she continues some of her more bizarre behavior, she might force CPS' hands.

I do agree with Nina, etc. that CPS should be involved. The thing is, I am pretty certain the authorities are more than aware of everything that is going on. With the media spotlight burning as brightly as it is, they are not going to allow anything to happen under their watch.

The CPS workers involved have my deepest sympathy. I have no doubt she is a highly challenging client to work with.

Kikibee said...

Thanks, Nina Bell, for that link.
I saw that yesterday and that was what made me think something was off about the "dad" situation.

I just think she's either making him up, or making up the conversations with him. What kind of decent man, let alone father, could be so nonchalant about someone giving birth to 14 of his children? He "forgot" about the twins? Really? If that's true, then he's as FITH as she is. Which is saying a lot.

If he's out there, someone knows who he is, and I'm sure lots of people are trying to find out who he is. Somehow I doubt that all of Nadya's friends are so loyal that they wouldn't give out the information for a price.

I wonder if the hospital will even let her bring anymore of them home without Angels in Waiting being there. Maybe Dr. Phil will step up and make other arrangements.
He (along with the tabloids and infotainment shows) is sure getting a lot of mileage out of the situation.

Liza Beth said...

Nadya's side-- she begins by saying that Kaiser (the hospital where she had the octups) had a lot of resources for her that she would like to use. And then she keeps talking about some random conversation with someone at Angels in Waiting which may or may not have happened.

She claims that her babies are not medically fragile. Uhhh yeah they are. ALL babies are medically fragile-- no matter when they were born. These are preemies, infants that need the best care possible. Nadya felt like Angels took over her home and her babies. Which was kind of the point... but yeah.

JerseyGirl said...

I find it interesting that at first Gloria Allred claimed that the nurses would be there 24/7 to care for the kids,but it turns out the nurses were only there to "train" the nannies that Nadya had to pay for. So when everyone hears that she fired them, we assume she fired free round the clock care. In actuality, she fired trainers. She can get the same thing from the hospital staff so I don't blame her for getting Gloria the hell out of house. This doesn't mean I don't think she is off the hook crazy, I just think in this particular story, she was correct.

merryway said...

Oh my, was looking for the channel AH comes on and Dr. Phil is on there w Nadya's lawyer, Gloria and an angel's head nurse, Linda something, who was in charge for the week. The nurse is saying Nadya is gone all the time, unreachable and only came down for a feeding of the preemies when a film crew was there. She said that she didn't see Nadya for 12 hours after that. She blatantly stated that Nadya is all in this for the attention and does not care for these children. I couldn't hear the actual number of feedings because Nadya's attorney was interrupting. I did hear her say that some of Nadya's hired nannies she was supposed to be training tested positive for TB. That's terrifying.

Guinevere said...

Thanks for clarifying that, Jerseygirl. It does put it in a slightly different light. It's not surprising that Nadya's actions are being twisted in the media for maximum drama. I think she's quite capable of making many mistakes; facts don't need to be misrepresented to make her look bad.

P.S. - I love your avatar!

Nina Bell said...

Here is an updated article:

indianprincess said...

I think once Nadya's house was in order so her babies could come home she dumped Angels in Waiting because she didn't need them anymore. She got her free stuff to update her house and now that her house is safe for the babies she doesn't need the help anymore. I watched Dr. Phil today and it's very disturbing. Dr. Phil is stepping away from the whole mess and I hope Nadya open her eyes. geez, she needs help.

Firebird said...

I'm in the camp that believes Nadya is a classic narssicistic personality. She is only trying to gain attention, everything revolves around her. One of the nurses said that she didn't even hold the babies heads right, she picks them up as if they are rag dolls. And that the older children do not get attention from her, either.
There is way more to this story than anyone knows. I mean, not only the money for all the baby procedures she's had done, but what about all the plastic surgery she's had? I saw a "before" picture of her this week and you wouldn't know it was the same person.
I'm not a fan of Gloria Allred. But I do believe the nurse's story. This is all about publicity, money and fame. I truly think Nadya fancies herself the next Angelina Jolie, only with a reality show.
I'm truly sickened by this whole mess because there are so many tiny humans affected who have no control over anything. CPS should be stepping in, why aren't they? Because Nadya is a celebrity now?

Eileen said...

I agree with a lot of what Firebird and Kikibee have to say (especially your thoughts at another post, Kikibee).
I feel like I've been trying harder than I normally would to give Nadya the benefit of the doubt, but from what I've been able to observe, I can not agree with her actions or her decisions. The whole thing really makes me feel physically ill.

Oh, and Dr. Phil is making me nauseous too. I hardly ever watch him anymore and now I know why.

Guinevere said...

I feel like I've been trying harder than I normally would to give Nadya the benefit of the doubt, but from what I've been able to observe, I can not agree with her actions or her decisions.

I think you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who does. Probably where opinions differ is on whether she's mentally ill or just selfish, whether she's in it for attention or money, etc. I can't imagine anyone thinking that Nadya really has it together at this point, or that she's remotely capable of taking care of these kids, except for Nadya herself.

Kikibee said...

The more I see of this mess, the sadder it makes me. Those kids are all just adorable and I don't see how they will be able to have decent lives.

At first I thought, she's crazy, but she seems to love her kids, so maybe with some help she can take care of them. That doesn't seem to be the case. The way things are going it looks like they will be raised by an ever changing
bunch of "nannies", while Nadya flits in and out. That is, if she can keep things financed.

I wish they could find some nice people to take care of the kids in the house and send Nadya to foster care.

And she says that the kids who are home are all 6 pounds so they are fine? I don't know much about preemies, but I don't think they reach a magic weight where you don't have to worry about them anymore. If nothing else, they could still have developmental issues that need to be watched for.

Betty said...

I have such mixed feelings about this one. I think Nadya is off her rocker, but at the same time I took the ladies from AIW and Gloria Allred in dislike from the first time I saw them. The nurses came across as looking for fault to me and if someone had called CPS on me three times in a week or so, I'd have fired them, too. If someone made me feel like I was being watched for every mistake so that people could go on TV and tell the world about it, I'd fire them faster than she did. With all the harping on the Dr Phil show about transparency I kept thinking aside from being crazy and having had octuplets, why should there be any more transparency here than when any of the rest of brought babies home? No, no reason. It's people being busy bodies. It's up to Kaiser to see that it's safe and proper to bring the rest of the babies home and it's up to CPS, but it isn't up to Gloria Allred and Dr Phil to have "transparency" to feed their attention hungry glory seeking self-righteous selves. Can you imagine nurses that try to say they're professional and then go on TV and bad mouth their client? Wonderful advertisement to prospective clients don't you think? As I said Nadya is crazy and the kids are a concern, but GA and AIW went in with an agenda and it wasn't just to help care for babies, IMO. Just one woman's view though, but putting myself in that situation they'd have been history.