Monday, March 23, 2009

Real Reality Families

ABC News - A behind- the- scenes look at television's reality families. Click here to view.


Liza Beth said...

I really liked this clip and how it showed that some of these families really just wanted to be understood. Amy Roloff had a great point about privacy being a big issue, as well as everything just being raw and real. Kate's comment about having a plan for what to film makes sense also-- if they didn't have some structure then having cameras around would be even more invasive.

I also liked how Betty Hayes mentioned hearing her older kids in their interviews since many times kids will say to others things they do not necessarily say to their parents. It has to be a blessing for them to hear their twins talking about how much they love each other and the family!

CincyMom said...

Lizabeth--I agree with your comments, but also feel the comment that some of the older kids for "Family of 12" or whatever the name is, commented "are they coming again?".

To not comment on the negative as well as the positive is not considering all the factors IMO.


MoreCowbell said...

SO, can we use this thread to voice our opinions of TLC's newest mega-family?

Yes, the Hayes' family is newer at this and you can tell. The Gosselin kids are much more engaged and comfortable with the cameras right now, to the point of speaking with the camera guys and the producer. Their running commentary pushes the "cuteness factor" off the charts with the Gosselin 'tups. The Hayes kids are not at this point yet, thus making it seem more chaotic in their house. Plus, I think Kate is a lot more strict with behavior and manners and structure. The Hayes kids are louder and more "unleashed."

Now, I have to voice a compliant. Betty...WHAT THE HELL???? You just got a gift certificate to a SPA and all you do is get your FINGER NAILS DONE? You have TEN CHILDREN. You're constantly on your feet. Get a freaking pedicure! Plus, your husband probably paid for those perks and you wasted that money by telling the spa ladies "no" every time they asked you if you wanted something done. So, your neck is ticklish. So is mine, but hell if I'm going to turn down a facial by a professional. HELLO? Enjoy the afternoon away because they don't happen too often (especially when one of your 'tups has special needs and you have to tend to her constantly). I like both the Hayes' parents, but that annoyed me a bit. She reminded me of one of those "What Not to Wear" victims that has to be dragged kicking and screaming to "the dark side," despite being given a $5000 shopping spree, and free hair styling and make-up, and fights the process the entire way.

Oh, and if the Gosselins had gotten pulled over like that (which was funny), it would become a full blown controversy among the "advocates." By tomorrow morning, the story would be blown out of proportion and they'd be posting that they "heard" that Jon assaulted the officer and was cuffed, printed and photographed, and they'd be combing The Smoking Gun for his mug shot.

nomoredrama said...

I don't see a lot of interviews with the Roloff's (maybe I'm just not paying attention?) so it was good to hear their perspective on things.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall during some of these filmings. I just want to know exactly how it works and what goes on.

I guess with non-disclosure agreements we'll never know fully.

Anya said...

As for the interview, the one thing that struck me was (I think) all three sets of parents said their bedrooms were off limits. Even though I have defended the Gosselins, in particular, and other reality t.v. parents and their right to make decisions for their families, this slightly rubbed me the wrong way. I think even the older Roloff boys bedrooms are shown - correct? It would seem at a certain age, the kids should have the same privledge the parents have and their bedroom should be off limits too. (As for the Roloffs, all I ever see is a big pile of clothes and junk in every room, so it's not like there is that much to see, but you get my point).

MoreCowBell, I generally agree with your points. I watched most of the spa episode with Betty Hayes. I agree wholeheartedly about the pedicure. The rest of the visit - she just struck me as someone who was a bit intimidated in that environment and isn't used to pampering herself. It would have been nice to see her loosen up a bit, however.

I do agree that the sextuplet Gosselin children appear generally better behaved than the Hayes', but I think the children in both families appear very smart and loving.