Sunday, March 15, 2009

Slopes, Sleds, and Sesame

The Gosselins had more tears than smiles to share the first time the Gosselin family went skiing together. Jon and Cara head out to Utah to experience some more winter fun on the slopes, while Kate wisely hangs back with the rest of the clan.


CincyMom said...

Am I just behind? I thought the dog eating the horse was the last episode for the season, because I thought I read it somewhere and 2, because someone thought it odd to do that one for the "end of the season" vs. the "Bye Old House" one.

I thought all was over til May...
Well, fun, should be interesting. This was when Jon did that TV interview, right?

I'm actually hoping for one last snow in Cincy...

cwats76 said...

There is tomorrow's episode and then 2 more on March 23rd...then nothing until May.

Nina Bell said...


You want more snow????

Anya said...

Yeah, three more to go and then there will be silence in Gosselin blogging land - right? We shall see.... :-)

I am looking forward to seeing Jon and Cara ski. I think it's great they have that bond with sports. It's an excellent opportunity for the two of them to spend some time together and I think Cara benefits from some time away from her sibs...

marci said...


Has anyone else read the promo for the premiere for the Hayes' show that airs on the 23rd after the Gosselin season finale???

It's the mom's birthday and she goes to the SPA, while the husband stays home with the kids, bakes a cake, etc.

Not the SPA!!! No woman in her right mind would go to the SPA when other women with 10 children could not possible afford it in this ecomony, would she??? No REAL mother would go to the SPA that was SURELY paid for by the SHOW, would she??

Sorry. I just think that's hilarious since so many people who spout Kate's frequenting of spas as something "not normal" spas were just created for the uber snooty and no self-respecting, red-blooded American woman would be caught dead in one...especially if she couldn't pay for it herself.

Back to tonight's show...this episode sounds fun and busy. Cara and Jon are the only really "outdoorsy" Gosselins so far, and I love that Cara gets to share that experience with her father one-on-one. I haven't seen the Globetrotters since the 70s!!! They have always put on a fun show, so I'm sure Kate and the rest of the kids had a great time.

I'll be watching this episode from my whirlpool pedicure chair at the SPA while sipping champagne, so you peons will have to just settle for your Barko Loungers and Schlitz Malt Liquors. :)

Rebecca said...


The spa probably was a birthday present from either a friend or family member. It's not like an frequent event.

I think that it's real cool that the dad and kids bake a cake. The family that bakes together, stays together.

marci said...


Yeah, my comment was pretty much oozing sarcasm. I LOVE spa days.

Personally, I think all mommies should have regular, free visits to a spa...and the more children you have, the more free visits (kinda like frequent flier miles). So the Gosselin and Hayes moms going at least once a week would be about the corresponding number I would expect considering the size of their broods.

More power to 'em!

Eileen said...

Mom at spa? Reason number one to hate her!

Guinevere said...

A spa day? What kind of monster is she? :-)

Liza Beth said...

I really love that Jon and Cara have the chance to do father-daughter time. Cara looked thrilled to get the chance to do something she loves! Utah looked beautiful... it was so sweet that Cara missed her family though. The bobsled ride looked like SO much fun, especially since Jon does not really get the chance to do anything crazy too often :).

While I'm not a fan of Jon and Kate showing the kids at the dentist/doctor, it was good that Mady had a positive response to her braces.

I am impressed that Kate took all 7 with her alone-- I can see what she means about the kids being old enough to handle themselves at this age though. It was funny that she went to get into the passenger seat though and then remembered she was driving.

I also think Kate did the right thing with Hannah's meltdown since they were in the middle of a parking lot and she had other kids to deal with. Carrying her was not ideal but you do what you have to. It was so adorable to see the kids with the Sesame Street characters, too-- I love how adorable Alexis was as she saw Elmo!

Whoa... I saw the preview for next weeks episode where they talked about how everything had been building up to something in their relationship etc. I have no idea what to expect but I am really hoping either they talk about not doing another full season or that Jon and Kate are going to do some things to protect their marriage more....

mommyof3 said...

I just finished watching the episode and I noticed a lot of tension between Jon and Kate. Did anyone else? The both looked very uncomfortable sitting next to each other...I don't know just a thought. Also the commercial for next weeks episode made me think that their marriage was not doing very well.

Morgan said...

HOLY COW! THE PREVIEWS FOR NEXT WEEK?! I know this will be the HOT topic for the next seven days and I honestly hope they are making it more dramatic in the previews than it really is...goodness!

Anyways, I liked this episode. I can tell Cara had a great time and it seemed Kate did a good job handling all 7 by herself...what a task! I'm sure the haters will be crying foul over the box seats and the behind the scenes access to the characters at Sesame Street Live but I think its more of a safety issue. One parent seven kids and a huge crowd?! Add in the fact that they are well known because of the show and thats recipe for disaster!

I thought Kate was cute talking to the puppies. Overall this episode was a little all over the place since the family was literally "all over the place." But thats understandable.

I'm also very glad they chose to keep Mady's braces off camera. That is something that should be kept private.

Can't wait for next week!!

Kikibee said...

I don't think we've seen Cara smile that much before. I hope Mady gets to do something fun,too.

Kate did really well with the other kids on her own. She seemed very calm.

I'm wondering if the dog-sitter will be seen as a good thing or a bad thing. Seems like a good idea, but maybe "some people" will think it's a bit hoity-toity.

Are they going to address Jon's recent issues, or are they playing with us? I'm leaning towards the latter.

michelle said...

Jon and Kate never even communicated with each other on the chair during their interview.
It's heart goes out to Kate.

My prayers go out to this family.

erin said...

The best moment tonight was Alexis when Kate asked if she was going to marry Elmo. The look was pure embarrassment (I can't believe my mom just said that!). Cracked me up.

Linda said...

I didn't see the episode yet, but I saw the preview for the next week and all I've got to say is "yuck" and not much else.

merryway said...

Cute cute. I was so surprised that Cara got homesick. I thought it was typical dad thing that Jon didn't know what to do when she was. It looked like they had so much fun together. I hope she remembers that forever. I hate cold sports (except for sledding, put me on water skis), but that tubing looked like a blast. I thought it was funny Cara never got out of the tube.
It was sweet that Kate missed her and that Cara was allowed to go and wake up the kids when she got back.
I liked seeing Kate enjoy the time with the other kids. Mady looked like she was handling her braces well.
I was caught off guard by the promo for next week, but I wasn't paying enough attn. I would guess that TLC is trying to up ratings by making it look like they're talking about their marriage, but I need to see it again.

nomoredrama said...

I missed the promo!

Anya said...

Merryway, I agree with you. The tubing looked like so much fun. Bobsledding, however -- no thank you.

Jon is just a big kid and a trip like this gives him an opportunity to be the fun dad. I am sure Cara benefited from their time together even though she was understandbly homesick.

Lex was adorable with Elmo - no surprise. I loved the boys in their sweaters and Collin's chit-chat.

Last, but not least - Kate was lively, friendly and relaxed throughout the episode. A nice change. I do agree there wasn't a lot of interaction between J&K on the couch, but at least there was no interupting or pouting. Again, a nice change.

The promo? It may or may not amount to anything, but it sure seems TLC doesn't intend to play the rumors down.

All and all, a very nice episode in my opinion.

Guinevere said...

It's weird that Kate seemed so much more relaxed without Jon around. Maybe the tension between them (assuming that it exists) really does effect her mood.

Of course, I've always been of the opinion that whatever Kate's personality flaws, she's actually pretty patient with her kids - moreso than Jon, usually. There are exceptions (gumgate, for instance), but by and large, for a high strung mother of 8, I think Kate loses her shit fairly rarely.

This was a nice episode. Alexis was adorable with Elmo, Collin was adorable trying to figure out the business of the Sesame Street characters not talking, and Jon and Cara were sweet together.

Kind of looking forward to/dreading next week. On the one hand, I hope TLC is not just playing this up for ratings. OTOH, if they are selling these eps as about the tension in the Gosselins' marriage, I think it'll kind of suck if it's just hype and misdirection. I wonder if they are re-editing the episodes they had ready to go.

Nina Bell said...

I have not seen the episode yet or the commercials but I hope that the drama surrounding them is addressed next week. I would like some honest explanations for what we have been reading.

I tend to think that TLC is playing with the viewers.

Dorothy said...

I wasn't able to catch last night's episode. Can someone fill us in on the previews for next week? What was shown? It makes me sad that the family's dirty laundry is being aired; but perhaps they like it that way because it increases ratings? I'm not sure why else Jon and Kate would allow it to be shown.

SamanthaNC said...

I didnt see this episode- I was at Sam's Club making 30 copies of old pictures to go in a scrapbook for my husband's grandmother.

I've heard the commericals for next week sound quite dramatic. I hope this isn't merely a ratings thing, hopefully they will address the issues, whatever they may be. I cant imagine how difficult it must be to have marital strife play out in the public eye, especially to the extent of focusing an episode on it. *Cringe*

cwats76 said...

I really enjoyed last nights episode....made me want to go bob sledding and tubing! It was great to see Jon and Cara get to spend some time together.

Kate taking the other kids to see Sesame by herself was great too.

I noticed there was tension on the couch between them. But looking closely during the 11 oclock rerun there was a time or two while Jon was talking that Kate was looking at him and you could tell she does love him and vice versa with Jon looking at Kate. I hope they work through this situation that they are in and I really believe they can/will. It must be very hard to go from where they have been to where they are now in just a few short yrs.

I also think that TLC is showing the commercials to get ratings. From what I saw Jon mentions it is harder for him and Kate says we are working on it.

CincyMom said...

I think the whole family would love tubing. Hopefully they go and find they can all enjoy something fun outdoors together.

The promo was very dramatic and I would say 1. if it is addressing their marriage, they don't need to be so dramatic and 2. if they are using the drama to mislead and the show isn't really about that, it is entirely inappropriate.

Cooper and Jon together seemed like college kids. I wonder how old he is?

MoreCowbell said...

I thought it was a nice episode. It's nice that at least one of the kids has inherited Jon's love for sports and his athletic ability. It will be interesting to see if any of the 'tups also do, and join Jon and Cara on their trips eventually.

While it may be a sticking point that Cara gets this advantage whereas Mady doesn't, can you imagine how miserable Mady would have been on the trip? They just have different interests. Oh, and I think Mady's braces look great on her.

And is it my TV, or is Kate turning orange? Back off the bronzer, hon. You're one step away from looking like a tall Ooompa-Loompa!

rain88 said...

Just because Cara and Jon share an interest doesn't mean Mady should be left out of spending time with her Dad. I hope he finds a weekend where he can share time alone with Mady. I believe Mady would thrive with alone time with her Dad as much as Cara did.

I hope they don't go into details about their marital problems, that preview made me cringe.

michelle said...

I believe their "annoucement" on the couch next week will be that they will not be renewing another season of the show. The end of the show has probably come. I doubt they will fully address the shape their marriage is in. It's really none of our business, unless they want to tell the public. I think they may address the "rumors", but that is all. Jon will deny the "cheating".

I would be shocked if they announced a seperation/divorce.

OhioMom53 said...

I enjoyed this episode. Kate making one of the puppies talk was cute. I also saw that she forgot she was driving and went into the passenger seat, much more relaxed Kate then I have seen all season. I loved how she was taking the soft part of the popcorn so Mady could enjoy popcorn also, I did that when my son got his braces, truly a loving moment. Yeah, it was cute Alexis w/Elmo and collin trying to figure out why they don't talk. Cute. I also didn't mind they were in a box because to me it also was a safety issue. Hannah's temper tantrum in the parking lot I think really shocked Kate. I don't blame Kate either for picking her up. Again, issue of safety. Cara and hearing her laughter when they were tubing was priceless. Mady looked proud of her braces. The couch interview was totally uncomfortable for me. Kate does need to tone her tan down she is not looking "normal" for her age. Both of them looking forward and not interacting w/each other was painful to watch. I also noticed Kate looking at Jon as if to say, please look at me. To me it was a nice show. I cringe w/the stupid previews they are showing for next week. Hopefully it will not be as bad as they are previewing it. My hopes are that this couple make it. If anyone watched the Roloffs before J&K they didn't show the argument but they showed that the had a very big fight regarding the vacation. As Amy says married people have fights, small ones and sometimes big ones and this one was big. I think TLC manipulated a young couple where Amy & Matt were more mature to handle the stress. So we will just have to wait...

Eileen said...

I didn't watch the show, I haven't watched in awhile, but I do read about it on blogs and post. I'll be surprised if the preview has anything to do with the gossip. I think most likely TLC is playing on that for ratings. If it is some kind of announcement about their personal or marital problems it will be very surprising to me. I don't know Kate Gosselin at all, but from what I've seen and read of her, it doesn't seem like something she'd do.
In my opinion, TLC and Jon and Kate shouldn't do that to the kids.

Que said...

I didn't get a chance to watch the show, but did catch the preview. My prediction is that Jon is talking about how hard it is to be a "house husband" and the effect it is having on their marriage. However, I think the bulk of the interview will be how he is struggling to deal with Kate being gone so much, and how it feels to be the one taking care of the kids.

Carolina said...

Why do I get the feeling that they're implying that the announcement is going to be negative but that it's going to be something completely not -- like maybe they're moving onto bigger and better things? I read somewhere that Kate wants a talk show. I can't help but wonder if that's what this is all about.

Dina said...

I loved the episode. it was great, I too laughed when kate got in the passenger seat first.. hee hee
I also cringed at the preview for next week. I truly hope its nothing we all think it is, and its just TLC's way to get us all to watch.
We'll all find out next week.

Anya said...

Dorothy said...
I wasn't able to catch last night's episode. Can someone fill us in on the previews for next week? What was shown?

I don't have the world's best memory, but it basically went like this:

-A clip of Jon snapping at Kate in the old kitchen.
-Kate's infamous "you spent $50" (without a coupon) speech in the new house.
-Dramatic announcer intones: "it's been building all season."
-Jon on the couch saying something to the effect of it's been hard.
-Then I think Kate says something, but I don't remember what.

There was also dramatic music playing in the background. Overall effect - a bit cheesy. It seemed overplayed.

Anyone else with a better memory, please jump in. I just wanted to respond to Dorothy.

Anya said...

OhioMom53 said...I loved how she was taking the soft part of the popcorn so Mady could enjoy popcorn also, I did that when my son got his braces, truly a loving moment.

Thanks for mentioning that.

I didn't really grasp what she was doing at that moment. I went over to GWoP, however, and a few posters did comment on it. I thought it was nice that something positive was posted.

I'll have to try and catch it again. I agree, it is a loving and mom-like thing to do. I am sure there are more moments like these. I wish we were shown more of them.

Dorothy said...

Thank you, Anya. That sounds like a huge amount of cheese, indeed. I really think they're just pulling in viewers and that they're going to announce something like, "We're moving to Los Angeles!" Or something like that. I think it'll be something along the lines of their showbiz career, not their marriage.

MoreCowbell said...

As far as the previews, I highly doubt they're going to announce anything regarding the state to their marriage. TLC wouldn't use that as a PROMOTION. But, using the rumors in the media to their advantage to bring in viewers? Oh HELL YES, TLC WOULD! Especially overblown rumors that aren't close to being true, which is what I suspect is going on here. TLC, Figure 8 and the Gosselins can laugh all the way to the bank on that one. "Watch us play these suckers for fools and make them think we're splitting up! We'll get EVERYONE to watch, especially the haters!"

What do I think happened? Jon went to his mother's. He decided to blow off some steam and have a beer at a bar. OOOOH. What an ASS. Except not. The man was strapped down with a wife and eight children in his mid-20's. How often do you think he has an opportunity to relax without someone demanding his help and attention? He was probably giddy. Add that to the fact that there were college kids fawning all over him and someone probably dropped an invite to a party during that time. Did he exercise bad judgment (assuming he went to the private party as reported). Sure. He's not a "regular person" anymore. He can't just go to a party and hang out. Ask Michael Phelps how well that worked out for him. At least there are no photos of Jon taking a bong hit anywhere. Probably because he didn't DO anything wrong, except sit, play a game of beer pong and have a couple drinks. BIG DEAL.

Is Kate pissed? Probably. Simply because it was a dumb thing to do since Jon is now a recognizable figure. It is grounds for divorce? Hardly.

Saint said...

I liked the episode. I thought it was sweet that Mady and Cara were "lost without each other." Kate was very pleasant. I remember those days when I had to wake up a sleeping preschooler and a meltdown ensued. Kate was very calm and handled Hannah as well as anyone could expect. Cara is such a good skier.

Regarding the promo. I'm bothered by it. Of course, I don't know what the "it" is in "it's building all season," but I know what they want us to believe. With the coupon scene and the dramatic music, they want to capitalize on the marital troubles as reported in the entertainment press. I think it's wrong. Marital troubles shouldn't be used as a "hook" to get more viewers. Whether or not that is what we'll see, whether or not there are even marital troubles, TLC knows what we'll think. I just think it's crass and disrespectful to do that.

Anya, I agree that they should show more loving moments. You know they could show more. We've seen our share of "control freak" Kate. Let's see more of why Cara missed her mom so much.

Anonymous said...

I really thought this was one of the best episodes of the season. Everyone was calm, only one meltdown and it was very nice to see a smile on Kates face.
Cara seemed so happy and Jon as well. Mady looked proud of her braces (maybe she sees them as a "haha I have something you don't" to Cara, I could totally see that).
This episode was the refresher they needed.

themrs said...

before i start, i confess i did not read all the comments, so if i'm repeating please forgive me.
this ep made me really uncomfortable and sad. the interaction (or lack thereof) between jon and kate actually made me nervous. i felt like their body language was so distant. i enjoyed seeing the kids at sesame street, especially since i took my kids (alone also) to see disney live this past weekend. although, let's be honest, she was not alone. i thought kate seemed very subdued, like a watered down version of herself. i was confused why they were having a dog sitter for one evening out? dogs should be fine in their cage for a night. did i miss something?
anyway, i think the promo was most likely to boost ratings, which have been down the last few weeks. i see it as tasteless on tlc's part. i don't think we'll get any kind of big revelation, although at this point i'd like to hear that they've decided to end the show. as much as i dislike kate, i'd never wish divorce on any family. i only wish them the best.

Mom said...

I really liked the epi. I agree with Que's statement about next week. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Marge said...

I think the suspenceful next episode will be about whether or not they keep the puppies.

Apparently they no longer have them.

marci said...

How distracted am I that I thought this episode was when they go to see the Globetrotters??? Like, shouldn't I have gotten the hint from the title of the show?? ;)

I loved how much fun Jon and Cara seemed to have in Utah. And Kate seemed to have a relaxing evening with the rest of the kids as well. All around, an enjoyable show.

A little theorizing....

I saw the most people here I think it's TLC taking advantage of the hoopla of the last few weeks. I don't know how much later they film the couch interviews from the topic of the episodes, but it will be interesting to see if it feels like a quickie ad-on.

My overall impression, like others here, is that Jon has felt kind of left out of the loop since Kate's schedule picked up in September (I think the lunchbox campaign was the first thing she did on her own). I think it's understandable since they'd done EVERYTHING together up until that point...appearances, speaking engagements, the show.

I don't think he minded being home with the kids when he was "sharing" the duties with Kate. I think he even mentioned in one of the shows filmed last fall and in the January Utah interview that he was glad he had taken some of the burden off of Kate and she was doing better stresswise.

I think last fall was also about the time frame they started doing seperate speaking engagements, trying always to have one parent at home. And, with Kate having more demands outside the home, Jon is just naturally home more.

I personally don't get the impression he doesn't like being home with the kids, but that he might have been feeling isolated and even lonely (not talking about female attention here, just a general sense of loneliness). I don't think he realized how those were symptoms of being the stay-at-home parent. And with Kate probably busy and tired, constantly on the go and just needing him to keep it together, he might not have felt he had someone to vent to (After all, he's got it good, right? How dare someone lucky enough to stay home with their kids complain?*sarcasm*)

If this is the basic theme they may be addressing next week, I think that's fine (i.e., Jon and Kate dealing with the stress of one spouse who has to travel for work and one who's home with the kids). I don't think it will get any more involved than that, but we'll see, I guess.

I don't think they're unaware that their kids will undoubtedly view what they have to say about it in the future, and I highly doubt they wouldn't have addessed it on some level with the older girls privately. I think they probably emphasize with the kids that no matter what is said in public, no one outside their home could possibly know the truth of the situation and that their parents are the best source for how their family is doing.

Personally, I think it's a good life lesson for kids to know that parents can disagree, even be unpleasant and react to real-life frustrations, but that parents can also figure out whatever the problem is and work to solve it and make things better.

Sheltie Lover said...

More Cowbell said: ......Is Kate pissed? Probably. Simply because it was a dumb thing to do since Jon is now a recognizable figure. It is grounds for divorce? Hardly.

I totally agree with you Cowbell. Jon going out and blowing off some steam was probably quite innocent and certainly shouldn't be grounds for divorce.

But I still think that there have been signs of trouble in the marriage long before any of Jon's nights at the bar happened. The nights out though, may be the straw that broke the camels back.

marci said...

Sheltie Lover said....
But I still think that there have been signs of trouble in the marriage long before any of Jon's nights at the bar happened. The nights out though, may be the straw that broke the camels back.

Or another possibility....if things came to a head because of this blow up in the media, maybe it's a good starting point for discussions about what they want to do in the future, i.e., how long to continue the show, what Jon's wanting to do with himself jobwise in the future, balancing Kate's time in and out of the home in the future.

Sometimes it takes things coming to a natural pinnacle, where a couple can no longer allow the busy-ness and stress of everyday life to distract them from their marriage any longer. I think this happens to most couples, probably more than one time in the course of their relationships.

The Gosselins wouldn't be the first couple who pushed their marriage farther and farther down the list of priorities as life gets crazy.

It's a good wake-up call that your marriage needs attention, and putting your head down and just getting through day-by-day isn't enough right now.

Most of us wouldn't have our marital hiccups plastered all over the media like the Gosselin's have been, so...I'm thinking they got it.

I think they're pretty normal people dealing with some pretty extraordinary circumstances. I also think they're a strong enough couple to figure it out.

Guinevere said...

It makes me sad that the family's dirty laundry is being aired; but perhaps they like it that way because it increases ratings? I'm not sure why else Jon and Kate would allow it to be shown.

I think an argument could fairly be made that the Gosselins have been open with other aspects of their lives; why should this be any different? I mean, I think they will definitely get criticized if they do choose to "air their dirty laundry", but I think they would also be criticized (with some justification) for saying it was private, after showing so many private moments in the past, both their own and their childrens'.

Just because Cara and Jon share an interest doesn't mean Mady should be left out of spending time with her Dad. I hope he finds a weekend where he can share time alone with Mady. I believe Mady would thrive with alone time with her Dad as much as Cara did.

I wouldn't assume that he won't do something alone with Mady. I think it's good to give the kids one on one time, as much as possible, with each parent.

Everyone keeps talking about an "announcement" - did the commercials specifically say that there would be an announcement? Either I missed that or saw a different commercial. If TLC is playing up something in their promos that they don't intend to show, I think that's really tacky.

I think the suspenceful next episode will be about whether or not they keep the puppies.

Apparently they no longer have them.

Rumors that they no longer have the dogs have been circulating since before we even saw them on the show. There may be some new information (I don't know), but most of these rumors seem to have been created and circulated by haters and troublemakers, so I'm reserving judgment until I actually see someting on the show indicating that they've given the dogs away.

Sheltie Lover said...

Marci: Beautifully said. Although I'm not a Kate fan, I do agree with you that ones marriage can be pushed to the back burner. Add to that mix, eight children, and I certainly can see how that can happen. What still needs to be addressed by them though, is Kate's harping and belittling attitude.

I understand how Jon could feel lonely and under-appreciated in his new role of SAHF. When I quit work to stay home with my kids, I felt very alone and isolated too. It was such a change from being in charge at work. At least my husband was coming home from work each night, unlike Kate who is away on business a lot. I see how this can be hard on a relationship, but I feel unless they learn to treat each other with more respect, the outcome won't be good.

texasmommy said...

Well, I can't believe I totally missed last night's episode, but I DID just get to see the promo for next week! WOW!
I agree that it would be very poor taste for TLC to use Jon and Kate's marital status to try to promote ratings.
I am hoping that they will address some of the rumors that have been flying around and put them to rest.

Theresa said...

The Gosselins wouldn't be the first couple who pushed their marriage farther and farther down the list of priorities as life gets crazy.

It's a good wake-up call that your marriage needs attention, and putting your head down and just getting through day-by-day isn't enough right now.

Most of us wouldn't have our marital hiccups plastered all over the media like the Gosselin's have been, so...I'm thinking they got it.

I think they're pretty normal people dealing with some pretty extraordinary circumstances. I also think they're a strong enough couple to figure it out.

Very well said Marci. I think they've really put their marriage to the test with the cameras and add onto the stress of everyday living with a small classroom, plus traveling, that'll make any marriage strain.

They haven't made themselves a priority for quite some time it seems. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said they are a strong enough couple to figure it out. I believe their faith in God will get them through this. Perhaps that trip alone I posted earlier will be a retreat of some sorts. Kate has mentioned in articles that she has wished they showed their religion more. If any a time, this would be a good time for that.

Liza Beth said...

Anonymous, please resubmit your comment with a screenname. Thanks!

Morgan said...

Ok, so maybe I am reading too much in to this...and maybe my interpretation is totally off base but anyways. I saw the preview again and I really payed close attention to it and I noticed Jon's arm around Kate. No they aren't all snuggled up clos but it is atleast more than we have been getting lately. Once again...tell me if you think I am a crazy "sheeple." But I think its a good sign :)

Linda said...

My first reaction to the promo was yuck. It isn't because I think that they are going to announce a divorce or separation or marital difficulty.

My reaction is YUCK because I think that they (TLC and Figure 8) are playing to lowest common denominator of their viewership (which by the way isn't necessarily the fan base.)

indianprincess said...

I missed this episode last night. I wanted to watch it because I love downhill skiing but something came up and I wasn't able too.

Robin said...

Not trying to be a Gosselin-basher, but the decline of their marriage has been obvious over the last year or so. Kate seems generally miserable. And they've just seen very uncomfortable with each other during the interviews this whole season. I recently saw the original Discovery documentary from a few years back and they were vastly different people in that show. I'm pretty sure next week's episode will be about couples counseling, separation or the end of the series.

merryway said...

I am up late and caught ½ of toddlers and tiaras. I am laughing so hard at these moms who do the routine along with their daughters.

I just saw the promo and I'm not sure if it was different. If it was, it was just a bit different. It was obvious in this one that they are referring to their marriage. I can't believe that's the finale, I hope it's just something they're adding on to address rumors or something. Otherwise, wouldn't the timing be off? TLC is sleazy and I agree with you Linda.

Maybe they're going to counseling or something and TLC is playing into the timing of the rumors for ratings.

Guin, TLC didn't say there would be an announcement, but it begins with “it's all been building to this”, so it's the answer to “this” that they're talking about.

merryway said...

I do think this was preview was a little different, w dramatic bangs and a couple of closeups. It was w/the globetrotter preview which I hadn't seen.

Indianprincess, hope you feel better soon.

Dina said...

Yes I was impressed she was going alone until I saw the empty part of the parking lot and the box seats for the show. I'm sure she parked away from the general pop and they escorted her to the box seats. Anyone can handle that. No need to worry about kids wandering around or going potty since everything is right there.

Kuromi said...

Robin, you and alot of other people talk about how J&K "used to be" in the two Discovery Channel specials.

I watched the marathon last Sunday too, which started off with those specials. What I noticed, actually, was that Kate and Jon seemed like they were trying to "behave" for the cameras, but then things would happen that revealed their "true nature"--that is, the nature of how they are today.

For example, Kate was harping at Jon about getting the kids ready (either for the day or for bed) and sarcastically said something like, "Yeah, because they way you're doing it is going so well." Also, when they were in the Christmas tree patch, she kept hollering at Jon, "Fix the hat of So-and-So! Fix the hat of So-and-So!" It was quite a precursor to the "Hellooooo!-in-ToysRUs" scene. By the way, these things happened before she'd gotten tummy-tucked and coiffed.

The one moment that did strike me was when the interviewer asked Jon if he ever resented Kate. He said no, but Kate kept looking at the ground and at one point in a very small voice said something like, "I think sometimes that you do." Kind of a touching, humble moment--so much that maybe most people only remember it, instead of the other stuff I mentioned above.

Could It Be This? said...

Probably no one here will agree with me, but when I saw that promo I immediately thought that Kate and Jon had had an epiphany (sp?), that they'd let their marriage and relationship deteriorate and have decided to stop the show and focus without cameras on themselves and their family. Although Jon was looking down during the promo, I thought Kate was actually smiling. Certainly we have all seen how much distaste they've seemed to have for each other over the past year or so, and maybe they've just come to that decision and will announce that once a year specials on the kids will be done, but not this ongoing look into their lives. Anyone else?

Linda said...

I don't think that they've shown how much distaste they have for each other this year.

I think that parenting pre-school and early elementary age children is stressful for any family let alone when the family has so many of them who are the same age.

Tatyana said...

I grew up in a family of eight children and I have a sister with four under the age of four and I am a mother myself and for those who may not know, IT IS STRESSFUL. Between dealing with multiple demands and constantly being on disaster patrol, you spend the whole day mostly along talking to children. You can ask my husband, sometimes my expectations of adult interation are high. He just got home from work and Im exhausted wanting him to step in and help when he wants a break too. Every day is not the best. Yes I do love him, and he does surprise me sometimes by helping around the house but not always.

Now put at least five extra people in our house following you around, catching your every word and editing it for the drama, you may not see the lovey dovey stuff. My sister can relate. You just want to tear your hair out. Thinking about it, my moms hair was kind of
Well some may say that some moms are more mellow, but those moms probably didn't have six at once. When you have one at a time the oldest usually helps with the younger. Not so much for Kate. I admire that she does have as much control as she does. Judging by my husband most men cant handle kid noise as well. Thus the tension..

In any episodes that you catch them together after the kids are asleep, they are actually pretty loving to each other. They both love theyre kids and separation or divorce would destroy the eight. I hardly see that as a possibility. I dont think either of them could do it alone. It may be that they have just have gotten too comfortable with each other and need to spice it up a bit, but I do think they deserve a fighting change. Heck, they got throught the first year together, the crying, the feeding, the pooping, the teething, the crawling, falling,(SLEEPLESS NIGHTS) I think they can handle mostly anything.

Could It Be This? said...

I have five little ones, so I know that's not 8, but still I'm very aware of how loud a house can be and how stressful it could be with a lot of small children. I have no multiples. My personality happens to be more like Michelle Duggar's than Kate's, I'm fairly soft-spoken, and so we don't get into screaming matches like the G's do and I would never think to say anything to a child like "Daddy does do...." whatever. That's their way of communicating, I get that. I'm just saying, I suppose, that the kids are not the cause of this couple's problems, if they in fact exist, because having lots of small children and all that brings does not make us show disregard, distaste (my word), for our spouse.

Anonymous said...

I missed the preview can you watch it on the internet anywhere?

Guinevere said...

Certainly we have all seen how much distaste they've seemed to have for each other over the past year or so

I don't agree with this, either. I'm not sure that there relationship has even changed all that much. I think that perhaps Kate's dressing downs of Jon are being played up more for ratings. I think we've always seen sniping between them, and we might be seeing more, either because there is more or because the producers have highlighted it more. Either way, I would not call it distaste. I think they probably still love and like each other, but they have an unhealthy communication style and a tendency to take out stress on each other.

Natalie said...

I was watching one of the daytime episodes recently. Where Jon got a new job where he got to come home early and Kate was reorganizing for winter. This was at the end of 2008 i believe. Anyway, when she was explaining about Jons new job, she seemed giddy. And when Jon walked in she seemed excited, and she asked if hes happy he gets to come home early he says Hes happy he gets to see the kids more; to which she responds by saying what about someone else. At this point Jon is turning bright red and he does acknowledge that he is happy to see her too. He was blushing very hard..
I think that Jon has a very hard time showing emotion and loving gestures on camera or in public. Which of course doesnt work in their favor because the negative is emphasized, but I do believe these two have a strong love for each other. As for distaste, I dont agree. I agree Kate may speak her mind and Jon doesnt always, but how many of us have thought similar things(to what Kate says) and just decided not to say them, whether because of our personalities, or for whatever reason?

I dont know- I guess for the sake of the children I want this family and Jon and Kate's marriage to strengthen and not fall apart.. Its easy for people to just say they should separate but if anyone's noticed, the children are attaching to their parents and each other, splitting them apart would be devastating.