Thursday, April 16, 2009

Huntington Beach Speaking Engagement

Submitted for post by Daisy

I had the pleasure of hearing Kate Gosselin speak tonight at the First Christian Church in Huntington Beach. Tickets were sold out but I was able to get tickets in the overflow and saw her speak by video. There were people of all ages and lots of people with books. Seating was on a first come first served basis.

There were 2 stools on the stage and Kate started off by pointing to the empty stool saying “There’s Jon just the way I like him, quiet.” She said she loved California and would like to live here some day. She said the reason she speaks alone is because they were gone so much from the kids that they wanted one parent home all the time. She does the speaking because she has “the gift of gab” and she likes to “travel and gab.”

Her message was of God and how he is in control of their lives. Everything she talked about was in Multiple Blessings or has been written about before. Her sincerity, sense of humor and self confidence struck me the most. She made fun of her controlling personality and said that she messes up and we’ve seen more than she’d like us to see of her messing up. She was witty and quick with a comeback to the pastor.

After she spoke the pastor came out to ask questions. He started to ask if she ever thinks about the six in the teenage years and she interrupted and said “No, I take one day at a time.” That brought laughter. He asked her if there was a situation where she felt God’s Grace and she said she didn’t deserve and wasn’t worthy to be the parent of 8 children.

Immediately after she spoke there was a book signing. You had to have a ticket and a book to see her. There were a lot of people working it to make the line go smoothly. We were told that Kate wanted to sign every book. She greeted everyone. There was a young couple with twins ahead of me. Kate spoke to them for a moment and there was laughter. When it was my turn I told her that I had been defending her on the internet since the show began and she sincerely thanked me.

It was an enjoyable experience and I’m glad I was able to go.