Tuesday, May 12, 2009

LA Times Article

The LA Times is reporting that TLC producers are trying to figure out how to incorporate the recent tabloid press into the show. Apparently the first epi, which is supposed to air May 25th, still isn't "in the can."

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Mom said...

For the record, I think it's time for the show to end. I find it very interesting how this article mentions how US Weekly's sales have "skyrocketed" with the recent "alleged affair" issue. To me it just seems like other industries, tabloids, magazines and media included, are all "cashing" in on this family.

marci said...

I'm not sure that TLC *isn't* exploiting the tabloid frenzy by addressing the situation, however generally, in the season opener. I can also see how it's nearly impossible NOT to address it in some way, as it's the pink elephant in the room and Season 5 is going on as planned.

There might be some serious hindrances to filming in public with the paparazzi following their every move. And, despite the ability to edit, there might be some explanations on how things are possibly going to be done differently to accomodate this new wrinkle in their reality.

However it's addressed, it better be carefully thought out in consideration of the Gosselin children.

Saint said...

TLC could film the paparazzi filming the house while Jon and Kate do a voice-over reprising their season-ending confession about how he is sad and not too happy with the attention, and she's thrilled.

I won't be watching though. I already have other plans (I hope.)

indianprincess said...

Very interesting how the producers will edit and spin the new season and now Jon and Kate will have more say in each episode. I think sometimes the hater's are making more of a buzz for this show then planned to bring down this family with more viewers who would normally not watch this show but will watch to see what all the buzz is about because of Jon and Kate.

Jacelynn said...

I agree Mom, the show needs to end.

Grayce said...

Geeze Louise.

3 new stories regarding the neverevending saga that is J&K in a matter of 8 hours (I wasn't home today)

I.can't.look.away. I am an official rubber-necker and never knew it.

Bear with me, I'm very serendipitous....

I never realized how obsessed I am with J&K until just right now. Hell, at this point, I don't even know if I'm a pro or anti!

J&K isn't even my favorite show, but this is the ONLY show I post about. I guess b/c the story is juicy.

I want to be like Saint, have other plans for when the show premieres. But I know I'll watch, and I just don't know how I feel about that!

ok, self analysis therapy session over....sorry for the stream of conscienceness......

AAP said...

Marci - based on the promos for the Season 4 finale, I really do thing that TLC (or the producers) will totally try to cash in on this crisis.

Angel said...

At the end of last season it was obvious that Jon was unhappy doing the show and Kate seemed to care less when doing her interviews on the show. There was tension then so why on earth would they continue to film another season? It seems this show is destroying their family but yet they keep on filming. The show is no longer about the kids and their lives with the kids, it is about the drama between Jon and Kate. For them it is obviously only about money. They seem to be willing to sacrifice their marriage for more money.

The Truth said...

Jon and Kate are the producers.

Momof2 said...

I don't think they are the producers at all.

Kuromi said...

"Producers" is a tricky phrase. People (i.e. "stars") can be named "producers" even while they don't have total control over a show/movie. In these cases it's about rights/owership and/or share of the profits, than it is creative control.

Laura said...

All this drama is just going to make the show even more popular imho. TBH, I'll watch their show for as long as they keep doing it. At the end of the day, I don't give a crap about the parent's marriage I just wanna see Lexi being her cute self (and I guess the other 7 too). I feel like they are kids I've "babysat" for, and I'm watching them grow. To not know how Sassy is doing would just be sad! :( I know that is selfish on my part but I really love those kids (in a totally non-creepy way, obv) and would miss them! It may be because I'm only 21 myself and don't have any children yet. So until then, I'll just keep watching the Gosselins :)

A Mom-ynous said...

I hope they address it. To ignore it would not be in their best interest.

When Matt Roloff had is drunk driving problem--while they did finish one season and put us on hold due to timing (I think it happened at the end when the other stuff was done)--it was immediately addressed the following season.

I see this no different except that there isn't an arrest record.

However--they should consider getting back to the dynamics between Jon and Kate b/c the mom and dad are what makes the family.

That was endless babble.

Yes it needs to be addressed. The story is far too big for the show to pretend it isn't there.

(and a simple couch comment would suffice, I'm not talking about a drawn out--let's see all the fights and how they "get through this storm".)

A said...

"cash in on this crisis"

Why is it with J&K that everything is "cash in on this crisis".

I hope they address it which would be their duty given the style of the program...

But umm..cash in...?

A Mom-ynous said...

Oops--I replied and my fingers nimbled onto enter when all I typed was "A"

"A" is "A Mom-ynous" with clearly deficient typing skills at the moment.

Perhaps I can cash in and say that my 2 year old has pried off a bunch of keys off of my computer and I would really love a new mac...


Okay--silly joke...I just goofed!

AAP said...

A Mom-ynous -

For the Season 4 finale, the producers absolutely tried to "cash in" on the rumors surround the family, even though the actual show turned out not to be as revealing as the promos lead us to believe. And it worked, because the finale was one of the highest rated shows for TLC. Since they've done it once, I'm betting they'll do it again....

Natasha said...

People magazine has Kate as their cover story, with the headline that they might split up. She even makes mention of when she first heard the 'other womens' name for the first time.

Hopefully, if given a bit of breathing room, they might be able to work it out. If not, if given a bit of breathing room, they might be able to split up amicably for the children.

Either way, I would assume they would need some space and privacy.

A Mom-ynous said...

There is a new People out now with Kate on the cover.

The first thing I can say--despite all the stuff going on..it is an absolutely stunning photo of her!

And it appears that she is accepting the validity of the claims as being true (and based on some one liners being tossed out that he's sorry he got caught.)

But her mind is going to where my mind went in my ordeal--the prospect of splitting up.

Here's the link:

If that doesn't work--I can figure out how to do a link better.

Clearly--if that is the thought process, it cannot go without mention on the show.

And yes--I will be picking up the next issue of people.

I won't expect or force them to speak, but I will certainly read about it if they are open about it.

A Mom-ynous said...


I guess I don't consider that "cashing in".

It seems dirty to put it that way and that people who post it in those terms are doing that for a reason.

They kept us interested, which of course is the whole purpose of season finales and promos.

If they are guilty of it, so is every other bit of television out there.

I see it differently as someone with a degree in that field.

I also don't get my panties in a bunch when local news respond to public demand and over cover a story. The tactic determines if it is sensationalism, but I find that many people are quick to mislabel things as though the media should ignore white elephants and only report on happy good times.

Three Amazing Kids said...

I have said it before, and I will say it again. TLC needs to move away from these reality TV shows based on actual families. It is just sick what is happening. It has nothing to do with Kate being a hag or Jon being a slacker slob. The whole thing is just sickening and getting way out of hand.

AAP said...

A Mom-ynous -

If they are guilty of it, so is every other bit of television out there.Does that makes it right - that everyone else does it? This is a show about a family, which is already is one of the most popular shows on TLC - was it really necessary to do the sensational promos based around the scandal to get what- a couple thousand more viewers? And the show didn't even follow through with the build up they created, so I'm sure the people who did tune in solely to hear what Jon said about the Coed scandal were disappointed.

While there is no doubt they - who ever agreed to the promo spots - was using the scandal to boost the ratings, it still says to me that the money they made with the few extra viewers was more important than the consequences of spotlighting the family's problems, especially for the family members that can't speak for themselves yet. The phrase "cashing in" is definitely appropriate.

Sure TV News is sensational, but it covers a wide range of stories, not a continuous storyline about a family with 8 kids. I would love to have you explain to the kids that using their parents' problems to promote the show is OK because everybody does it. Somehow, I think they will feel different. BTW, my panties are just fine. When the promos originally came out, I said they exact same thing then too.

AAP said...

A Mom-ynous -

My degree is in marketing, promotions and special events, with a minor in journalism. So I do have an understanding how things work as well. I just tend to speak out when I think something is wrong, instead of going with the flow because everyone else is doing it.

Momof3 said...

It is interesting to see how the dynamic of the show and family has really gotten down and dirty now that Kate and Jon have become Producers. Sort of reflects their "true" characters, as we now see.

bigsis88 said...

My initial reaction was that TLC's desire to include this in the show is a very tacky move on their part. While I agree that acting like it didn't happen would be silly, there doesn't seem to be a way to incorporate it into the show without it being totally TMI. What are they going to say, "This season Jon and Kate will go to marriage counseling!" The goal of the network is to get ratings, not to promote the families happiness, so I feel their "spins" on the story will try to capitalize on the drama. I don't watch the show (I think the last episode I saw was the train one, and I found it so boring), so I don't plan on watching the season 5 opener, but I agree that this is a reprise of the season 4 "teaser" all over again. The only difference is that this time there are serious, life-changing allegations in play. For the network, a divorce is just a byproduct of the business.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ a "reality" show trying to spin the reality into a new episode.

Doesn't that say something pretty obvious?

-Reef Girl