Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why You Can't Believe Everything You Read On the Internet

Tonight I was surfing the internet and I came across a blog called The Dirty Disher. There was an article about Jon & Kate Plus 8. I read it and than went to the comment section and found the following comments posted. I numbered them here for my purposes 1,2,3 and 4 but on the actual blog you need to scroll down to about the 16th comment. The first comment was made by a poster from GWoP, the second must be from someone that posts here. The third comment is from someone who claims to be a friend of mine. The fourth comment is actually my response. Pretty amazing isn't it? People can say whatever they want. The beauty of the internet. But yet we are suppose to believe all this information that people are posting about the Gosselins. I have only been doing this for about 6 weeks but I am really getting a feeling for the craziness that is going on in the Gosselin's world. You can find the article here -

1)Jessica said...
Some of the people on this blog actually know the Gosselins and are willing to tell the truth about their scam.http://www.gosselinswithoutpity.blogspot.comAunt Jodi's sister's blog.http://www.truthbreedshatred.blogspot.comJulie, (Aunt Jodi's sister), explains why Jodi isn't on the show anymore and shares other tidbits of 'inside information' / 'behind the scenes drama'.
August 21, 2008 5:38:00 PM PDT

2.)Anonymous said...
Well some people on this blog actually know the family and willing to tell you differently. So somewhere in the middle lies the truth. I agree leave this family alone.
August 21, 2008 6:35:00 PM PDT

3.)Tara said...
Nobody on gosselinsDONTneedourpity knows J&K. LOL. I'm friends with the woman who started it and she gets her giggles knowing some of you are reading & believing it.
August 21, 2008 7:32:00 PM PDT

4.)Nina Bell said...
Tara,Your are no friend of mine and I have no idea who you are. And what is it that I get my giggles about? Do you people ever stop? I am the woman who started GDNNOP and I do not approve of your message!Nina Bell
August 21, 2008 8:04:00 PM PDT


JessieTYCG said...

LOL! I just got done reading this blog too and I saw your response. Amazing the nerve that people have under the protection of anonymity. Apparantly Etown-mom is being taken seriously over at GWOP based on a moderator's comment in the Jon and Kate sightings section.

Fanny said...

I found Tara's comment particularly funny. Laughing at them for believing what? I've never seen anyone post anything here that claimed to be based on fact.

Just goes to show you how dirty people can be, even over something as trivial as a blog.

Nina Bell said...


It is nice that etown mom has found a place where she feels at home.

JessieTYCG said...


Yep, but aren't the moderators going to do a background check on etown-mom like they supposedly did on Julie? Seems like they have the same resources that you do to check where her posts are coming from. Hmmmmm. Oh, BTW, I'm not the "Jessica" that posted on the Dirty Disher, but that did immediately catch my eye and then I caught your exchange with "Tara". LOL!

Nina Bell said...


I am sure they will. She could live in that area. She could have had contact with Jon and Kate. Kate could have been rude to her daughter. I don't know about those things and frankly I don't care. I left her comments standing here. I could have deleted them. The information she was giving out here is just not that important. How does Kate yelling at her daughter have anything to do with protecting Reality TV child actors? Who among us has not had some type of probem with neighbors or co-workers at some time in our life? And if asked, they could put some type of spin on it. Just like Tara said we were best friends and I was sitting here laughing at everyone. Complete BS, but I am sure there are people that will believe it.That is what the Gosselins face. My problem is with the reaction to the action that GWoP has taken. I think Linda said it so well in Mob Mentality. And on the internet people can say whatever they want without repercussions. I have said before, I like the show, I am not a big supporter of Jon and Kate. They have their faults. If people really want to get laws changed, than do it through the proper channels. What is going on right now is just destructive. Disrespectful.

amy said...

speaking of etown...i just read the "gosselin sitings" and the last post is in reference to etown saying "patience please, working on it"!

so, i left a comment that will never be seen saying:

patience for what? to hear this lady claim that kate yelled at her daughter over a sleepover and she doesn't appear to live in the same state?

don't be so hungry for another person claiming to "set the truth free"'s getting so damn old already!

the GWOPpers are just sitting on pins and needles waiting for yet, another contemptuous, most likely fabricating, person to post all kinds of dirt!

WOW...what a way to save the children!

oh, has anyone seen the "open letter to jon"...that just reeks JEALOUSY AND BITTERNESS!!!

mcb said...

I have only been doing this for about 6 weeks but I am really getting a feeling for the craziness that is going on in the Gosselin's world.

And yet the haters wonder why the Gosselins felt compelled to put a no tresspassing sign up in their yard. They go back to their message boards and comment about the "nerve" the Gosselins must have putting it there, and why they cut off communication with family members who blog (or have have blabbermouth sisters who blog). Or why J&K are moving to a new state. Gee. I wonder about all those, too.

Except not.

It's called the Internet and it's full of the crazy.

Anonymous said...

speaking of etown...i just read the "gosselin sitings" and the last post is in reference to etown saying "patience please, working on it"!

so, i left a comment that will never be seen saying:

lol, I read that and left a comment also. It will never be seen I'm sure. I've left many comments over there. I'll guess maybe 2%-3% have made it thru. On the thread about Gosselin sightings, I've commented many times that that particular thread promotes stalking. Haven't seen any of them yet! I'd like to hear an explanation as to why they aren't published. I simply say 'This thread promotes stalking'. How is that against their 'guidelines'. I'll keep leaving them anyway.

Anonymous said...

bhaaahhahhhaaaa,,, I just left a sarcastic comment over there. It obviously went way over their heads because it was published! Now doesnt that prove that they take it all way to seriously!?

anna said...

I watched the Gosselins Go Skiing episode today and it was so cute. Julie left a comment on GWoP saying that Jodi kept the kid s in Utah while Kate and Beth went on a spa day. That was clearly a lie b/c they mentioned that Jodi and Beth were not even in Utah at the same time. Jodi was only there for a day, so once again Julie is telling lie after lie jsut to get some praise from those crazy folks at GWoP!

amy said...


where did you post your comment...i'd LOVE to see it :)

Anonymous said...

My comment was to the 'Funny Friday' thread. After I saw it, I commented again thanking them for adding my sarcastic remark (it went right over their heads apparently) and guess what!? The comment was removed. heehee,,, that was fun, think I'll try again.

Linda said...

I thought I'd also make a mention here that there is a Linda who is currently posting over at GwoP. It isn't me.

amy said...


are you kidding me? they removed it! dang...

Anonymous said...

BTW, a comment that didn't get posted here from etown mom was that she was on vacation. When she returned to PA, she contacted GWoP. It was verified that she lives in Pennsylvania.

It isn't fair to bash the poor woman for something that isn't her fault.

Nina Bell said...

BTW, I think the problem with etown mom was actually one of the information she was giving. Someone at the time asked her to provide detailed information to prove that she knew them. But she wouldn't. She would only provide detailed information about their character flaws. No one cared. The fact that she was not posting from somewhere in PA was only one of several reasons I stopped posting her comments. It was also pretty amazing to me that she could find this little blog but had no clue what GWoP was.

anya said...

Nina Bell:

Yes, E-town Mom s t r e t c h e s credibiilty on several fronts! A lot of folks at her new "home" have a vested interest in believing what she says because it validates everything they SO desperately want to believe.

Kind of a sad comment on all the folks involved - if you ask me.


P.S. Nina - hang in there. Sorry you are having to 'mix it up' with the same crazies that are obsessed with the Gosselins!

Barbara in VA said...

Kate yelling at someone's daughter, e-town or anyone else, has absolutely nothing to do with very concerned people who want to make sure there are laws to protect kids in reality TV. Just as I am sure that back in the 20s there must've been adults who saw what was happening with these child actors and knew it was wrong and did something about it. That's not crazy -- that's just being a person.

And I wasn't talking about just the G's kids, but protecting kids in the future because since reality shows kids aren't "acting" they may not (or may, I don't know yet) be covered by the child labor laws. Why is finding that out a bad thing? I ask that question about because I see Nina mention it again at the top of this thread.

Barbara in VA

Nina Bell said...

Why is finding what out a bad thing, Barbara? What was it that I mentioned? I am not following you here.

Jenn said...

Another example of not being able to believe what you read on the internet is BK's "story" on gwop in regards to getting an "email" from "J&K". How do we know it's true? We don't.

nomoredrama said...

I'm kind of confused by your post too...I can't really follow it...but I have some comments about it.

Kate yelling at someone's daughter, e-town or anyone else, has absolutely nothing to do with very concerned people who want to make sure there are laws to protect kids in reality TV.

I think we all agree here...and this is our main problem with GWoP. It claims to be about advocating for the children but is mostly about bitter gossip. Throwing in a "write to your congressman" post every now and again does not vindicate it.

Just as I am sure that back in the 20s there must've been adults who saw what was happening with these child actors and knew it was wrong and did something about it. That's not crazy -- that's just being a person.

I absolutely agree that showing concern for others is, in fact, "being a person." I also think, as I've stated before, that no one here would OPPOSE laws and restrictions if they are not already in place.Creating a gossip blog and making false accusations is not the way to go about it. I doubt that those in the Twenties who advocated for child actor's rights also took out magazine ads or wrote newspaper articles against a specific set of parents, essentially attempting to 'rake them over the coals.' I could be wrong but that doesn't seem likely.

If GWoP actually stuck to their stated purpose, I doubt that many rational people would oppose them. Its the other junk that, IMO, makes their stated purpose seem like a lie.

Barbara in VA said...

I response, I don't know what Gwop's stated purpose is. I have nothing to do with the running of that site or any site for sure.

Don't know how the law protecting child actors came to be, actually came to be from a nuts and bolts standpoint, but that is definitely something I can research and now that you mention it I will do that. Thanks.
Barbara in VA

FGF said...

"Advocating for the Children" is a good thing and would be fine if it wasn't the "stated purpose" that GWoP uses to hide their bad behavior behind. If questioned on some of their comments or actions, they whip out the "advocating for the children" mantra a wave it around like it gives them license to say and do whatever they want. I don't call posting how fat Kate's ass is getting, or calling a 'tup "Fatty Arbuckle" or writing many comments about whether or not Jon has testicles, "advocating for the children." I don't call posting on Wikipedia that Kate has a "man trapping vagina and tricked Jon into having sex with her" (see my entry in Open Discussion on this) as "advocating for the children." I don't call posting address and personal information about family members not involved with the show, "advocating for the children." I don't call stalking and harassing the family "advocating for the children." I don't call coming to other boards and leaving name calling and hair pulling posts about the people who don't agree with them, "advocating for the children.'

If all they did was legitimately "advocate for the children," it would be one thing. But unfortunately that is just a hollow, phony phrase they hide behind (and thus will continue to receive ZERO respect for from rational, non-herding fans such as ourselves).

Nina Bell said...


I found your comment on the wikipedia entry very interesting and wanted to move it to the home page but I did not have you e-mail addresss to ask you how you felt about that.

nomoredrama said...

It's clear that answers are needed. You've actually inspired me to do some research too...

Here is what I found

History of the Coogan Law

So, no, it doesn't seem that Coogan's parents became a target and thus the law was born. Coogan stood up for himself and won.

Here's another article I found about the American Idol tour being sued
American Idol Sued

If there is one positive thing that GWoP has done, it is that they have brought the matter to the attention of Paul Peterson, Child Advocate and founder of "A Minor Consideration" which is a non-profit organization dedicated to "giving guidance and support to young performers."

If he finds something wrong, we are definitely going to know about it. I'm just saying, there are legitimate individuals looking into the situation without threatening the safety and wellbeing of the family. Can't say the same for some of the members of GWoP.

FGF said...

As far as American Idol is concerned, I had issues with the father of that Archuleta kid, if the stories about him were true. Did GWoP step in on his behalf since they're such advocates? Oh, they must have missed the stories on the front pages of most Internet news (and gossip) sites about Jeff Archuleta's behavior at AI and Star Search when his son participated. That's too bad.

It's not too late to ruin his career, though! Better get on the stick, child advocates! He has a record on the charts now and Daddy is cashing in!

Anonymous said...

What the heck is the poll about I don't get it.. It's weird.
Anyway, posted on another blog

"If I was their neighbor… Just if… and I saw them but they never spoke and they never left their yard and they are rude and uppity. They asked for this and the neighborhood didn’t. Do they owe me some of the money they got for my inconvenience. Just asking if ” I was their neighbor” in Etown.

I also see that they laugh all the way to the bank and are snobby.. Do you think they are that way.?? hmmm I would think K’s parents are really nice and she hasn’t been nice to them. I would think that Jon’s mom is nice too, but Kate doesn’t seem to like them either. I might also see tons of new stuff coming and going of their house and that they charge “gas” fees for local churches and 25,000 for other venues, which by the way I figure so far no one has done as far as I know ” if I was their neighbor”. I think they still ask for money and that other nanny’s and people watch their kids. Now, this is only if ” i was their neighbor”

any thoughts

Nina Bell said...

The poll is just a joke. Someone said they felt that people were coming over who normally do not come here just to make the results of the poll to their favor. So I just did this for fun and will probably take it down tomorrow. The answers are all the same.

Barbara in VA said...

I don't watch American Idol and so I'm not sure about the child to whom you refer. I take it from your comments he has now made a record deal and his father, you think, is doing a J&K on him?

dirtydisher said...

Hi ya Nina Bell. I was so glad to find your blog, it's interesting. Thanks for linking me and I'm sorry you had a troll on my gossip site. Par for the course, eh? You cleared it up nicely.