Sunday, September 28, 2008

Word from PM

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I did email PM some days ago in regard to her son and her stay in CA.

When I checked my inbox this afternoon, I found an email from her. Out of fairness to her and her family, I am not going to post the entire email. She does state her son is very ill.

I will share this nugget of info as it pertains to the discussions here and out in the blogosphere in regard to her shutting down her site.

"I can't blog right now and can't keep up with moderating the blog. Since I can't leave it open, I took it down. I'm keeping this e-mail and this will be the best way to contact me."

So, let's put our speculation aside for a while, keep posts civil and see what happens.


Anonymous said...

There is no speculation here. This person created a fictional blog and made up stories. She does not deserve respect. I am sure any email you received was created as part of her little game.

Mom said...

anon - perhaps you are right, but I felt it should be shared.

FIONA said...

She could have left it open and just not allowed posting.

Heather said...

I don't understand why anyone would think that someone made up a story about their child being in ICU. PM is a person with knowledge (which we have the right to agree or disagree with). Why says she does exist yet believe everything that is shown on t.v.? I am curious? Why use the anon name and not your "screen" or real name? Oh well, I really do like reading all the different views on the J&K-they are quite interesting.

Anonymous said...

I understand PM closing her blog due to her situation, my prayers go out to her durring this difficult time. My question is,GWOP also now appears to be closed down. Does anyone know what is going on? Is this a move by the network to try to shut off all the blogs? Seems kind of strange that now GWOP would be closed on the very same day.

Anonymous said...

One of our admins made a mistake. Nuff said.

MCB said...

I don't know why she cares so much about what we think. All her presence has done this weekend is bring this site into the drama and some of the people who frequent GWoP and PM's blog, another place to show off their petty in-fighting skills.

My vote is that we put her on "ignore," permanently. She has her own place to vent.

And kudos to the mods for NOT posting the comments advertising the "alternate" sites that GWoPpers have come up with in their time of "need." Why should we carry water for them, either?

FIONA said...

by Penn Mommy

I didn't start this blog as a public blog. Anyone who read my first four posts knows that. I am tired of having my words twisted and misconstrued by people who WANT to be pissed off.But, they are right. This isn't the right way to do this. I got frustrated and said something I regret talking about...not because it was the wrong thing to do, but because I got goaded into talking about it by someone who has about, by my count, thirteen identities. I do not like the manner in which I communicate with some of you. And, I realize that it doesn't matter what the truth is or how much/how little information I give. There will always be someone to find fault with it. I've been, in one thread, accused of giving too much information AND teasing people by remaining vague and protective of personal details. My husband and son asked me to stop keeping this blog. I think they're right.

I wish all our best to Pennmommy and her son. He is obviously not doing well. To those who tormented a woman who had a sick son, shame on you.
posted by Pamela at 10:04 AM on Sep 28, 2008

FIONA said...

How distressing is this letter?

Thank God her husband and son got thru to her.

And the hypocrisy over at the new hate site is over the top.

What were the rules for posting in some one else's house, 3F and Lonnyswife???

Nice new name-ultra classy...

Heather said...

MCB said...
"I don't know why she cares so much about what we think. All her presence has done this weekend is bring this site into the drama and some of the people who frequent GWoP and PM's blog, another place to show off their petty in-fighting skills."

I'm not sure if you were speaking of me as I just wondering why someone who wouldn't sign their name make the remark that PM made up the story of her son. I'm not one to like the drama for start it. I did have a couple of typo's in my orginal post. first is "Why says she does exist yet believe everything that is shown on t.v.?" should read: Why say she doesn't exist.....

The only post I made on PM's blog was concerning her son. I have post on blogs of both the "lovers" and "haters" of the Gosselins. As I stated before, I read all of them but post very little on any of them.

scarfoot said...

I have never agreed with PennMommy's decisions about how she would send out her message. I don't think she realized what she was getting herself into, and am glad that her family members encouraged her to stop while she was ahead. That being said, I do believe that her son is ill. While she opened herself up to criticism, I'm not sure that now is an appropriate time to make such critical comments of her. Did she do things that made her available for criticism? Yes. Are we taking the high road by speaking this way when her son is critically ill? I don't think so. A ruptured appendix, and subsequent infection, is extremely dangerous. I do wish her, and her family the best.

We still don't know exactly what caused the momentary fall of "Gosselins Without Pity." I enjoy this website very much because all sides are represented in this discussion. Because we don't know what happened with the other blog, and because I'm sure some people will accuse this blog of being the "straw that broke the camel's back" in regards to PennMommy abandoning her blog (which I do not agree with, either! I just think some random people will say it's this site's fault given recent comments from PM), I think we should all be very careful of how we represent our opinions. In general, I think this blog has been more cautious about its approach to the Gosselin controversy. I truly appreciate that. I would like to thank the moderators, as well as all who post here.

Nina Bell said...


I am not MCB, but I am pretty sure she was not referring to you.

marci said...

Well, I wouldn't with a sick child on my worst enemy (one of which I don't have and, of course, PM is not).

I will not retract what I've said today because it had nothing to do with her child, only what I think about what and how she's posted on her blog.

I wish her son renewed health and hope the blogging world, and the Gosselins, remain the least of her concerns.

Nina Bell said...


If you feel comfortable, could you email me at

marci said...

Of course...I meant "I wouldn't 'wish'" my post above.

Heather said...

Thank you, nina bell. I had read on another site that it is a staph infection (I really hope it IS NOT MRSA-my son had it and it is BAD!) and that they thought he had a stroke last night and it was a blood clot that they needed to remove. I just pray for the recovery of her son.

Anonymous said...

Why would pennmommy create a fictional blog and make up stories...why is it so hard to believe that the stories might be factual?

Nina Bell said...

Now let's all remember that that is the opinion of one person who posted here and not the opinion of the blog in general. Just like your opinion that she is real is your opinion and not the opinion of the blog in general.

Anonymous said...

nina bell said:
"Now let's all remember that that is the opinion of one person who posted here and not the opinion of the blog in general. Just like your opinion that she is real is your opinion and not the opinion of the blog in general."

--just like one poster's opinion at GWoP isn't specifically GWoP's opinion, right?

Nina Bell said...

That is exactly what I was getting at. I have heard that so many times so what goes for one blog goes for the other right?????

Fanny said...

I don't get the clammering to come up with a new blog. Really? Is it that important for these people to bash Kate? Are they going through some sort of withdrawal?

Don't get me wrong, I like it here, but if it were to close I think I'd be ok.

Kelley said...

Fanny said...
I don't get the clammering to come up with a new blog. Really? Is it that important for these people to bash Kate? Are they going through some sort of withdrawal?

Live Journal went down a couple years ago and I created my blogger account, and checked out several other blogging sites, some of them I still fiddle with some I have abandoned. It's just the way people who frequent the internet work. We have "Contingencies" for "emergency outages". Now I look back and giggle at my frantic "Which site is better for my back up???" freak out of 2005! :) It's a funny world out there.

Linda said...

anonymous 6:42 pm - I disagree with you.

Perhaps fiona was not PMs favorite, but obviously PMs situation with her son played into her decision to cease blogging.

Separate from her circumstances with her son, I found her references to CPS and her vague allegations of abuse to be irresponsible.

In the blogosphere, things can take on a life of their own and vague references to abuse can morph into actual abuse in the next blog or the discussion thread.

merryway said...

I thought that site had gone away. Because of the restore, I was reading some of the earlier posts and am surprised at how long this has been going on. I had never read back that far. I know much is always made of the love offerings. In reading these it seems like the love offerings is really the basis for all this??? I thought it was much more about the help and others things that were hidden with Kate's personality as gasoline on the fire. I never could understand why more people weren't upset at the network instead. Anyway, I think my first post at GWOP was about the love offerings. At the churches they attend this is always the case. With any guest speaker, pastor, missionary, etc., a love offering is almost always expected. It would be rude not to do so and basically churchgoers are paying for the speaker or giving to their ministry. A lot of times they do have little momentums to offer, missionaries often bring souvenirs or something similar, a lot have books. It doesn't happen that often, as most churchgoers like to hear their pastor and like he/she to earn their salary. It never seemed right that they are grilled for this. It's not like the people giving care about their financial status, they give to the well-off all the time. It's the norm in these churches. This is what these people do ALL the time.
Holly, I find it interesting too, the whole of it fascinates me. I used to post at GWOP. I didn't like the pic they put up of the horse or donkey as Kate, I thought it was classless. I didn't start to catch on to what was going on until the “Free Joel” t-shirts and I realized they were serious.

Anonymous said...

I still don't believe Penn Monnie was real.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that's having a hard time believing GWoP is down due to technical difficulties? Maybe it's so...just seems like it would have been fixed by now. I guess we'll see...I for one don't miss 'em.

Linda said...


There were actually "Free Joel" t-shirts? Please tell me that this was only an idea and not something they got going on cafepress or something.

Linda said...

I posted this elsewhere and I agree with you ...


My take on GwoP is this ...

If GwoP went off-line because of a technical difficulty why did the front page say that it was due to a violation of TOS?

I've participated in blogs that are open to invited readers only and they do not say anything about violating TOS.

If GwoP went off-line because they actually did violate TOS then they are not going to tell anyone about it.

If they tell anyone about it then it would weaken their position.

That being said it is noteworthy that "watchoverthem" is no longer listed as a moderator.

Anonymous said...


Complete BS!

The son in the ICU was her way of ever ending it if she ever got in too deep!

This story has been played out on the internet way too much.


Anonymous said...

WatchOverThem deleted her google ID today, after things became so hot with her posts about advocacy here, prompted by inaccurate information about Paul Petersen, and all anyone could see was that she was a previous author at GWoP, it seemed that no one read her posts for what they were meant to be. As she no longer wanted to participate in behavior that may be harmful to "the cause" and perhaps to the family, she decided to "get out of the business", so to speak and not participate in such contentious and misunderstood conversation. Nina bell posted earlier that one opinion, one comment on a blog does not define the opinion of the entire blog, but it seems that it did with what WatchOverThem wrote. When she deleted her ID on the Google site, it seems that a technical difficulty was created with the blog as her name should have been removed from the blog first, and now GWoP must wait for support to fix the problem. Responsibility has been taken fully by WatchOverThem, and her apologies were made for a mistake that could not have been foreseen. So, go ahead and get on with your little clever comments and remarks, but she will take the hit, and say that it was her error that caused the glitch, nothing more, nothing less. She will stand by her decision to "stay out of the business" of trying to gain regulation for children in reality television.


Anonymous said...

anon 8:36 -

you KNOW this how?? Isn't it all conjuncture on your part??

merryway said...

Linda said...

There were actually "Free Joel" t-shirts? Please tell me that this was only an idea and not something they got going on cafepress or something.

No, they didn't really make the t-shirts. IMO only because of the logistical problems of the Internet. It was after the gum and before the 4th of July cake. I didn't start reading until around the end of June or sometime in July, so somewhere after that. A poster suggested the idea of wearing these shirts and several posters agreed saying they would wear them. It was such a trashy and stupid attack.

Guinevere said...

I've rejected a couple of comments reposting the "William Haas" post - it is under the blog entry "A note to GDNNOP from Penn Mommy" - that is where "William" posted it.

nomoredrama said...

duh, anon 8:45 is Watchoverthem....she always ends her posts with "peace." Not sure why she decided to post anonymously.

LaoraC said...

I just hope all these blogs of hatred are shut down before the Gosselin kids are old enough to get a look at them. Especially the one from "Aunt Jodi's" sister. That in itself would be tragic imo.

Anonymous said...

Listen,if you have half a heart you will not publish any PennMommy bashing right now. It is just heartless considering her circumstances. Please give it some thought. I found the letter from her son William on another thread on your site - i don't understand why it wouldn't be on this one - the most current one. But even after his letter was posted I just noticed someone on this thread stating that the ICU thing was made up. You gotta give this a rest with PM and call the dogs off. It sounds like her life and dreams have changed forever.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:36pm-

This is your idea of keeping posts civil and playing nice?

Anonymous said...

anon 8:36 -

WOW!! I've read a lot of sick, nasty things over the years in cyberspace, but you take the cake. You may not like what Pennmommy wrote, you may not believe what she wrote (I personally don't know her, and don't know if it's true or not), but to accuse her of using her sick child in ICU as an excuse for anything is just horrendous!

I only pray that if you have children and one of them is ever critically ill (which I pray never happens), you never have to go through the accusations you just made against her. I repeat, I do not know her, I do not post on the other site and I don't post here. I just get a chuckle over how BOTH sites get in a tizzy...but that comment made my blood boil and I had to post.

Sorry for the long rant.

Guinevere said...

My take, for what it's worth: I think PennMommy is a fraud; I don't believe she ever knew the Gosselins, and I don't believe she has a sick son. I could be wrong, of course. And by posting this comment, I'm risking coming off like a callous bitch if her story is true. I'm willing to take that risk. There is too much about her story that does not add up for me. The main thing at this point is her contacting numerous people via email, and her "son" posting a comment to apparently numerous blogs, while a beloved son and brother supposedly lies gravely ill. This makes no sense to me. It really doesn't.

What we are all engaged in here, IMO, is very small in the larger scheme of things. I know there are some at GWoP who think differently, but this is what I've always believed. There is no great mission here - we're talking about a cable reality show. So I just cannot believe that anyone in PM's supposed circumstances would spend two seconds thinking about ANY OF THIS at such a time, if her son were truly ill. I understand there is downtime in a hospital waiting room. Read a tabloid. Take a nap. Take a walk. Those make sense to me. Staying involved in this petty business does not. Particularly when all this has gotten pretty ugly. I would think that if PM has a son in ICU, she has enough ugliness in her life at the moment.

Those are my two cents, and people are free to think I'm a heartless monster if they wish.

watchoverthem said...

Because, she deleted the account, and she always thought the peace would calm nerves.

watchoverthem said...

Actually, I will say that the account has been re-established, to try to get GWoP back online, but check back--it will be re-deleted when GWoP is functioning again :-)

Linda said...

Seriously watchoverthem?

As they say ... Woman up!

you wrote:

"WatchOverThem deleted her google ID today, after things became so hot with her posts about advocacy here, prompted by inaccurate information about Paul Petersen, and all anyone could see was that she was a previous author at GWoP"


Come on now watchoverthem.

Things did not become hot over here because of your posts about advocacy.


You hide behind a thin veil of advocacy. You do nothing more than snark about this family and these kids and then you throw in an occasional post about child exploitation and think it excuses the other vile crap.

Show your CASA director the filth at GwoP and see what their opinion is? You'd never do it.

Anonymous said...

Guin-pretty sure you're a heartless monster. Wow, her son is lying in ICU in critical condition and you choose now to post something like that? Even if she were lying (which I don't believe she is) you may want to wait before making statements like these.

Anonymous said...


My mother was gravely ill and in hospital for the whole month of July. Thankfully, she pulled through it. She's still not better, but she's out of the woods. During that time, I spent many hours in cyberspace chatting with friends and keeping in touch. This gave me peace. It gave me a break. It took my mind off, however briefly, the thought of losing my mother. For you to say what you just did, is sickening. I don't care if you don't agree with what she says, she's a human being who is hurting because her child is critically ill. I personally think ALL these blogs should be shut down. It's nothing but vicious accusations against people you don't agree with.

Anonymous said...

You have to be a heartless monster to post that comment now about PM and her son not being sick. Especially when you state that you could be wrong. I would think that you would want cold hard facts before making such a cruel comment. I for one hope that she made everything up - because I feel so sad for her son and I would sleep easier tonight if I knew for sure that this tragedy wasn't real.

Linda said...

So really watchoverthem the truth (darn, I hate that word) is that after we said that the Gs were one step closer to finding out who you were (because you said you were a Dupage County CASA) you panicked and deleted your google account.

That started the technical difficulties and now sacred GwoP blog is off-line.

I've got a question for you, if you were so completely confident in what you were doing why wouldn't you want EVERYONE to know who you are?

Paul Peterson isn't hiding behind a screen name. Oh wait, he doesn't have to. He doesn't moderate a board that verbally abuses innocent kids!

Linda said...

and similarly anon 9:19 -- you'd think people would have cold hard facts before they'd start throwing around cruel comments about abuse allegations.

Anonymous said...

Boy, some people really do not know the meaning of," taking the high road". You guys really need to find a different form of entertainment. Sick and rude, yes indeed!

Karen said...

Can you give me a list of what people can and can't do when their adult child is hospitalized cuz' I'm a bit cloudy on the rules. Her son has been hospitalized for like over a week now. He's been in the ICU most of the time. Ever been in that position? They often have strict rules about visitation and the hours they are allowed. What is she supposed to do during the downtime? Just give me that list of okay activities. If you read her blog in the last week she has talked about her son. There were no posts about Gosselins. What she posted were updates for her new friends. I have met Pennmommy. I had coffee with her. I saw her today when she came to my apartment to shower and clean up because my place is closer to the hospital than her hotel. I offered to do the update for her today but William said he would. He has his own blog that he updated while he was at it. Updating friends and people who care isn't the same as participating in "petty" chit-chat about Jon and Kate Gosselin. You're not a heartless monster. You're just someone who sees what they want to see and ignores the rest. You didn't see that she hasn't really talked about Jon and Kate except to clarify positions for people like you who asked for it. You must not have seen the posts about her son. I've seen "fakes" in blogland. One hallmark is that they strike fast and move on. If she were a troll, she would have put her son in the hospital the first time she ran into naysayers? He would've come down with a fast progressing case of monkey pox that killed him the same day the fray got heated. Trolls don't invest weeks into boring appendicitis gone bad cases. She can't win with you. If her son makes a blog post to reach the most people in a short time, then she's a fake. If she contacts about ten people (I was on the e-mail list and I count ten), then she's a fake. Call ten people and relive the worst night in your life ten times or send one e-mail to the group? Which would you choose?

watchoverthem said...

Linda--where have I snarked here about the Gosselins? Have you read my posts, or just assumed what was there?

Shall I copy and paste them all back here for you?

I came back to stop the rumor mill about why GWoP is down and why I'm not listed any longer, but go ahead, have at it and wallow in your pity party. I have more fun places to be. Thanks so much, all...for the welcome. Oh, that's right, my opinion is not the same as all of yours, so bash me. But, wait a minute...if you read what I wrote, is my opinion really different from yours? And what have I written here that could not be shown to CASA? Oh, I am held to every comment made at GWoP? Even though I have not posted there since it was new, not posted since it became large and full of opinion that is not my own? Pahleeeze. Don't you understand that we probably have the same opinions about this situation? I don't like the nudity, do you? I don't like the nude footage on YouTube, did you? I wish the kids had someone not connected to the family or production crew keeping an eye out for them while filming, you don't think that's a good idea? I would think that income percentages put in trust for the children would be a good thing, you don't agree? Thanks for listening, and I won't bother you all anymore, just really wanted to put the GWoP outage rumors to rest.

I have nothing to hide from the Gosselins, that your real name? Isn't this behavior just what you bash GWoP about? I'm not hiding, I have legislatively worked under my own name in IL and PA regarding these issues. I don't need to fess up to you.


Jenn said...

I'm really confused with the whole "watchoverthem" cancelling her account (why?) and how that relates to the closing of gwop...

Can someone give me a condensed version of what the heck is going on? THANKS!

SShelly said...

My heart goes out to Pennmommy. Funny is it not, how you are all sticking up for Kate, since she has 8 children, and she is a female. But yet you don't feel that you should leave your hurtful words behind for even for a few days for a mother who has a very sick child.

No matter how you feel about Pennmommy maybe, just maybe you should feel sorry for her and offer up a prayer for her son, family and her. No parent should have to wait in a hospital for a sick child to recover. No women should be put down for putting her children first! Is that not why you started this blog? Because you thought no one should put down Kate since she has 8 children.

Think about this next time you are sitting in a waiting room, waiting and to see if a love one is going to be okay. That maybe someone you don't know is praying that you and your sick family member pull through it or are they bashing you over and over again. What would you want in your family's darkest hour? A prayer or an insult.

momof5 said...

Couldn't agree with you more. PM can't win no matter what she does at this I for one will just continue to pray for her son and her family.

Linda said...

Oh watchoverthem, so you are like Julie who says that the nasty remarks about the kids are

For the sake of humor
taken out of context
no big deal

Go ahead and back pedal.

You have been part of the mess over there. Woman up. You put your screen name on it and now you are somehow not a part of it?


Do not compare my reaction to your posts and your vile nature to what we all criticize about GwoP. When I start commenting on the size of your behind or say that your kids are brats to win an argument then you can call me a hypocrit.

You lost alot of people when you permitted posts about the kids that called some of the serial killers, mass murderers, etc.

(And yet somehow deleted comments that were critical of GwoPs tactics .... hmmm curious)

Guinevere said...

I have managed to sit vigil with two parents as they lay dying (my mom for 12 hours, my dad for 2 1/2 days), and yet I never felt the need to go online and engage in petty squabbles regarding reality tv figures.

If I am wrong (I don't think I am), then I think my "heartlessness" is the least of PM's worries.

Midnight Ramblings said...

If GwoP went off-line because of a technical difficulty why did the front page say that it was due to a violation of TOS?

I have a Blogger blog, and it was shut down for a violation of TOS once. The funny thing is, it's a completely private blog, for no one but me. I was moving an old private blog over, entry by entry, and apparently the large number of posts in one day shut it down until they could determine that I was not being spammed.

All this to say, it could be anything. I never read that I couldn't post as much as I wanted; who knew?

merryway said...

If someone believes PM is fictional, so what it's the internet? How could you ever verify. I don't think speculation is heartless, it's just not taking things at face value. If PM is real, I'm sure people would feel for her and family. But this is a virtual world, with virtually no way to verify info who's writing what. PM's blog was nothing but pettiness. I only went there once and it was such childish gossip I never went back before yesterday.
...wishing The Soup or Ace of Cakes was on to relax to before I sleep

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say,

If a reporter believes that what they've witnessed might constitute a violation they must come forward. I've posted previously that we, the public, are the eyes and ears for the agencies. The authorities f/u on reports and make the hard call. I do not know the Gs, do not live in their community, and no longer watch the show, so how could I judge on what a reporter(family, friend neighbor or viewer) has or has not witnessed? Mandated reporters are just that, held to a higher standard (in terms of reporting) than the general public.

I am not a J/K supporter because I believe there's too much room for exploitation in how they are supporting their family, but it would never occur to me that some one would fabricate abuse in order to generate a me naive, but I just can not fathom that kind of nasty evil (but then again I've been surprised tonight by some rather rude comments). I would rather believe that someone really was just looking out for the best interest of 8 minor children as opposed to making their parents' lives miserable.

Anonymous said...

Response to Linda 9:26 - No Linda there is no similarity between the J&K saga and a mother waiting and hoping for her son to come out of a coma.

Anonymous said...

Lying on the internet, making up fictional stories, creating a sick child, and then using the fake child's illness as your way out is not exactly an unheard of occurrence on the internet. It is not heartless to wonder if PM is legit or if PM is the twisted brainchild of someone who is bored and wanted some attention.

PM's stories and tales do not add up. It is just too weird that PM deleted and GWoP is now offline within 48 hours of each other.

Something smells fishy. If that makes me heartless, then I have no soul.

Linda said...

To you anonymous 9:28 -

Not even going to ...

Guinevere said...

Linda, if you posted another comment, can you recreate it? It doesn't seem to have gone through.

Maggie, I rejected your last post. It violates our posting policies. If you want to resubmit a more civil post, please feel free to do so.

nomoredrama said...

Um, guys, ever heard of HIPAA?

No hospital is going to give you info on a patient there first off.

Second off, I sense trolls are in the waters. In no way does GDNNOP condone calling a hospital. That would make us equally as sick as the GWoPers. Please, stop....don't stoop to that level.

Guinevere said...

I was going to say, I certainly don't condone calling hospitals or trying to dig up any info. I don't approve when people do it to the Gosselins, and I have no desire to do it to PM.

Linda said...

Hi G -

I didn't post another comment on this thread.


nomoredrama said...

I am deleting the comments about calling the hospital. Please, knock it off!

merryway said...

I copied the jen post in my ? at 10:12. I'm not offended if you wipe it.

Anonymous said...

""My take, for what it's worth: I think PennMommy is a fraud; I don't believe she ever knew the Gosselins, and I don't believe she has a sick son. I could be wrong, of course. And by posting this comment, I'm risking coming off like a callous bitch if her story is true. I'm willing to take that risk. There is too much about her story that does not add up for me.""

What I find funny is that everything you just wrote that I quoted above are things you criticize the anti-Gosselin camp for doing, in short:

Supporting opinion over fact when you have no evidence to support your view, AND "risking coming off like a callous bitch" for a story that "does not add up".

At least the Kate-haters have video tape to support their views.

Me, I don't fall into either camp. The Gosselins are such a typical example of middle America ignorance and maladjustment that it isn't worth even watching them much less dissecting them.

Blah blah blah blah, who gives a rip.

Kelley said...


Real or not the person who posts as Pennmommy had to shut down her blog because people are acting like they did back in the days of the Salem, MA witch trials. This Mass Hysteria has got to stop. Some of you are acting like maniacs. Calling a hospital to gain information like this is some sort of mystery that needs solving? THE HIPP act restricts anyone from knowing if a person is registered at hospital as a patient. Not to mention such behavior borders on Stalking. If the woman was who she said she was, then she's someone we've all seen acting out of kindness toward the Gosselin children; and someone who is a kind person and a REAL person. To say rotten things about her while her son, is ill is reprehensible.

If she isn't a real person, than who cares if she's lying through her teeth.

How many of us really are totaly honest about how we represet ourselves on-line? We choose the most flattering photos for our profiles, or we limit access to our profiles; and in some cases we post Anonymously.

This is not so important that any of you NEED to be investigating it.

The net rolls on, the next OMG! thing will come around.

Get a hold of yourself and put yourself in her shoes. Real or immaginary, this person is going through something and you all could be giving her encouragement and practicing some empathy. Put the daggers away and act like human beings with sensitive hearts and put the Jackals back on their chain.

You are not sharks smelling blood in the water, nor are you vultures waiting to jump on the rot of the earth. You are people. Quit acting like Carrion beasts. It's unattractive to say the least.

merryway said...

I'm sure you guys will see it, but there was an almost immediate post at the new site that someone was trying to contact the hospital. Surprisingly, they found it appalling. Such strange goings on and even to someone as clueless as me, it seems like a setup.

Maggie said...

Guinevere, I tried to find an email for you, but yes, you are right to reject my last comment!

Also, thank you for taking down the hospital postings, that is just wrong.

When things get busy it is easy to put comments through just to get through the queue. Sometimes they don't sound too bad until you read what was written previously.

It is a harder job than it appears!

MCB said...


I am not MCB, but I am pretty sure she was not referring to you.

That's correct. I wasn't.

All you have to do is look at the replies here and see what I meant. The tone seriously implies GWoP trolls with nothing better to do, trying to change this blog into the nasty haven of hate that their own (and PM's blog) turned into. The infighting, the accusations (most done under the cover of "anonymous," of course) and the pettiness? All have escalated when their playgrounds were shut down. I mean, calling the hospital? That's GWoP behavior, not our's (just as I suspect that the ones doing that are not regulars here, but GWoP trolls who have a beef with PM).

Nina, Guin, nomoredrama....I know you don't want to be like Serena and monitor comments with a heavy hand, but I wouldn't be the least offended if you were to reject some of these trolls outright. I don't want this blog becoming what those other blogs have.

There was a reason I stayed away from the PM blog to begin with and now the crap has come here (all I knew was what was posted about her here). Since she doesn't want to continue her blog, then I say, whether you believe her stories or not, give her her wish and not discuss her here.

Hey, isn't there a new episode tomorrow night, or something?

Anonymous said...

My truth is not your truth, your truth is not my truth. Everyone has their own truth in life. We are all unique thinking, living, breathing beings. Human beings - connected through bonds of family, friends, society, and culture.

Just as the Gosselins consciously opened up their lives - their truth, whether you believe it or not, on camera, PennMommy opened up her truth on the internet. It may have been difficult for PM to take that step - or not, according to what you Decide to be your truth. PennMommy may have told the truth - or not, according to what you, as a literate thinking, living, breathing being decided to accept as your truth.

What baseness - what shallow, irreverent callousness completely unbecoming the bonds of humankind have some of you so selfishly displayed. There is no absolute truth in life other than that we are all not long for this world. Tragically, it is not that life seemingly eludes so many of us but that we refuse to see life for what it is - a precious gift to appreciate and cultivate every moment - to live full and satisfying lives, according to our own truths. Too many of us have lived vicariously, and selfishly, through the unfolding and never-ending drama and debate surrounding a family, no more no less than any other family, in the state of PA. This family will come to discover what their own truth is - and they will either come to enjoy it or loathe it.

Whatever your truth may be, take this as an appeal to that part of your humanity that allows an empathy with the deep, heart-wrenching suffering of another human being - of another family, no more no less than any other, that faces the loss of a son.

Whatever it is you have decided to be your personal truth and your truth about PennMommy, lay aside what only comes across as a sharp and painful stab into the notion of decency. What dismay to see fellow persons indignantly asking for proof of the perhaps, impending, passage out of our own physical world another living, breathing, thinking human being. Whether you accept it as truth or not, you shade your character - darkly and deeply - in defiance of decency.

I feel sorry for all of us so caught up, like writhing fish in a net in a story that for most of us, has no bearing on our lives. But that sense of sorrow ends now. The next context of my evolving truth contains shame - shame at the storm we have all created and shame at the vitriolic aura so many have projected not only and especially at the Gosselins but also the family of PennMommy. Truth, apparently and unfortunately, hurts. I wish you all nothing but the best and hope for each and every one a bright future. For the Gosselins, I hope they find their way out this maze and for PennMommy, family, and son I pray for that chance to seize upon life to the fullest.

nomoredrama said...

Ok, I think I got them all...even the ones that were copied. I'm going to reject all further comments about it whether it is in defense of doing it or calling those out who have done it. I just want talk of it to stop.

Once again, GDNNOP does not condone violating the privacy of others.

Fanny said...

Guess I'm a little late....

What strikes me as funny is all the "pennmommy is a human being, stop being so mean, yada yada yada..." from people who have never had had that thought cross their minds when they were busy bashing Kate. Yes, I realize the circumstances are a bit different, but you can't go around using the humanity card only when it suits you.

anonymous said...
"What baseness - what shallow, irreverent callousness completely unbecoming the bonds of humankind have some of you so selfishly displayed. There is no absolute truth in life..."

I don't know what your stance is anon, but if you have participated in the "irreverent callousness" that is directed at really have no room to talk.

Point is, you KNOW that Kate exists, you know she has a family, and you know that she is a human being. For someone who bashes Kate, to say "maybe pm did lie, but she human"...Huh???

I don't think there is one of us here that wouldn't sympathize with someone in pm's position if we knew it to be fact. The problem is, this is the internet. People can say whatever they want and we may never know fact from fiction. The key to being believable in this form of communication is to always be consistant. Some of you question j+k about, well, everything, because you feel there have been inconsistancies in their stories. Some of us feel the same about PM.

Mom said...

So much for putting speculation aside for a while and keeping posts civil.

We're closing this thread. There is nothing new to share at this point. There are many trolls lurking here, posting anon and suggesting completely insensible ideas.

I will keep you posted on this topic as I know more.