Friday, October 31, 2008

Invasion of The Gosselins!

It appears that Kate Gosselin is featured once again in a positive fashion on discussing how she plans for the holidays. It is amazing how many prominent magazines and television shows this family has been featured in since the latest publicity campaign started recently. Too many to list. It appears the favorable coverage has far outweighed the negative publicity -- such as the National Enquirer articles, Paul Peterson's commentary on his site and, of course, the "expose" on CNN. Please feel free to add to this list if we missed any.

It appears the publicity firm the Gosselins have hired has been worth their weight in gold. Or have they? How do you feel about all of this publicity? Can too much positive exposure turn into a negative?


themrs said...

i think it could turn into negative. for those who watch the show and feel that something is "off", they may turn to the internet to find out more. and we all know what sites they will come across.

Linda said...

That particular article mentioned that the Gosselins will have 15 extra guests .... perhaps friends? perhaps family?

A Mom-ynous said...

Who cares who their guests are. Why the preoccupation with what the Gosselins do not show on tv?

The PR campaign is smart and is their format of response to the negative.

Negative breeds negative--so if you were already feeling negative, you will seek out stuff to validate that feeling.

If you were already feeling positive--you will be attracting that.

Since folks are attempting to tarnish greatly the reputation of the Gosselins, it is appropriate that they protect not only their income (via the show et al) and their reputation.

The Gosselins are B-list celebrities at this point.

Nina Bell said...

Well Mom-ynous,

I believe what Linda is inferring is that the Gosselins are a normal family that celebrates the holidays with friends and family members. I don't believe she really cares who they are.

A Mom-ynous said...

"Well Mom-ynous,

I believe what Linda is inferring is that the Gosselins are a normal family that celebrates the holidays with friends and family members. I don't believe she really cares who they are."

Time for me to take a break--certainly my reading of all sides is causing my vision to blur.

I had taken that as another slight at the family.

My apologies Linda!

Anya said...

Linda said..."That particular article mentioned that the Gosselins will have 15 extra guests .... perhaps friends? perhaps family?"

Linda, have you not read up on this? According, to Julie, Penn Mommy, Penn Mommy's son "William" and the other BRAVE insiders that have come forward, there is NOBODY left in the Gosselins world. All family and friends have been turned away in the Gosselins single minded pursuit of fame and fortune.

I am SURE that the "guests" are just the crew and people who are being paid to be there, i.e. Jenny.

Anya said...

Regarding the original question, it is an interesting one. I think there could definately be a point of over saturation. I don't know that we are there yet, however.

It's hard to take off my Gosselin-blogging glasses and realize that your average person isn't tuned into all this. Maybe they will see the People magazine article and GMA, but miss Ladies Home Journal and Regis & Kelly or some combination there of.

It's not like they are on the cover of cover of US magazine every week, on Entertainment Tonight every night and on TMZ continuously.

I do think at this point, "if" the average American has heard of the Gosselins they probably have a positive impression of them based on the fact that the majority of the coverage has been positive.

indianprincess said...

Great for the Gosselin's and wish them the best!

Guinevere said...

If Kate is positioning herself as a sort of Martha Stewart-type, with advice to give on decorating, etc., then presumably she would be working on projects that would not involve her children so much, and everyone would be happy.


marci said...

Okay, maybe I'm looking at this too simplistically, but perhaps this is just a media push, like many others we see, to promote their book release. I think the publisher might not have foreseen the popularity of the Gosselins when they planned for promoting it, and this may be a scaled back version of a book tour.

The Gosselins seem to only be appearing in magazine articles and on shows that are shot in NYC or pre-taped...a sign that perhaps they resisted a national book tour (or there wasn't one planned), which would have meant a lot of travel.

Whether that's to accomodate the needs of the filming schedule and the approaching holidays, kids' school schedules (again, I love how the anti-Gosselin cry was that the kids would be out of school for the 700 Club interview, which they obviously weren't) or not can't be known.

There seems to be some cross promotion going on in the interviews, though. Just general talk about the G's (700 Club) lives, Kmart layaway talk, the book, future cookbook I'm not sure if this is their own PR company (G's), or if this publicity is being arranged from multiple interests, all of whom are obviously taking advantage of the "strike while they're hot" popularity of the show.

Since the book has hit the New York Times Bestseller List (read that, haven't gone to look), we might actually see more book signing events in the next few months.

Anyway, I see it as such a jumble of promotion with no one focus that I can't pinpoint what the goal of it all is. It seems to be beneficial all round...the show, the book, good publicity.

I also agree that those of us who've been involved in the Gosselin blogging world have the Gosselins and their public appearances more in our consciousness than the average person watching this show. Whether it's good publicity or bad, I seriously doubt the majority of the viewers of this show are even vaguely aware of anything outside of the 22 minutes they see on TV or the occasional morning talk show interview.

Linda said...

a mom-ynous -

No worries.


I was at my son's karate practice this morning and I saw the feedback section of the Nov. 3rd People (Madonna & Guy Ritchie on the cover).

People commented that there were equal amounts of both positive and negative feedback regarding their Gosselins Vow Renewal in Hawaii article and they highlighted two comments.

One more or less said that they admired the Gosselins for their honest portrayal of their marriage and family. The other said that they were sick of hearing about the Gosselins because there are plenty of parents who raise large families.


I hope that the Gosselins are moving Kate toward being a spokesperson. I also hope that the comment in the one blog about Jon being a F/T student was true. I'm a big believer in education.

app said...

What I can't understand, with all this great PR they have, is why there is no mention of their book? I find that extremely odd. After all, the book just came out, why wouldn't they promote it, especially in the media since they've chosen not to do a book tour.

Nina Bell said...


I did not see many of the shows they were on or read most of the articles but I did see their book mentioned in the articles that I did read. It was also mentioned on the GMA broadcast and I believe the Regis and Kelly show. But you are right, it was not a full blown promotional tour that one would expect.

BEE said...

I think that all the media hype lately is due to the release of their book. Perhaps their book is not mentioned in every interview because they also have contracts with TLC to promote the show and with Kmart to promote the store/layaway program. Perhaps these other contracts won't allow them to also promote other things, like their book while doing a promotional interview about the show...I hope I made sense.

Personally, I think the coverage is great!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it good or bad to have all this press. But, I personally think that Kate is kinda dull in these appearances.

And the answers are always the is never anything new..

Yes- she has 8 kids
Yes- it is hard being in the public eye
Yes- we found the time to write a book
Yes- My kids eat healthy and only organic
Yes- they only wanted "one more"
NO- she doesn't listen the bad press
Yes- our house is loud and crazy

Kinda boring after awhile.

scarymerry said...

I've been speculating for awhile that there might be something contractual from keeping Jon or Kate promoting the book. Maybe something standard in the contract about all three of the authors promoting or not promoting.

michelle said...

Hey everyone,

Where is Beth Carson, or why is she not mentioned as being the co-author in this book by Jon or Kate, during this book publicity tour?

I'm sure Beth contributed and helped tremendously in the making of this book.

Nina Bell said...

Hello Michelle,

Are you asking a question or making a statement?

I really don't know how anyone here would know where Beth is.

ldrew313 said...

A Mom-ynous said...
Who cares who their guests are. Why the preoccupation with what the Gosselins do not show on tv?

That's the problem when you open up your life to the viewing public. People are going to be curious about things that may or may not be their business. It's human nature.

Going back on topic. I think the publicity has been good. Kate has come across much more positively IMO. I think the PR team has worked with them both and it shows. I think anyone in the public eye needs this to help them put their best foot foreward. Good for them.

michelle said...

nina bell,

A statement and a question.

The statement: Is it not odd that she is not mentioned as being a participent in the creation of this book? by neither Jon or Kate, on these booked interviews that are promoting their book. I mean she is the co-author.

A question: Has anyone else asked themselves this question as to where is Beth Carson during this "book tour"? or why is she not brought up by either Jon or Kate as being the co-author??
Or asked themselves, I wonder how Beth feels about being left out or not even being given any credit? I'm sure she had a valuable part in the creating of the book, otherwise, her name would not be on the cover.

Kikibee said...

Many "celebrity" books are written by/with a "real" writer. The other writers are not usually featured in interviews, at least that I have ever seen. That's just the way things are done. It isn't Beth's story, it's Jon & Kate's. She was mentioned on GMA. And whether she is mentioned or not, she is still listed on the book as a co-author and I'm sure she gets her share of the profits.

scarymerry said...

Beth was mentioned briefly on GMA. I think it's strange that Beth is not a part of the promotion for the book.

Betty said...

What about the news that they are moving? That lovely new house is amazing.

Nina Bell said...


If the house featured on GWoP is the house that they are reported to be moving into, yes it is beautiful! More power to them. I am sure that their family will be very happy there. Please let us know, once GWoP has confirmed and we will be happy to do a post about it also.


ductapeovermouth said...

Please let us know, once GWoP has confirmed and we will be happy to do a post about it also.

Are the two site collaborating?

Nina Bell said...


Nope! But I have no interest in searching records, driving by the property, interviewing witnesses and taking photos to confirm a move by the Gosselins. So I will let GWoP do all of that and when they have released their info, if people here want to discuss it, we can do a sound off.

vesna said...

The house on GWoP IS the house the Gosselin's bought. It wasn't purchased in their name though. The deed shows their attorney as the trustee. I guess they're trying to keep it quiet since they paid over a million dollars for it. People might view them differently now, and the love offerings and freebies might stop. They're not the "normal" family anymore that they try to portray. It is a beautiful property though, isn't it? I know I would be very happy there!

Nina Bell said...

Just a word about the freebies, they never stop. Companies love to bestow celebrities with their products. They feel it is a great way of advertising. The more successful you are the more freebies you will get.

nomoredrama said...

I am going to be moving some of the posts about the house from here to the sound-off section.

We want to try to stay on topic.

Anya said...

Back on the topic of publicity.

The National Enquirer - yes, THAT National Enquirer features Jon & Kate Plus 8 as one of their "Best Bets on TV, What's Hot this Week" feature.

Says columnist Len Feldman - "The chronicles of Jon and Kate Gosselin and their brood of eight just keep getting more and more adorable."


Stephanie said...

scarymerry said...
I've been speculating for awhile that there might be something contractual from keeping Jon or Kate promoting the book. ......

AND michelle said...
Where is Beth Carson, or why is she not mentioned as being the co-author in this book by Jon or Kate.....
Scarymerry and Michelle, you've hit the nail on the head with the book promo. There was no typical 'book tour' as we usually see on tv whenever someone promotes their new books. J&K&8 made the rounds of the talk shows with almost no mention of the book and that WAS their book tour. The reason Beth wasn't mentioned and the main reason behind there being no formal or official book tour was because of legal concerns. Jon's name wasn't on the first cover of the book - only Kate and Beth's and right before publishing, Jon's name was added.

Their book tour was a tour without mentioning the book. I don't know if they feel they were successful in bringing enough attention to the family and show and it will carryover into book sales or not. However, they'd been booked on these shows months in advance and just cause Beth wasn't touring w/Kate didn't mean they'd cancel their appearances - they just changed the focus of the interviews from the book to the family, show, layaways, etc.

Kikibee said...

I don't understand what "contractual" or "legal" concerns there would be about promoting the book.
I have no idea why they aren't doing a regular book tour but I doubt it would be because the authors are feuding (IF that is even the case).

There would have been contracts signed before the book was published determining who gets what. I assume Beth would have had a lawyer check it out. J&K couldn't just go in and say they decided Jon would get his name on the book so they would get a bigger share. It's possible the publishers thought it would be appropriate, since it is his story too.

Beth's name is the same size as the Gs on the cover. And now she can put best-selling author on her resume. I'd be pretty happy about that if I were her.

merryway said...

I'm bothered how some are picking apart Kate's negative comments on her becoming pregnant with six children. She's being asked these questions in interviews. The expectation on motherhood is too high if you don't allow the mother to go through the emotions of having children. Thank goodness that today we have some choices in not becoming pregnant, generations before us did not have the quality birth-control we have today. But, to not allow an expectant or new mother to work through her emotions is wrong. I was impressed with Brooke Shields comments on her pregnancy and new motherhood. This is one area in which women should really support each other. IMO