Sunday, October 12, 2008

Two New Episodes Monday 10/13/08

Oct 13, 9:00 pm Mr. Mom
(30 minutes)

When Kate heads out of town for a few days Jon gets to do things his way, but will he be able to survive without Kate's help or will he come out of this experience with a new-found appreciation for his wife? And can he get eight kids to school on time?

Oct 13, 9:30 pm Back to School
(30 minutes)

After a fun-filled summer, Jon and Kate prepare for the twins to head back to school and for the sextuplets to start their first year of pre-school! There's lots to do as all eight kids to head to school for the first time in Gosselin history.


nomoredrama said...

They filmed the "Mr. Mom" episode the weekend before the speaking engagement I went to. Kate hadn't seen it at the time. I'm curious to see it.

merryway said...

I wonder if Jon will be on the couch by himself in the Mr. Mom? It's usually interesting to watch and listen to him when he's by himself. He surprises me with what he says to the camera, usually about Kate.

Anne said...
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Titi said...

I wonder how this episode is going to be any different from any other day?

Jon does almost all of the physical care of the kids as it is.

MoreCowbell said...

Even though the 'tups are just going to pre-school (thus probably a half day at the most, and probably not five days a week), I wonder if Kate will get weepy at the sight of her "empty nest," or dance around to Footloose in her "unna-wears" because she finally has a quiet house ALL to HERSELF. Or, even better, can run errands and go shopping without hauling kids around. Bliss.

HBIC8u said...

Jon might be okay with it for one day, but I really do think that Kate is the one that keeps things in order. No matter how he does, I'm sure tlc will make it look like absolute chaos to fit the stereotype that dads are helpless.

Linda said...

I think that it is wonderful that Jon bathes the kids and helps to get them dressed in the morning.

My husband was not a hands-on dad when our kids were little. It was not a natural instinct foor him to pick up a crying baby or toddler to comfort them -- he'd let them cry. Sounds awful but it was true. It was not a natural instinct for him to help serve the kids dinner. I'd have our then 4 year old at the table and the then 1 year old in the high chair. My husband would sit down to eat his meal while I went around to get them their food, cut things up, etc. Yes, we talked about it but his primal hunger pangs would win out over his good judgement almost every time.

We then came up with the a similar idea of him being "in charge" of bathing and dressing the kids for bed. On the weekends, it was also "his job" to help with dressing the kids in the morning. Truthfully, people would look at me and say "how do you get him to do so much." I would tell them that this was all he did. But to outsiders, he looked like a five star dad.

Now, the kids are older and they do that stuff themselves and for a while he had no job with the kids. His new job is to do the grocery shopping. Truthfully, he does little else. He is a good person, but instinctively he doesn't get running the household while taking care of the kids. Even now, when I'm gone for the day and he is charge -- I still come home to a wreck.

If I was gone for the day when they were little, the house would be a wreck but he'd do his job of "bathing and dressing them for bed." The kids dishes from all three meals would be on the table, their toys would be all over, they'd have food all over their clothes, but gosh darn they'd be bathed and dressed for bed.

So while everyone gives Jon a big "hero dad" high five for what he does I wonder if there is more to it than meets the eye.

Anya said...

Yeah, I would think having the six gone for even part of the day is going to be a hard change (the quiet for one). It's a good thing, but as a mom, I think it would be quite an adjustment.

HBIC8u and Linda, I agree that Kate does a lot more to keep the household running than might be apparent on first glance. I also agree they will probably "play up it up" to fit the bumbling dad stereotype.

GLO said...

Good point. I am sure most moms would agree that bathing and dressing the kids is just a tiny part of what it takes to raise them.
On a related note, my husband does very little to help in the caring of our 7 month-old-daughter, but he does quite a bit to help around the house--dusting, vacuuming, some laundry and dishes. This came after I asked him to video our daughter while she got her first "big girl" bath in the tub. He acted like I asked him to do something very strenuous, sighing and sulking. When I asked him what his problem was, he said, "I like my free time when I get home from work." I told him that I hadn't had free time since our daughter was born, so he needed to shut his yap and quit complaining.
He has since gotten a lot better about helping me when I am frazzled dealing with our girl. Of course, he expects kudos every time he does anything to help. When was the last time I got a high-five for doing my job as a mom? Ha!

Linda said...

Oh my goodness Glo! I think that your husband and mine are related!

Kikibee said...

People have suggested before that Kate could go back to work and let Jon be a SAHD because she could make more as a nurse than he could at his job.
(Which, yeah, she could do.) But I always thought that, as good as he is with the kids, things would descend into chaos pretty quickly. And, to his credit, I think he knows this. He needs her to tell him what to do.

Jenn said...

They are also going to be on GMA on Thursday.

linked site

(i hope the link worked!)

Anya said...

Thanks, Jenn. The link worked.

Interesting. Now I guess some will be calling for a boycott of ABC/Disney!

cali-mom said...

Linda & glo, my husband is the same way. He helps w/homework but thats about it.

HBIC8u said...

Yesterday my husband and I were talking and he actually said that "mommy jobs" were cooking/feeding, dressing, helping with homework, etc, and "daddy jobs" were rough-housing and talking to them about girls. I nearly fell out of my chair.

He was smiling, just trying to get a rise out of me.

He succeeded.

I'm not big on "love taps" to the face, but I have been known to give a mean elbow.

lizziemae7 said...

OK yeah I am watching and online at the same time--
just wanted to comment that the video Jon had the kids make for Kate was SO sweet! Her response was heartfelt and caring- something many openly say she is unable to do.

I also like that they didn't show the shower scene this episode but just the door closing.

Back to watching now-- just wanted to comment on how adorable that video idea was!

merryway said...

Could Aaden's giggles be any cuter?

My reception is a little fuzzy tonight for some reason. Who was that standing up on the chair behind Jon's back? That was so funny.

Ripped pages out of the Bible? Part of me loves to see other parents suffer. I don't want to be the only one.

The kids are adorable talking to the camera about mom. This is the sweetest episode I've seen.

MoreCowbell said...

I love it that Joel, the youngest and smallest (as we now know) is the only one who can ride without training wheels, AT FOUR YEARS OLD! Jon is right, he may have a little BMX or extreme biker on his hands. Look out, Shawn White!

Oh, and did I see a commercial for those cool remote control cars during the show? I guess we know where those things came from!

On other TLC programs, I sniffled my way through Matt Roloff's trip to Iraq (so heartbreaking to see those three kids with such severe dwarfism) and on the Duggars we actually see a family that makes Jim Bob and Michelle look "with it." The Bates family makes their own Little House on the Prairie dresses for the girls. How....handy. And a little disturbing.

Why do I see a future Duggar Girl/Bates Boy hook up?

Kelley said...

I thought Jon did a good job and that the cameras and editing was done in a way that made it look hard with out making Jon look like a dimwit. Kate could really give him more credit for what he does. My dad was a hands on daddy and I'm counting on my husband to be a bath giver and story reader, and what ever else needs doing. We are a team and always have been. And he knows it!

Kelley said...

oh, and GO DODGERS!

nomoredrama said...

Get out of here with that Go Dodgers crap, LOL!!!!!!

GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelley said...

Hee hee hee...

cali-mom said...

Loved tonights episodes!!

SamanthaNC said...

An hour drive to and from preschool- ugh! Its sad but they probably feel they have to go someplace out of town to prevent any crazies from figuring out where they are. Joel did awesome on the bike! All of the tups seemed more grown up in this episode, their speech sounds much more grown up than it has in past episodes. Did anyone notice how much more put together Kate suddenly looks?

cincymom said...

I too, thought the kids seemed to have matured quite a bit. It was really funny watching Hannah stand on the stool and be told to sit by Jon. Then behind his back, sly girl did it again and was down before he even saw! And whatever she said when he said dinner was ready, I was thinking, wow I can see what these kids are kind of going to be like as older kids. She (not just her, but this was funny) seems so mature.

nomoredrama said...

I think Jon is more of a "stay-at-home" dad. At least from what they say. Kate does 90% of the media stuff. She's also working on 2 books. That's why Jon called himself the "manny" at the speaking engagement I went to. I don't think (again from what he says) he's thrilled about this role.

I think he did a great job. The kids seemed to be having fun. I liked the journal idea though I doubt the idea came from Jon :0) He doesn't seem the type to think creatively like that.

As far as the back-to-school episode, I can't wait to hear the disgust over the remote control cars. When I watched it I thought we'd be hearing "how rude of Kate to say 'fight over it, there are only 2' she's hinting at more freebies." I actually don't know if I will be hearing it because I am trying to not visit the other blog.

Other things I've noticed is that Cara and Mady are on less and less these days which I think is good for them. I think it was getting to them so I'm glad to see they've been reprieved (or at least, seem like they have).

cincymom said...

I just want to add to my earlier comment about Hannah being funny climbing on the stool.

It's funny to me because I'm watching and not the parent. As the parent, I would be totally annoyed and just like Jon. It's one of those things where when it's not you living it, you view it different.


MommyZinger said...

I enjoyed these two episodes.

I'm not entirely convinced that Jon took care of all the kids by himself for three days but I thought it was a good episode for any dads that were watching with their wives. The fort building looked fun. It was nice to see a soft Kate and the video was sweet.

I liked watching the kids playing in the driveway before school because that's what we do too. And I must be an uninvolved mother because I also sit on a chair in the garage and watch. Even though Kate hugged and kissed Joel at the dr. appt., that won't be good enough for some. I was so impressed with Joel riding his two wheeler! I know they can't show other kids on TV, but it was wierd to see just the tups at school.

Both my husband and I thought the tups were looking older and more mature and it made us wonder how much longer people will be interested in the show.

Anya said...

I agree with everyone about the sextuplets looking older and sounding and acting more mature.

Samantha, I agree, Kate looked very well put together. Both her and Jon seemed a bit tired to me, however, which I don't think is a huge surprise.

NMD, Kate's writing two more books? Do we have details? I am sure the haters heads will explode even though nobody should have any objections here. J&K are finding other avenues to support their family financially that don't involve the kids. Good, right? Of course not, because the *real* issue is an irrational hatred of Kate.

Other things I noticed/apprciated:

-Appears that Alexis, the poor child stuck in the dungeon, was in the top bunk bed of the little girls room during both the nap and nighttime shots of the first episode.

-I believe the kids were not in matching outfits for preschool.

-The video they made for Kate was super sweet and very genuine.

-I could totally see why the kids loved the remote control cars. It was fun to see what a blast they were having with them.

-Go Joel, you rock!

SamanthaNC said...


"Appears that Alexis, the poor child stuck in the dungeon, was in the top bunk bed of the little girls room during both the nap and nighttime shots of the first episode"

LOL!!! Careful or the child advocates will hear and question your concern for the safety and lives of children- not just in Gosselinland but globally. Trust me I know from experience :)

BEE said...

I thought these episodes were super cute!

I have to add to anya's list:

-not filming the kids getting bathed (I hope they make this the norm!)

-anyone else notice that their calendar on the fridge is now blurred out on close ups...just something I noticed

What other books is Kate working on?????

merryway said...

Did anyone notice the one little girl (I think it was Hanna, my tv was fuzzy) going up the stairs in her velvet like shiny leotard? I think she was filming with one of the cameras. It looked like something she had picked out herself or she had shed part of her clothes. I thought it was funny. It reminded me of my little girl. For the last few weeks, no matter what I dress her in, a few minutes later I see running around in just panties and fairy wings. I liked this episode because it was a lot of the kids just being kids. I'd rather watch the home movie type of show vs. running to outing after outing. The kids seem to be doing well.

cali-mom said...

I think that was Leah. And yes, that was soo cute!! My 3 yr old also does that, not long after I've dressed her she's wearing something funny!

Saint said...

I've noticed changes, too, improvements for the better. I am happy to see less of Mady and Cara for their sakes. The cameras kept a respectful distance during bath/changing time. And could Kate have been any softer/nicer? I really think TLC egged on that "tender, loving, control-freak" angle of Kate and did her no favors in the process. I hope Jon and Kate are taking more control of the editing process to prevent the excess of hitting, meltdowns, screaming, bossiness of all Gosselins. They all seemed more normal to me in this episode. Can an on-set child advocate be far behind?

Anya said...

SamanthaNC said...LOL!!! Careful or the child advocates will hear and question your concern for the safety and lives of children- not just in Gosselinland but globally. Trust me I know from experience :)

Samantha, oh, I am waiting for it! :-)

Actually, I'll take silly stuff like that over nasty comments about Hannah being the heaviest tup and Kate "faking" affection for her sons.

Mom said...

Finally watched the two epis tonight while H and LO went shopping (yeah, alone mommy time!)

I thought they were both pretty cute.

Loved Joel and the bike, Hannah and the chair and that VIDEO they made K was awesome!

JessieTYCG said...

I made the mistake of taking a drink of milk right before Hannah did her defiant stool stand behind Jon's back.....milk re-appeared out the nostrils (not as painful as soda, so I'm grateful for that).
How do the cameral guys keep from laughing out loud at this stuff? TOO FUNNY!!

Kate was wonderful for these episodes - she even said she was sorry to Jon without offering any excuses! Nearly did a milk spit-take on that one too! LOL! I'm sure she was hammered by her critics for her use of another "Kate-ism":
"Stampled" - action verb. definition: a combination of the words "stamped" and "trampled" used to describe the act of ruining another sibling's pre-school artwork.

Anybody else have the naughty passing thought that Jon and Kate have a lot of "free time" after they drop off the tups at school in the afternoon? "Sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight!" Hee Hee! Oh Bee-have!"

Anya said...

Aw, yes, Kate's "creative" use of the English language! I guess if you can't stand her, it is another irritant, but I find her made-up words kind of funny. In this case, it actually did a pretty good job of describing the situation. (I also liked her insight that her kids would probably not do that to *another* kid's work, but a sibling? Youbetcha!)

Your passing thought made me laugh. My mind didn't initially go there, but now I can't get that darn song out of my head! :-)

MoreCowbell said...

I think Hannah is a total Mommy's girl (duh....understatement). Not only is she the non-sporting, "indoor girl" like her mother, but she is certainly becoming defiant towards her father. Oh yes, she's a little Kate. She answered her father back a couple times (plus, there was the stool scene). Perhaps taking her cues from her mom and the way Kate talks to Jon sometimes? The kids are bound to pick up on that. We generally don't see her talking back to Kate that way. But with Kate gone, she sure expressed herself to her father (and no...I'm not saying she's a brat. Far from it).

And she does have the best hair of the group, for sure.

This episode was almost a reality check. I mean we know the tups are four and they're not babies anymore, but this episode really emphasized much they've grown. From sleeping on the top bunks, to going to school, to riding without training wheels. Plus, with Kate gone, we heard their verbal skills coming out more than usual.

Ductape said...

"Stampled" - action verb. definition: a combination of the words "stamped" and "trampled" used to describe the act of ruining another sibling's pre-school artwork.

I thought she meant "stepped on and trampled".

Sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight!

Maybe they won't need to adopt!

Linda said...

The blog that shall not be named has always said things about how they try to "infantalize" (BTW - is that a real word?) the tups so they can continue to make money off of them.

I've never bought that.

I think that when she talks about how how they are not babies anymore it is kind of with a sense of longing. I know that I felt like that when I looked at my kids during that time.

Gone were the fat cuffs around their wrists. Gone were the puffy buns under their pants that wiggled when they walked because they were in real undies.
Gone were the round cheeks because their faces were thinning out.

So cute to see them growing up, but sometimes it is sad to say good-bye to the phase that they are leaving behind. At least that is how I feel.

Nancy said...

I may be a Kate critic, but I do have to say that I don't mind her "manufactured words" at all. I do it and so do my kids. I look at it as creative vocabulary, not done because we are "stupid".

Percival said...

"manufactured words"

I agree, Kate is good as manufacturing a lot of things.

That's why in her world, lies are untruths.