Sunday, December 7, 2008


The twins are excited when Jon and Kate give them an opportunity to be a mommy to the sextuplets for an entire day. But as they try to guide, feed, and instruct their younger siblings, they soon learn that the grass isn't always greener on the other side.


Lizabeth said...

As someone who grew up helping care for their younger siblings (as well as the kids my mom did day care for) I can attest to the fact that this is a good idea. I appreciated my mom and all she did so much more after I had to take care of one of my brothers for awhile. I see nothing wrong with Jon and Kate letting Cara and Mady take on control and some more independence if they want to-- could turn out that the girls become more aware of how much their parents really do!!

nancy019 said...

Man, they are really reaching now. Time to turn off the cameras and the lights and let these kids live their lives like the rest of peace.
That is my Christmas wish for the Gosselin children.

Nina Bell said...

My Christmas wish for all of the bloggers obsessed with the Gosselin children's well being, is that they somehow find peace this Christmas season.It must be a heavy burden to carry the weight of the Gosselin children's future on your shoulders every day. So I wish you all peace this Christmas Holiday

Saint said...

Every family is different. Some kids traipse across the globe because they're in military families. I've heard good and bad about it. The Gosselin kids will survive, though it'll take some adjustment. I hope they don't grow up to think of themselves as victims due to all the bemoaning of their childhoods deprived of peace and privacy. I hope they grow up to have tough skins to deal with the way some people chose to "advocate" for them, driving a wedge between family members or insulting the mother they love. I hope they're raised to know that they are responsible for their own happiness, and no one else.

How many more new episodes are there in this season? I don't think I see anymore online.

TLC is running out of ideas for the show, IMO. I'm getting a little bored with the concept.

I really wish there was such a thing as a real "insider" online who can acually give us some facts about the nuts and bolts of this show.

Andrea said...

nancy019 said...
Man, they are really reaching now.


What does that even mean? Reaching? For what? They're airing an episode in which the older kids play "mommy" to the younger kids. Doesn't sound like any sort of "reach" to me. Sounds like something any older sibling would want to try with their younger siblings. What better way is there to know what Mom and Dad go through with the little kids then to get the opportunity (while supervised, of course) to play Mommy for a day or a couple of hours?

If you don't like it, turn off your tv and stop watching and complaining about how the kids don't have normal lives "like the rest of America" and let the people who enjoy this show continue to enjoy peace.

What's it like to be so negative about a show that you don't have to even watch or think about if you don't want to? You must want to be negative and feel negative and complain...if not, why would you be watching this show that you don't think should be on tv anyway? I don't think Survivor or Big Brother should be on the air, and guess what, I don't watch them.

Anya said...

Nina and Andrea, thanks. You pretty much summed up my feelings.

As always, I reserve my final opinion until I see the show. Sounds cute though!

Quiltart said...

Nina and Andrea, You said EXACTLY what I've been thinking.

It must be a terrible burden to carry so much hatred and negativity all the time. The Gosselin kids are going to be fine ... as fine as any other family with two parents who love them and care about them! It would be great if those who dislike the show so much would turn their energy to someone who really needs help. It certainly would be more satisfying that continually complaining about and belittling a family you don't even know! Happy Holidays!

michelle said...

I believe Mady is an "indoor" girl like her mommy ( :

I liked this episode because Mady and Cara were on the chair, so they were able to express themselves.

I liked this episode because it was about their daily lives and not another trip/vacation.

It was nice seeing Jon and the kids outside playing. Quality time.

Lizabeth said...

This was about what I was thinking it would be-- it was nice that Kate got a chance to organize closets (something I hate doing for myself much less a whole family of growing kids!)

My favorite moment this episode was when Jon kicked the soccer ball to Joel who said "Yuck! There's mud on it!" SO adorable :).

Jane said...

I thought this show was fine. I also liked the fact it was just daily life and not a trip.

BEE said...

I too liked that they were at home, doing "normal" everyday stuff (even though I have enjoyed watching all the fun/trips that they have done recently!!).

However, this was not one of my favorites. There was a lot of crying, screaming, total disrespect for one another. In the past I have been supportive of how Jon and Kate deal with the kids issues, acting out etc. But tonight I felt like they didn't really address any of the "issues" and so there was a lot of acting out...especially from the twins.

indianprincess said...

I thought this episode was funny. I had to laugh when Kate said she was more like Cara and Jon was more like Mady. Made my night.. Seriously, I enjoyed it and I liked how they kept showing the time like 10:08am etc.

Anya said...

Yes, it was a chaotic and *loud* episode! My ears are still ringing :-) Kind of what I would expect when you put two competitive 8-year-olds in charge of six boisterous 4-year-olds. I did like that we saw them at home having a seemingly typical Saturday - playing on the swings, kicking the soccer ball around, etc.

I love that Alexis has finagled ANOTHER alligator for herself. Ally and Elizabeth - too cute.

I liked Collin's and Aaden's chattering at the table about "4 mommies and daddies." I enjoy the moments where we get to see the increasingly verbal sextuplets and their little conversations among themselves.

Guinevere said...

That certainly was a chaotic episode. Not my favorite, but it had a few cute moments. I loved Alexis introducing the latest member of the alligator family.

merryway said...

I missed it and didn't even remember to tape it. It sounds like it showed a lot of the kids which I like.

Saint, in regards to a real “insider” I've always been interested in a "making of a J&K" I want to see the crew working and the craft services people. I'd like them to show what the days and the trips are like with a crew around. At this point, I don't understand why we don't see Kate going and getting food from the craft services' tables. The filming is such a part of their lives that I want it to go one step further out. I want more info on what it's like for them to live this way.

Nina Bell said...


That would make a real interesting show. You are right, it is as much as part of their life or more so.

Saint said...

Indianpricess said:
I had to laugh when Kate said she was more like Cara and Jon was more like Mady. Made my night...
-Me too! We laughed out loud.

Merryway said:
Saint, in regards to a real “insider” I've always been interested in a "making of a J&K" I want to see the crew working and the craft services people. I'd like them to show what the days and the trips are like with a crew around.

-Excellent idea! I have NO problem myself with 'craft services' being offered/accepted. I honestly doubt it's as often as portrayed by detractors, but I'd love to see. I love when we see the kids interact with the cameraman (who seems so loving to them.)

Anya and Guin are right about those cute kids and their conversations. That's what is the selling point here. There are lots of cute kids in the world, but not six little siblings at the same stage of development. Which little girl had the flower in her hair? She reminded me of so many days ago when my girls insisted on wearing flowers or dress-up clothes/shoes on ordinary days. AWWWW! (Loved it.)

Poor Mady and Cara! Little kids NEVER do what 8/9 year olds want. So typical. And the fighting about who got to do what! I grew up in a very similar house. I never listened to my bossy older sister, even if my mom put her in charge. Jon plays like my dad did. Even his disappointment at one of the boys caring about dirt...just like my dad and brother.

I didn't expect to like the show, but it brought back so many memories...

Theresa said...

I would like to see that kind of episode too. Hopefully it would shut up the haters who don't understand the concept of editing.'ll still grasp at straws and make issues out of nothing.

Saint said...

I don't think there was total disrespect for anyone with all the crying. I thought it showed frustration rather than disrespect. Also, the twins had a power struggle and Cara clearly lost.

Mady gave her dad some mouth, that I would not have been allowed to get away with, and I don't permit from my kids. I have seen PLENTY of parents who do. I have no idea what happens out of the public's eye, though. Jon and Kate need to address it, but not where you or I can see it. That's normal childhood behavior and it should be dealt with privately. I am glad I didn't see "the lecture." I don't know if Mady got one. I hope she did, I suspect they are dealing with it b/c they've hinted at it in the Hawaii episodes. Frankly, I am glad they are keeping it private.

Just my opinion.

cwats said...

I loved this episode...I watched last night with 2 friends. We laughed soooo hard, the twins reminded my friend about her 2 girls (who are 2 yrs apart) and how they act.

When they were playing outside did anyone notice the socks Cara was wearing? Looks to me like they might have been soccer I am wondering if she plays and that is just something we have never seen.

Gail said...

I think that a show showing the making of the show is a great idea. I don't think they have done that yet, have they?

I also think there are a lot of things we don't know about this family and their activities. That is probably the way it should be.

Weed said...

Overall – pretty good episode. I knew it would be total chaos with Mady and Cara both trying to be the alpha-Mom but that’s all normal – fighting for control. This is probably the best episode of the season. They were home, playing outside, doing “normal” everyday things. I’m kind of tired seeing them go on so many vacations, taping talk shows, etc. Last night’s show is what got me hooked in the beginning, what it’s like in a house with 8 little ones. That’s what I want to see, and the idea of showing what it’s like taping would be a great idea – they don’t need to hide the Craft Services, heck – it’s a great idea that they don’t have to feed the crew and worry about the meals on tape days. It’s been admitted that they have it so why not show it. That would make an interesting episode. I just don’t like all the running around – and I think that’s why I enjoyed last night’s show – even though it did get a little loud. Although I didn’t like how Kate was talking to Jon about the whole potato chip incident. I really don’t like how she talks down to him, especially in front of the children. All she would have had to say was “you gave them a few to many chips” – leave it at that. That’s a bad habit she has of talking down to him in front of the children. I almost choked when J&K were on the couch and she said that she didn’t holler and that Mady or Cara (can't remember which) got that from Jon – she couldn’t have been serious, right? But – goodness she really seemed serious; does she honestly think she doesn’t yell/holler? That’s scary if she truly believes that and I think it kind of floored Jon when she said that because she continued to look at him for reassurance that she was correct and he just had nothing to say. Wow – that was a weird moment. Anyway – I like the at-home episodes best.

Weed said...

I noticed that the Juicy-Juice was being blurred - does that mean they don't get it free anymore or has Juicy-Juice pulled out of the show? Just curious - they have always shown the juice before. I always post first and then start thinking of more that I noticed on the show so sorry for multiple postings. I felt sorry for Joel - I think Kate's phobia's about getting dirty are hindering him from being a "little kid" in all its glory. He wouldn't touch the ball 'cause it had mud on it - not the first time something like that has happened. Just seemed strange on the few times I've seen this happen and not just with Joel. I still don't understand the whole complaining to Jon about the chips and in the next scene you see Kate giving the kids more chips?? WTH- I just don't understand that woman sometimes. I do love seeing the kids outback in their own yard having fun - like the camping episode. The have a huge yard and play set; I wish they'd start filming more at home instead of always on the go. JMO

CincyMom said...

The show gave me a headache but I could relate. My kids were an embarassment yesterday when I had to help set things up in the school gym after school for an event. The other parent's kid was perfect. It makes me wonder what I can do to get them behave better. We constantly are on them to have better attitudes, treat each other nice and help with a good spirit.

But then they surprise you, like the other night after a long day, my son quietly said from his room, "Christmas isn't just about presents. It's about Jesus being born."

With regards to the show, I think everyone in the family would be better served to have the kids doing more on their own. My kids are same age and perfectly capable of getting their bowls, spoons, pouring cereal and milk and putting everything back on the counter from the table. It helps the parents and the kids become more independent.

Yes, it's hard in the beginning, but my daughter's preschool teacher daily has each kid pour the water. She teaches them to hold the cup with one hand, the pitcher in another. She also makes sure the pitcher isn't filled too high or heavy for them. Just make sure to teach them right, help for a few days and then it's over. Just like potty training. It's hard when it's happening, but when it's done, it's great!

kimber said...

Saint said...
I don't think there was total disrespect for anyone with all the crying. I thought it showed frustration rather than disrespect. Also, the twins had a power struggle and Cara clearly lost.


Hmm...I just see Cara as someone who doesn't want to have to fight, that is what causes her frustration, so she just walks away, frustrated and miserable. And Mady is someone who wants to control everything, and ends up alienating everybody, and then she's angry and miserable. When both twins end up miserable, there are no winners.

I think the big mistake was the parents allowing the twins to fight amongst themselves to try and have the "power." That clearly didn't work. They should have assigned them certain duties for the day, letting one be in charge for one part of the day, and the other in charge for the other part of the day - and then maybe things would have worked out better.

Frankly, after Mady started screaming, I would have sent her to her room and let Cara carry on with the day, with periodical chances for Mady to show she could behave. Once Mady starts melting down, she should be taken out of the environment, and put in time out until she can behave with the rest of the group.

Saint said...

Good points!

You're right about the kids all doing more for themselves. This is where an older female friend/family memeber could really help Kate. My mom and sisters helped me deal with so many of my parenting issues.

I agree that Joel is fussy. It could definitely be Kate's phobia, but maybe not. There are children who are "tactile defensive" and care far too much about dirt and other things touching them. My son outgrew that phase, and he sure didn't get that phobia from me or my husband.

FIONA said...

The only thing I liked about this episode was just seeing the kids be kids, in their "natural" environment.

Total setup for failure for the twins. You get the sense that yelling is allowed on a day to day basis.

It also appeared that this idea was not something that Mady or Cara wanted to do.

More poorly behaved kids, and Kate only seems to get upset with Jon...the kids yelling and squawking is like water off a ducks back.

Selective hearing, or just doesn't want to take the effort to engage.

That house is just going to keep get louder and louder.

One thing really bothered me and it was when Mady was being filmed downstairs, rolling around, fidgeting, unable to sit still. Didn't see the purpose except to make her look like some hyperactive kid. Disturbing no one has her back.

Gumby1 said...

I have been a long time fan of GDNNOP, all the way back before the PM drama. I have never posted anywhere. I was reading the OTHER site, and one post made me realize it’s time to start posting here - the only blog that has always been fair and intelligent.

Under the comments for the Twins play Mommy episode, a poster asked if it were illegal to put a sign on Multiple Blessings in Costco to NOT buy. Another poster replied that it’s ok to put a post-it note on the book, stating “no damage done”. The original poster is so excited! She’s going to do it! A post-it note on EVERY book! “It can’t be illegal, right?!” She hopes it ends up on 20/20 or the national news!! Then the Gosselins will REALLY be exposed.

She posts again, asking the mods if she can include their website on the post-it so people can make an informed decision before buying the book.

Her excitement is palpable! A post-it note at Costco is going to stop the exploitation!

Can you picture a women right now, excitedly scribbling on a bunch of post-its?

I occasionally read that other site when I’m in the mood to roll my eyes. Thanks for creating a blog that is balanced, and welcomes all opinions. It’s refreshing.

Lizabeth said...

I have to disagree about this being a setup for failure with Mady and Cara. The girls made a choice, and Jon and Kate allowed them to do something different. Saying they were 'set up for failure' indicates that Jon and Kate somehow came up with ways to sabotage what the twins wanted to do. I didn't see that at all-- I saw two girls who really wanted to stretch their adult legs yet realized that they have it pretty good just being kids.

As far as I am concerned, that is good parenting. I always like the beginning of Magic Schoolbus where Miss Frizzle narrates that you need to "Take chances, make mistakes, get messy." If you do not allow kids the chances and mistakes which they need to grow then you are doing them a disservice.

(As for the get messy part, well if I had 8 kids I would probably stay away from that as well, even though I think an occasional ruined outfit would be worth the learning experience.)

Linda said...

And if the woman actually follows through with the Post-It Note strategy, she'll be a hero.

In the meantime, the love-bombing will start.

"Oh, you're so brave."

"Speak your truth!"

"You go girl!"

(rolls eyes)


Anya said...

Welcome Gumby1. Nice to see you posting. I have sorta been following the whole post-it on books thread over at the other site. Unreal, isn't it?

Saint said..."Mady gave her dad some mouth, that I would not have been allowed to get away with, and I don't permit from my kids."

I saw that and agree. On a number of occasions, I have also seen Mady speak to Kate in a way that is hurtful ("you can go away now.") I think that might be what some perceive as the disrespect that occurs in the house. Of course, once kids reach a certain age, their mouths are going to be a problem (until they leave home!) There is nothing unusual about what the Gosselins are going through with Mady, but I do think it should addressed. I also think it should happen off-camera - which as you stated it probably is.

I agree with the suggestion that assigning more specific tasks to each twin might have helped this classic power struggle, but I also have to say I witnessed first-hand the competition for control that occurs between twins. My mom and aunt are identical twins. My mom was closer to Cara's disposition and my aunt closer to Mady's temperment. Their dynamic played out well into their adulthood. Ultimately, Cara and Mady will have to figure things out for themselves, I think.

Kate and the chips - not going to defend that one! On the couch comparing herself to Cara - I didn't have a problem with that if she had stopped short of comparing Jon to Mady. There was no need to go there. And the reality is they are probably both a mixture. Like any parent, I am sure they have their "good" days and "bad" days. Days in which they are exceptionally patient and days where they have Mady's patience level. I can relate actually!

Mom said...

Gumby1 -

Thanks for your comment. Honestly, I have become so disgusted with what is written over there, I rarely go. I think the blog owner has really shown their true colors these past few weeks.

It makes me wonder what Paul Peterson is thinking now. And, to think they (GWP) had an awesome opportunity with their nat'l news exposure to really become something good - an advocacy site. I thought perhaps the "no anon" posting would help, but it seems that now people pick terrible names like "kateisab_tch" etc.

We hope you continue to read and post here whenever you like.

Theresa said...


As for the Post It Girl...isn't that defacing property? I would love for her to do it and a Costco boss fine her.

Geeze, what are people thinking?

I agree with you Gail....I also think there are a lot of things we don't know about this family and their activities. That is probably the way it should be.

December 9, 2008 5:39 AM

Charlene, I went over and read that post. Very disturbing and more so that it is allowed to be published. If there ever was a reason to shut down a site, that would be it.

FIONA said...

The girls made a choice, and Jon and Kate allowed them to do something different.


You have absolutely no idea that Mady and Cara had a choice in this episode. If anything it was made by the producer.

Mady and Cara wanted none of it!

Nancy said...

FIONA said: One thing really bothered me and it was when Mady was being filmed downstairs, rolling around, fidgeting, unable to sit still. Didn't see the purpose except to make her look like some hyperactive kid.

I didn't think it was right that the camera was focused on her bottom. That didn't have to be shown. Mady is 8, not 4. Just another thing for the kids at school to make fun of. Poor Mady.

FIONA said...

If you do not allow kids the chances and mistakes which they need to grow then you are doing them a disservice.


If you don't allow your children privacy and protection from being put on national TV you are doing them a disservice.

FIONA said...

There is nothing unusual about what the Gosselins are going through with Mady


I respectfully disagree with you. I think Mady and her situation is very unusual.

Lizabeth said...

Fiona- I recall in the beginning of the episode it was mentioned by Jon and Kate as well as the twins that this was something Cara and Mady wanted. If I am wrong, I apologize for that assumption-- I was very eager to hear from Jon and Kate as well as Cara and Mady what the background to the whole 'twins being mommy' idea was. Could have been a mix of things, also-- for all we know, the producers may have talked with the twins and asked what things they would like to do on the show, this being one of the ideas.

As for the post it thing, that is just stupid. Seriously?? Defacing a store like Costco just so you can feel special? I guess I shouldn't be surprised at what some will do, but still...

Gumby1 said...

Thanks for the warm welcome.

Theresa - it's not defacing property, afterall, a poster replied that it wasn't illegal!

Another favorite, proudly posting that they hide the book behind other books. Look! Another valiant effort in the name of child advocacy!

I think blogger should make you take an IQ test before allowing to post. The crazies are out in full swing today at that OTHER site.

mkb77 said...

I am a fan of certain parts of the show and other parts? Not so much.

I am not a fan of how the parents treat one another in front of their children. I find it immature and very irresponsible. The best way to bring up a child is through example and sniping at one another or undermining discpline tactics will only teach negativity.

I am a fan of the the interaction between the children. I love the episodes where they are in their element, doing their own thing. My favorites include the special day episodes and the one where the kids had ice cream for dinner.

Last night's episode was for the most part, a trainwreck in my opinion. I kept thinking that allowing 8 year olds to be responsible for making a hot lunch for 6 kids was just a little much. Thankfully a parent stepped in and helped out. I also thought that the yelling and screaming was for the most part the way it probably is in that household. Why wouldn't it be? You have 8 little cherubs vying for attention. I think that's pretty typical.

I would like to see this show go to specials instead of weekly like it is now. Get the cameras out of the day to day stuff and give us updates every six months as to what the family is doing and how they are growing. That way we can get away from the producers trying to come up with new and clever episode ideas.

Just my opinion.

kristin said...

The original poster is so excited! She’s going to do it! A post-it note on EVERY book! “It can’t be illegal, right?!” She hopes it ends up on 20/20 or the national news!! Then the Gosselins will REALLY be exposed.

From this point on, I declare this "post-it gate," LOL

mkb77 said...

Post-itgate! LOVE IT!!

Saint said...

Good discussion!

I hadn't thought about Mady on the floor when I saw it, except, "Sit up please," which I have to still say to my preteen. I'm not always happy about the editing either.

My kids don't give me mouth like Mady does, but lots of kids do. One of mine tries/tried but the others have a gentler dispositions. Part of it is their age, part their temperament, part the response they get. Anya pointed out that if Mady is going to be the mouthy type, now is when we'll see it. Her parents have to deal with it now before those teen years start! Let's hope they are.

mkb77, you described how I feel, though this episode didn't bother me as much. I came from a big family and we were "street angels, house devils." Everyone thought we always got along, but we worked overtime at home to let out our emotions. Mady and Cara reminded me of it last night. There were some really good suggestions for how it could have been handled better. Kate should read this thread! We have great moms here! :)

Saint said...

I just re-watched the Mady on the floor scene. It's no big deal. She's just fidgety.

jace said...

Just when you think you've heard it all--Post-itgate.

Good grief, that's weird and creepy, people.

I don't imagine the manager of the store would appreciate someone trying to discourage sales. They will probably kick her out if they catch her. It's not her property.

CincyMom said...

Great idea. If your child wants to learn more about your job as a mom/ dad, what is a good way to handle it?

We all criticize. Anyone care to suggest an idea?

indianprincess said...

I just realized something else enjoyed when Jon was kicking the soccer ball and hit Leah in the head and I was thinking oh poor girl and Jon going over and comforting her. It showed how loving he is to his children. I guess I don't see all the emotional drama in the family like sort of tune that stuff out because I grew up in a house with chaos so it doesn't bother me like others. I also realized they don't film every week.

Saint said...

I like your idea about the preschool teacher guiding the children through the little tasks that make up the day (like pouring water.) And Kimber suggested dividing the responsibilities between the twins rather than letting them fight it out.

I just made cookies this afternoon with my youngest. She's 11, so she wanted to do most of it herself. I was there mostly to chatter with her about her day. She took a recipe for 36 coolies, and stretched it to about 70. I wanted to step in and correct her, but she was so pleased with her "cute little cookies" I shrugged off the "mistake." I'm glad I just let her make them little. It's hard to give up control, sometimes, but Kate needs to work on it, too. She should have let the twins spill the chicken on the tray and put the cheese on lopsided. By the time Leah starts cooking, though, maybe she'll have relaxed.

Florida Mom said...

I thought it was strange how the older kids kept crying and melting down, but the four year olds were in their own happy little worlds.

Not one of my favorite episodes, but the little kids are so funny.
I don't know that they needed to do this, because from what they've said on previous episodes, Mady tries to be in control of the little ones a lot. I was also the bossy older sister in my house.

I do feel bad for Mady that she is discussed the way she is during the couch interviews. They've shown on previous episodes that the kids like to watch their own show. I wonder what Mady thinks when neither one of her parents want to be compared to her. I know every parent says things about their kids (I certainly plead guilty)--but not in such a public forum. I'm not doubting that they love her, I know they do. I know they have said a lot of good things about her before, too. Sadly, the negative things people say to and about us seem to stick more.

merryway said...

POSTITGATE: I hate it when people try to censor my reading material. Do you think they'd go to a book burning? There was another post sometime before about a poster thinking about defacing a book. How scary these could be the people beside you at the store.

I posted this on another thread, but just to make sure. It's Christmas so there will might be a lot of variants on merry, I'll only post as merryway.

Marie said...

This episode was a trainwreck. What parent has the right to humilate their children on TV and set them up for failure. I can no longer support this family anymore. I am no longer a fan. How can anyone still be fans of them after this show? These parents are not mentally stable. I am turning off Jon & Kate plus 8 for good. ENOUGH.

Anya said...

merryway said...POSTITGATE: I hate it when people try to censor my reading material. Do you think they'd go to a book burning?

Merryway, you know that is interesting observation. I hadn't made the connection between the two before, but there is something kind of scary and dictatorial about any attempt to destroy or suppress a book, isn't there?!

Honestly, I don't care if GWoP comes out with a whole book of their nastiest blog posts, I would never condone defacing it and/or in any way participate in curbing its distribution. That's how strongly I believe that all books deserve to be available to be read and their relative merit judged by the reader.

happymama said...

I'm not quite sure what to make of last night's episode. It really bothers me to see Mady act the way that she does. If there wasn't a camera in her face, and it was a private moment, maybe I would feel different.

Kate needs to take it down a notch with Jon. He was not looking happy last night on the couch talk.

I think that Kate should have planned something a little easier for Mady and Cara to "cook" for lunch. After all, it was their first time being MOMMY. I wonder what Kate had planned for dinner.

I do want to enjoy the show, but this one was hard for me to digest.
Kate is very wrong to constantly put Jon down in front of the children. I seem to remember her saying in her Hawaii vows, that she was going to be nicer to him. What happened?

merryway said...

I forgot about youtube and got to watch it. I didn't like it. Jon seemed like the one in a bad mood. He was shown just scolding them all day. I can see why posters said the duties should have been divvied up. They needed more help. Maddy seemed out of control. I felt bad for Cara. I thought all the kids with the sharp scissors should have been better supervised. Joel was cute in the yard saying the ball had mud and his hands were wet and freezing. As always, I enjoyed the cute kid moments. It seems like Jon is just starting to keep his mouth shut on the couch in response to Kate's statements that he doesn't want to contradict.

Guinevere said...

Merryway, I sort of thought Jon has had a tendency to do that all along. "I'm not going to say anything" is his passive-aggressive way of disagreeing with Kate without having to actually disagree with Kate.

I think Kate does have more patience with the kids, sometimes. I'm not sure about the yelling part...but just in terms of pure patience, I'm sure it probably varies, but there are times that I think Kate is more aware of the limitations of the kids' ages and thus more inclined to be patient with them. I don't mean to gender stereotype, but it's a dynamic I've seen before between moms and dads.

I felt bad seeing the strife between Mady and Cara. I think J&K maybe wanted M&C to figure out the division of duties themselves; either that, or the lack of support they got being "mommies" was producer-driven, meant to create more drama. I don't know. On the one hand, if they want to teach M&C that they have hard jobs, I can see not making it easy for them. OTOH, if the goal is to start teaching the twins about helping with the younger kids (which I know they already do in some ways), then I don't think throwing them in the pool and hoping they'll float rather than sink is the way to go. But like I said, some of it may just be "storyline" driven, in which case I'm not taking it too seriously.

nomoredrama said...

Definitely didn't like the episode. There are days when I love Mady's independence and spirited opposition. Tonight I just saw her being controlling and oppositional.

I agree that more discipline should have been in play. I also don't like when Kate belittles Jon in front of the kids (chips).

Many will disagree with me but, at this point, it's my opinion that this family needs some counseling. I think Jon and Kate are loving parents but there are things that should be addressed privately about the way they treat one another.

As for this comment
Another favorite, proudly posting that they hide the book behind other books. Look! Another valiant effort in the name of child advocacy!

OMG!!! I haven't been to GWoP or read literally in months. I guess I'm not surprised but HELLO! Do these people not realize that there are store associates whose sole job is to fix things like this? They are like a bunch of 10 year olds, giggling to each other at the havoc they think they are raising.

Whether I agree with Jon and Kate all the time or not, I'll take them any day over the group of whackjobs that frequent that blog.

SamanthaNC said...

"You have absolutely no idea that Mady and Cara had a choice in this episode. If anything it was made by the producer.

Mady and Cara wanted none of it!"

None of us know what happened- either way, none of us were there. We do however know that Kate said the twins wanted to do this, we also know that Mady and Cara fought constantly about who got to do what, Cara becoming upset when Mady took over the art project. It has been my experience that children do not fight to do things they want no part of. Mady did become frustrated (which is not uncommon) but it seemed to be bc the children weren't doing exactly what she wanted, not bc she didn't want to be apart of it, she just wanted things to go her way.

Daisy said...

I watched this episode last night after reading the comments.

Aaden was too cute saying "I almost cut my pinky off."

I thought Kate was joking when she said she was like Cara. It seems to me that she has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor.

I read that people thought Kate was packing to move instead of changing their clothes from summer to winter. They were going on and on about the boxes in the garage being moving boxes.

I thought Kate was really changing their clothes out for winter. It seemed to me that she was putting clothes on hangers and taking clothes in and out of drawers.

I was surprised about the moving boxes comments. They looked like a pile of boxes to me and were only in one quick shot.

Oh well, a different version of the show is aired where I live. I see a real life couple that loves each other but also has their moments. I also see kids that are kids and will act out sometimes.

Gumby1 said...


I agree that it could have been a sink or swim moment taught to Mady and Cara, and it could have been producer driven.

I chose both. Kate is hyper organized. The day might have gone smoother assigning 3 tups to each twin. And maybe the producers wanted to go grassroots by filming "a chaotic day in the life with 8 kids".

Just speculation. Either way, I didn't see any evidence that the twins never agreed to do this just for the sake of the show. As viewers, we'll never know! We can only give our opinions, instead of them morphing into FACT. Guess what site does that?

As for the hot meal for lunch - we have seen the twins enjoy cooking classes, Kate helping them make chocolate cake from class at home, and Kate explaining in a least one episode they enjoy being in the kitchen.

Maybe that is why she chose the chicken sandwiches. You could see them trying to follow a recipe. Kate said something to the effect that she wanted something more interesting for the twins to prepare.

I'm not Kates biggest fan to say the least, it could have been better organized, but after all the travel episodes, IMO, the goal was to show a day at home with the Gosselins.

Lizabeth said...

Daisy-- I watch the *same* version you do!! Where the parents do love their kids and seem to be making changes towards allowing their children to make decisions and learn for themselves :).

Gumby1, I think you are right about the reasoning with doing a 'hot lunch.' The twins and tups get sandwiches and other bag lunches each day for school, so I am sure by the weekend it is a treat to have something different! I agree that it was pretty easy assembly for two girls who take cooking class and love being in the kitchen.

I'm not sure what some people want from Jon and Kate-- either they don't give their kids enough freedom (ZOMG the sextuplets don't brush their own teeth!! and bibs sometimes!! and... horrors!!... cups with lids!!) or they give the kids too much freedom (why are those kids outside 'alone' (i.e. you can't see who is out with them in the front yard)! then the whole situation with Cara and Mady and the stove). Seems like no matter what choices they make, or how reasoned their decisions are, people will see what they want to see-- good or bad or indifferent.

Helen said...

Re: what the twins wanted to do. It seems clear to me that they did indeed want to play "Mommy" for the day, but they didn't have the ability to "work together" to be ONE Mommy, and that's why it fell apart.

I think they both wanted to take the lead but as soon as one did one thing, the other would complain, and they'd end up stalking off angrily or bursting into tears. It happened when Cara decided to put the bibs on the boys (we see Mady upset in the living room, complaining about that) and then we see it with Cara while the kids are doing a craft which Mady seemed to take over.

In real life there is usually only one "Mommy" or one parent taking the lead, while the other takes a back seat or defers to the other. J&K are grown-ups working for a specific goal and there is co-operation between them ( a lot of the time) but with Cara and Mady, they wanted to "play" at being Mommy. It wasn't about the kids and getting something done, it was about each of the twins experiencing what it's like to be in charge. But that couldn't happen because every time one of them decided something, the other one had the feeling of not being in charge.

There could not be sharing of the "Mommy" duties. They both wanted to be in charge, neither wanted to defer to the other regarding any matter, and the result was sad feelings and chaos all around. I don't know why J&K seemed to idealize that particular relationship between the twins. You'd think that they would know by now that each of the twins wants the chance to lead, and any attempt made by them to share those "duties" would end badly.

I don't think the twins are old enough to understand how to "co-lead." They're only 8, and when one made a decision or took action in some way it just made the other one feel left out and like they weren't allowed the "fun" of making a decision like a Mom would.

Just on a side note it really made me sad to see Cara get so upset when Mady was doing something that she wanted to do. She seemed so ready to take the lead and so upset when Mady did something before she had a chance to. The twins don't want to "share" "power" and who can blame them? I think that the whole thing was not well-thought out by the grown ups. I think they should have anticipated this.

Kelley said...

A while back Cara and Mady interviewed their parents on the show and "Played Producer" I thought this was just one of those types of shows.

Mady seems to want to be in charge, but the harder she tries, the less the little kids follow her. While Cara quietly can get them to do just about anything. And when Mady is being asked a question by the producers that she doesn't want to answer, she always wiggles or makes a face or tries to throw the attention to something else.

I think that the yelling probably comes from living in a loud house. With so many people in such a small area, you're bound to have a lot of noise.