Tuesday, December 9, 2008

SOUND OFF - Next Season

What would you like to see episodes based on in the upcoming season? Whether it is more family time or more trips, let us know what would be interesting to you.


lulubae said...

I'm all for more of the kids.

I do realize as they get older, they go off to school and that would make it more difficult to keep shows going. Although I recognize it is a very personal choice, I do hope they do not choose to home school their kids only to keep the show going.

I think they are getting to that point where they might have to choose to stop the show and maybe do yearly or biyearly specials. I think, at this point, that may end up being more appropriate.

Rachel107 said...

I would be okay with them filming through the move and setup in the new house, and then I think it's time to wrap it up. I would actually prefer that they don't even show the new house on TV, but I'm sure that won't happen. I'm not trying to be a hater, but I think the show has run its course.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I stopped watching a couple of months ago because I felt the show had run its course long ago.

Nina Bell said...


From what I have read, there will be a 5th season. I mentioned this in another thread but I would like to see a show about the behind the scences of making this show. I would like to see the crew and see what their life is like. It would be great to hear some of the stories that they might tell about the kids and some fun things that happened while filming. I have often wondered where the crew stays while filming, are they local, how often do they see their families. That kind of stuff.

Saint said...

The behind the scenes show sounds great.

A moving day show would make sense.

I'd like to see one or two updates on the new things happening in their lives a year from now. Show us the kids as they grow older and are joining scouts, or having a birthday sleepover, or playing a team sport, or in a dance/music recital. Whatever. Film periodically throughout the season, and edit the good (not the bad and ugly) into an update show or two. They will have plenty of authentic happy scenes to show from over a year or so, and I'll be sure to watch!

Saint said...

Well, I'd like to see Jon go hiking locally with Cara. I forgot that.

SAHM said...

Ugh.... another season! If they were smart they would do an hour special instead of a full season before the gravy train comes crashing to a hault and we all suffer Gosselin Overdose!!!

FIONA said...

I would like to see no more Gosselin kids on TV period.

CincyMom said...

I would like to see a few more of "average days". Like going to the store or some errands, whether the whole family or a few. Now that they're older, is it easier or harder (since they're mobile, sometimes it IS harder :) ?

But I do feel a bit voyeuristic (is that a word???). I really hope that they are blissfully not aware of any of the internet stuff and the kids are truly happy.

indianprincess said...

I liked the family trips and would like to see more of the educational trips where they are learning something. I just have a question about the big trips..how many were there? I can count Utah, Disneyworld, Outer Banks, San Diego/Hawaii and are they anymore? I just like different show of them doing different things. Watching the children play all the time being home is boring because really.. do the average family really stay home 24/7 and my answer would be no so it doesn't make sense to watch shows of the Gosselins doing episodes from home all the time. I would be surprised if they did anymore episodes once the 6 start school.

I actually think it's smart of Kate taking jobs that doesn't involve the chilren. I wouldn't mind seeing one episode of her going off without the family seeing how she acts without her family. It would be interesting.

I also would like to see more the behind the scenes of the show. How many hours they film and actually show times when they arrive to the time they leave for the day. I would like to see Jon and Kate answer more harder questions from the fans.

Baby Mama said...

It's funny, yesterdays episode was pretty much an "average day", yet on the other blogs people complained how boring it was. And I kinda agreed. Have I become so Gosselin jaded that I don't love the show unless they do something cool? See those are the shows I prefer.

I wonder if people want the show to end because its not TV watching worthy, or because they want to feel that THEY got Kate by taking her off the air and taking her income away. Its hard to believe non-fans. I don't feel that most are looking out for the best interest of the children, rather, lets hate on Kate and get her off TV to show that we won. Then who will they move onto then? Michelle Duggar?

Mom said...

I'd personally like to see 2-4 one hour specials a year that goes back to "a day in the life" stuff.

Nina - I think a "behind the scenes" stuff would be cool, too.

MonicaW42 said...

I too would like to see some update shows and that's it. Nina, I like your idea for a behind the scenes show. When you think about it, most of the crew has watched these children grow and are a part of their lives. It would be nice to see the interaction behind the action. On the same note, I think they need to taper their shows down to eventually a couple of updates a year and not go cold turkey by stopping filming altogether. The kids would probably need to adjust to not being filmed.

Anonymous said...

I think updates every once in a while would be good too. I think they don't want to show too much "at home" stuff because I think they want more privacy in that area. But, the trips are getting tiresome and I sure don't want to see just Kate traveling to New York all the time alone for some promotional thing. What is left to show? This show has jumped the shark.

Guinevere said...

I don't feel that the show has "jumped the shark". I still find it interesting, if uneven, and I don't understand why people still watch if they think it's boring.

I'm never sure what I'll find enjoyable on this show, so it's hard to say what I want to see in another season. I like a lot of cute moments with the kids, and not too much conflict. But that probably mostly falls under editing, rather a decision about whether they show the kids at home or out more, etc.

I agree about seeing behind the scenes stuff. I'd also love to see the kids interact with other kids, if the producers can make it work logistically.

If the parents decide to stop the weekly shows, well, that's their decision, and I'm okay with it. I enjoy the show, but there are other things to watch. I would miss seeing the kids' lives, but I'd get over it. I don't object in general to the idea of once-or-twice yearly updates, but I find it hypocritical when those that are very critical of the Gosselins' decision to have the kids on the air at all suggest this. It seems to me that these people are thinking of themselves: sure, they abhor the concept of the show, but they still want to know what's going on in the Gosselins' lives.

CincyMom said...

What makes showing the kids once a year, twice a year or weekly any different?

This is probably why there are so many opinions.

Rufus said...

Guin said, " don't understand why people still watch if they think it's boring."

Well, I think it's boring and I still watch. Why? I guess I'm waiting for something not boring? I don't know. To me, it's sort of like the car wreck on the side of the road that you just can't take your eyes off of no matter how hard you try.

Sometimes I think that I've invested so much time in this show that I couldn't possibly give up on it now. It's bound to pay off sooner or later, right? But honestly, other than the big move, what else is left to show of this family?

For me, the main reason this show isn't working is because outside of trips, this family does nothing. We've seen all the day in the life type shows and those were interesting. But what now? It seems that on shows like LPBW, the family members always have something going on - wether it be a project or an activity. The Gosselins don't do anything. Or at least, if they do, they're not showing it to us. I realize that most of the Gosselin kids aren't old enough to have their own social lives, but some are and the parents are too. If it's true that this family has no life outside of their house or vacations, then I'm going to continue to be bored.

kikibee said...

I mentioned this a while back but my post quickly got buried.
I wonder if they are going for 100 episodes (which a fifth season would bring them to), so they can sell the show into syndication?
I don't know how great the demand would be, but there is a lot of time to fill on cable tv. And the show is kid friendly (although, some would differ).

That way they could still make money off of it, while perhaps doing a few "specials" for a couple of years, and Kate could keep herself in the public eye for whatever she is planning to do.

Merry Christmas said...

Every time I see Little People Big World brought up as an example of a good show in comparison to J&K I just cringe. Nobody has ever been able to convince me that the Roloffs are anything other than another really disfunctional reality TV family. Both families have cameras in their faces all the time, both families get free trip after free trip, both families have a mom who can barely stand the dad. On LPBW most of the *activities involve the father being irresponsible, the kids being rude, lazy, doing something dangerous or outright illegal. Even last nights episode with Amy visiting with her siblings was sad. Her family called and pretty much ruined her trip and she certainly doesnt have a close and fuzzy relationship with her siblings. Sorta like Kate Gosselin.

Daisy said...

I'd like to see a Thanksgiving show.

I'm curious Rufus, what about this show isn't working?

It's the top rated show on TLC, the Gosselins have a huge fan following and a new show is on every week. It sounds like it's working to me.

SAHM, you know you don't have to watch the show and have Gosselin Overdose. There's always the remote.

Rufus said...

Merry Christmas said...
"Every time I see Little People Big World brought up as an example of a good show in comparison to J&K I just cringe."

I didn't mean that it's such a great show, but IMO, at least these people actually have lives and friends and family and are constantly busy and living what seems like a full life.

Daisey said...
"It's the top rated show on TLC, the Gosselins have a huge fan following and a new show is on every week. It sounds like it's working to me."

Yes. Correction: It's not working for me.

Saint said...

I don't understand the 100 episode goal. Is that needed for syndication? If so, I think that would make sense...

Saint said...

Guin said:
I don't object in general to the idea of once-or-twice yearly updates, but I find it hypocritical when those that are very critical of the Gosselins' decision to have the kids on the air at all suggest this. It seems to me that these people are thinking of themselves: sure, they abhor the concept of the show, but they still want to know what's going on in the Gosselins' lives.

It's more of a compromise thing, Guin. It's not such an invasion of privacy if the kids are filmed only enough to fill two hours/ year or less. It also keeps Jon and Kate in the spotlight enough to help be employed as spokespersons. My objections to the show are based on the editing so that we see the "bad and ugly" too much, though I think this season has been better in general. One or two specials would provide more opportunity for "happy and good" footage. Not all of the kids are as happy and outgoing as Alexis. I think some can use a break. And they can still earn income this way.

merryway said...

If it they're going to go ahead and do it regardless of how I feel, I'm happy with the days at home. I could definitely get by with less redundant couch time. I just like seeing the kids and the family dynamics. The kids are a hit with me. Cincymom, I too am feeling voyeuristic again. And again, I think it goes back to my age (45). It's funny because it strikes me most when I am really enjoying a moment and most certainly when I am writing about them. There's a part of me views them as a social experiment and I'm sneakily excited about live subjects which throws a rock in the guilt bag.

What's surprising for me is what J&K+8 show is acceptable at the churches at which J&K speak. Those churches have such a conservative stance anything they're approving is about 20-30 years behind it's time. If they approve something forward, I usually automatically applaud it. I wonder if some of them shake their heads at what J&K do or if the majority view their show as Christian entertainment.

As for a look behind the scenes, where do they set up the tables?. Since the NE did not provide a pic of the supposed personal organic chef, I'm supposing Julie was referring to a craft services chef. It's a more logical explanation. I'm so glad paps aren't chasing this family. I'd like a look at how people are reacting around them when they're out in public.

Nina, I never thought about the crew being non-local. It seems trivial, but I find that really interesting. I'm sure it's all routine by now, but it's kind of a new thought that everything must be brought in for SO LONG. This type of success was something that couldn't be anticipated, I'd like to see all the different elements it needs to sustain itself.

I still can't believe I forgot to tape it, but for those that interested; it looks like all of season 3 is on surfthechannel.com

I changed my name for Halloween, but I will stay merryway for this holiday. Tis the season and my name's already there.

Kikibee said...


Yes, 100 episodes is generally considered the mimimum needed for syndication, so the shows don't have to be rerun too many times in a year. ( I had heard this before but I Googled just to make sure.)

Anya said...

One idea I would be interested in is to possibly see an episode where a couple of the sextuplets at a time go on an outing with J&K, without the other siblings. One-on-one time with their parents and more opportunity to see them interact.

I nominate Alexis and Aaden! Both are clearly animal lovers - I am sure something fun could be hatched up!

I don't worry too much about the show's eventual end. Typically, I am kind of cynical, but in this case, I am going to believe that things will work out. The sextuplets are going to school next year, the producer's will run out of ideas, etc, etc. At that point, I do hope to see 2 to 3 specials a year, but I leave it in the parents hands to decide what is best. The show has brought me pleasure, but like all good things, it cannot last forever and the kids happiness and security is my paramount concern.

Anonymous said...

I have such mixed feelings about this show. I used to enjoy watching it when it was little things like how to function on a day-to-day basis with 8 children underfoot. The thing I despised (in earlier seasons) was what I called "Kate's barking". Barking orders at Jon, barking orders at the kids, sitting in the white lawn chair barking orders to anyone around - and the constant derision of Jon and his parenting skills.

In more recent episodes a lot of that has gone away - they do seem to be arguing still (and what married couples don't) but there's not the snideness. However, now the episodes seem to only be one big commerical.

Can't we combine the day-to-day management of such a large household AND the lack of nastiness for a truly enjoyable show? ~sigh~

mkb77 said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again. I think it would be more enjoyable to the audience (not to mention the kiddos) to have three or four specials a year. They could focus on several different things at once and keep the filming down to a minium.

Let's face it, once those babies get into full days of school, there won't be much day to day activity other than the school routines. And what parent wants their child filmed at school just because the go to school with the Gosselins? Ok..some will..

I love these kids but I think the writers/producers are stretching things out a bit much. I would prefer getting updates on them a few times a year versus a half hour each week of something like the twins playing mommy or watching them renew their wedding vows after nine years of marriage.

And I know I can change the channel, but, I do like this show and am not complaining. Much.


Rachel107 said...

This topic has been hi-jacked! Guess they've run out of original ideas over yonder...

michelle said...

I would like to see more of the extended family and friends in the future episodes.

I would like to see Kate have one on one time with each of her boys.

I do believe the show should end soon. Especially once the tups reach Kindergarten. The twins need to have their privacy from the cameras completely, IMO.

Anya said...

michelle said...I would like to see Kate have one on one time with each of her boys.

I like this idea!

Even though I don't pretend to know the reason(s) she may not have gone on the boys individual days last season, I think it would be good to see her having a one-on-one excursion with the boys.

A Mom-ynous said...

Things I would be interested in seeing--(not anti-Kate and catch the show when I can but I don't get bummed any more if I miss it.)

1. Getting everyone ready for school.

2. Jon and Kate's work--them going on interviews and such. I actually enjoyed the show a week or two ago where it showed Kate's prep for an interview and such. And yes I do consider it work--I would just like to see it. Like when they show Matt or Amy Roloff traveling to give a speech.

3. Chore time--yes even the same ones over and over. I'd like to see laundry day for example. Even if "alleged" help is doing it.

4. Less planned activities, I would like to see more slice of life documentary. Produce a show based on footage from an average day. Not that I mind the trips and stuff. I just want to see more spontaneity.

A Mom-ynous said...

I don't understand the 100 episode goal. Is that needed for syndication? If so, I think that would make sense..."

Other than a business goal--there is no minimum required for syndication of a program. Many shows are first run in syndication meaning they do not have a home for any particular station. They sell at conventions each year and whatever station in any given market buys them, that is who gets it.

That is why a show will be seen in one town on Fox, in another on NBC, in another on another channel.