Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Warmest wishes
to you all
this Holiday Season!


Sarah said...

merry christmas guys! (:

over here in sg, we have a jon and kate marathon on 25th and 26th. one guess where im spending my christmas! :D

Anya said...

May peace and plenty be the first to lift the latch on your door, and happiness be guided to your home by the candle of Christmas.

(Irish Christmas toast).

MoreCowbell said...

Merry Christmas to all of you guys!

Besides the J&K marathon, I will also probably watch some of the "24 Hours of A Christmas Story." I know I've seen that movie more times than I can count, but it's sort of become traditional background noise (thanks TNT!).

I certainly hope no one "shoots their eye out" this holiday season! And make sure your sh*tter isn't full (my other favorite Christmas movie!)

FIONA said...

Merry Christmas all!

Lizabeth said...

MCB, I LOVE that movie :). My brothers and I were *this* close to getting my dad a leg lamp, and anytime there is a turkey out of the oven someone yells "BUMPASSES!!!!"

Merry Christmas to all!!

MoreCowbell said...

Lizabeth, not only have I seen "leg lamps" in the stores, but you can buy a light string of tiny little leg lamps, complete with fringe. I think there's only about 10 legs to a string, but you can essentially decorate your tree in strings of twinkling leg lamps.

I work at a university and there was a large "leg lamp" in one of the dorm windows (men's dorm, of course) this year, emitting the "soft glow of electric sex." Too funny!

Theresa said...

Merry Christmas everyone!

Lizabeth said...

MCB that is phenomenal!! I love the string of leg lamps concept- Ralphie would approve :). My mom and I plan to watch "While you were Sleeping" soon- it takes place around Christmas, and is a family favorite, so I think it counts as a Christmas movie.

MonicaW42 said...

Merry Christmas everyone.

And thanks MCB for putting tears in my eyes re: sh**ters full. LOL I watch that every year. Cousin Eddie rocks.

Lizabeth, congrats on being a new mod :)

Saint said...

Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night!

SamanthaNC said...

Have yourselves a Merry little Christmas...... let your hearts be light....... !

scarfoot said...

Merry Christmas to you all. Thank you for a blog I truly enjoy.

michelle said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

Linda said...

Merry Christmas!

Guinevere said...

I had a great Christmas Eve with good family time and delicious food. I hope everyone else had the same, and best wishes to all for a wonderful Christmas Day!

FIONA said...

Merry Christmas from my new Laptop!

My husband decided to me a "technology gift" this year!

FIONA said...

I met to say give me....

Anya said...

Fiona, enjoy your laptop!

I enjoy getting technology gifts and spending some mellow hours getting them set up to my specifications....

FIONA said...

Thanks Anya!

Husband had it all turned on this morning and ready to go.

I have been using an old lap top...super slow, and this one is FAST!

I am so glad he took Jon's advice! :)

Hope everyone is having a great day.

Our morning was just great, and we are off to see Marly and Me!


Saint said...

I am so glad he took Jon's advice! :)
LOL, Fiona! You must have been very good this year.

FIONA said...


I don't know about that! But I did say how much I hated my old laptop....and he got a great deal, so he said.

How was everyone's Christmas?

We had a white one here, and it is still snowing!

Mom said...

Merry Belated Christmas All!

We had a fantastic Xmas eve going to both our folks' homes. Little dude had a blast getting his new "choo choos" and playing with his cousins.

He stayed up until 11 pm which is almost 4 hours past his bedtime. He slept until 7:30 on Xmas morn, and awoke to a train table in front of the tree along with a note from Santa (he calls him coo coo, LOL) and cookie crumbs left on the plate.

We managed to get it all on tape and it's an excellent memory to play back.

Hope everyone's holiday was just as magical as a childs.

Who, BTW, has caught what me and my H has had over the last few weeks - bad cough, congestion, etc. Poor little dude is just a clingy little monkey. Needless to say, we've been watching Polar Express (his absolute fav) over and over again.

Merry Christmas!


merryway said...

Fiona, so happy for your new laptop!!!!!! You gotta have the speed!!! It's a rush for me, but I'm a dork. My boys surprised me with mine last year. I could not stand to be tethered to a desktop one more day and was so surprised. I thought they had got me a case for the new I was planning on buying. I was very surprised because it's sort of a rule that we don't give gifts like that anymore.

Linda, on another thread you talked about how guys throw out oats and glitter for the reindeer. We did do that because we ran out of choc chips for our homemade and had to take them out of a bag of premade mix. So, we saved the mix and used it. She loved it and we will leave food out for them very year! She also loved it because it was her older brother she adores. He had the idea to use the colored decorating sugar instead of glitter. Thanks for the idea. I had never heard of that before.

I passed on leaving a bootprint, never had the time. Maybe that'll happen next year.

Mom, oh it's always a bummer when the kids don't feel good on Christmas. Sounds like he a wonderful Christmas in spite of it. If he was like mine he went to bed early Christmas day. She was so worn out from all the fun.

Hope everyone's holiday was as nice as ours. Ours was really nice and there's yummy leftovers.

Linda said...

Merryway -

It is so sweet to watch my boys toss the glitter/oats mixture out the sliding back door!



I hope that your day was fabulous!

Jenn said...

Merry Christmas to everyone!!
We had a great Christmas Eve with friends and we hosted Christmas day dinner. I am so glad to be done w/ the 2nd job!!!! I've spent the last 3 days with my kiddos and they needed that. I hope everyone had a great holiday season and Happy early New Year to everyone!