Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Here is a scanned copy of the
US Magazine out on stands this week.

The Today Show Jon and Kate Gosselin, plus all 8 Gosselin kids will be on @todayshow tomorrow 05/07/09. Tune in!

Larry King Live on Thursday 05/07/09

The always outspoken Whoopi Goldberg! She tells us what it's like behind the scenes at "The View"?

Plus, California's First Lady, Maria Shriver, lets us in on how Alzheimer's has affected her father--and her family.

And, Kate Gosselin of "Jon and Kate Plus 8"! "It's still `Plus 8': Reality TV's Jon Gosselin says he didn't cheat on wife and co-star Kate"

Kate Gosselin, who has been promoting her latest book, "Eight Little Faces: A Mom's Journey," has cut back on press amid the allegations. She canceled an interview with The Associated Press two days before a scheduled interview.

The series, which premieres its fifth season May 25, remains in production, according to TLC spokeswoman Laurie Goldberg. Jon & Kate Mom: "There's Really Never Any Going Back"


Kuromi said...

I hope the Today appearance doesn't turn out to be as horribly uncomfortable as past stand-by-your-man appearances (a la NY Gov. Spitzer and his shellshocked wife).

Two things I was wondering about:
(1) In the US "sunbathing" pix, it's only the girl who's laid out on the lawn. Jon and, notably, Another Dude are sitting at a table behind her head. Doesn't exactly scream "lovey teenager behavior," does it? And if it's on the Gosselin lawn, I wonder where the kids were?

(2) In the walk-of-shame video that US posted, the guy said to be Jon is shown going to a black compact of some kind, and not his white Nissan with the spoiler-from-cheeseland. I agree with (I think it was) Nina who noted the telltale baldspot as indicating this was really Jon. But why would he go to the strange black car, rather than his chick-baiting hotrod, as he sneaks away?

merryway said...

I hope that the kids are not really going to be on the Today Show. There is so much hoopla, I think they should be kept away from the public while J&K are dealing w/this

Marnie said...

While their lives are crashing down all around, what could they possibly have to say to Matt Lauer & crew?

SamanthaNC said...

Just saw Kate on the Today show. When asked about the rumors and what she said to Jon about them- she answered that they are dealing with it privatley which is the only way she could answer.

Jon released a statement saying- he didn't "cheat" but he needs to be more careful about where and with whom he spends his time. Ya think?

OhioMom53 said...

I cannot believe that she is still going to appear on the Today Show and exploit her children at the same time. THe children should not be brought into this by appearing on t.v. Kate, if you are thinking of your children and have been thinking of your children then you should not put them on national t.v. at this time of crisis in your personal life. This is not happy times for this family and to project on national t.v. that you are is ridiculous.

merryway said...

Sam, I was just getting ready to post the same thing.

She wasn't asked how the kids were doing or what they knew. Kate said she's skeptical to believe any of it rags and mentioned how people are paid thousands to talk. I guess she believes he didn't cheat.

karol said...

Excuse me, do I understand that Kate is blaming the "gossip tabloids" for trying to destroy them? Why is it okay for she and Jon to talk to the "gossip tabloid" to tell their side of the story then? I guess they all become respectable sources when the Gosselins' use them but not when others do. I consider People, Larry King, Rachel Ray and the Today shows as entertainment shows who take advantage of gossip to attract viewers. I wish one of the hosts would ask Jon and Kate some real hard questions instead of fluff ones. It appears neither of the Gosselins will wake up and realize the children have been and will continue to be used to make money for them and that is such a tragedy. IF they were really concerned parents and spouses the cameras would be out of there and they would get out of the limelight and just focus on the family. No more book tours, show appearances etc. But I am afraid the damage is all ready done as far as the children go. They have lost a normal childhood for the greed of the parents who have made the decisions.

Liza Beth said...

On the Today Show homepage you can see Kate's Today Show interview with Meredith Viera from this morning.

If you watch that then you see she is not blaming the tabloids for the issues at all. She is very calm and said they are dealing with it privately. As you can see from other comments (if you read the thread), Kate was the only one on the show today. They had planned to have Jon and the kids (since this has been scheduled for a long time to promote her new book) but decided to keep the kids at home with dad.

As Samantha said, they are dealing with it privately. That seems both wise and cautious-- Kate said they are looking at things through the eyes of their kids and determining how to best deal with it so they are protected. That sounds like a great way to handle controversy to me.

merryway said...

Ohiomom53, The kids didn't appear on the show, it was just Kate. She said a couple of times they were focusing on their children and they have always been the center.

Karol, It wasn't my impression that she blamed the tabloids, she just spoke briefly about the situation.

I thought Kate handled herself well in the interview. It was a short segment.

Saint said...

I cannot believe that she is still going to appear on the Today Show and exploit her children at the same time. I know what you mean about people showing up where you don't expect them...especially when everyone knows the truth about them. I mean, why not admit you're wrong, apologize, and lay low? How do you explain it OhioMom53?

Fanny said...

Excuse me, do I understand that Kate is blaming the "gossip tabloids" for trying to destroy them? Why is it okay for she and Jon to talk to the "gossip tabloid" to tell their side of the story then?I think that's like saying someone has more right to make up rumors about you than you have to talk about your own personal life. Besides, once they start making up stories, it will only get worse unless you set them straight. As for the "hard questions", that always makes me laugh. Jon is a star of a reality show, not the president. I think the majority of americans have more important things to worry about. Besides, what can he say that he hasn't already? He admits to being an idiot and making bad choices...what else is there? Even if he did cheat, he won't admit it and I seriously doubt he would put himself in the position to be grilled about it. Why should he? It's really not anyone's business.

SamanthaNC said...


She wasn't blaming the tabloids (not that tabloids have upstanding reputations). She pointed out that the people who share info are usually paid to do so, often it isnt reliable. It may or may not be the case in this situation. Time will tell.

Theresa said...

As Samantha said, they are dealing with it privately. That seems both wise and cautious-- Kate said they are looking at things through the eyes of their kids and determining how to best deal with it so they are protected. That sounds like a great way to handle controversy to me.

May 7, 2009 6:34 AM
Totally agree Liza Beth. I thought it was wise not to have the kids there and I thought Kate did a great job.

DurhamDora said...

I have not seen the Today Show interview but understand that Kate did not address the "scandal" nor did she bring along her family. Good for her for taking the high road. I mean, why push buttons and hit nerves and give 53-year-old women more reason to bash your family about whom they really and truly know nothing?

I also don't think Kate is blaming the tabloids. But she also isn't out there calling Jon a cheater either, and who would expect her to? I think it's natural to come to the defense of your family and people you love. It honestly seems like some people (like in Ohio, for instance) want her to come out saying her marriage is a sham and admit that her family is falling apart. Perhaps some people won't be satisfied until they witness the Gosselin clan walking into a therapist's office together, complete with black eyes and shirts that say, "We're child exploiters, and this is all a sham."

On a side note, does anyone know how to contact the Today Show? I heard they have this competition where viewers can submit their votes for Pope of Sainthood.

Theresa said...


Mom said...

Well, IMO, I think this whole thing is just yucky. Those pics do not shed any good light on this whole saga.

I'm reading how the purse receipt is so damning, etc. Is J's name on it somewhere? I can't see it.

Anya said...

Theresa said....DurhamDora--BRAVO!

I agree completely.

* * * *
I saw The Today Show appearance quickly when I was getting ready for work and I have to say I think Kate handled everything as best as she could. She didn't evade questions, but she didn't share more than she was willing to about this private matter.

It was totally appropriate to not have the kids there and they did the right thing.

It was also for the best not to have Jon there. I cringe a bit just thinking about him handling any hard questions...

karol said...

Yes, I watched Kate on the Today show. As I stated I felt like she was blaming the tabloids for paying sources to blow things out of proportion. I understand that interview may have been filmed previously . According to another fan who went to Kate's book signing Monday Kate planned on being home that night for dinner. So she went back to NYC twice this week? If so I will give her credit for all that traveling back and fourth to spend quality time with the family. But I don't understand how it is okay for Jon & Kate to use the media for their benefit but no one else should pay attention to any negative press. IF you choose to put your life in front of the cameras without giving your children a choice you have to expect the attention, good or bad. Now with the awful news about the sex tape the woman and ex-boyfriend made and in on the internet you have to wonder how they will keep the twins from hearing about that. Jon said he went out with friends which include her and she has been at the house so did the twins meet her and if so suppose they see her pictures while in a store, on the computer or at a friend's house? All the entertainment shows are making this top story and the twins friends may hear or see about it also. What a terrible thing that you have to isolate your children even from everyday things like going to a store. These magazines are in Doctor's and Dentists, hairdressers, airports etc. Televisions are always on in public places, offices and stores. I just think it is tragic that because of the parents choice the children have to be treated and isolated so differently than non-public kids.

Quiltart said... now has an article with the title "Did Kate Cheat First?" quoting a Pennsylvania resident who "heard" that Kate had gotten too close to her personal trainer. This kind of garbage is the stuff that some people take as truth, whether it is or not. Who are these people coming out of the woodwork to say what is going on inside the Gosselin's home? I don't deny that Jon has put himself in an inexcusable position, but it really angers me that anyone who has a bone to pick with the Gosselins... real or imagined... is now going to have their 15 minutes... How much do you think the tabloids are paying for these quotes and rumors?

I can't help but woner how much the hate blogs have played into these articles? I have seen GWOP mentionned in more than one of the tabloid stories, as if it were a credible source of info.

I'm just venting at this point... The entire situation is just so sad.

Theresa said...

I totally agree with you Quiltart. It's pathetic what people will do.

We all know that Gwop is probably the least credible source. But, I think there are irresponsible writers who actually believe they're not and don't do the research. It's a blog, how can they be a credible source? All anybody has to do is read them and they'll know. The hate blogs are definitely what's keeping this sad fire going.

Yes, the bottom line, it's the kids who get hurt. Of course, they know that, don't they? :)

Liza Beth said...

Quiltart, they also quote GWoP and have a comment from one of the commenters there saying they saw Kate flirting with her bodyguard on a plane. If they had researched further they would have found out that the person who left that comment admitted to being a troll and stirring the pot. So basically they got a small piece of info and blew it out of proportion to make the whole story last longer and help them sell more papers.

That is how these rag mags work-- they scour the internet and peoples hometowns for anything and everything they can come up with, then print it. Its really disgusting that Jon and Kate have to deal with that. Yes, they are on TV and opened themselves up to the public eye. But I do not believe anyone deserves to have complete lies printed about them, or total speculation (Penn Mommy, anyone?) spread around the world.

Saint said...

Kate handled herself very well. She looks better and better by the minute, IMO. Very polished.

Meredith was good, too. She was realistic and empathetic.

It sure looks like they are going ahead with Season 5, though.

merryway said...

Now that this is a full-blown tabloid fun-run, who knows what they'll earth up? I wonder if their families are being hounded. I also wonder if they might dig a little deeper and do a story on the bizarre fans who are immersed in hatred for Kate.

Saint, Even though Kate was asked and commented about the 5th season, I am not so sure that the show will continue. I don't think they've had enough time to sort things out and because of contracts might not want to make intentions known. I would think it would be a done deal, but it could be prudent of her to wait to announce it, even if she has already decided. I do think they could get out of a 5th season if they wanted. Imo, there's no way that anyone is going to let Kate get out of scheduled appearances for her book. They are thrilled at their good luck for having her scheduled.

merryway said...

Saint, just read the latest thread and see that was discussed.. Never mind.

IDon'tUnderstand? said...

Finally a story that may stop the Jon & Kate story. Drew Peterson indicted for his 3rd wife's death. Justice hopefully will be served. Suspicious death from 3rd wife and disapperance of 4th wife? Thank goodness they have all the clues in a row and this killer will come to justice.

Guinevere said...

I thought Kate acquitted herself very well on both the Today Show and Larry King Live. I think she's shown real dignity throughout this ordeal. The same small bitter cadre will criticize, but there is literally nothing they wouldn't criticize her for. If she had cancelled all of her appearances and gone into hiding, I would bet you anything that these same women would howl about her unprofessionalism. What is the point of trying to please the perpetually disgruntled? Especially when you owe them nothing in the first place.